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We’re with the Band: Choosing the Best Web Hosting Environment for Your Music

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By Sharon Florentine

Sharon Florentine is a freelance writer who covers everything from data center technology to holistic veterinary care and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.

Cloud_musicThe advent of the Internet, social media and digital music has completely revolutionized the traditional recording industry. Music communities – whether general “gatherings” for music appreciation or virtual spaces for fans of specific bands – are springing up all over cyberspace, and giving musicians a highly visible and affordable way to promote their music and expand their audiences.

When deciding on a web hosting provider for your music oriented website, make sure the one you choose offers an easy-to-use interface that enables you to update your music, graphics, images and news quickly and simply; you’re most likely a musician, not a tech support specialist!

Most web hosting providers have the ability to host email as well, a tool that can be invaluable for a band or musicians. Building and maintaining email lists can help you keep your fans informed of your upcoming shows and upcoming releases, in addition to the connection and exposure you’ll get through social media sites like Facebook and Google+. A few music-specific web sites also offer radio broadcasting access and the ability to stream music and videos digitally.

If you are going to take advantage of these capabilities, however, you should consider using a Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) to deliver your videos, music and images quickly and efficiently to viewers and fans.

Basically, a CDN is a number of highly optimized web servers located around the globe that cache static content. When users access your site, static content – like images, videos, digital music files and the like—will be delivered from the server that’s closest to their physical location. For musicians, bands and other music industry specific sites that are heavy on graphics and photos, or for media-heavy and streaming media sites, a CDN is especially valuable. Combined with a cloud storage service, you can store, manage and distribute your music to fans around the globe.

When music lovers visit your site, they don’t want to wait for long load times, choppy video streaming or interruptions to the song they’re trying to listen to. With a CDN and a web hosting provider optimized for music, you’ll more easily be able to distribute your music, video, images and other content to users and fans almost instantly, and delivering that kind of instant gratification they’ve come to expect. And the better their experience with your site, the more likely they are to share your music, generating an even larger audience for you.

Cloud Opportunities

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To say that cloud computing has transformed how we produce, process and distribute business information would be the understatement of the century. While full-scale cloud adoption has had its fair share of challenges making traction with larger scale and smaller companies alike, it’s undeniable that cloud platforms as diverse as DropBox, SalesForce and Skype have made life easier. In company meetings and official business documentation we call this “efficiency,” but that’s exactly what the cloud is about. It takes computing-heavy processes and helps businesses transform them into easily-managed and delivered services.

The Cloud Problem: Small Businesses vs. the Cloud

According to a recent report by IT research analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, roughly 70% of small businesses state they aren’t likely to migrate to the cloud in the near future, and some won’t bother with the cloud integration discussion at all. This is telling in a lot of ways. First and foremost though, it reveals a misunderstanding of how the cloud can be used to benefit their business and boost their bottom line. Let’s investigate some real-world ways the cloud makes life easier, or, “boosts efficiency”.

The Cloud Solution: Efficiency

· Cloud Backup – According to, there were upwards of 1500 incidences of major data loss in 2012. Only a few months into 2013, there has already been reported over 350 instances. The bottom line is that you’ll lose data at some point, and your robust security tools won’t make a difference. What matters is what you do in the event of lost data. For small businesses, cloud backups are a cheap and easy solution that allow for simple off-site backup procedures matched with seamless data recovery tools.

· Cloud Storage Solutions – Cloud backup storage is easily the most popular type of cloud-based service out there. It has transformed the way we view data storage. Instead of opting for bigger, better and faster on-premise storage components, we seek out robust cloud storage platforms similar to DropBox, Google Drive and While SMBs aren’t eager to fully jump on the cloud bandwagon, they are likely using cloud storage store information to make it more accessible to certain team members.

· Affordability, Scalability, Flexibility, etc – Affordability, scalability and flexibility is at the core of the cloud, and is often overestimated or underestimated, but not rightly understood within the adoption conversations that many businesses are having. The truth is from a cost and scalability perspective, you really only pay for what you use. From there, as your business grows or scales back its needs, you can almost instantly scale up or back your cloud services to meet your needs. This allows you to focus your IT budget on business-specific tools that help grow your business.

