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Deep Thoughts On The Goodness Of Wild Crafted Essential Oils

Deep Thoughts On The Goodness Of Wild Crafted Essential Oils

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Think about the ways that can keep your home environment clean and let you live healthy without relying on certain toxic chemical compositions. Surprised, right!

With the appropriate use of 100% pure essential oils, you can do it flawlessly.

Go through wild crafted essential oils facts:

Wild crafted oils are the blends that are harvested from the plants, herbs or fruits that grow naturally in wild regions. Even after a high demand, these are not forcefully produced by using additives as these only leave amazing effects when grow perfectly under the natural climate. Wild crafted essential oils are used for years among the global communities for a number of purposes. And today, these have used in preparing tasty dishes, garnishing salads, cooking mouth-watering desserts, aromatherapy and skin treatment.

As you know that the perfect blend of the wild crafted essential oils is obtained by the precise formulation of the particular plants, herbs, stems, etc. By concentrating these oils from the natural extracts, wild crafted essential oils manufacturers separate the powerful healing components of different plant parts and merge them into a single dilution. These formulations further used directly to heal ailments or added in medical, cosmetics and edible products to ensure unmistakable results.

Here are the significant advantages of wild crafted essential oils:

  • They provide you the right way to improve your internal health

There are a variety of essential oils required for a body to functions in a directed way. Wild crafted essential oils are one of them. As you know, we consume oils to maintain a level of fatty acids in our body. Organic essential oils are less harmful and do not create cholesterol in the body. You can have them but remember not to take overdoses. When you regularly consume these essential oils, you will feel betterment in your digestion process.

  • Assist you to treat topical body issues too

Beyond providing an exceptional experience and relaxation, you can find topical advantages by using these essential oils. For example, you can heal broken bones through it. Reducing aging signs and skin inflammation are the best benefits one can have using some particular wild crafted essential oils.

Conclusion: Wholesale essential oils in India broke all the records as the number of people relying on them are increasing regularly. You can have actual stats by searching for any type of essential oil. Even online essential oils portals are flooded with a wide range of essential oils including cold pressed, wild crafted and spice oils.

Top Tips To Get Through Chemotherapy

Top Tips To Get Through Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is one such treatment which is done on patients who have been suffering from cancer. In certain cases, cancer cells need to be killed after surgery or other treatments and this is when chemotherapy plays a vital role. It is used to shrink the cancerous tumor so that other treatments for the cure of surgery and radiation are possible. There are a lot people out there whose nails have gone black and hair have also started falling post the chemotherapy sessions. So in case you or your loved ones are going through chemotherapy, below mentioned tips can help you get through it.

  1. You can prevent the hair loss – One of the biggest disadvantage of even the Best Chemotherapy treatment in India is that people lose their hair. But this can be prevented if you are ready to sit with an ice-cold cap placed on your head. It won’t stop the hair loss but at least would minimize the effect but before you do anything like that it is best to confirm with your doctor.
  2. Get your hair chopped – In case you are not willing to go for the ice-cold cap formula, don’t just shave your head recklessly. Just try and cut your hair short before your treatment starts and then you can probably shave it if it starts falling out. This can at least reduce the shock of going bare in your head.
  3. Catch on with your sleep – This is very crucial as the body is going through intense changes and moreover the painful migraine can make the initial few weeks very hard and can also seem like the worst hangover. So better it is to catch up on your sleep and stay away from technology as much as you possibly can.
  4. Medicines – The medication that is prescribed by your doctor must be taken in time and also try to avoid buying over-the-counter anti-sickness bands. Though they are great and can give you relief as well but eventually they can damage and squeeze your veins if you put them on for a long time.
  5. No-No Wigs – If the patient is planning to buy some wigs before the start of chemo sessions, they must consider that they won’t lose their hair instantly and also the patient can look very different with these wigs on. Plus they are way too expensive, hence must be avoided.
  6. Opt for natural remedies – You can always stock up natural remedies for commonly faced unpleasant experiences during even the Best Chemotherapy treatment in India such as constipation etc. Just have a few pills before your chemo sessions and you can consume them till you feel normal. But again it is recommended that the doctor’s assistance is required in this.
  7. Stock up cold stuff – During the very strenuous and tiring chemotherapy session, it is advised that the patients stock up on ice creams and colas and some other cold stuff which they can eat during chemotherapy sessions. As the treatment leaves an impact on the taste buds, it is better to have icy drinks which can be soothing for the body.

Beauty Tips for The Modern Day Indian Woman

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India is a growing and modernizing country. No longer are women expected to just work at home and cook, they are expected to be as dynamic as men and take up equal responsibility in all aspects of life. With such rapid cultural changes coming about in modern India, the modern woman also has exposure to modern beauty techniques. It is important for a modern-day Indian woman to look after her beauty and feel good about herself.

The modern-day women are working women who handle high impact jobs in the corporate world. Therefore, looking good is a necessity and becomes quite important to be presentable and fashionable. Nowadays, you even get online beauty blogs in Hindi to help you. So, let us take a look at the best tips on beauty for the modern woman of India –

Your Skin Deserves Love

Taking care of your skin is vital. You need to provide it all the nurture and help as possible as when you are an out and about woman, you are going to face pollution and the traffic that India is known for. These pollutants can have a harsh effect on your beautiful skin and hence make it unattractive and harsh.

