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5 Must See Berlin Tourist Destinations

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As one of the most famous cities in the world, Berlin is a place that offers a lot of destinations. If you don’t have a gameplan, you would be overwhelmed with a lot of tourist spots. After getting your Berlin airport taxi, you must have a list of places visit ready in your itinerary. Here are the five places that you should not miss during your visit to Germany’s largest capital. 

1. Reichstag Building

If there’s a destination that you should visit in Berlin, that would be the Reichstag Building, one of the most historical landmarks in the world. Each year, the building attracts 3 million people. The place was built in 1894 and used to be the home of the Imperial Diet of the German Empire. However, the building was abandoned when it was damaged by fire after World War II. It was restored in 1999 and once again houses the German Parliament. The Reichstag Building is a sight to behold for people who are interested in architecture and history.

2. The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is another historical site and a symbolic structure. It is the symbol of unity and peace between Germany and Europe. Built-in 1791, the structure is 26 meters tall and comprises of five walkways. This is also the site where the then US President Ronald Reagan talked about Gorbachev in 1987. If you’re planning to visit this site, the best time is during the New Year’s Eve so you can attend the yearly party.

3. Mauerpark

Mauerpark is one of the most popular parks in the city, and because of a good reason: you can sing in a Karaoke for free. The place is one of the busiest places every Sunday because of the flea markets scattered around the area. A lot of vintage items are being sold in the area, from CDs to designer’s clothes. This is the perfect place to go if you want to get souvenirs from your Berlin stay. 

4. Museum Island

For those who want a blast from the past, Museum Island is your go-to place. There are five museums to look around and enjoy relics from the past. The most famous museum in this area is the Pergamon Museum, which is visited by over a million visitors a year. You can see impressive collections of artworks from different cultures and different eras. 

Another must-see museum in the area is the Bode-Museum, which houses sculptures in as early as the 18th century. Pieces from the Museum of Byzantine Art and the Numismatic Collection is presented in this museum. Also check the Alte Nationalgalerie, which houses artworks in as early as the neoclassical period. 

5. Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Plats, or the Potsdam Square, is one of the business and tourism centers of Berlin. This is where you’ll see famous restaurants and shopping centers. The square also houses theatres, cinemas, and more entertainment options. If you want a view of the whole place, hop into the Kollhof Tower and see the entire skyline of berlin. 


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Are you finally willing to give up on your junk car? There are various traditional ways of selling your junk car. Dumping a scrap car is not a good option. An abandoned scrap car is very harmful for the environment. If you want to get rid of your junk car, selling it off is the most beneficial choice. Most of us are aware of various ways of selling our cars. Do we know which is the best method? Let’s discuss about how you can sell your junk car.


Personally selling your car is the most classic way of selling a used car. People usually throw advertisements in the local newspapers and hang a “car for sale” board on their gates. Personally selling your car can be a tough task. You might need to get your car washed or repaired before selling it to someone. This doesn’t only require money but also requires time and efforts. Also, bargaining is a major problem.


You can also opt to sell your car to car dealers. These car dealers buy your junk car and further sell them to interested customers. These dealers often charge a commission which can be a bad deal for you.


The best way of getting rid of your junk car is car removal companies. Car wreckers buy any and every kind of car. Even if your car is not in an operational state, you can convenient sell it for instant cash. New, old, junk, wrecked, damaged or accidental, they buy it all! They buy all makes and kinds of vehicles irrespective of their brand and model.

Selling your car to these cash for car companies is pretty easy. All you have to do is call them and provide the details of your car. They give you a free quote considering the model, make and condition of your car. If you accept the quote, they come at your doorstep within 24 hours. They tow your car away without causing any inconvenience or chaos. Also, you’ll be paid in cash on the spot.

Besides best cash offers, they also provide free services. Their towing services are absolutely free. There is no hidden fee or any other service charges. In fact, they also arrange the paperwork for you. The paperwork required for the legal transfer of ownership can be tough to arrange. You do not have to worry at all since they arrange it all for you without charging a penny.


The cars that they buy are further used for reselling or recycling. These cars are recycled in the most eco friendly manner. This ensures our contribution to the environment. Since these auto parts are recycled with the latest technology, they’re put to their best use afterwards.

