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Unique Business Tips From Ancient Sages

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This is not mentioned in any textbook on marketing, but 90% of the world’s business elite are trying to stick to the rules presented below. These business tips, originated by ancient sages and transmitted genetically from generation to generation, are relevant more than ever in our 21st century. And perhaps these very tips will help you knock up a fortune.

Unique Business Tips From Ancient Sages

19 Tips To Start Following Today

  1. It is not better to come to the assigned business meeting on time, demonstrating your punctuality, but earlier, in order not to make people worry about you.

  1. Never deny yourself the desired actions.

  1. Love yourself and your new business.

  1. Your excessive generosity will not result in anything good. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be engaged in charity – just give people up to 20% of profits from your business without indemnity.

  1. Do not put yourself above others, and do not consider yourself the chosen one.

  1. Having power over others, do not forget about generosity.

  1. Do not do any good deeds at the expense of others.

  1. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you really need it, but do not abuse it.

  1. Before you stand up for your interests to the prejudice of other people and at their expense – think whether you are better than they are.

  1. Never insult anyone.

  1. Make the oath neither in life nor in business. Just answer succinctly: “yes” or “no”.

  1. If you steal, then steal from many people, not from one person. But before you decide on this, read carefully what is written above.

  1. Competition is always good, but it should not be merciless.

  1. Contrive a reward for the productive work you accomplish.

  1. Make plans not only for tomorrow. Plan all your actions and work at least for the next year.

  1. Do not think that anyone else is able to handle your work.

  1. Do not be afraid to entrust part of your affairs to other people or business partners.

  1. All your goals should be specific. The same is true for dreams; otherwise it makes no sense to put it into life.

  1. Allow a half an hour before going to bed in order to analyze your actions and deeds. And then you will find answer to the question: What could have been done better?

Strive for balance in all areas of your life: work, family, friends, business, leisure. If you heed all the tips listed above, you will undoubtedly succeed in your business. All these tips are derived from the ancient sages, who were also successful people. They wouldn’t have advised these tips without experiencing and checking them thoroughly.

Rallying For A Cause: How To Make Your Charity Event Fundraise More Than Ever

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Charity events are all about maximising revenues while minimising costs, all in order to make sure your chosen charity receives the maximum amount of donations possible. Whether you are a charity event planning newbie or an expert in the field, there are always a few new tricks you can try in order to fundraise more than ever for your chosen charity. Here is a primer on how to maximise your revenues using both ingenuity and common sense, helping ensure that your charity will receive the biggest cheque possible.

Rallying For A Cause: How To Make Your Charity Event Fundraise More Than Ever

 1. Create Entertainment with a High Profit Margin

Entertainment can be costly for any charity event, so the trick here is to find those who are willing to donate their time for free (or a reduced fee). For example, college bands are often looking for a chance to practice in front of an audience and get some exposure, and so are often willing to work for free (and the promise of free food). Try to think outside the box when it comes to entertainment, as while crucial, it should not eat up too much of your budget.

 2. Auction things Worth Paying for

Almost every charity event has an auction of some kind, simply because they work: people bid on things out of a sense of duty. However, you don’t just want people bidding because they feel they have to, you want them to bid because they genuinely want what is being offered. So auction things worth pay for! Hit up all your contacts to find good bottles of wine or gift baskets that can be donated for free to auction off, even contacts companies to see if they are interested. If you can get quality items up on the auction block, you’ll make more money.

 3. Quality is Sometimes Worth the Cost

Planning a charity event will involve some outlay of money—there is no way of getting around that. Yet many try to limit this outlay as much as possible because they are frightening that they will not make back the cost. This often results in poorly planned and obviously cheap events that do not always befit the kind of function a classy charity event should aspire to be. Just like in business, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. If you create a quality charity event by spending extra on entertainment and food for example, you will attracted a different kind of clientele with deeper pockets.

 4. Go Corporate

The great thing about businesses in this day and age is that they are keen to showcase their ‘corporate social responsibility’, and many want to do this through philanthropy. Big businesses often have an equally big philanthropic budget, so why not tap into that resource? Ring up businesses, send off letters and try sell them on why sponsoring your event will be good for them. Mention the good PR involved: if your charity event is likely to make a local newspaper, make sure you drop that into your sell. The weakness of most businesses is that they want to look good, so manipulate that weakness to your advantage.