SMB Growth through Cloud Services

Whether you’re renting access to applications, or you’re using a cloud-based platform to deliver a more meaningful user experience to your customer base, the cloud can and does make life easier for your business. It allows you to focus on what matters: growing your business.


Learn from the Best: The Leaders of Web Design

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Creating a quality eCommerce site can appear deceptively simple. With just a few images, descriptions and a shopping cart, it is possible to immediately begin selling online. However, with millions of competitors out there, the process of creating a site that customers will actually seek out and use is significantly more challenging.

Top Design Companies just released its list of Best eCommerce Web Design Trends for 2013, where it notes five eCommerce websites that set the bar for what is possible in eCommerce web design. These companies demonstrate how important quality design is, and they give a glimpse of some of the expected web design trends for the coming year.

By taking note of companies that are leading the way in eCommerce web design, and attempting to apply some of the same concepts to their own company websites, business owners can help ensure that their own websites will be competitive.

Top Design Winners

Some of the sites noted by Top Design included Reebok, Sony and clothing retailer Uniqlo. Top Design noted that each excelled at ease of navigation, as well as the clarity of their calls to action.

Reflective of Trends

Recently, Amber Leigh Turner published an article at The Next Web discussing the 10 web design trends expected for 2013. Many of the trends predicted by the writer are already in use by Reebok, Sony and Uniqlo, and are worth taking note of.

Responsive Design

Responsive design refers to creating sites that are viewable across many different devices, sites that are easy to navigate and require little to no resizing. This means users encounter no road blocks when accessing the site from their tablets, desktops or smart phones.

All three of the sites listed above utilize responsive design because it works. For instance, potential customers can quickly view Sony’s newest offerings and make a purchase, regardless of what device they happen to be using.

Large Images for Impact

One of Turner’s predictions for 2013 websites is the use of large, screen-size images for impact. These images can be truly powerful in creating a unique feel for a website.

Consider Reebok’s home page. Most of the initial screen space is taken up with a rotating banner of high-quality photos. Each photo is related to a particular product line Reebok wants to showcase. The images set an undeniable mood, allowing the viewer to feel a little of what it might be like to be trail running, doing yoga or dancing.

As screens increase in size and resolution, large images will only become more useful in setting the tone of a website.

White Space

Another predicted trend for the coming year is the increased use of white space. A white background is surprisingly effective in making product images pop off the screen, especially when those images are high quality.

Clean design continues to be appealing to the majority of consumers. Apple has been riding this wave for years, and customers are still loving it.

Uniqlo uses white space to great effect. When color does appear, either in backgrounds for clothing models or in the clothes themselves, it is set off by the surrounding white space. This creates an emotional response. Potential buyers can feel the impact they might make wearing those same clothes.

Use What Works

Taking note of what works in website design is worthwhile for business owners. Today, every business needs a web presence. Fortunately, businesses do not have to settle for a generic and unappealing site. With the help of a quality web design company, business owners can utilize the design trends that work to help develop a powerful brand, and help encourage the conversions that will come along with it.



Chinese International Students Are Marketing Champion

Has PCP replaced traditional SEO?

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Until now, optimizing a website was not a very big deal, and link building was not very tough, but in the course of time came algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin and then things changed entirely. After the introduction of these algorithms things are very different, and now it seems that PCP or in other words proper Company promotion is the safest way to gain more web traffic and get better rankings as well. Many questions whether SEO has died after this huge change, and the answer is that even though it is not dead, yet it has changed radically.

The biggest of the changes is that one has to earn backlinks now instead of creating them like older times. Links like article links are now very beneficial to add a little diversity to the link profile. This stands true for generic press releases as well, which offers nothing more than a few words of meaningless writing. Many optimizers were disappointed after the launch of the new algorithm updates, but to a certain level, it seems that this was bound to happen, as the top search engines always explained the right way of practicing SEO, but rarely a few people paid attention.

PCP SEOProper Company Promotion

As far as PCP is concerned, it is what the name implies. For proper promotion, one has to earn traffic and links, instead of relying on short-term blasts. However, PCP does not always involve a lot of money, all it needs is pure and plain effort and time. A few things can be done with real efforts to enhance the brand of a company and to provide it the desired exposure. Sponsoring an event is one of these things, and getting local newspapers involved in the event is also a good idea.