If you want to make instant money out of your junk car without spending a penny, car wreckers are for you. All you need to do is call them and they’ll take care of the rest. You do not only save and earn a generous amount of cash, but also do your bit for the environment. Call your nearest car wrecker and get rid of your junk car today!


How To Get The Best Car Loan Deal?

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The number of people struggling with their car loan payment is increasing with time, as most of people do not think much before applying for a car loan, because they want their favorite car at any cost. Before applying for a loan, many people forget that their financial condition can become unstable in the future and paying loan premium with high interest rate will become a challenging task.

Thus, if you have decided to apply for car loan, make sure that you can afford to repay the amount. Your car loan should be something that meets perfectly with your budget. However, there are few things that you will have to think before applying for a car loan. Take a look on how to get the best deal for auto loan.

Have a Look at Your Credit Reports First:

If you go straight to buy a car even without checking your credit reports, then you may fall into a trouble. If you are going to apply for a car loan from a lender that has been used by you before and you have not paid the due yet to the company, then it will cost you huge to avail a new loan from the same lender.Thus, get report cards from a reputed credit reporting agencies that can bring out all the details of your credit you have made till date.

Conduct Research:

Whenever you think about buying a new product, you love to shop around, so that you can get the best deal from the market. Likewise, you should conduct research to get best loan offer to buy certified pre-owned cars or new cars.

Before finalizing deal with a financial company for your car loan, you should check out the interest rates and other facilities offered by other financial companies in the market. You will have to pay big amount of money as interest to your lender and if you have been able to find a company that demands comparatively lower interest rates than others, you could save a lot of money.

Short Term Loan Can Save Your Money:

There is no doubt that car is one of the most expensive things in our life and whenever we buy car with the help of long term car loan, we have to bear more than its actual price. The lender will definitely ask to pay more money

How Exactly Is On The World Wide Web Fax Less expensive Than Traditional Faxing?

Explore Tourist Spots With Budget Car Rentals In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles! the city of life. A tourist visiting the city worries not of what to do, but where to begin. However, using the available cars for rent, one can maximize their visit of the city. Car rentals in Los Angeles offer tourists the necessary mobility to enjoy the abundant architectural landmarks, amusement parks, galleries, and art museums. The city of angels never sleeps. Car rentals offer tourists the ideal service to enjoy the city at night through their services that are accessible at a lower rate of up to $12 per day. Car rental in Los Angeles offer a variety of cars that suit the intention of the tourists. The car rental services are offered at flexible terms and are accessible at strategic locations such as at airports. You can rent a car with a uk driving licence.

Must Visits Tourist Spots in Los Angels

With a rental car, one is guaranteed of accessing various tourists destination within the city. Los Angeles enjoys great diversity and unlimited culinary adventures for food lovers. The following are the must visits tourist spots in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park

Explore Tourist Spots With Budget Car Rentals In Los Angeles

Griffith Park has vast activities and attractions that can keep the tourists captivated. The park sprawls over 4200 acres offering hiking trails, pony rides, and ideal paths for riding bicycles. The Greek theatre is located within the park. Other attractions include Equestrian Center, the L.A. Zoo, and an Autry National Center.

China Town

The China town has been paying homage to Oriental culture in America since 1938. A visit to the China town with your rented car will allow you enjoy parades and celebrations. Events such as Chinatown Summer Nights, gallery openings, walking tours, Tuesday farmers market, and other oriental festivals are scheduled in the town. L. A. China town hosts sites such as the picturesque main plaza, Sun Yat-sen sculpture, and Thien Hau Temple.

The Hollywood Sign

Explore Tourist Spots With Budget Car Rentals In Los Angeles

For tourists who have adored the Hollywood sign in pictures or movies, a visit to L.A. allows an actual view of the popular sign. With your rented car, the iconic sign can be viewed from its Hollywood Hills location. The 45-foot-tall white letters are proudly visible from Beachwood Drive where photos of the iconic structure can be recorded.

La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits illustrating struggling mammoths is among the iconic tourists destinations in L.A. La Brea Tar Pits is one of L.A’s most iconic scenes and is known to have the effect of relaxing the minds of visitors. Tourists can pass by the Hancock Park that is close by.