 5. Keep an Eye on the Guest List

Any great party planner knows that keeping control of your guest list is one of the most important tasks involved in planning an event. Chasing down RSVPs, getting ‘VIP’ guests on board and no small degree of arm-twisting and hand-holding are all necessary to make sure enough of the right people turn up to your event. In order to keep your guest list brimming to capacity, don’t be afraid to advertise. Posters, banners and all manner of loud advertising materials are sometimes needed to max out your event. Empty seats are a waste, and look bad to boot. So ensure everyone who RSVPs actually turns up, and that all your tickets are sold. Then just let your event unfold!

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How To Promote My Business On Facebook

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Promotion is a big part of making your business known to a wider audience and gaining the trust of potential clients. You need to spread the word about all the good services you provide or the affordable prices of your high-quality products.

Brand recognition is what you are gunning for, so you want to make your company visible to the modern shopper. Online businesses in particular are in a dire need of internet promotion and good marketing strategies. A good place to start your marketing campaign is one of the popular social media networks. Facebook is a very easy platform to use, and is therefore very popular with a lot of people. It is a good place to promote your business since the users come from all walks of life, so you are targeting as large of an audience as you can.

Facebook is notorious for its constant evolution, so you might need to revisit your approach as the site changes its layout and the various options it offers its users. You can’t have a personal page where you try to shoehorn in some articles and pictures that relate to your business. Your business won’t make it too far if all you do is spam your friends with information on your business. There is a right way to go about this, and Facebook is quite accommodating when it comes to creating business related pages. Here is a quick breakdown of the necessary steps you need to take.

Create a dedicated page for your business

Once upon a time people where very fond of creating general purpose pages known as groups on Facebook, but nowadays you have a multitude of options that relate to your specific needs. You can select between a local business, a company or even products you wish to create a profile for. You will need to add a picture of your company logo and some basic information for a start. Once you get started there are many options you can work with. Customizable settings include:

1) Your settings
2) Permissions
3) Information
4) Resources

You will be able to choose whether you want to use Facebook logged in as your standard personal account or as the company account. It is easy enough to switch between the two, so you don’t have to mix your work with your personal life.

Some companies will deal with products and materials that might be age restricted (i.e. guns or alcohol) so they can use the age restriction options to make sure they only get the audience they are legally allowed to promote their services to.

Other useful options the profanity blocklist, which will help to further exclude undesirable customers from your business page, and the ability to regulate who can and can’t add posts, pictures and videos to your wall. Under basic information you will be able to provide a link to your official website, your phone and address, a short description and additional notable facts like the date when the company was founded, any awards that the company has won and listing your main products. To check how this works on real business example, visit volkswagen parts official Facebook page here.

Spend some time fine tuning your page

There are other useful options you can use to set up your page just the way you like it. Options like social plugins, where you can add various functions. You can have people like your page, but there is also the option to let them send the content of your page to their friends and spread the word, recommendations of pages on your site the user might like and a grouping of pictures of the people that have like your page. These options help give people a more interactive experience and the social component that is the main reason they are on Facebook in the first place. You also have the “Advertise on Facebook” option which helps you with getting more likes or promoting your page posts. Feel free to look around and tweak all the little settings available to you so that your fans can get the most of your page.

Some last minute advice

Once your page is set up and you have done everything you can to make it accessible to the wider Facebook community, you will want to keep the people updated on any new developments in your company or on your official website. Provide useful information and visit the comments section for some user feedback, but don’t forget to answer people’s questions and report the trolls. If people like what they see, information on your company will spread by word of mouth very quickly, making it easier than ever to get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer.

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IT Support – When Should You Hire Professional Help?

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Many companies today operate without a formal IT Department. This is likely due to a constrained budget. Other reasons may include that the business doesn’t feel it needs a full-time IT personnel department, or that with today’s cloud services, most IT operations can be contracted over the internet.