Blog posting

For the above-mention step, you must have to ensure that websites that gain from the event should consist of content related to your website or business, for linking it back to your main website. Another idea to earn proper links is to do guest posting on different blogs. However, make sure that the blog is associated with the niche of the business. Even after the Penguin and Panda updates, blogs still holds a lot of importance. Posting meaningful and informative content will definitely turn the table to your side and help you earn more traffic through different links.


When applying PCP, advertising is another great method of grabbing more traffic for a website. Placing banner advertisement on blogs and forums relevant to a business helps in attracting more traffic. When placing advertisement on a blog, you can ask about adding a blog post as well. Remember to make the advertisement links as no follow. In this way, Google will not take this as buying a link. In case, one gains a blog post from the site where the advert is being placed, then a link from the same site will be very beneficial. For Google, this is completely legitimate, and it will bring enhanced traffic too.

It is also suggested that none of the tactics should be used all alone and mixing different strategies is the key to successful SEO presently.

4 Web Design Elements to Plan Your Site

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Everyone typically has a wish list when it comes to web design but more often than not, that design doesn’t meet the requirements of the customers. You want the moon but the budget doesn’t allow for such things. This is where most businesses become sidetracked, and the project lags between concepts to execution. Everyone will be motivated to jump in, but a few factors need to be considered, like the mood of the site, and how your web design should verbalise the effect.

Magento web design from Yoma can help your business build a website that will meet all of your customers needs. The easiest method to kick-off a web design project is by building an easy project plan. Developing a project plan for a web design project can help streamline many of the tasks while keeping your launch date in sight. There is a web design process that can quickly get your site up and running.

1. Design; there is no need to pull hair out. Simply focus on designing the right site for the right crowd. Customers always have at least one thing that makes them hesitant to engage in the offer. Simplify your design in such a way that it banishes any barriers.

2. Navigation; studies show that users will leave a site if they cannot wrap their brain around where to go, and what to do. Visitors bombarded with too many options become frustrated.

3. Consistency; when visitors come to the site, they quickly look around to see what you’re offering. Follow your visual and navigation elements from the homepage to all the sub-pages. For example, buttons should be found in the same places on each page.

4. Site map; every website should include a site map that displays all the pages, and how they interconnect. A site map will provide every bit of content that’s available to your visitor. It’s a strategic blueprint that gives you a birds-eye view of every detail.

Finally, before your date to go-live with your site, look over the web design to make sure it makes sense. When visitors land on your page will they understand the message you’re trying to convey? End users will be the final judge of a good web design, and when all else fails, use the site map to tweak your work.

Can you Trust a Web Design Company Based on its Portfolio?

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The issue with many companies is that they seem large and with a lot of experience, but in reality they are simply composed out of newbie’s who do not know what to do and when to do it. In order to avoid these scams it is best to find clues that will talk a lot about the company and the way it treats its clients. One way to do this is to look at their portfolio. Here there is a short presentation of their previous work and it can give anyone clues to whether the company is genuine or not.

1. The existence of a portfolio

There are some web design companies which do not have a portfolio on their website. This is a sign of warning because they might not be genuine. In most cases, the previous work is what will recommend them for the further tasks. So the portfolio must exist and it should be updated on a regular basis.

2. The items presented

Some companies rush out to put as many of their works as possible and this is a good thing. However, besides the numbers it is also important to view the quality of the works. The structure of the exposed website will give important clues about the ability to work and the concept that the company has.

3. Check each portfolio item

It is important to see if in the portfolio there are similar websites to yours. In this way, you will get a feeling of the concept by which the company works. There might be some features which you need and it is vital to see the way they have included it in the site. If a company does not have a specific portfolio, but it seems to be trustworthy, it could be a good idea to let them know that you want some examples of the same niche before signing any contract.

4. Quality speaks it all

Besides the quantity of work presented in a portfolio, the quality of the websites is something that you would want to analyze. Some are capable of doing loads of website, but without any given quality. Others will work slower, but provide the things needed without any hesitation or doubt about the quality.

