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How To Search Keywords For Your Website?

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Searching a keyword is the area where traffic to your websites depends. Searching a right keyword to your website can make or break your website and it brings high return activities in search marketing field. Getting traffic is not easy task but getting a right traffic is the daunting task. Keyword demand in the Digital marketing changes, so be focus on keyword demand to respond varying marketing conditions and produce product, services and content that website visitors are actually needs.

How can you Identify that your Keyword is Getting Enough Traffic?

First you have to check whether keyword is relevant to your content present in your website, whether visitors are satisfied with content what they searched for and if its bring you  all organizational goals then you are using the right keyword. Target on keywords which provides benefit to your competitors Find out whether that keyword providing you good organic result to your website or not. Don’t use technical keywords use keywords which are mostly used by the visitors while searching for product or services which your website is providing. You can get complete data from tools which will provide you the complete information about demanded keywords. You have to use all demanded keyword to optimize your website.

Buy Google adwords test traffic tool to check how it works. Go to exact match in Google adwords point the traffic to the relevant websites. Find the conversion and impression for at least 200-300 keywords. Using that information find which keyword is in more demand. Digital marketing company uses many tools for their keyword search and finding out the traffic for each keyword.

How To Search Keywords For Your Website

Keywords are Three Types

  • Explicit keyword

Keyword which directly describe about the product

  • Problems keyword

Describe the conditions a product can solve

  • Symptoms keyword

Describe problem

  • Product names and numbers

It’s an actual product name and number

Before choosing your keyword you must have detailed information about your product or services. If you know what your product can provide, how it can help people to solve their queries, what you can provide better than your competitors, why people have to choose your product or services. Having this information is enough to choose right keyword for your website without using any tool.

Keyword with high demand will bring only 30% of searches on the web about 70% of the searches depends on long tail keywords and the chances of converting those visitors to customers are more when compared with an ordinary keyword.

Resources for your Keyword

  • Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence
  • Wordtracker’s
  • Google Trends
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Google adword tool provide you with competition, local monthly searches and global monthly searches table to determine keyword demand and its volume data. Keyword difficulty is the other point where you have to focus while targeting a keyword. Many professional SEO companies will focus on this point while searching for their keyword.

Above described information helps you for searching a right keyword for your website.

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SEO Practices For Structuring URLs

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In order to achieve top position in search engines SEO people are doing their best to focus on every aspect of website like content writing, website design, developing structure of URLs and much more. If you are not doing well in designing domain or structure of urls, you will not able to reach high rankings in search engine.

These are Some of the SEO Practices for Structuring urls

The URL Must be a More Readable Form

It’s not easy to maintain each URL in clean format, but we should not make it more complicated for the reader to read it. The URL must be in readable form so it’s easy for users to search the website easily. If URL only is complicated then it’s not easy for us to make more visitors to our website. The URL must be human friendly, no one will waste time in remembering url. Many SEO services company is following the same rules to structure the URL.

Including Keyword in URL

If we include the keyword in the URL then it’s easy for us to grab traffic easily. As urls are copied and posted regularly, then by this technique, it will automatically gain the traffic as keyword is the more catchy word for the human to read. Many professional SEO company are following the same technique for increasing the ranking of their website.

SEO Practices For Structuring URLs

Better to Use Dashes than Underscore

If we use dashes in the keywords it will take two words on either side of the dashes as two different words. If we use underscores in the keyword it will take it as a single word and provide search for the entire word as a single word.

URLs are Case Sensitive

It’s better to design urls in lower case letters because most of them use lower case letters for queries. It shows different result in upper and lower case letter and this leads to duplicate content issues so make sure before designing your URL either in upper case or lower case letters.

Spammy Detection of your URL

If you want to know whether your URL is spammy then it can be easily found by placing your url in SEO MOZ url detection tool. It will detect

  • Digits
  • Depths of sub domain
  • Length of domain
  • Hyphens
  • Spammy words

The URL Must not End with.exe Extension

If you end your URL with .exe extension it might not be crawled by the Google so check before ending your URL.

Length of URL

Always try to make your URL structure below 60 characters because it’s easy for you to copy and paste. Sharing your URL will be easy social media and to add URL is also becoming an easy task. It will bring some benefits for website to get traffic.

The Title should Match with the URL

It’s good to make your URL in such a way as its words should include in the title/Headlines. It will be good if what they need will get from URL to tiles/headlines on the website.

By following the above some above facts, we can increase the traffic by use of URL structure.