Exfoliation is very important when it comes to skin care as it cleanses your pores and makes them free of dust and toxins brightening up your face in the process.

Face packs can also be very useful, especially orange peel face packs are good for removing the tan from your face which you might have picked up from the Indian sun.

Charcoal facemasks are also an excellent way to look after your beautiful and deserving skin.

Dress to Kill

Whenever you are going out or heading to office, make sure that you are dressed to your best. A well-dressed woman is a confident woman who can take on the world. In the corporate world, dressing is super important if you want to make impact during presentations or meetings.

There are many sites out there that provide tips of beauty in Hindi for the Indian woman regarding dressing sense and fashion. While dressing well, it is important to note that you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing as it makes for a better experience.

Keep Healthy

A healthy woman looks a thousand times more radiant. It is important that you look after your health as your skin glow, your posture etc. are all affected by your health. You need to eat a lot of good food like fruits and green vegetables so that you get all the vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that are needed to help you with the process of keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

Junk food can cause your skin to look oily and can also cause pimples to appear.

Therefore, now you know a few good tips to keep yourself looking beautiful while being a dynamic and professional working woman in a modern India. Start following these tips to see the results for yourself.

Dianabol – A Steroid For Lean Muscle Building

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Dreaming about big biceps and triceps like Sylvester Stallone and Salman Khan? You are working hard in gym by burning out fat and focusing upon lot of strength training exercises, still no results? Tried everything from eating lot of protein rich food to rigorous gym workout schedules, still no gain? Then, you might be needing just one more thing, that is, Dianabol or Methandienone. Let’s put it in simple terms – a classic steroid. Dianabol is one among the first steroids which was developed and used widely by bodybuilders and athletes across the world. It is considered in the list of best products which can give you long lasting, successful results.

Dianabol – A Steroid For Lean Muscle Building

What is this – “Dianabol”?

Dianabol is a chemical composition which helps to boost Testosterone. It is a derivative of Testosterone, with a chemical name – 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyl-1, 4-androstadien-3-one 1-Dehydro-17 a methyltestosterone. Before we proceed, let us understand what is testosterone? A testosterone is a chemical combination which occurs naturally in human body. It is a natural steroid. It is used to treat few types of breast cancers and also male Hypogonadism. It is also used to increase strength in athletes. It is essential for health and well-being, prevention of osteoporosis. Females have very less amount of testosterone while males have 20 times greater than that of females. Thus Dianabol, is a derivative of testosterone. It can be used by body builders and as well as for medical reasons (only when prescribed by doctors).

Dianabol or Dbol, is an anabolic powerful steroid with androgenic properties. Usually all steroids contain anabolic  and androgenic properties. The phrase – “anabolic steroid”, refers to the tendency to promote growth of skeletal muscle tissue with little or no masculinization. Moving to Androgenic properties – it prominently focuses up on promoting tissue growth and masculinization. Masculinization includes deepening of voice, facial hair, sexual features, along with accelerating your pace to exercise.  Here, Dbol is mainly an anabolic compound with slight variants of androgens. The ratio of anabolic to androgens equal to 90-210:40-60.

The chemical formula for Dianabol is C20H88O2. It has a molecular weight of 300.44 mg per molecule. It is popularly known in scientific standards as Metandienone, or Methandrostenoine. It was originally developed in 1957 by CIBA and marketed in Germany and United States of America. Metandienone became popular as widely used anabolic and androgenic steroid among amateur and professional athletes. Metandienone was first synthesized in 1958 and was marketed as Dianabol, in Basel, Switzerland. From 1962, Dbol became famous and its popularity was wide spread. It soon became a competitor factor in other sports, where strength and mass were critical factors. Its spectacular performance, enhancing effects attracted American football players and their coaches. Thus, soon it passed US FDA in 1962 and was marketed in legal standards as Dianabol. Check out the reviews of Dianabol cycles here.

Dbol if taken under supervised conditions proves to be very effective. It is used by athletes to achieve physical perfections. Though it has its share of pros and cons, it can be taken under medical supervision and by professionals. It has ability to provide direct gains in enhancing the strength of muscle fibers.

Tea Tree oil

Know 10 Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

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Life would turn beautiful, if one magical thing could fix all our problems related to skin, hair and health. Fortunately that magical thing exists and it is tea tree oil. But, we dont give it its due. Over the decades, people are reaping benefits of tea tree oil. The reasons behind its extreme popularity are its anti aging and antibacterial properties. These medicinal properties make it capable of curing fungal and viral infections. Whether it is a painful acne, which is bothering you or a serious skin issues like psoriasis, sinusitis or eczema. Tea tree oil has all the essential properties to treat them all, that too without any side effects.

This article will take you through 10 magnificent benefits of tea tree oil for skin, hair and health:

Skin Benefits:

Skin Infections:

There is a high ratio of athletes suffering from various skin infections such as: athlete’s foot, fungal nail infection, ringworm and Jock Itch. There can be various reasons for these infections, but undoubtedly, the solution is one for all problems – tea tree oil. Regular use of this oil can be helpful in curing infections. It has antiseptic properties to cure burns, wounds, warts and corns.

