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Interesting Facts To Know About The National Flower Of Germany

Interesting Facts To Know About The National Flower Of Germany

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Every country has various symbols that represent its unity, integrity and culture. National Flower is one of the symbols that have deep cultural or religious roots for any country and these symbols mean a lot to the people. When we are talking about the national flower of Germany, it should be noted that Corn Flower is the flower that symbolises the spirit of the country.

This national flower is known by the various names such as the bachelor’s button, bluebottle, boutonniere flower, hurtsickle or Cyani flower. It is also known by the scientific name of Centaurea Cyanus and belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Let us check out some of the other interesting facts about this one of the popular Germany flowers.

  • The wonderful flower is actually the native of Europe and United Kingdom and has the average height of sixteen to thirty-five inches.
  • This blue-violet colour flower resembles the blue colour another flower such as Iris Tectorum flower.
  • The people of Germany considers this extraordinary flower as the symbol of romance and inspiration. If you want to express your love emotions and feelings to your dear ones in Germany, you need to take the help of an efficient flower delivery Germany.
  • The Corn flower is made up of more than 50 petals and has a diameter which varies between 1.5 to 3 centimetres.
  • One of the blue species of the flower is also proclaimed as the national flower of Estonia since the year 1968.
  • This extraordinary flower is known to represent a lot of political parties such as the Estonian political party, Finnish political party, People’s Union, Liberal People’s Party, National Coalition Party, the Swedish Political Party and others.
  • The beautiful flower is also used as an important ingredient in the herbal tea such as the Lady Grey which is one of the variations of Earl Grey tea. It is further scented with bergamot oil.
  • If you are looking for medicinal flowers to Germany, you need to offer this distinct corn flower to your loved ones without any delay. The amazing fluid of the flower is said to be very effective in diseases like conjunctivitis besides offering freshness to the tired eyes.
  • The flower is also used for cooking decoration and adds beauty and taste to the salad.
  • Due to its distinct blue colour and impressive historical significance, it is also used as the prize for winners and participants in various events.
  • Since last centuries, the exceptional flower is known as the symbol of social liberalism.

So, choose this extraordinary flower for your dear ones and send it to various events through the help of our efficient flower delivery in Germany.

Best Shopping Streets Around The World

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For those who love nothing more than indulging in some retail therapy, then they need to be aware of the most famous streets around the world. Have a look at the best shopping streets found in the most exciting and glamorous cities on this planet.

Oxford Street-London

This is one of the well-known shopping destinations and it stretches 1.5 miles from one end to another. The street boasts around 550 shops and restaurants, which means that individuals can get more than they are looking for.

The street is well known for its large department stores which can be found in the section running between Oxford Circus and Marble Arch including the branches of Selfridges, Debenhams, and Lewis.

Fifth Avenue, New York City-US

Fifth Avenue is packed with awesome department stores as well as Designer Boutiques. It is ranked among the most exclusive and a classy shopping street in the world and it is known to be the best shopping street in New York. It has spectacular window displays and most especially during Christmas.

Bond Street, London-England

This is a major shopping street in the western part of London and has been a chic street since 18th century. It is Europe’s busiest street and holds the classiest strips of real estate in the world.

Best Shopping Streets Around The World

Rodeo Drive-US

This glamorous shopping street is well known for its luxury stores. Rodeo drive is the best shopping street of Beverly Hills and Hollywood’s. It is the home to the classiest stores including:

• Chanel

• Burberry

• Louis Vuitton

• Coach

Avenue Montaigne, Paris-France

Located on the 8th arrondissement of Paris, this street is home to high fashion and luxury stores such as Dior, Fendi, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Jeweler such as Bulgari and more known establishments.

Via Monte Napoleone, Italy

This is a classy shopping street that is located in one of the best fashion capitals in the world, Milan. It is famous for jewelry and fashion shops. Every famous fashion designer or shoemaker has a representative in this street. The street is the center of Milan fashion district which is known as Quadrilatero Della Moda. 

P.C Hooftstraat, Amsterdam-Netherlands

The street has awesomely developed during the last decade and become one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the entire world. Majority of international visitors and local brand stores are located in this street making it an awesome place for all to shop.

Laugavegur, Reykjavik-Iceland

It may not be the biggest or busiest shopping street in the world, but it still has much to offer every visitor or local. One can get the finest goods in Iceland since it is one of the oldest streets in this country. Like many other shopping streets, this street has numerous exclusive stores as well as the most posh stores and brands from all over the world. The street has everything for everyone regardless of budget.

Stroget, Copenhagen-Denmark

This car-free zone is situated at the center of Copenhagen and it is also the largest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. Some of the very well-known and luxurious stores are located along this street and this area has become one of the prominent tourist attractions in the city.

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