5. Check with the owners

Usually together with the portfolio, there is a section of testimonials where clients are free to write whatever they feel about their experience with the company. It is important to take some time and read those things because it can reveal interesting pieces of information.

6. The web design company’s site

Usually the website of such a company tells a lot about the way they perceive designing. If the website looks great and the details are carefully studied there is the chance that your website will look the same.

Before deciding over one company or the other, try and find as many things as possible. In this way, you will know who you are dealing with in a blink of an eye.

This article has been written by david patullo who runs a blog at This blog has got very useuful information  on how to create your own website

A perfect web design – One of the most necessary things to remember for making a website

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Website design has become one of the most important parts of modern business, as through websites you can actually show your customers about the products of your business. A well designed website can attract more customers and it creates the first impression of your organization to your customers. Therefore, as a businessman it is now necessary to give more time on designing your website properly.

web designHaving a worldwide business is quite common now. However to make a worldwide business successful it is necessary to attract the Global customers. Creating a perfect website can be a wonderful idea to grow your business. This is the most modern way of advertising of your business. The website should be able to provide relevant information on your business to the customers.

Information is no doubt the most important thing which you must provide to your customers through websites. The search engine must be good and user friendly. The get up of the website is an additional thing but it is extremely necessary to make the web designing properly as it will become the outlook of your business.

If a website only provides the information it is not complete. Web designing becomes very much important as if it is not done properly, the customer will not be able to find out the information easily. Therefore, your time and money which you have spent for your website will be spoiled.

Therefore, it is necessary to build an attractive and user friendly design for your website. You can only say your web design perfect, if the customer feels good with it. There is no doubt about the fact that customer satisfaction is the most essential thing in any kind of business.

It is necessary to choose the proper web designer for designing your website. There are some web designers who try to work very quickly. Well, when you are making your website, you should take your time. You should choose the group of designers who will understand your requirements and will do the website designing accordingly. Good web-designers will be aware of the fundamental requirement of a website. They must be creative so that they can give the website a perfect look.

The design should be perfect at the very first time. The latest technologies are to be used for making your website. Sometimes the client can advise the designers to use the proper new techniques whenever and wherever it is necessary. However, the designer should not cross the boundary set by you as only you know what you want to show your customers through the website.

Customer’s feedback takes an important part in web-designing. Sometimes, the client remains specific about his requirement. If the client is not sure or certain about the techniques of building a website, or the web design, a good web designer will be able to handle the situation by asking the right questions to the client.

The web designer and the client should have a very good relation to make the website a perfect one. It will be commonly profitable to both of them.

The benefits and advantages of professional web design and SEO

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In the recent past it has been proven that more than sensible to publish ads and commercial advertisements all over the real world, even on television. Suddenly with the gradual rise of advertising in the internet it has all of sudden become evident that advertising through the Internet are the best way to go beyond all other forms of marketing and advertising whether it is for a specific service or business or if anyone just want to achieve more notice through his/her own personal website-SEO company. It is one of the best ways to go earlier than anywhere else.


Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that can provide extremely beneficial outcomes. The positive results of SEO have seen a gradual increase in the several companies, from numerous industries, which are now focused on investing a large amount of the company budget in owning the highest positions in respect of the search engines. Search Engine optimization can also be considered as a sequence of practices which can influence the website’s rank in the search results.

The main aim behind the implementation of an SEO campaign is the improvement in the SEO rankings. The benefits of gaining higher rankings on SEO results pages are that it increases recognition, syndicating the websites to other external web sites.

The standards of the SEO Company dictate that the individual website and its customer come first while choosing SEO Bendigo. Residing in the Bendigo region can be a huge plus side when talking about SEO Bendigo with the aim of advertising a particular website or attracting an audience. But, the problem with it is that one need to exactly know how to attract the majority of the audience. The concept of SEO in the field of marketing is no doubt a very confusing matter that cannot be dealt without the suggestion of an expert SEO company, like Bendigo or something other.