Improves Skin Health:

Using tea tree oil for acne, dark spots and blemishes is a better alternative than some of the over-the-counter chemical formulations. For all kinds of skin issues, tea tree oil can be your saviour. For instance, with a little use of tea tree oil you can kill painful, scary acnes and also fade away blemishes.

Combat Dry Skin:

Tea tree oil helps in increasing production of collagen in the skin, which will keep your skin hydrated and ward off dryness. You can also make a hydrating face mask using oatmeal, tea tree oil and aloe vera.

Tea Tree Oil to Remove Sun Tan:

Tea tree oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which are very active in removing sun tan and healing sun burns. Rub a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected area, it  stimulates new cell formation too.

Hair Benefits:

Treat Dandruff and Itchy Scalp:

Tea tree oil benefits for hair include dandruff cure, scalp nourishment and clearing of any blockages in the hair follicles. Tea tree oil has the capability to moisturize hair, which eliminates dryness. It has been used as an effective treatment for dandruff. All you need to do is, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, and use it as you do.

Prevents Hair Fall:

If you are experiencing thinning of the hairline or constantly loosing your hair, as a result of clogged hair follicles, then tea tree oil will prove itself to be a reliable natural remedy for your hair. It helps restore vital nutrients into the hair.

Hair Growth:

Tea tree oil is capable of removing dead cells and boosting the immune system which then becomes capable of fighting infections that lead to hair loss. To promote hair growth all you need to do is massage the oil on the scalp regularly to prevent scalp issues, and to stimulate blood circulation. This will result in shiny, beautiful and long hair.

Health Benefits:

Strengthen and Cure Major Organs:

It is often seen that athletes are prone to health problems like weak immune system, illness, fatigue, which may be weakened by stress, long practice hours, consumption of antibiotics and drugs. It is efficient in treating respiratory problems like cough, cold and asthma.

Oral Problems:

If you have oral problems such as: plaque, bad breath and inflamed gums, with the use of tea tree oil you can keep them at bay. Anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil will kill the bacteria in the mouth and reduce pain and irritation.

Relief From Pink Eye:

Most of the athletes are prone to pink eye/conjunctivitis due to the nature of their job. To reduce reddening and itching in the eyes, tea tree oil can be used. The use of tea tree oil will provide instant relief to the eyes.

Incorporating tea tree oil in your daily life will not only perk up your skin in no time, but it also has the potential to fight infections. Use tea tree oil in moderate quantities, too much of the essential oil can be harmful.

How An Anti-Aging Cream Is Important For Your Skin

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Taking Care of Sensitive Skin is Not All That Difficult

You’ll do well in considering getting your hands on an anti aging product for sensitive skin when you seem to be getting blemishes on your skin and perhaps a rash as well. This product is particularly useful for those of us that have to put up with a sensitive skin.

We aim to steer you in the right direction for successfully treating sensitive skin. It is important to look at certain factors when you look for that all magical cure for sensitive skin.

You will be surprised to see how simple it is in finding a natural product that will give you the solutions you were looking for, without any side effects.

Rash on Your Skin – Solution Lies with Anti Aging Product For Sensitive Skin

Just like people with sensitive personalities get upset, so too will humans with sensitive skin, dislike dealing with itchy rashes, red bumps or blemishes, peeling, scarring, and more.

How An Anti-Aging Cream Is Important For Your Skin

Hyperactive immune systems are said to cause skin breaking out in all kinds of unwanted scars or blemished, and even adult acne. This is something that people with sensitive skin want to avoid at all costs, not so?

Petroleum is one of many that can cause this problem, when it comes to ingredients to stay away from.

Mary Kay is known to be top anti aging product that have a beautiful fragrance added to it that enhances the smell of the cream which makes it attractive to any potential consumers.

This is all an Effort to Cover up Rancid essential Oil Smell

Do remember that anything that gets applied to the skin gets absorbed by the pores of your skin. In turn, it enters the blood stream which affects the tissues of the body.

The Nose is also a Path to the Central Nervous System

The chemicals are known to cause depression, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, and other problems. We reckon that an anti aging product for sensitive skin is still a worthwhile product that should be considered.

3 Steps in Bringing Out Natural Beauty

There is a lot of information available on the internet about skin care but, Namita’s beauty blog is doing a great job at providing true, unbiased, and scientifically proven beauty and skin care tips. According to Namita, there are essentially three steps involved in bringing out the best from your skin. The best natural anti aging product for sensitive skin will do the trick. It will perform the three most important functions that are needed to ensure well balanced healthy skin.

These functions are:

  • Cleansers – Your healthy complexion is only possible through daily cleansing. Especially natural cleansers. They deep clean your pores without the use of harsh or drying chemicals. The best ones are naturally formulated for dry, oily, aging, or normal skin.
  • Toners – Known to help in deep cleaning your pores and removing makeup, pollution as well as any impurities. Toner tightens pores and prepares the skin for moisturizing. Most skin types will benefit from following the toner step.
  • Face Moisturizers – Help in protecting and nourishing face, chest and neck with moisturizers that offer to do this with natural ingredients for additional benefits. There are essential oils to combat aging, ant red rice extracts to rid your body of any excess oil.

