Where to buy Feminine Dresses for your Teen Girls

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Where To Buy Feminine Dresses For Your Teen Girls

Whether you’re 98 or 13, feminine dresses are always in style. However, finding age-appropriate and flattering feminine dresses for teen girls can be challenging. After all, you want to find a dress that’s adult enough to please your teen’s aesthetic, and suitable enough to satisfy yours.


So, where do you find dresses that fit this criterion? Read on to find out.


Cooper St.


This is an adult designer clothing line with a style that features equally fresh and classic designs. The dresses are undeniably feminine but don’t cross the line into any tawdry or cheap variety of femininity that has nothing to do with the strong sense of womanhood most of us want to instill in our daughters. Sure, the cuts are sassy and fun and flirty, but nothing about these feminine dresses are lewd.


My Catwalk


Drop into My Catwalk’s boutique stores in Clovelly and Double Bay to find something amazingly feminine and edgy for your teen. Better yet, bring her with you. My Catwalk features designer duds from many of Australia’s (and the world’s) top brands, including the always feminine designs of Camilla and Marc.


Pretty Dog


A strange name, perhaps, but this fashion boutique in Newton has it all: beautiful dresses, shoes, and awesome accessories. This is a great place to go if your teen likes to stand out with a really romantic and equally edgy style.




ModCloth is an online boutique made for anyone with a vintage aesthetic — and yes, it has more than its fair share of super feminine dresses. We’re talking frills and bows and florals and lace and new takes on the old-school style. Available in a wide range of sizes, the collection of dresses at ModCloth is made for the female figure, at every stage of life.


Whether you’re looking to buy a dress for your teen online, or making a day of it and plan to head out to a boutique, what’s most important when buying any kind of dress for your daughter is to get her input: let her make the choice. These are some of the best places to look, but ultimately, it’s what she thinks that matters.


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