Web design Melbourne associates or SEO Bendigo can help in all sorts of SEO Bendigo needs. It is also very helpful in teaching the fundamentals of website designing, in order to attract the majority portion of the desired audience for whom the website was designed. Websites are a very important part of any business organization. Search engine marketing is arguably considered to be a very cost efficient in comparison to other methods of marketing.

In the world of Internet marketing and online advertising things often becomes a bit hectic and for this reason need to be an independent and strong SEO business behind each and every step to ensure that the business is run in a top quality manner.

Web designing is extremely significant. Once it is done efficiently, it can attract maximum people and can increase the traffic of the website. This can increase the earning of the company. This is the main reason why the companies give great emphasis on hiring efficient expertise web designers. It is the tendency of the society to look at the attractive things and fall in love with them

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How to Keep Your Website Secured

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It goes without saying that website security testing is an important undertaking that can only be assumed at the owner’s peril. Your site’s security is just as important as its functionality and general appearance. This is especially true if your website stores your personal data, credit card details and your customers’ mailing lists. Being a victim of website vandalism can deface your website and instill long term security breach which can be frustrating and damaging. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your website is secured.

Keep your scripts updated

Even though open source applications are great for building blogs, it is equally important to keep them updated frequently. This is because using older versions of such applications increase the vulnerability of your site to hackers. To stay out of the woods, use the latest applications of any versions that you use on your website.

Delete installations that you do not use

If you installed an application in the hope that your online store would use it at some point but haven’t made good use of it, then it is healthy that you delete it. Why? This is because you probably do not visit your unused blog very often, meaning that you are less likely to know whether it has been hacked or not.

Use firewalls to shield your network

This is arguably the best step you can take to caution yourself from website hackers. Firewall prevents packets of bad information from raiding your servers, thereby keeping your website safe. If you do not know how to configure firewall, a hosting company may step in to provide that additional security measure against hackers.

Use strong passwords

As a general rule, webmasters are highly discouraged from using generic passwords like dictionary names, personal data or names as their passwords. This only increases the vulnerability of your website to hackers since such passwords are easy to guess. On the same breath, do not use adjacent words like qwerty or consecutive digits.

Limit your server access

As a webmaster, you should be very selective on who should have access to your servers. Even then, it is still a wise idea to limit the level of information that they can access. Most importantly, use unique passwords to all users and delete any inactive user within the shortest time possible.

Keep a backup of your website

Another bold step to keeping your website out of bounds for hackers is to back it up. If a hacker manages to destroy your website, you will still have a backup in a different and secure computer to keep your online business running as you plot on your next action plan.

Protect your computer from malware

Website hackers have upped their game, which calls for stringent security measures from webmasters. In an attempt to gain access to your website, a determined hacker may use special virus and sneak it to your computer to record your password. In order to stay safe and get a piece of mind, it is highly advisable to run a spyware program to ensure that your computer and website in general is not affected. This should be done at least once a week.

Website security testing is essential for websites with high traffic, whether they are personal or business. Small and large companies pay hefty sums for security services, but even without a budget you can keep your website security up to date.

The Major Constituents of Search Engine Marketing

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If the online marketing activities were combined and given a single name, then the right name to give them would be ‘Search Engine Marketing’, as most of the online marketing activities are directly or indirectly related to search engines. The search engines are the nucleus of online marketing and all the activities revolve around them.

When it comes to search engine marketing (SEM) there are three major areas of it, and many companies provide services related to these areas of SEM. These areas include, search engine optimization, Pay per click management and social media marketing. The lines below give a detail of these areas of SEM.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

As the name indicates, this activity is concerned with optimization of a website in the search engine results. The service provider works on applying different techniques that make the website likeable in the eyes of search engines and make the website rank high in response to the particular search query. Some of the methods adopted by SEO service providers to increase the ranking of a website are:

  • By conducting an apt keyword research and finding the most relevant keywords.
  • Adjusting the selected keywords in the content and Meta of the website
  • Designing a search engine friendly website
  • Building content around the selected keywords and propagating it for the purpose of back links.
  • Increasing the number of back links and abiding by all the instructions of search engines to make the website rank high in results.