5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

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While the act of shaving is not particularly complicated, getting a close, smooth shave does require a certain level of skill or expertise, and it is more complicated than simply dragging a razor up and down over your face. If you want a close, smooth shave that women will not be able to keep their hands off of, follow these five steps.

Clean Your Skin

Starting with clean skin is essential for a good shave because if your skin is not clean, the dirt and oil on it can get clogged in your pores and cause black heads, bumps and irritation. Begin your shaving routine by washing your face with warm water and a mild cleanser.

Wet Your Face

Wetting your face with warm water will open your pores, relax your facial muscles and soften your whiskers. It will provide a thin barrier between the razor and your skin to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts. Many barber shops use hot, wet towels for their purpose, but a shower at home can work just as well.

5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

Use Quality Products

If you want an amazing shave, you need to use amazing products. Use a razor that is sharp and rust-free. Invest in a quality shaving brush made out of badger hair and use it to apply your The Art of Shaving products. Be sure to clean and replace your shaving tools as needed.

Shave With—Not Against—the Grain of Your Hair

Always start by shaving with the grain of your hair to reduce the chance of skin irritation. For most men, this will mean shaving in a top-to-bottom direction, though your hair growth pattern may vary slightly. If you want to wet your face and go over it a second time in the opposite direction, do so carefully.

Use an Aftershave Without Alcohol

Once you have successfully shaved, finish your routine by splashing cold water on your face and using an aftershave that does not contain alcohol. Not only will aftershave close your pores to increase your skin’s smoothness, but it will make your face smell great too.

While this tried and true technique should work great for any man who wants a kissable smooth face, do not be afraid to experiment a little to see what works best for you. You never know which razor, aftershave or shaving brush will work best for you until you have tried a couple different ones.

Plastic Surgery App’s: Wave Of The Future

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Advancements in technology are making it easier for plastic surgeons to show patients what they’ll look like after a cosmetic procedure. Most recently, plastic surgery applications are allowing men and women to use their smart phones to view potential changes before they visit a plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Every year, thousands of patients are disappointed with the results of their plastic surgery. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 40 percent of patients worry about what they’ll look like after plastic surgery. Patients worry more about what they’ll look like than about the expense or recovery time. Plastic surgery apps help to alleviate some of the fear about patient results.

How a Plastic Surgery App Works

Begin by uploading a profile picture of your face or body. Once the shot is uploaded to the plastic surgery simulator, click on the options. Depending on the program you use, you can find options for breast augmentations, chin augmentations, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and tummy tucks.

Plastic Surgery App's: Wave Of The Future

Manipulate the image with your finger or mouse. Add volume to areas you feel are weak, or shave away areas you feel are too big. It takes seconds before you start seeing a new you.

One aspect of the app that many women find helpful is the breast augmentation feature. This feature allows you to see what you would look like with various sizes of breast implants. It isn’t long before a woman wanting the largest possible implants realizes that they wouldn’t look at all natural.

Since this app is a digital editing program, you can easily wipe the slate clean and start over. You can spend days or weeks adjusting the different features on your face or body. Once you’re happy with the image, send it to the plastic surgeon and schedule a virtual or in-office consultation.

Points to Consider

Digital imaging is used in many plastic surgery offices. One point that you cannot forget is that the “after” picture gives you an idea of what you’ll look like, but it’s not a guarantee. Until a surgery begins, there is no way for the surgeon to know what the cartilage, muscle, and / or tissue is like below the skin.

There’s also no guarantee that you’ll heal properly. While some patients follow their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions, others skip rules. This can affect the final outcome. For example, if you undergo a nose job and wear glasses before your surgeon approves them, you could damage the structure of the healing nasal bones.

Surgical skill makes a big difference. Before agreeing to any surgery, make sure you’ve viewed plenty of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the surgeon’s work. It’s also helpful to ask if you can talk to any former patients and view their plastic surgery results up close. Finally, check with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or similar department in your area to check a surgeon’s credentials. If you don’t find enough information through this organization, check with your state to see if the surgeon has any complaints on file.

Plastic surgery apps make it fun to see what you’d look like with a few changes. Remember that these programs are only meant to give you an idea. Use the new images as blueprints to show an expert general or facial plastic surgeon what changes you want to undertake. Most likely, the surgeon will have advanced programs that will do an even better job at showing you what the surgical procedures can do for you.

This article was written by Briar McLachlan, fashion guru.  While Briar hasn’t used the apps for a serious consult, she has given them a try for fun.  If you are considering plastic surgery Briar recommends checking out Westlake Village plastic surgeon.

7 Tips For Creating A Successful DIY Hair Dying Experience

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Dyeing your hair is a fun way to change your appearance whether you’re covering up a few grays or just trying something new. Unfortunately, salon trips are costly, and the costs add up when you’re getting monthly root touch-ups. Although do-it-yourself hair color can be scary for first-timers, these seven tips can help you color your hair with confidence.

