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The Best Of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – the main leader of 2015, both in the minds of potential buyers, and the intentions of Samsung. And as soon as they were able to calculate everything, it is unlikely that such large companies are betting on luck and banal accident. But with few lacks like no microSD card and no removable battery the success story of Galaxy S6 took the U-turn but with the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is ready to rise.

 The Samsung Galaxy Note – the device is incredibly large for the time. It is an interesting tool that unfairly dubbed “niche.” Now we can safely say that the demand for new Note is not worse than the primary flagship Galaxy S. This year, there was another so-called “shift interest” among users. When the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, ​​ Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge were revealed then we imagine a clear picture: here’s flagship S6, but the “beta” product S6 edge. Then my head could not come, that the device with curved edges pick up a lot of popularity among customers, rather than the usual Samsung Galaxy S6. The main functions of Galaxy S6 edge identical to those in the Galaxy S6, at Galaxy S6 edge, unlike Galaxy Note Edge, both edges of the display are curved. Bends left and right side of the smartphone to add a device not only additional software functionality, but also completely changed the attitude towards gadgets – both appearance and tactile. Because of the curved glass side frames smartphone become significantly thinner and despite the fact that at its thickest point Galaxy S6 edge does not differ from conventional S6, the frame in hand create a feeling of hyperfine devices. How original looks smart in appearance, equally unusually, it felt in the hand. In addition, the curvature of the display makes the device more compact. And Samsung would is ready to overcome the problems of Galaxy S6 Edge with the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 Frame around the screen is not the subtlest in the S6 Edge, but they are “drowned” due to bending, due to which they are almost not visible. For comparison, we took the Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 Plus. The difference in the size of the screens into the not very large – 5.1″ compared to 5.5″, but look how S6 edge compact than PHABLET Apple. Of course, we are not comparing different classes of devices, I’m just trying to show you how to curve on all sides affected the compact Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. This is perhaps the most convenient smartphone with a diagonal greater than 5″ in the use of one hand. Why is he bent on both sides? In my opinion, there is two factors played a role: the aesthetic and practical. From an aesthetic point of view, it is really beautiful. From a practical point of view, it is more logical, because the device can now use both left-handed and right-handed. So, Galaxy Note 5 would have two edges display? Or just conventional, well it would be confirmed after the final launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Are You Expecting Right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Are You Expecting Right?

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The most powerful Android device of the Samsung is revealed at the World Mobile Congress in the form of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 and now the expectations for the next flagship is turned to the next launching Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The present Samsung Galaxy S6, with a full charge to 100%, the phone can hold nearly 12 days in the mode ultra saving and it is very useful when we are in the final minutes of charge and want keep the phone active for a few hours. Also, the power charge or fast charge is interesting, as your device could get 50% of initial charge in just few minutes. And now next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rumoured with the fast charge technology of next level that would charge 100% in just 10 minutes or something, well this would solve the problem of connecting your devices again and again to the power socket.

Samsung Galaxy S6 can work in 3G / 4G, so you can enjoy all the networks specifications, and soon we would have 4G+ and 5G networks all over the web and this support would definitely appear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And no doubt these 5G network specifications would take the network speed to next level, yes better than the broadband. In the Galaxy S6, on a day to day with no savings mode activated, the phone endures problems occur after one day of use, but as mentioned the problem is recovered by the fast charge but still, we have to connect it to the power socket, and this problem would be actually solved by more battery capacity.

If you would be playing the full HD videos then S6 survives up to 11, a very high amount above other phones we’ve tested at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But if the resolution of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would reach to the 4K then efficiency could fall. The Galaxy S6 runs Android 5.X and above operating system, Samsung has added its own layer of customization UX, which has been improved in the last version. The settings screen has a quite different aspect regarding the Galaxy S5, since Samsung has gone from show lines of text with a small icon for each setting to show now a colorful array of circular icons that provide access to each setting. By default displayed on a single screen all settings organized by sections, but it is possible to activate a tab view. Samsung also create a list of quick settings shown at the top. At the top we can see a row of circular icons that give us quick access to settings, and can be expanded to show more settings. The notification bar also lets you adjust the screen brightness, and access to S Finder and Quick Connect. All of these things with better configuration, you can expect in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.