2. PPC Marketing:

Compared to the organic way of attracting visitors towards a website, the other way in which visitors can be attracted is PPC marketing. PPC is considered a very affective and viable part of SEM campaign. In PPC a business pays search engines to let them have it run its ads in the search results of a particular query. Although apparently simple but the process of PPC marketing is very complicated and requires a professional monitoring the activities of the campaign. A PPC marketing services provider would manage the campaign in the following manner:

  • Selecting the right keywords to bid against so that the ad appears at the best possible position for the particular keyword
  • Setting the right budget for different ads so that maximum ads could be displayed in the total budget of the campaign
  • Writing an attractive ad copy that is persuasive and provokes the user to click on the ad
  • Applying analytics to monitor the conversions and flow of traffic

3. Social Media Marketing:

It is the recent development in SEM. Although, social media marketing is not related with SEM directly, however its relation with search engines is very covert and strong. The activities performed on social media platforms have a strong influence on the above-mentioned to activities. The social media marketing services offered by a company may include:

  • Managing social media profiles
  • Communicating with the customers and clients on social media platforms
  • Developing brand promoting content for profiles


In short, SEO, PPC and Social media are the major active elements of search engine marketing. A business which wants total search engine dominance should work on all three of these areas.

Major Myths And Their Reality Pertaining To Internet Marketing

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In every walk of life there are certain myths associated with one or other phenomena. The myths are also time specific, and as the processes in the phenomena become more clear the myths start to debunk and the reality surfaces.

The internet marketing field is also prone to certain myths, which continue to be myths as people still don’t have knowledge about the true reality of the processes. Only an expert online marketing company basing on its experience knows the difference between myth and reality. The lines below give three major myths pertaining to online marketing and their true reality.

1. An Effortless Process:

It is the most common myth about online marketing. People think of it as an effortless process of making money either ethically or unethically. Online marketing is regarded as an activity for lazy person, which can be performed without any effort.

Reality- The true fact about online marketing is that it is as effortful process as any other process could be. Online marketing requires time and effort; however, once the foundation is laid with effort, the fruits can be reaped for a long time with the minimal of efforts.

2. Website, Graphics and Animations:

Another myth surrounding internet marketing is that all the process needs is a great website that has catchy animations and images. Once a business or a person has such a website, there is no need to do anything else, the visitors would come to the website themselves, and the website would start appearing in the search results on its own, consequently generating leads and sales.

Reality- The fact of the matter is that online marketing is like any other mode of traditional marketing. You cannot rely on just a good product, a good advertisement or a billboard to attract customers; rather you have to work on its dissemination. You have to spread the word in your social circles, among your friends, family, and colleagues. Online marketing gives results when the word is spread across different channels. Having only a good looking website would impress the visitors, but it won’t bring the visitors to itself, this is the function that has to be performed by the online marketer.

3. Big Money:

People believe that there is big money in internet marketing. As if they started marketing, they would be millionaires within a few months. This myth has destroyed the image of online marketing the most and because of it, online marketing is regarded as scam by most of the new entrants in the field. There would be internet marketing gurus who will be telling you that taking their coaching program would earn you big money.

Reality- There is no such thing as big money in internet marketing as most of the scam internet gurus exclaim in there paid programs. Every person that promises you big money by taking some program is a scam. The professional SEO services providers would always suggest and recommend you to have realistic expectations from internet marketing, and it only yields as much money as the effort is put into it.


In short, the aforementioned are the major myths related to internet marketing, the reality about them is otherwise, which could only be understood by experts of the industry, who have checked and verified all these myths.

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How SEO is changing small business fortunes

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a specialized process by which website owners and wed page developers increase the visibility of their page.The aim of SEO is make website among the top ranked page when a random surfer is doing his/her search on the search engine such as Google, Bing, or even Yahoo.

The way most of the search engines are developed, the page with most visitors is ranked earlier and each time the keyword is keyed in those pages appears among the first. Ordinary web designer for a small business may not be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skillsand the technical know how to optimize his page.

After realizing there is gap in the market for SEO, 123SEO was developed to help the small business. The aim is to remodel their websites and look into ways by which their website can fit the local market as well as the growing international market.