Wash Your Hair the Day Before

Recently washed hair has been stripped of its oils, so dye will absorb into the hair follicle more rapidly. For a more even, predictable color, wait until the day after you’ve washed your hair. Otherwise, your hair may be several shades darker than what you intended. Read More

Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

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How to Achieve the Smokey Eye Look

A smokey eye shadow look is dramatic, entrancing, and never goes out of style. The best part is that although it is such a coveted look, anyone can do it with a little bit of practice. You will need a dark, medium, and light shadow color of similar hues: blacks and grays are used for the classic smokey eye, but you may use any color of your choice! You will also need a highlight shadow color — such as a white or cream — a flat shadow brush, a fluffy shadow brush, an angled shadow brush, and an eye shadow primer (you may use a cream foundation if you do not own a primer).

The first step is to spread a thin layer of your eye shadow primer across your eyelids, up to your eyebrows, and along your eyelash lines. This step is optional, but it gives your eye shadow a base to adhere to, making the colors more vibrant and letting the effect last longer.

Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

Next, use your flat shadow brush to spread the light color across your eyelids and up into the natural crease of your eyes. After you have done this, use your fluffy shadow brush to lightly blend this out. Then use that same fluffy brush to lightly sweep the medium color just above your natural crease. Lightly sweep this same medium color along your bottom lash lines using the edge of your flat shadow brush. To add to the dramatic effect of the smokey eye, use your angled shadow brush to line your upper and lower lash lines with the darkest eye shadow color. To make your eyes really pop, use your finger and dab a touch of the highlight color on the skin around your inner eye ducts and along the bottom edges of your eyebrows.

Run a few coats of mascara through your eyelashes and you are finished!

A Natural, Everyday Eye Look

Eye shadow is not just for special occasions, but can be used every day as well. It can be used sparingly to highlight your prettiest features, making it perfect in a professional environment. To achieve the following natural eye shadow look, you will need a shimmery champagne-colored eye shadow, a light matte brown eye shadow, a medium brown eye shadow, a fluffy eye shadow brush, and a pencil eye shadow brush.

To start, use the fluffy eye shadow brush to lightly spread the champagne-colored eye shadow across your eyelids, up to your natural eye crease, around your inner tear ducts, and just underneath your eyebrow. Next, wipe the color off the fluffy brush, and then use it to blend the light matte brown just above your natural crease to subtly define your eye. To make your eyes stand out but still look natural, use the pencil brush to blend the medium brown into your upper and lower lash lines. Add mascara to complete your naturally beautiful eye shadow look!

Accentuate Your Eye Color

Incorporate a hint of color into your routine to make your eyes pop! Try using a shadow that contrasts with your eyes to make them stand out. For brown eyes, try a navy blue or a green. If you have blue eyes, bronzes and golds look gorgeous. For those with green or hazel eyes, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your eyes look with a touch of purple or burgundy!

This article was written by fashionista Briar McLachaln.  She is happy to share these eye shadow tips to keep you looking your best.  She also recommends stay stylish with dresses for every occasion to match your gorgeous eyes!

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy While Growing it Out

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Waiting for your hair to grow is like watching an egg boil; it seems to take ages and ages. This can be frustrating if you dream about having long, beautiful tresses. At the same time, while you are growing your hair it may not look as though it has a proper style, as it is at an in-between stage. Once it is the length you want you can adopt a great hairstyle, but while it is still growing, making it look tidy and keeping it in good condition may seem difficult. However, there are ways you can make your hair shiny, luscious and healthy while it grows.

Even ends

Although you don’t want your hair to be cut as it grows, as this defeats the object, you will need a trim every two months or so to even out ends. Hair does not automatically grow in an even fashion, and some strands will be longer than others will unless you have the longest nipped off now and then. Having a trim will prevent your hair from looking straggly and unkempt, and ensure that it is in better condition than if ends were left to split and become dry and tangled.


Long hair is more prone to dryness and getting out of condition than shorter hair. Short hair is newer, while the bottom half of long hair has been around longer and has been exposed to the elements, styling products and appliances.

It is important to use a deep conditioning treatment on the bottom half of the length of your hair every six months. In addition, you may choose to use a moisturizing conditioner before the final rinse after each time you shampoo your hair. There are some DIY processes, but professionals like those at Guillermo’s Salon can with this process, as well as others that will help to keep your hair healthy while you’re growing it out.

Heat damage

The longer the length of your hair the more careful you need to be about preventing it from becoming damaged by harsh chemicals and heat. Color and style your hair, but be mindful about the hair appliances and products you use. Choose products that are as natural as possible, and do not leave heated hair tongs, or similar appliances, in contact with your hair for too long.

General hair care

If you are going out in the blazing sun, cover your hair with a hat or head scarf to protect it, and if you go swimming, make sure you rinse sea salt or swimming pool chemicals from your hair and apply a good conditioner afterwards.

When you use hair decorations and clips avoid those that are badly made and have jagged edges, or are made from metal that is not smooth, as these can pull, break and damage your hair, extending the growing process.

Avoid putting elastic bands, or hairbands that are not covered in material, in your hair. Furthermore, when you dry your hair after washing it, be careful not to pull or tug at wet strands. Instead of wrapping your wet hair in a towel and piling it on the top of your head, take sections in a soft towel and gently squeeze out excess water, and consider air-drying your hair now and then instead of using a hairdryer.

You can have beautiful, healthy long tresses if you treat your hair well as it grows by keeping it conditioned, avoiding heat damage, shunning damaging hair accessories and having a regular trim.

 Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


Give Your Skin A Radiant Glow By Preparing Fruit Peel Masks

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Give your skin a beaming glow by making ready fruit peel masks reception. Fruit peels square measure considered an expensive supply of fiber and vitamins that square measure extraordinarily useful in fighting skin issues. They provide fabulous results while not finance in costly skin care product. Glorious for its instant glow properties, peel off masks are often created with ingredients that square measure without delay accessible within the room. It’s natural with none risk of reactions or aspect effects. From traditional to dry to uneven and combination skin -different fruits square measure wont to combat totally different skin issues.

Give Your Skin A Radiant Glow By Preparing Fruit Peel Masks

For Glowing Skin

Dip orange peels in milk for one hour before clean the face. This could balance the drying result of peel with the moisturizing result of milk. Combine 2 tablespoon of fruit juice with some milk and dab it on the face with cotton. Apply the paste and peel to reveal a refined and invigorated complexion removing dead skin and impurities.


Skin is extraordinarily nutritive and helps fight against signs of aging. Banana repairs and tightens uninteresting skin. Similarly, apple peel helps in hydrating and stimulates the blood circulation. Apple peel is wealthy in anti-oxidants that facilitate tighten skin. Take apple peel and boost it one tablespoon of honey, 1 egg yolk, a splash of vinegar and a pair of tablespoons of oil. Apply the mixture on face and neck and leave to dry . Wash with lukewarm water to induce a healthy and nourished skin. To make a banana mask, mash up a ripe banana. Add honey to form a paste out of it. Apply the paste over your face and wash when quarter-hour to induce swish and ceramic ware skin.

Give Your Skin A Radiant Glow By Preparing Fruit Peel Masks


Papaya peel may be a smart exfoliant that is appropriate for traditional and oily skin. It are often mixed with curd to arrange a mask. Apart from removing dead skin cells, Papaya conjointly helps to lighten skin tone. The mask are often applied on face furthermore as body . Take a cup of papaya pulp and blend it with honey for skin lightening mask that conjointly takes care of open pores and reduces wrinkles and features.


Strawberry peel has anti-aging correct ties that facilitate skin look youth full and energized. Appropriate for dry and traditional skin, one will use the peel off mask regularly for a younger trying and glowing skin. Mash 3 giant strawberries and apply the pulp as a mask and leave it on for ten minutes. Wash it with essence for a glistening skin that feels alive.

Oily Skin

Candied citrus peel controls oil secretion and fights blemishes. It helps against microorganism that causes pimples. Beat one ovalbumin until it’s down-like. Add one teaspoon of soured cream and one teaspoon of fruit crush and mix well. Apply the paste for quarter-hour then rinse with heat water. Mash the pulp of the grape and apply it totally on the face and leave it for 1520 minutes. Rinse with heat water, then cold water to shut the pores.

Dry, Uneven Skin

Watermelon peel may be a moisturizing agent for dry and uneven skin. Take 1/4 cup of watermelon, mash the fruit until swish. Clean the face and unfold the mixture. Rinse with cool water and pat dry .

Pamper Your Feet

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Since your feet have the task of supporting the entire weight of your body, taking care of and pampering your feet can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable and attractive year round. Your feet are huge pressure points on your body and taking care of them will be great for relieving stress and improving your overall mental health. Unfortunately, professional pedicures can end up being quite expensive, and they sure do add up. These are some simple, affordable, and effective steps that will keep your feet looking and feeling soft and groomed every day between pedicures.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 1: Soak your Feet in Warm Water

Begin your foot pampering treatment by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water for at least ten minutes. This step cleans your feet, helps to relax your entire body, reduces tension in your foot muscles, and softens dead skin cells to prepare your feet to be exfoliated. As an optional step, you can add various ingredients to the bowl of warm water to gain some extra benefits. You can add a teaspoon of tea tree oil, which can help rid your feet of smelly bacteria, or a tablespoon of witch hazel to cleanse your feet. Half a cup of Epsom salts will help ease any muscle pain and stiffness in your feet.

Step 2: Exfoliate to remove Dead Skin

Dead skin can make your feet look and feel dry and flaky. Exfoliating your feet can help get rid of this problem. After your feet are all softened up from the foot soak, use your favorite foot scrub to remove the dead skin. You can also make your own luxurious foot scrub using equal parts sugar and/or salt mixed with olive or almond oil. Thoroughly work the scrub into your feet using small circular motions.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 3: Smooth away the Ridges

Especially if you have a lot of calluses, your feet are bound to be bumpy and rough from using them so often. After exfoliating the dead skin off your feet, buff away the bumps on your feet with a damp pumice stone or lava rock and a dollop of your favorite body wash. Make sure you are being gentle with your feet to avoid irritation.

Step 4: Groom your Toenails

It’s actually very important for us to keep our toenails properly groomed to avoid breakage, ingrown toenails, and other irritations. Use a strong nail clipper, then follow up by using a high quality nail file. If you have ridges on your toenails that you would like to get rid of, you can use a nail buffer.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 5: Apply a Moisturizer and Massage your Feet

Now for the fun part: moisturizing and massaging your feet. After spending time removing the dead skin on our feet, it is important to apply a moisturizer to keep your feet from getting dry and flaky again. Apply your favorite moisturizer (you can also use coconut, olive, or almond oil as a more natural option) and work it into your feet with a massage. Spend quality time on the massage, as it can do wonders for relieving muscle tension and overall stress.

