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Why It Pays To Have A Semi-Smartphone

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For those who really only want a simple communications device, the modern smartphone that costs hundreds of dollars seems really excessive. As a result, it can be really tempting to always go for the basic ‘just calls and text’ type phone, especially since there are often either free or really cheap. But the thing is, by spending only a few extra dollars for a semi-smart phone you will often save a ton of money in the long term when it comes to your phone plan.

Creative Ways to Save

It might seem counter-intuitive that a more expensive phone can save you money. But this is because of the way the Internet is growing. See, there are a large number of free options for communicating with other people now. For example, even something as simple as Facebook will allow you to give simple messages to other people. Just about everyone has Facebook these days, so you don’t need to spend any money on sending a text when you can just send a message that way for free. Facebook also even has the option to record short voice messages these days.

Free Voice

If you want to get a regular voice option that’s free, you really need a semi-smart phone. It doesn’t have to be the ones that cost hundreds of dollars. You can get a low cost smart-phone that just has basic app capabilities. That way, you can fun apps like Skype, Whatsapp, or Viber. Alternatively, you can check out government funded free phone programs too.

whatsapp_icon_vectorText Alternative-Whatsapp

The app Whatsapp looks pretty much exactly like the standard texting program and it has all of the same capabilities. It works on just about any phone including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone and even Symbian.  This app will make you forget that you aren’t just using your regular texting on your phone, except when it comes to the bill at the end of the month of course. Then you’ll notice since the app is totally free to use and you can really cut down on your bill this way if you do a large amount of texting. Even if you have unlimited texting with your phone provider, this feature usually costs a lot of money. You can get a semi-smart phone, kill your unlimited plan, and use texting through a data plan or just at WiFi hotspots instead.

Talk for Free with Vibermzl.pdknnbff

Another approach is to use an app like Viber. This app does everything a basic phone can do, except it does it all for free. You can talk as long as you want with other Viber users, text as many times as you like, transfer photos and even some extra like giving people your current location. All you need for this to work is a 3G or WiFi connection. Many providers will allow you to take a data only plan instead of a traditional phone plan. And data only is often way cheaper as well. And you can always just use it in free WiFi spots and get all of your calls for free!

It costs usually just a few extra dollars to get a semi-smart phone, and you suddenly have access to a world of free and cheaper options.

Optimization of PPC Campaign in the Minimum Time Possible

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The reason which most of the people give of their failure in managing a successful PPC campaign is their inability to give proper time to it. Most people regard PPC is an automated process, and never realize that it requires optimization.

PPC management and optimization of the campaign is simple 30minutes a week process. However to start optimization, first you need to have the following factors right:

  • Properly set the campaign
  • Good ad text
  • Negative keywords research

The lines below give a detail of how you can optimize your PPC campaign on both Search and Display Networks, in the minimum time.

1. Search Campaign:

For a search campaign you need to follow the following steps.

A) Search Query Report Review:

You can do this activity once a week and it would hardly take 5-10 minutes. In the review of search query report, the factors you need to analyze are:

  • The phrases you can add in your ad text
  • The negative keywords you need to keep or remove from your campaign
  • Analyze the keywords on the basis of their impression and cost

B) Keyword Profitability Review:

This activity can be performed once or even twice a week, and would take 10minutes of your time. In this review phase:

  • Check the expensive keywords and make sure that they are generating profit
  • The keywords that aren’t profitable reduce the bids on them.
  • If no keyword generates profit, then you need to check, your landing page, whether you are spending extra, or your keyword has a tough competition.

C) Ad Variations Test:

The activity will hardly take 10minutes, and you need to do it every other week or so. The reason why it’s done after every two weeks is that small business campaigns won’t get that much data in one week to make a decision on it. In this phase, you can test different ad copies for winning and losing ads.

2. Display Campaigns:

For an internet marketing display campaign, following steps should be considered:

A) Review Placements– Taking 10minutes of your time, and done once a week, in this phase, you check the automatic placements. See the ones that exceed your CPL goals, and add them to campaign, and back off on those, which are costing you more.

B) Ad Variations Test– Same as for Search campaigns, you need to do this activity every other week, and it would take 10 minutes. The whole process is same as Search campaign; the only thing, you need to do is to emphasis in ad text writing and make it as creative and propositional as possible.


In short, with the detail mentioned above, the ‘no time’ would no more be an excuse for you to optimize your campaign. The above mentioned activities take the minimum time you can give to your campaign.

Webmaster Guidelines

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Websites are the basis on which the entire working of the internet is based. Therefore as an important part of the web, the websites must be designed in the best of manner so that they attract lots of visitors. The people who are responsible for the development and maintenance of the websites are the webmasters. Webmasters have important job at their hands, that of making and maintaining a website conforming to the industry standards so that their website is always on the forefront.

Webmasters have to deal with various web related issues while maintaining their websites and the one place that can help them get the latest information or the solution to their queries is a webmaster forum. A webmaster forum can be described as a platform where people having similar interests converge and discuss issues that relate to the maintenance or upkeep of their websites. Although there are several webmaster forums on the internet, the best forum is that which offers the latest information to its members so that they are always ahead of their competitors. Here are some guidelines for the webmasters which can help them establish quality websites that attract numerous visitors.

Design and content guidelines: while designing a website, webmasters should include clear text links in each page. A site map with links to the important parts of the website can be a value addition. The content on the web page should be concise, relevant and legible. Webmasters should optimize their website with keywords that can help them get a higher position in the search engine ranking. Important places and people should be represented by text instead of images as many search engine crawlers are unable to read text over the images.

Technical guidelines: webmasters should use such text browsers that can easily read a site as inability to do so means that the search engine crawlers would not be able to crawl, the site as anticipated. In addition, webmasters should ensure that their web server supports the HTTP header, If-Modified-Since so that any changes to the web pages are crawled upon. The advertisements should not be affecting the search engine rankings. They should test the site for its adaptability to various browsers. Lastly, webmasters should monitor the performance of the website.

Quality guidelines: there are several guidelines for webmasters to ensure that they adopt corrective measures of promoting their website. Webmasters must aim to provide the users a great internet experience and provide them websites that are informative and relevant. Therefore, the quality guidelines recommend webmasters to use fair means of ranking their websites and avoid spams.