In their line of business, the small business website is promoted by increasing the number of links what is commonly known as backlinks. The website is also edited for keywords which are the main challenge for businesses. The website coding and the protocols developed are also looked into to remove any barriers.

When developing a website, the biggest challenge is the content and how to incorporate the keywords in the site. It is also important that during this process that the SEO firm does not copy the content of another site, rather it should develop its own content. 123SEO is specialized in performing the above task with good customer reputation. The site should be optimized in such a way that it is hard to duplicate the content and if duplicated during the search it should be able to override the other site.

Since they are no international guidelines in SEO it is important that the website plays by rules set by the search engines otherwise the site risk being blacklisted. The main search engine in the world Google is a free site and has very stringent rules if the SEO firm is engaging in malpractice it too risk being blacklisted.

According to experts, any business aiming at increasing their sales should not rely on SEO as a marketing strategy. By the way of operations SEO is aimed at increasing the number of visitors to a particular site. As stated earlier SEO aims at ensuring that the business website contains the right key words that attract visitors.

Australian small businesses should take the opportunity to grow with the changing technology. Customers currently prefer to learn about some product through the internet. As seen SEO is not a way to market a product but a business gains a lot by having their site ranked earlier since thereis a probability of the visitor opening it. 123SEO is firm that is changing the fortunes of small firm that it is dealing with it.

Some Great Ways of Adding Worth To Your Website Designing Endeavors With CSS

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A huge majority of experts are of the opinion that CSS lies at the core of contemporary website designing industry’s fast pace towards further evolution, defying every odd that comes across it on its way to constantly expanding the horizons. As a matter of fact, this is quite an authentic and valid proposition. Today, it has become possible to design almost everything in the browser by virtue of CSS, which could not have been done without Photoshop and Fireworks’ assistance just a few years ago.

With designing in the browser becoming more viable for contemporary web designers, there are a few things that can prove extremely helpful in such a scenario, such as:

1) Realistic Fonts

The contribution of the element of display in success of any idea/project has become very significant in present times. No matter how effective, helpful, and efficient an idea is; unless it is not displayed to the audiences with due effect, success is hard to come by. Internet hosts some aesthetically great fonts nowadays and people are greatly compelled to employ those new and unique fonts to impress their visitors. However, aesthetic appeasement is not the only thing that today’s users ask for, they also search for convenience and high readability. Therefore, make sure your web designing endeavors include those fonts that contribute towards increased usability. This can be done best by choosing fonts that can conveniently be recreated by HTML/JS/CSS.

2) Imageless Buttons

Majority of developers never seem convenient enough in playing with buttons. They can be eased out a lot if designers choose to go for designing buttons that can conveniently be created with the help of CSS or JavaScript. It can be very helpful in many ways, such as:

  • Helps in getting live text
  • Buttons are more adaptable
  • No need of loading distinct images for such buttons
  • Helps in getting rid of button sprite

Now, all of these benefits serve as a great cushion for developer, saving him a lot of development time and effort for Imageless Buttons. Therefore, website designers should think whether or not a fantastically designed button in Photoshop can be produced in CSS to make it easier for themselves and concerned developers.

3) Variable Displays

Today, there seems no dearth of display devices. Now, this means that designers should be designing websites in such a way that the problem of varied sizes of display devices (ranging from 320 x 480 to 2560 X 1440) no more remains a problem. One of the biggest allies that hold the potential of liberating professional web design services in this regard is none other than “Responsive Web Design Approach”, which induces fluidity into web design layouts, making them highly adaptable to different screen sizes.


One of the reasons why web designing has become such a successful contributor to overall evolution of internet experience is its amazing ability to swim across any challenging waves that try to hinder its progress. It has added so much colors and life to primitive dullness of virtual world that people all around the world feel greatly gravitated towards it and seem to come up with ingenious solutions to all challenges that could hinder its significance as a distinct domain. The tips mentioned above also provide web designers some really good ways of coping with the challenges of web designing.

Different Surveys Conducted and Their Results Pertaining to Personalized Search

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The search engines are always competing with each other to take the best of market share. When it comes to market share, the search engine that is the most accurate and most effective gets the better of the market.

