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Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Having great content on your website is a must for any business looking to stay ahead of its competitors. Content that is fresh, informative and relevant to the target audience will attract people to your site, keep them coming back and is more likely to result in a sale. Here’s how to get your content marketing strategy on the road to success.

Be Original

Make sure that what you publish online is unique. There is so much information on the internet, that what you provide is less likely to be viewed if it isn’t original. Search engines also aren’t impressed by content that has been copied from other sources, so be original if you want to find your way at the top of search engine listings. According to The Guardian original content – whether it’s in the form of a blog, case studies, videos or infographics – will help you define the point of view you want to convey, and should set the tone for all of your content marketing efforts.

Easy to Search

There is no point providing first-rate content if nobody is going to find it, so always ensure that what you publish will be easy for people to find online. Before you get started creating your content, build it around relevant keywords related to your organisation. If you are not sure what those keywords might be, consider using keyword research tools to find the most appropriate words or phrases that people would search for related to your type of business.

Know Your Audience

If you want to improve your content marketing strategy, make sure that what you are putting out there is of relevance to your target audience. According to Entrepreneur delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time should be your mantra. In order to do this, it is imperative that you get to know exactly who your target audience is, including their demographic profile and buying behaviour. Invest in analytics to do this, or engage with your audience to find out more about them.

Measure Campaigns

It’s not enough these days just to churn out content, you need to be able to assess how effective it is in order to fine tune your time and resources to those methods that get the best results for your business. Using the services of an expert content marketing agency, such as, who offer content and digital marketing in Edinburgh and elsewhere, can improve your content marketing efforts and ensure you are exploiting the best opportunities for your site.

Build Links

If you want to get more people coming to your site and be seen more favourably by search engine giants such as Google, consider building links as part of your content marketing strategy. Link building involves establishing links to your content via other popular and reputable websites. Choose ones that are similar enough to your own site, without being considered a competitor. Crucially, the other websites should be ones where your target audience will visit.

Develop A Data Strategy Before Moving To The Cloud

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Taking advantage of the cloud is a smart business move. It reduces reliance on physical storage, leaves valuable data under the protection of professionals, and increases employees’ ability to work remotely. Each business will have its own reasons for moving to cloud storage, yet it’s critical that those in charge understand the advantages of a cloud database for their business, not just business in general. The following are the major issues to examine when building a data strategy to ensure you get the right price and package.

What do you already have?

In order to find the best solutions, it’s important to understand both the failings and achievements of your current system. Look into what you may still be able to support internally. Does it make sense to maintain your contact lists or move them to the cloud? What about page backups? Consider the people running the servers. You may need to do some retraining for the entire staff shortly after the new system is in place. Instead of daily system administration, the IT department will now take on the role of informed buyers, looking for the best vendor partnership. Take some time determining how equipped they are to handle that task and if they have the skills required for today’s IT responsibilities.

Develop A Data Strategy Before Moving To The Cloud

What do you need?

For some businesses, cloud solutions directly impact the customer. (For an obvious example, think DropBox.) In other cases, the cloud serves as a virtual server room, providing more space for internal storage as a priority. Your data strategy may also include running analytics on the database. For instance, you could compare a current database against historical trends to evaluate the likelihood of certain outcomes through a cloud computing tool known as predictive analytics, something four out of five businesses are planning to implement. By having a plan before the move, you’ll be more able to adapt as your needs grow.

Who do you need?

Once you have a team equipped to make a decision and a strategic plan for moving forward, the last step is to choose a vendor. There is no best provider; rather, the choice depends on your business needs. High-tech businesses may just want someone who can set them up and leave them alone, while a smaller, independent may prefer the convenience and ease of 24-7 support. A startup should look for a lot of flexibility, while an established company may just look at the bottom line. Be sure to ask a few questions, including a few in regards to security and safety no matter your business needs.

Creating a data strategy in advance is important, but ultimately you’ll only know the full extent of your needs once you’re working in the cloud. You may find you’re hardly using certain services or that competitors are leveraging a strategy you passed by. To improve your chances of success, discuss scaling with your cloud database provider. By adding storage or removing certain abilities to accommodate peak periods and new staff, you can design a custom solution that works for the long term.

Increasing Your Traffic And Sales

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As we head into the final quarter of 2013, it is important to consider new ways to boost our traffic to meet critical end-of-year advertisement goals. By continuing to make your small business marketing methodology and outputs more appealing and accessible to a wider customer base, you can bolster your company’s reputation in order to make your business stand out from the crowd as the year comes to a close. Innovation within your marketing will help you to reach more potentially-paying customers. These efforts need not be costly, but they will certainly require an investment of time and energy on behalf of your small business staff over the coming months.

Increasing Your Traffic And Sales

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Revamping your Company Image

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – if so, what do your current website design and company logo tell your potential customers about your business? The fall quarter is a fantastic time to reconsider the way you present your company’s image to the world, as many public relations and design companies offer deep discounts on their creative services in order to meet their annual quotas. A fresh look for your company helps to solidify your company’s reputation and purpose, and can facilitate navigation of your small business website for your new customers. Plus, a fantastic design might garner you some additional buzz in the blogosphere – potentially bringing your site up a few notches on Google Search Results pages. Apply these same principles of design to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. Make sure that your logos are consistent with your “analog” marketing methods as well, by redesigning your company business cards and updating your company correspondence templates.

Strategic Link Renaming: Tedious Project that is Worth the Effort

Though it may be incredibly time consuming, one fantastic way to drive more traffic to your pages is to make sure that your page links are strategically named to include keywords and important themes. While renaming these links, consider shorter names that reference your location or key services, and utilize the keywords that are most common and successful within your Google Analytics search statistics. When taking on this project, consider where your links may be elsewhere online (such as sponsor pages, websites of project partners, or on related industry blogs), and send information listing the new links for your most popular pages. Be sure to strategically name your links going forward, in order to avoid having to complete this tedious task again in the future.

Finding Free Niches on the Web to Occupy

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is a fantastic way to tell your company’s story and share your company’s accomplishments, however localized or global they might be. A consultant can create the page for you, yet amateurs have also had success in crafting a professional Wikipedia page that generates more buzz about their company. Other niche sites that are related to your market or industry offer space for businesses to create a page that lists their services and information, which can be free or hosted at a low monthly cost. While researching your options, don’t turn down the opportunity to create a Google Business Listing as well – which can help you promote your business towards the top of the search results pages.

Solicit Positive Reviews, Testimonials, and Feedback from Loyal Customers

Nothing sells faster than a positive story: capturing the great experiences that loyal customers have already had with your services and products is a great way to help share your company’s mission and present a positive spin on your work to the world. Customers, ever-wary of purchasing products of low-quality or using poor services, trust the testimonials and reviews that are posted on company websites. Companies looking to boost their traffic and sales should take advantage of this trust by posting, (re)tweeting, and sharing the great feedback that customers have given in the past. For more online marketing ideas, consult with an SEO company who might be able to help you meet your company’s annual traffic and sales goals before 2014 arrives.