However as companies grow, they can quickly become inundated with IT support issues that make it very difficult to continue offsite and occasional in-person IT support. Face to face professional IT support is usually the most helpful. Even though additional costs are incurred upfront, it can save money in the long run through efficient communication. If a company splits staff time between two positions, such as IT and Marketing, the company loses money on a situation that upfront seems cost effective. People assigned to both roles can never fully dedicate to either as they are constantly interrupted throughout the day. Refocusing after an interruption is also called, “context switching,” and is reported to take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the person to rededicate to the task at hand. As a result, the marketing expert you hired may only be fully focused and productive for a few hours if interrupted frequently, essentially spending the rest of their time trying to regroup their thoughts and projects after each IT issue. It’s important to help growing companies realize what they actually value and want from each employee.

If a company hires a permanent part-time IT expert, issues will be resolved faster with less collateral financial damage than if it continues splitting staff responsibilities. It makes good financial sense to use dedicated staff from other departments for the jobs in which THEY have expertise and were hired for. Otherwise talent and time is wasted in failed attempts to save money through ineffective short-term under-staffing solutions.

There are many options once you have made this decision. You can hire over the internet, and have remote support if the company IT system and culture is amenable. You can hire locally and have someone work part-time on the issues for a few hours each working day, or only have them come in on certain days of the week. Have a plan or idea in mind in advance of interviewing potential candidates so that you’ll be better prepared to express the IT needs of the organization. Always ask for, and CHECK references. Look for experience in either a scholastic intern setting, or direct on the job time served.

The specificity and complexity of software programs and possible variations in hardware configuration will of course affect the hiring requirements for a newly embedded IT staff coming from outside an existing company culture. There may be fewer qualified candidates, and a potential need to train new IT-hire(s) on the company platform and how it functions. However, it’s important to remember that not having an internal IT person could be holding an organization back, and perhaps lowering productivity for the current dual responsibility staff.

Some important questions to help evaluate a company’s IT hiring needs:

– How often do you run into IT problems that slow down the efficiency of your company’s services?

– How often does your system hang up or crash? Is it fast enough to be useful for your staff in other departments?

– How often do you need to pull human resources from one area of business to address IT needs? How satisfied are you with the quality or quantity of work related to that department in light of their additional IT responsibilities?

– Is there a measure of checks and balances when making an IT purchase for the company so that you know you are getting a fair deal?

– Finally, create a survey for your staff to evaluate your existing IT support system, and ask your employees how satisfied they are with the current system; turn around time for issue requests, speed of the network, quality and relevance of the software, etc. This can be an extremely helpful tool because a happy workforce is a productive workforce!


Need And Benefits of Integrating Google+ With Google AdWords

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Google+, the brainchild of Google has received and will continue on receiving great recognition throughout this year. All online marketers are using Google+ for their social media promotion, and most of the major brands have established their business pages on Google+.

All the major internet marketing companies recommend their clients to use Google+ for online promotion. Moreover, they also recommend it to be integrated with the AdWords account. The lines below give a detail of why a page should be made on Google+, integrated with AdWords, and the possible benefits it could have for an online campaign.

Google+ Page:

The lines below give the main reasons for having a Google+ page for a business.

  • The primary reason for having a Google+ page is the same as having a Twitter business profile or a Facebook fan page; that is to interact with customers, and find new potential prospects to increase the business.
  • The live video streaming feature of Google+ allows a business to interact with its targeted audience via video chat. Video chat is one of the best ways to deliver real time video to your customers. In addition, a company can also arrange conference sessions with its employees.
  • Above all, having a page on Google+ helps a great deal in higher ranking in the SERPs. Google+ being a brainchild of mighty Google is a reason good enough to shed light on its importance in SERPs.

Linking to AdWords Account:

Linking your Google+ account with your AdWords account ensures that you have all the information like, +1s on the page, the website, the search result, and ads performance all available on a single platform.

This linking of both these platforms will make your AdWords account stand apart from all other competitors. With both linked together, a customer can see all the recommendations the brand has received, whether it’s your page, search results, or an ad.

Benefits of Integration:

The primary benefits a business can avail by the integration of Google+ with Google AdWords account are given below.

  • Tests and many other studies show that social extensions have a significant role in improving the performance of an ad. This way with the help of Google+, a business can improve its CTR, Quality Score, Conversion rate, or anything related to PPC marketing.
  • The purchase decisions are influenced by recommendations. With both the platforms integrated, a business can display ads with recommendations from other family and friends.


Although the integration of both the platforms is not mandatory, but the businesses that want to achieve maximum from their online efforts need to integrate Google+ with Google AdWords.

