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What To Expect When You’re Starting With Personal Training

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Deciding that you need to start working out is the first big step in a long process that is ahead of you, but congratulations on making this important decision. What lies before you is a difficult journey full of obstacles, and travelling will not be easy; this is why you should seek help from someone who has already been there and who will understand exactly what you will be going through. Look for a person you could rely on and be comfortable with to guide you through the workout – look for a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Really Knows You

When we say ‘knows you’, we really mean it. In order to come up with a good workout and nutrition plans, personal trainer needs to know your eating, drinking, and workout habits, and you need to be open about your past and your health as well. You will open up to this person and show them everything you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world, maybe even your partner: love handles, thighs that rub against each other, all those soft and wiggly parts you are ashamed of and want gone forever.

Maximized Workout

When you’re working alone, you will do exercises you know best and stick to them, perhaps experimenting just a bit here and there. Sure, you can follow a workout plan you’ve found online or got from a friend, but with a personal trainer you will get a plan designed especially for you and a professional by your side who will make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

What To Expect When You’re Starting With Personal Training

The Relationship Can Escalate

Once you step on that scale before your personal trainer, you hand them the steering wheel and allow them to take control. They will know your most intimate dreams and all of your little vices you thought about keeping to yourself. All this leads to developing a special relationship where the two of your are brutally honest with each other and very close, which can lead to developing feelings for your personal trainer, says Brigid Delaney in her article. Nevertheless, it is difficult not to develop any feelings for this person who is there for you while you’re sweating and working hard to achieve your goals.

Designed for You

One of the best things about personal trainer is that they adjust to you, and work hard to get you in shape while respecting you and your time. Some gyms like Symmetry Gym Dubai go as far as to get your injury history, coachability, diet experience, psychological profile, and food habits as a starting point to design your fitness and nutrition plans, and personal trainer is there to help you stick to those plans and turn them into action. This way, you get a program designed for you alone which will surely give the best possible results.

Your relationship with your personal trainer should be open, you should be able to trust each other and communicate freely and honestly. When someone is there for you in the most difficult times, it is only natural that you develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. It is likely that you two will become good friends and that your bonds will grow ever stronger.

The 10 Most Essential Technical Certifications

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There are numerous technical certifications out there. Some are simple to obtain, while others are challenging. However, the question you ought to ask is: which certifications will help you in obtaining a promotion or even a job, and which ones will truly enhance your skills? There are ten certifications which are certain to improve your skills along with your professional life.

The 10 Most Essential Technical Certifications



Microsoft implemented scenario questions which were performance-related instead of multiple choice questions in its exams for MCSE. The Microsoft training certification has since garnered considerable respect as an ideal tool for displaying expertise in Microsoft products.


The MCA is another Microsoft training. It has been designed to help identify the industry’s top experts. To obtain it, you must have three or more years’ experience in advanced IT architecture, and you must pass a thorough review board which experts conduct.


The CCIE, or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is a challenging certification to obtain. You must pass written exam and then perform an eight-hour hands-on lab test. Each lab exam costs 1,250 dollars. You must recertify after each two years.


The Cisco Certified Security Professional, or CCSP, focuses on skills which link to securing networks running Cisco routers. You must pass five of the exams and recertify after each three years. You can only qualify for CCSP by passing CCIP or CCNA.


This is a well-respected certification. Candidates must have garnered four or more years working as a security expert. You must recertify after three years, and you must pay 85 dollars annually to maintain this certification. The exam spans six hours.


The Systems Security Certified Practitioner is for the persons who lack the experience required for CISSP. You only require one year of security experience. If you pass it, you must receive endorsement from a person with (ISC)2 certification and who will testify to your professional experience.


This certification, the GIAC Security Expert, requires passes in GCIA, GCIH, GSEC and GIAC. You must give a personal interview, in addition. Without training, every lower-level exam costs 900 dollars.


The Red Hat Certified Engineer is performance-based. You must perform actual network configuration, installation, administration tasks and troubleshooting on a live system. You are given an entire day for performing the tasks. The RHCA requires five endorsement exams to be completed, each of them costing 750 dollars. They are also hands-on tests of skill.


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library offers demonstration of managerial skills and knowledge. Its certification levels are Foundation, Manager and Practitioner. The Manager certification requires a two weeks of training. You need IT management experience of five or more years to qualify.

Certifications in Special Situations

There are numerous exams for persons who desire to specialize in a particular area. This includes wireless network certifications, database administration certification, VOIP certifications, HIPAA compliance certifications and numerous others. There are also entry-level certifications such as CompTIA for persons with minimal IT experience.

We also prepare sample exams to assist you in evaluating your certification requirements along with the needed field of knowledge.

What an iPad POS SystemCan Do For Your Business

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If you are looking for a way to switch things up in your business, consider iPad POS systems. These are streamlined sales devices that allow for a lot more freedom than a traditional POS. This system can bring your business to an entirely new level and provide you with every tool you will need to successfully get it all done in an organized and efficient way.


Customer Service

This system is portable so your sales associates can make ordering and paying far more convenient for your customers. This system can be brought right to restaurant tables or through the aisles of a store so that customers never have to wait in line to pay and take their purchases. If you put a few extra apps on your system, you can have your entire inventory placed right onto the iPads so that it works as a catalog for customers. Sales can be made right on the spot, making shopping faster and easier for all customers and happy customers will come back so this will also boost your sales.


Employee Training Will be so Much Easier

Most people today are rather tech savvy. They can pick up a new device and figure out the basics within a matter of minutes and within a day or two they have mastered the device. Well, this rings true for the iPad too. Anyone who has used a smartphone will find that the iPad is incredibly easy to learn and navigate. This will make employee training easier and shorter, and in turn, save you a lot of training dollars. Instead of needing a trainee train for a week or more, it will only take a day or two so they can get out on the floor faster working to boost your sales and keep your customers happy.


The Device is Eco-Friendly

With this device, you can email receipts to customers, saving miles of receipt paper every year. You will also save on printer ink which is very green because the improper disposal of ink cartridges causes tons of hazardous waste every year. These devices also require far less energy to run.