Integrate these steps into your routine, and you will not believe how amazing your feet look and feel!

This article was written by Briar McLachlan, fashionista who believes that pampering yourself should be a part of your daily routine.  She recommends checking out for a great deal on a pedicure chair for your home or business.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

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One of the major problems during winter is dry skin. Due to the wind and air outside of the house creams, moisturizers, lotions and lip balms are in great demand. But we use them only for short period only for the problems like dry skin, peeling of skin and cuts on lips. Hence these require extra care. There are many other essentials that we discuss one by one.

Itching due to too much of Dry Skin

Dry skin will automatically leads to itching. The human skin is different in different ages. During childhood the skin will more thin and in the middle age the skin will be thick and during the old age the skin becomes more elastic or lose. Hence this itching process will occur only in the middle and in the childhood days. Some people will suffer a lot from itching in the winter season. So, those people who scratch the skin every now and then, then for those people the skin will get more damaged. It may even lead to infection when the skin is exposed to air due to the viruses present in the air.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

The most found and commonly found skin infection is the bacterial infection or scientifically called as the staphylococcal. If this infection is not treated early or not noticed in the early days then this virus will spread to the deeper layers of the skin which will ultimately lead to swelling and becomes red in the infected area. It is mostly found on the legs and there may be severe pain in the affected area. People may even suffer from fever until the disease lasts long. It is stated by some of the famous physicians and doctors that when the particular area of the skin either swollen or becomes red then it must be surely treated with antibiotics.

During winter season people must use gentle soaps because the skin gets cracked due the cool breeze. If not, if you use a highly concentrated soap then the chemicals present in the soap will show severe reactions on your skin especially during winter. So, people who are allergic to those type of soaps must use the soaps which consists of little chemicals present in them. In the winter season people must wash their face properly early in the morning and while going to bed, but not only washing but also should apply moisturizers. In the same way people who have sensitive skin should cover their face with a blanket so that to various avoid infections.

Take Head bath to maintain Clean Scalp and avoid Dandruff

It is observed that the problem of dandruff increases during winter season. Some of the famous doctors and physicians stated that the problem of dandruff increases in winter only when the micro-organisms which are present in the scalp are disturbed by the external environment. In winter season the cool breeze brings the dust particles and the pollutants which stay in a particular place in the environment for a long period of time. Hence most of the people notice that the problem of dandruff increases during winter. If people who suffer with dandruff during winter and if they ignore this problem then they will surely suffer from severe itching on the scalp.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

The only way to maintain dandruff free is that wash your head once in two days and also make sure that your scalp is clean dry and the people who have the habit of going out by applying oil to hair should avoid this at any cost. It is also said that the ratio of women and men suffering from dandruff is the same. But if people do not take proper care regarding then they should be kept under medication.

Tips to over come Dry Skin

  • Make sure that you should not take long baths during winter season because it will remove the oil present in the pores.
  • People should not use very hot water for bathing.
  • It is far better to use mild soap or a gentle soap which contains less chemicals and concentration of pH level 5.5.
  • Not only just using soaps for bathing but also use other substitutes like cleansing milk or shower gels.
  • It is better for your skin to use bath oils either after bathing or while bathing.
  • Do not rub your body thoroughly with your rough towel. Make sure that you avoid this during winter.
  • Apply creams such as lubricating or ointments after shower to the entire body.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

Maintaining Healthy Skin during Winter

 Whether it is a winter or a summer season pollution is common in any season. Due to pollution the skin automatically gets damaged due to the various pollutants present in the air. As we usually wash over face after coming from the place we work or from the busy traffic. But all the soaps or the routine cleansing may not perform well to remove the dust which resides beyond the skin’s surface and may not repair the damaged skin which is exposed to sunlight. Even some of the wrong techniques for cleaning and the products which the skin does not support will further damage the skin. Here are some simple skincare regimen methods which will make your skin glow and retain the youthfulness of the skin such as soft, fresh and clean. In skincare regimen method, it opens the pores and cleans all the pores deeply. To say frankly, a natural cleansing agent will gently cleans the skin without stripping the skin whereas a good cleanser will gently cleans the skin without clogging the pores.

How to apply a cleanser?

It is as simple as applying soap. First gently wash your face and apply the cleanser to the face and the neck and massage it with your fingers gently. As soon as it gets dries, wash the cleanser neatly ans then apply the toner which brings back the pores to normal size and then it will improve the skin’s PH balance. This toner will also make the skin’s ability to control oil throughout the day and prepares the skin for moisture. You can apply toner with wet cotton pad and add it to your face and neck followed by the application of the moisturizer.

Skincare Essentials During Winter


This moisturizer helps the skin to prevent the skin from getting dried or prevent it form becoming more oily. This moisturizer acts as a shield and protects us from ultra violet rays. The best moisturizer contains Hydro Lipid Matrix, an Anti-Oxidant and SPF 15 which temporarily moisturizes the skin.