Chinese Tech Company Suing to Ban iPad Exports

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A Chinese tech company is seeking to prevent exports of iPad computer tablets, according to Fox Business. Proview Technology, a tech firm headquartered in Shenzhen, China, claims that it owns the trademark for iPad. The company is asking Chinese customs to block iPad shipments to and from China.

Apple Inc., manufacturer of the iPad, will be severely affected by this move if it is successful. China is not only a large production base for the iPad, it is a major consumer market for Apple products, which also include the iPhone and iPod. Proview is represented by the Grandall Law Firm in Shenzhen. Apple is not currently negotiating with Proview in this matter, according to attorney Xiu at Grandall. Chinese customs have declined to comment on this case.

This matter highlights the legal challenges that multinational companies face when operating in China. Apple already lost a case with Proview in 2011, in which the district court in Shenzhen ruled that the iPod trademark belongs to Proview. Apple has appealed this ruling, claiming that it had already purchased the rights to the iPad trademark. The High Court in Guangdong is scheduled to review the appeal on February 29, 2012, and that ruling will not be subject to further appeal. If Apple loses the appeal with the Guangdong High Court, its only legal options will be to settle with Proview or face enforcement actions that will be financially devastating.

Proview has petitioned the authorities in Shijiazhuang and approximately 20 other Chinese cities to block iPad sales. The company is also suing retailers in Futian and Huizhou. Furthermore, Proview is suing Apple directly for trademark infringement in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Proview’s claim is for 10 billion yuan, which is currently equal to about $1.6 billion in U.S. dollars. Apple will be in an extremely poor legal position if it loses these cases, according to professor Stan Abrams. Abrams is a law professor in the Department of Finance and Economics at Beijing’s Central University.

Elliot Papageorgiou is an executive partner at Rouse Legal in Shanghai who provides two possible interpretations of Apple’s legal strategy. The first view is that the Apple’s attorneys simply missed the trademark infringements issue. The second interpretation is that Apple needed to use the iPad trademark in China for sound business reasons, despite its legal challenges.

For fans of the iPad, a ruling against Apple could mean many things, not the least of which might be an increase in the price of this popular gadget. After all, Chinese factories are able to produce iPads much less expensively than American factories can. However, for those who want to be able to surf the Internet or look up fun Chicago attractions on the fly, this will likely not be a problem, nor will it adversely affect Apple sales. Only time will tell.

Best Way To Catch All Her Lies With Mobile Spy

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We should all curse the romantics and their promises of eternal love and happiness. I’m one of those people that throw themselves headfirst into a relationship, unfortunately my wife is one of those people who throw themselves headfirst into lies, lies and more lies. I think about the time I would have scoffed at people who use the mobile phone spy and I think of my life right now and what it would be like had I not used the mobile phone spy – I find the irony painful.

My wife, or should I say soon-to-be-ex-wife, is one of those people that are really good with words. She can wiggle her way out of any situation by either lying through her teeth or creating a bigger fight to make me look like a neurotic stalker who wanted to micromanage her every move. And of course she’s brilliant at covering her tracks; I could never prove she was lying till I found a mobile phone spy that could help me i.e. the iPhone Spy.

With the iPhone Spy I was able to confirm my suspicions that she was talking to other men. I could see all her emails, her call history and even her text messages. I didn’t know what was worse at that point, the fact that I was right about her infidelity or that I was about to lose someone I loved. I sound like an idiot right? How could I love this woman! She would tell me she had to go away for a business meeting but ended up at a local motel with a random jerk she barely knew.

Any decent mobile spy will let you track the person you’re trying to spy on. I could check her location through the iPhone Spy constantly. Still, I was a fool I kept trying to tell myself it was nothing, she probably had her reasons for lying about being out of town. I was afraid of what the iPhone’s spy’s spy call would reveal to me, and I was right about that, too. I heard everything she did, every word she said, heck I heard every word that moron she was with said when I used the iPhone spy. And she never even knew her phone had received my call, the mobile phone spy on her phone made sure that her phone never rang when I called.

My divorce lawyer feels that my case is strong because of the videos and pictures I was able to procure through the iPhone Spy. Sure, the case is strong, but my heart isn’t strong enough to go through this again.

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