Search engines revolve around user trends and these trends than force the search engines to make changes, which subsequently affects different participants in online marketing processes, whether it be a social media marketing firm, a PPC marketer, or a website developer.

The lines below give a detail of several surveys conducted pertaining to personalized search and different online marketing functions.

1. Authenticity of Search Results:

According to surveys:

  • 91% of the users say that they most of the times or always find the information they are seeking from search engines.
  • 73% of the users believe that the information, which they get from search engines, is trustworthy and accurate.
  • 55% of the users claim that the quality of search results is getting better over time.
  • Only 4% believe that the search results are moving towards worst.

2. Personalization and Tracking:

Personalization and tracking of personal information is another major concern of users. The personalization feature directly impacts the search results; therefore, it also receives mixed responses from users. According to data collected from surveys:

  • 86% percent of users believe that they have learned something new or knowledgeable post the implementation of personalized search.
  • 45% users responded against the personalized search feature, plainly saying that Google should not use information from other sources.
  • 39.1% users liked the idea of personalized search, but were concerned about their privacy.

3. Content Discovery:

According to several survey stats:

  • 41% users say that they receive conflicting information from their personalized search results, because of which distinguishing the right information becomes difficult.
  • After the personalized search becoming active, 31% of the users believe that search results were missing critical information.

Other Facts:

Besides the change in user trends that take place every now and then, there are some general and hard facts about online marketing that cannot be avoided, whether it be personalized or non personalized search.

  • Several data sources show that the investment in online advertising will reach $19billion in 2012, meaning that there will be more business for website link building service providers, PPC marketers, and SEO specialists.
  • E-commerce sales crossed $194billion in 2011, which is 16.1% more compared to 2010.
  • 59% of Americans use search engine daily, where as 73% of Americans use it occasionally.
  • 38% of users responded to surveys by saying that they are overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of information they receive from search engines.


In short, the personalized search and information tracking has received a mixed response from users, both in terms of its methodology and the results it provides.

Should A Website Designer Go For Improving Coding Abilities As Well?

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Businesses definitely need to promote themselves among their potential target markets, so that more and more people get to know how products/services of a particular business can add ease and convenience to their lives. Many experts believe that users are more concerned about high utility of a product/service in catering their need as compared to their concerns about high quality of the product or service.

It is for reasons like these that internet has emerged as one of the most effective mediums assisting millions of businesses all across the world to pursue their targets of growth and development successfully. Internet enables businesses to showcase their strengths (in their products as well as services) to a wider range of targeted audience, so that they are exposed to maximum number of people. For this purpose, critical role of web designers is unquestionable.

In fact, website design has become one of the most sought after web based careers. This also makes it a highly competitive field where web designers have to serve the industry with their best or they could simply perish at the hands of sheer competition. Now, many experts believe that a website designer can enjoy better rewards if they improve their coding (developing) skills as well. Though there are many who might not be very convinced with this opinion; so, this article sums up the major benefits of sprucing up coding ability of a web designer. This would definitely help readers better make up their mind in favor of or against the above mentioned statement.

Killing two birds with one stone – One certain benefit of being able to code for a designer is getting independent of outside assistance to seek betterment in their designs. For a designer who is not well with coding, resorting to a contractor is the only option, which might not be very much feasible for them in various aspects.

Better design solutions – A designer with better understanding of coding would be able to tweak his best website design solutions much better than a designer not expert in that region. This would definitely add to diversity and flexibility of design solution.

Added affordability – Web designers good at coding can also sometime cut any extra costs they might have to pay to any outside contractor for taking care of certain aspect of their design solutions. This means saving money for them.

Improved communication –Sharpening coding skill does not entail designers to switch trades with website developers; instead, it would help them better communicate with clients and other people while making business for themselves.

Better client response – Believe it or not, every single one of us wants to find multitalented people who are capable and skilled enough to take care of multiple aspects of our businesses and projects. Amid such potential clients, the probability of getting better client response for a web designer also equipped with coding abilities is much more as compared to one who does not hold such distinctions.


Perhaps, there would always be a division among people; some of them calling for designers to improve coding skills as well, while some of them advising website designers to stick to their primary expertise. However, the benefits stated above make this option seriously worth considering for a web designer.