Tips to maintain Healthy skin during Winter

  • Wear the clothes which covers the entire body such as long sleeves, coats and sweaters.
  • Use good miniaturization creams for the skin so that to prevent form infections.
  • It is even better to take supplements which contains vitamins and Omega3 fatty acids.
  • Use a mild cleanser while bathing.

Skincare Essentials During Winter

Nutrition Advice

It is better to to have fruits and vegetables which contains more water such as water melons, cucumber, leafy and green vegetables, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon. Fruits which are rich in vitamin E such as nuts and dry fruits along with food products which are rich in protein such as soya and grams are also more useful for skin during winter.

Why Should You Use Remy Hair?

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Remy human hair comes in a variety; it can either be Cambodian, Eurasian, Brazilian, Russian or Indian. While people have different preferences, Indian Remy is certainly the best to obtain. Most of the hair obtained in India is either donated or given based on religious grounds. No matter the case, such hair is usually completely natural and it is particularly great for weaving since Indian Remy hair wefts are done using the best craftsmanship. When buying Remy hair however, it’s important to be cautious because some hairs may not have been obtained from the country of origin. Only trustworthy supplies can provide you with authentic products.

Why Should You Use Remy Hair?

100 Indian Remy human hair is best known for its versatility. It can be curly, wavy or straight; and it has great texture and shine. Also, unlike synthetic hair, when you obtain Remy hair, you can do just about anything with it since it’s very much like normal hair. This type of human hair can be curled, straightened, dyed, styled, and treated. In addition to that, even if the hair gets exposed to the sun repeatedly, the color and texture are not easily affected. Therefore, you can feel as comfortable with it as you would with your own hair.

Other than that, the hair is carefully harvested hence all the roots and tips remain together. This helps limit tangling, and the hair can therefore remain in good condition for a long time even after it is washed over and over again. While one can opt for wigs, weaves or extensions made from non Remy hair, it’s much better to go for the real product because then, the hair will remain manageable throughout. The fact that you won’t need frequent replacement also means that you get to save a lot in the long run.

Taking care of Remy hair is very easy; this hair is easy to comb and it tangles less. This characteristic adds a lot to its longevity since it can retain its natural look for long. Nonetheless, when buying such products, it’s important that you look at the Indian Remy hair wefts because in case they are not done well, the hair may not remain in shape for as long as it’s intended to. Once you have bought the products, you also need to get the right oil to help maintain the luster and vitality of the hair.

Some women often mistake Remy hair for virgin hair, but this shouldn’t be the case because getting Remy doesn’t automatically mean that it is 100% virgin hair. You need to confirm whether the product is exactly what you want before you make the purchase. Remember, some Remy hairs are processed and if you obtain these thinking that they are the virgin varieties, you may end up disappointed. Remy is better than other hair alternatives but getting 100% virgin hair is the best option. So, whether you pick a lace wig, a silky hair extension or a straight weave, buying pure human hair will always give you value for money.

Quick And Fast Tips For Indian Brides

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From time immemorial, Indian brides have been dreaming about the perfect look on their wedding day. They might just about forgive a bad hair day when they are rushing off to work, but nothing on earth can make them forgive themselves for a flawed appearance on their wedding day. Indian brides when decked in all their glory and splendor are the most gorgeous creatures on earth and they wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. On her wedding day she knows that all eyes will be upon her, judging her looks, criticizing and appreciating – so she has to look perfect; hence no room for errors. If you are an Indian bride planning to get married, have a look at the various preparations you must take before you dare venture out on the D-day.

Quick And Fast Tips For Indian Brides

Keeping the Skin Fresh and Clean

Looking good on your wedding day is not a quick fix thing. It is a process that should be started at least 6 months before the wedding. But for those Indian brides who do not have that much time left, you do not have to press the panic button. Just start right now and cleanse your skin regularly, at least twice a day. It will keep the skin pores clean, hydrated and supple. You need to wash off all the toxins of the body before applying the actual bridal make up. It will keep the makeup last longer on your skin. If you have any problems like acne, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples get them treated too.

Quick And Fast Tips For Indian Brides

Manicure and Pedicure

Keep your hands and feet clean and supple by regular manicure and pedicure. If you do it religiously then it would be easier for you on your wedding day. Your hands should be flawless for mehandi and nail make up.

Quick And Fast Tips For Indian Brides

Balanced Diet and Exercise

Following a balanced diet and regular exercise is important for everyone, not just for Indian brides. You should also be a bit more cautious with your eating habits because you should not fall sick at any cost. Drinking lots of water would keep your body hydrated. Exercises would relieve the stress and tension you would naturally feel during those pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding preparations.

Her bridal make-up, combined with the knowledge that she is going to get married to the man of her dreams would definitely give the Indian bride an inner glow that would definitely surpass the beauty of all the other women in the room.

Quick And Fast Tips For Indian Brides


The Indian bride’s hair should be really cared for. You cannot afford to have a bad hair day that day. When you meet with the hair stylist, she would tell you about the different kinds of bridal hairstyles. Go through each of them possible and zero in on the one that would suit you best. Your hairstyle would depend on the shape of your face, your attire and the occasion (of course, here, it would be your marriage). You will also need to choose a different hairstyle for your reception and party.

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