The Santa Monica Pier

The popular Santa Monica Pier is located in Santa Monica. The pier has never failed to entertain its visitors by its amazing street performers, the pacific shoreline and the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel. The pier has existed since 1909 and provides an amazing view both night and day.

There are other amazing tourists’ sites that should be visited by tourists. Sites such as the Watts Towers, the Original Farmers Market, Venice Beach, and the Ivy, are located within the city. All one needs is your uk driving license  

Cold Weather Preventative Maintenance

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Winter is right around the corner, and while you might be tempted to fall behind on your vehicle’s maintenance, now is most definitely not the time to (though it is the time for cheesy puns!) It may not be fun to do now, but conducting some preventative vehicle maintenance before winter will make your life much easier in the long run. Taking care of your vehicle as the weather changes is critical — saving you money and ensuring that your car continues to run smoothly throughout even the harshest of winters. Not only does proper vehicle maintenance keep you from having to deal with costly repairs, but it also makes sure that you and your passengers are safe even in the nastiest conditions. Use the following checklist as a guideline to making sure you vehicle is ready for the upcoming season.

Oil Change

This may seem like a given, but you would be surprised by how many people put off changing their oil until the last second. Before the cold sets in, it’s recommended to replace your current, standard oil with synthetic oil, which is best for severe conditions. Unlike regular oil, synthetic oil maintains its chemical structure regardless of temperature, which makes it a better option when it comes to lubrication and overall protection against wear and tear.

Cold Weather Preventative Maintenance


Anti-freeze is made to prevent overheating in the summer and freezing up in the winter. If you wait too long to change it, you ultimately risk harming your system and your vehicle not performing up to par.


 It’s a good idea to get your brake fluid changed every two years in order to prevent rust and contamination from harming your vehicle. You also want to get your brakes checked and make sure everything is up to par. If you have any brake concerns, get them fixed as soon as possible. Avoiding brake repair can be extremely dangerous and result in costly car damage or even personal harm, especially in treacherous winter weather.


Nothing is more annoying than a car that won’t start, leaving you stranded in a freezing cold parking lot. Getting your battery checked now can help avoid that situation. If your battery is over four years old, it has a possibility of not working as well in the cold. If you have any doubt about the battery, replace it.

Tire Pressure

Check tires tread and inflation. Be sure to have your tires at just the right pressure, as under or over inflating them typically has bad results. Low pressure will ruin your tires faster and cause you to consume more fuel than normal. High pressure can reduce traction, which is especially dangerous in icy conditions. As the weather temperature goes down, keep an eye on your tire pressure. The cooler weather often results in a decrease in air pressure.

Emergency Kit

This may not be “maintenance” necessarily, but it is still very important for drivers who experience harsh winters. Put together an emergency kit that includes warm clothes, blankets, flares, tire chains, snacks, and sand or kitty litter (works well for gaining traction on slippery roads or ditches).

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of things to do before the snow and ice come in to town. Use this checklist as a starting point to make sure your vehicle is up on its maintenance and ready to keep you safe as the colder months get closer. Remember to drive slow and stay a safe distance from other cars!

Written by Marc LaFerriere at Dents Unlimited & Toalson Glass. Marc and his expert staff can solve almost any automotive issue, especially auto glass repair, such as windshield replacement, and dent repair in Columba, MO.

Finding The Best Car Rental Deals

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Some travelers may have a hard time finding the best deals on car rentals. Since most people in the world today are mindful about excessive expenses, one may find him or herself searching online for hours looking for the best deals. One great advantage of renting a car online is that most car rental companies do not have change fees or cancellation penalties; hence choosing an online car rental agency gives you the freedom to look for better offers until you actually get into the car. Here are some ways you can use to find great car rental deals online:

Finding The Best Car Rental Deals

Use Online Price comparison sites

There many travel agencies and online car rental websites that negotiates with car rental companies to offer competitive rates. Since the companies are in competition for your business, you may end up getting better rates than going to the offices and booking in person. Also remember to book in advance as this will enable you to get a more affordable rate and help you to get your preferred car, especially if you are planning your trip during the high season. You should also ask questions about any special offers, as this may reduce your costs further.

