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Why We Need to Tell the Youth That It’s Okay to Start Over

Why We Need to Tell the Youth That It’s Okay to Start Over

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People in their teenage years are often pushed and rushed to make decisions about subjects and things that they do not even have the mental capacity to understand. What this does to their brain is that it causes them to speed up and make decisions that they may or may not regret in later life. One such thing is being forced to pick a career when they can merely even cook a meal for themselves.

While this may work for people who truly love what decision they took in the early years of their life, it has also caused many people to feel unhappy and confused in their waking lives in the later years of their lives. For instance, if a person opts to study and practice engineering, only to realize that they would prefer to become a doctor instead, it may be too late to change their mind then, because they would have spent too much money and time on becoming an engineer. Even if they have time and money to start over, there’s always going to be thousands of people who tell them it’s a waste at this point.

Adults Start over All the Time

There are so many adults who understand that starting over is exactly what they need in order to become content with their lives in general. This is why it is truly sad to see that the youth is often told that they only get one chance and one shot at any in life. Not only does this cause the brain to experience bouts of inadequacy at the thought of starting over, but this is also one of the main reasons why people are depressed and unhappy with their lives.

However, there are so many successful people who were not successful at all until they started over. They only gained recognition, riches, and fame after they started over. A person is bound to learn only from their mistakes and shortcomings. The fact that schools and society do not acknowledge this fact is certainly not a good thing.

One personality, Guy Quigley, actually started over multiple times before he became a filmmaker, entrepreneur, businessman, and author that he is today. Guy Quigley moved to several places to find his true niche, initially business in London UK, then Cattle ranching in Zambia central Africa and on to the Pharmaceutical world he developed the well-known common cold franchise know as Cold-Eeze®, thus establishing the United States marketplace for the use of zinc lozenges. He took his Company public where it was remarkably successful and ran it for 20 years. He was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Philadelphia Entrepreneur of the year and over the years his Cold-Eeze® product received numerous awards. He also wrote some iconic books in the process of doing so. Although the first books that Quigley wrote dedicated to his daughters, he soon found the therapeutic properties of writing were too good to leave behind and so, he continued writing. Guy Quigley also formed a media production company called, ThunderSmoke Media LLC, along with his actor son Jody Quigley.

If We Did One Thing For Our Whole Life, How Boring Would It Be?

It is a psychologically proven fact that doing the same thing for the rest of our lives would not just be boring, but it would actually be enough to make a normal person feel like a robot or like they have nothing going on in life – the only exception being a person who loves what they do daily. It is important and completely normal to feel indecisive about something regardless of what this may be.

Thus, it is important to teach the youth things that would help them reflect on their problems and their mistakes rather than make them feel inadequate about it. For a positive change in this world, it is important to teach the youth that it is alright to start over in life.

What Are The Outcomes Of Education In Different Domains?

What Are The Outcomes Of Education In Different Domains?

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This is an important question to answer because there is need of comprehending the statement that is related to the results of an education in a detailed manner. There is no harm in accepting this fact that education impacts and consequences are huge and enormous in every domain of life. The reason is simple yet influential because the prosperity and development in different countries come when education is provided full support and opportunity to grow. As a result, the outcomes of education become significant and play a crucial role in the survival and sustenance of any society or a country.

As far as the role of education in any society’s progress is concerned, this role cannot be overlooked or underestimated. It is the high time for all the stakeholders to take initiatives and make strong implementations so that the real outcomes could be attained in best possible way. The education has to be enhanced and provided with ample opportunities so that the impacts of education could be realized and considered in reality. The education domain urgently needs a mentor who works just like essay writers who provide support and help to students in completing their different tasks and essay in an efficient way. A mentor will be helpful in providing significant insights and his or her knowledge just the way essay writers provide to different students and other people.

What Are The Outcomes Of Education In Different Domains?

This is a matter of fact that education needs to revamp its own direction in order to achieve the long-term goals in the desired manner. The vision of an education should be realized and considered in a significant way so that the consequences could be shaped in required manner. The way education is being provided all over the world needs proper direction and overall assessment so that the pros and cons could be evaluated by all the stakeholders of education. As a result, it could be expected that the domain of education will provide fruitful benefits and advantages to different domains of life in the future.

As long as the education direction and impacts are not idealized properly by the stakeholders of education, the desired objectives or goals cannot be achieved. Therefore, at this critical time period the role and significance of different mentors and coaches increases. This is because of the reason the assessment and evaluation of an education is a lifetime process so it should never be stopped at any point of time. As a result, it is expected that these coaches or mentors will provide effective and result oriented suggestions or feedback that will be helpful in reallocating the resources and direction of education in a great manner.

The stakeholders of education are required to provide and demonstrate their support to the domain of education in best possible manner. Without doing this, the role and effectiveness of education in different areas or fields cannot be improved or enhanced. Therefore, it is the high time to make certain decisions that should be taken by all the concerned people who are associated with the area of an education. This is really necessary in order to provide the benefits and other advantages to all people of the world so that the whole world could become a place where every individual could live his or her life according to his or her wishes in reality.