Choose the Company with your Preferred Combination

There many different car rental companies and it’s vital you understand what distinctive services each offers. Some of the things you should consider before deciding on a particular car rental company include prices, types of cars available, service fees, additional costs, and locations. All these factors can affect your car rental experience and it’s important to know which aspects apply to you. This is because sometimes you may go for the lower price and then end up picking your car at an inconvenient location, if you prefer a specific car model you sometimes may end up having to pay a higher price. As a result, it would be best to choose a company that offers the best preferred combination. When choosing a car rental company, one should also try to look beyond the big companies. This is because there are many small or less known agencies which offer quality cars at affordable rates. These small companies also tend to offer more personalized services.

Join Loyalty Programs

Some car rental companies such as auto a noleggio Francia offer reward programs for card holders or club members. They give special deals to club members or regular customers. Through them, you can earn free days, and miles, points accumulation and more. For example if you are a card holder, the more you use the cards, the more discounts you will get. However you may actually miss out on competitive prices from other firms while building up points for later. In consequence of this, it’s best to note the standard car rental rates before joining a car rental loyalty program. It is also important to know that some card providers may charge a small fee. These are just a few points to note when looking to rent a car online.

Written By- Ana Walls, a passionate blogger that offer advice about Tour and Travel. I also covers news about the Travel industry. Prior to health writing, i covered technology and the Lifestyle articles also.

Car Rental Coverages – The Various Types Available

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These days no matter for what purpose, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up renting a car. Be it when you’re going for a vacation or even if it’s a temporary ride of sorts, renting a car is but obvious. However, along with renting a car pops up certain financial concerns which might make you a tad uncertain about most things regarding rental cars. Actually there are financial issues involved when it comes to any damage that the car might chance upon in a certain scenario. In this case, the answer to your concerns remains nothing but car rental insurance. This is the particular cushion cover that can actually take you smoothly through the bumpy ride associated in case of any damage done.

Car Rental Coverages – The Various Types Available

Various types of Car Rental Coverages

Car rental insurance actually happens to function in tandem with your personal car insurance; hence you should be completely aware of your existing policy as well. Now just like you might be conscious about brands when choosing your personal favorite as far as cars are concerned, similarly there’s rental car coverage of different types.

  • The personal Accident Cover:

This is a particular type of rental insurance that’s known to offer a payment and that too only once. This would only be applicable in case you’re responsible for the death or injury of the person concerned. It doesn’t provide any coverage for property damage in fact. You might opt for this coverage if you’re one whose personal auto insurance policy doesn’t really include the death or injury cover. However, you should also be aware of the fact that this coverage won’t really offer any kind of medical expense for you or any other passenger in your car.

  • The Liability Supplement Cover:

You’ll find that almost all rental companies offer the liability coverage which you can purchase. This particular supplement is essentially meant to cover the damage that you might cause to other vehicles in case an accident happens. This coverage is also known to work in conjunction with liability coverage that you should be having on your personal vehicle. Now, know that this is a supplemental coverage and it’s not known to pay for any damage to the rental car if there’s an accident.

  • The Credit Card Coverage:

If you’re a credit card owner, then you stand to enjoy or benefit from the credit card or cards you might possibly own. You can actually get to access rental car insurance through your credit card company. In fact, there are instances when this is extended as a free benefit for the card you happen to own. You could also take advantage of this particular form of insurance as it provides for liability, theft and even at times some comprehensive coverage. This of course depends on the company and most are known to not cover any such bodily injury or death for that matter. This particular coverage also calls for some clear understanding on your part. You should specifically get to understand what each and every aspect of the policy stands for and why. You could also request your credit card company to send you a detailed copy of the policy in question.

  • The Personal Effects Coverage:

This is a particular type of coverage which covers for the personal items that might be stolen from the rental vehicle. This one’s definitely recommended if your personal policy doesn’t include theft coverage.

You can always find out more by visiting Protect Your Bubble as it offers all you could possibly need for rental car insurance.

Minneapolis – The First Midwestern City for Car Rental Services

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In America car rental services is also termed as car sharing. We often do not wish to take out our own personal vehicle. Alternatively, we feel relaxed to hire some car for spending leisure time with our families and friends.  It is in recent news that car2go North America LLC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler North America will soon launch its unique point to point car sharing model in Minneapolis on September 14 this year. This will make the Midwest City the first one to feature the car2go.

It will be launched initially in a number of 300 vehicles that will be available on share basis in the metropolitan Minneapolis area. The service will be provided for 24 hours a day and seven days in a week. Registration for applying for the vehicle opens today and for this one must visit the site This is a revolutionary model and offers flexibility and convenience to the Minneapolis’ existing modes of transportation.

Car Rental ServicesCar rentals like the car2go will provide another way for the residents of Minneapolis to move around the city without relying upon their own personal cars as said by the Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. He further added that this is going to be very successful and will provide people from all neighborhoods to access to all the parts of the city.

With the launch of this unique facility the president and CEO of the car2go North America Nicholas Cole said that the Minneapolis has a vibrant and progressive culture that creates a community of residents who are accustomed to new innovations. This will also complement the existing transport system in the city and is also the best option to connect the residents and visitors to many places and events that are very unique to this city of lakes.

The service area covers approximately 55 squares mile which mirrors the boundaries of the Minneapolis city limits. In this area the members of car2go can pick up and drop the customers to their destination in a short span of time.

The registration line is open from today and the registered member will receive a membership card which will allow the members to get the license to drive in any area. However, the stocks are very limited as only 300 car2go vehicles are available initially. The registered person in the United States have the ability to use all the 300 car2go program in all the eight US car2go locations including the Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Miami, Austin, Denver, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. The members can use for as long as they want and where ever they want.

It is one of the fastest growing car rental services with 400000 registered members worldwide. The city is leading in car sharing program and will soon become the leader in the global market for point to point car sharing services.

It is expected that Minneapolis will soon be in the 11th number in car sharing services in North America region and 23rd position in the whole world.

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Customer Accuses Payless Car Rental Of Playing Fraud

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Customers at Payless Car Rental services are accused of charging for services that are not rendered. Gary Davalos the harassed customer urges people to read contracts thoroughly before they sign up.

Gary Davalos was utterly surprised when he was given a customized bill that was surprisingly double than what was expected. He confesses the fact that he had rented cars several times before from other companies but never suffered for the unprofessionalism and dishonesty of anyone. His experience tells him that there are a number of places in the contract that one cannot just browse quickly because every time it is signed one is charged.

Payless Car RentalOn arriving at the Sky Harbor Airport, he reached the Payless Car Rental, of which he has read a great deal online. They offered attractive packages. The agent on arrival explained certain rules and regulations related to the collision insurance option. The options were readily accepted by him. Later he was asked to sign at various places on the contract sheets.

Davalos says that he did not open them until he had reached home. In addition, he trusted the agent saying that he did not go through every item thinking that they contained all the items that he had asked for. On the contrary, when he opened the file that was give by the Car Rental agent he was astonished to find a $400 bill instead of a $200 bill as expected. In addition, an unusual adds on charges that he never asked for. Davalos instantly called the company demanding a refund of the paid amount. that he was refused. He informs the media personals that the receipt include charges like, Renter Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Roadside Service Plan, Supplemental Liability Insurance and Consolidated Facility Charge. He was angry with the agent particularly for deceiving him into the deal. He accuses him of making money at the expense of the innocence and ignorance of Davalos. He probably helped the company to make some money as well but unfortunately, they lost a client.

A thorough research shows that the company’s face book page is fraught with complains about the faulty and deceitful services that it rendered. Evidently, it is not just Gary Davalos who faced this situation. Other customers are similarly harassed and mislead. Interestingly, most of the complaints were related to cover charges. In an interview with CBS 5 News, he mentions that the agents have a tie up with the company. The extra bucks that they earn off hand are shared by them.

Payless Car Rental is purchased recently by Avis. When asked to comment on the recent issue, he refused to make any comment initially. He later said that after going through the contract details of Gary Davalos he found that he had signed at several places. His customized billing was strictly according to the charges that were levied on him. Gary himself has signed beside each of the services that he has asked for, which definitely indicates his acceptance. It is always advisable to look and understand the entire contractual clause before one signs.