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Top 5 Free Domain Valuation Tools

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There are free domain evaluation or appraisal tools that can get your work done. They have high functionality and they combine different algorithms and consider different factors in the evaluation process. Here is a list of the top five domain appraisal tools. They offer services that suite webmasters and domainers.

This is a free domain valuation tool that gives you a domain appraisal textbox once you visit the site. They also give you data about the traffic to your site although this is not considered in the valuation process. does not evaluate websites or businesses but only domain names. This is an instant domain appraisal that will give you results within seconds. It bases the domain appraisal on the matrices of the domain. This tool also enables you to check the trademark. You can also sell the domain through this site.

Top 5 Free Domain Valuation Tools

Instica provides free domain value estimates along with the world’s first crowd domain appraisal platform. Instimate, Instica’s estimator calculates domain worth and domain valuation using cutting-edge technology along with world-class analytics. In addition, Instica maintains a domain database, Instibase, and a domaining news syndication covering the latest topics from across the domaining industry. Just add your domains to Instica Insight and get free accurate domain appraisals from domaining experts from across the globe.

This is a free domain appraisal and also a domain productivity tools. Apart from being a domain valuation tool, it is also a great market place for domains. It is a large engine that delivers quality results.

Domain appraisal can be important when it comes to selling of your domain. It can be used during negotiations with the potential buyer. offers quality and professional domain appraisal that saves money. They offer the same services as the premium domain appraisal. They will give you a comprehensive report so that you know how much your domain is worth. There are times you can sell a very high valued domain cheaply because you did not know its value.  Domains are very important assets and in some countries they attract taxation. This means that it is important to know how much your domain is worth.

This is another tool that offers domain appraisal not only for single domains but also for mass domains. It can deal with over 100 TLD domains and it has several tools that are suitable for the public, webmasters and domainers.

Website Maintenance 101: How To Keep Your Website In Good Shape

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In today’s online world, simply having a static webpage is no longer enough. Every 2-3 years, trends in online websites change. This means that to keep up with the competition, you will have to change your website every few years to keep up with the times and to keep your website in good shape and profitable. Websites require care and attention to maintain their customer base and bring you the biggest profits and income. Take a look at some of the best ways to keep your website in good shape over the next few years:

 Website Maintenance 101: How To Keep Your Website In Good Shape

Blogging with Purpose

If you want to make money with your website, you will have to have a blog. Even if you sell car parts, a blog will help you connect with readers and bring new customers to your brand. You can easily update the content of your website with a blog. Talk about your industry with topics like how to complete a related task or how to solve problems in your industry. Freelance writers are the perfect contact for keeping your blog updated for an affordable price.

Try Video

Today’s websites have more photos and videos than ever. Video is the format of the modern website. Add video to add an additional level of connection with your users. You can post videos from YouTube, or make your own videos to share with your readers. A video can tell the story of who you are and what your brand has to offer to customers. You can also simply share funny videos to connect with readers and customers on a personal level. You can also post videos related to your brand. Video blogs are extremely popular right now, as are how-to videos.

Try Free Things

You can actually build your paid customer base by adding free materials. You can actually give out a lot of free information without harming your business. A web designer can offer free tips for building a website. A clothing shop can offer tips on “shopping your closet” to keep your style updated. Software engineers could offer info on how to hire a developer for a web application. Free resources, like printables and graphics make readers happy and more likely to purchase from you.

Upgrade Coding

Every few years, the coding trends change. You can keep your website modern by keeping up-to-date on all the coding changes. If you don’t want to keep up with it yourself, hire someone else to take care of the details for you.

Hosting Upgrades

As your website fan base grows, so do your hosting needs. Keep an eye on your website stats to make sure you aren’t outgrowing your current hosting plan. After a while, you might need something like an unmetered dedicated server to keep up with the growing demands of your customer base.

New Layout

A new layout will keep your website looking fresh and new. If you use a theme-based website layout, it is much easier to change than if you use a design that is completely customized and invented for you. For rapid changes in the world of website design, a theme-based approach is a smart move.

All of these tips will help you stay on top of changes and trends in the world of website maintenance. With a little bit of effort, you can remain at the top of your game now and into the future.

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Things You Need To Consider When Dealing With Web Hosting Services

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Things You Need To Consider When Dealing With Web Hosting ServicesSelecting a good web hosting service provider is perhaps more difficult than actually developing the website. This is due to the fact that a web hosting service provider provides a pivotal service to any website: it launches the website on the internet for the world to see. Hence it is imperative that a web hosting provider is reliable, because nobody likes a website which is down, even once.


How to make the Ultimate Choice

It may seem like a walk in the park to select the best webhosting service provider; however the choice is anything but easy. Here is a list of all the factors which you must consider when dealing with web hosting providers:

  • The Price:
  • Cheap is not always the best; however you may get your hands on a pretty good deal in the market which is both cheap and of a high quality. This principle, unfortunately, does not apply to web hosting service providers, as they are bound to compromise on quality services to compensate for the cheap cost. Remember, if you want a lot of traffic on your website, then look for the high-end options, price wise, because they are much more reliable with excellent customer support (and busy websites need extensive customer support). If you are not planning on monetizing your website, then an option at the cheaper end will be a much wiser one;

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Again, the purpose you are launching your website for will be the deciding factor in this particular scenario. If you are planning to put rich content on your website such as videos and music, then you need space as well as a lot of bandwidth. Space and bandwidth come with a higher price tag, and not all web hosting service providers offer great bandwidth options. Make sure the web hosting service provider you are going for offers up bandwidth as well as space options which are well suited to the purpose of your website;

  • Hardware:
  • This will require some research on your part, as you will have to inquire about the hardware your web hosting service provider is using. You should look for a webhosting company which has state of the art technology that does not break down often. With hardware defects comes downtime, and downtime is never good for a website’s image.

  • Customer Reviews:
  • Most of the time, whenever you are about to purchase a particular good, you always try to know what other people think about it. All the companies of the world market their products as being the best of the best; however the customers know the real deal. To get to customer reviews regarding the web hosting service provider you are interested in, try running a search around the internet. You are bound to come to many positive and negative reviews of the webhosting service provider which will give you an authentic picture of how your experience will be with that particular service provider.

  • User Interface:
  • You will be working on the control panel of the hosting service provider for hours every day, either to upload a chunk of your website, or to remove some etc. To do all this, you need a user friendly user interface, one which is well responsive to your commands. Do check out the interface to see if it matches your requirements and preferences.

  • Option to upgrade:
  • As your website grows, so will your requirements. Make sure you sign up with a website hosting service provider which has a vast range of upgrade plans, even up to unlimited bandwidth and space, because you never know how far up your website will go as far as traffic is concerned. The more traffic your website will have, the more bandwidth it will need to function properly. So keep this in mind.

Closing Note

Even though web hosting service providers will tell you they have all you need, always research for options as thoroughly as you can. Also, focus upon technical functionality, and make an educated decision at the end. The information provided above should be enough for you to make an informed decision, but if you think you need some technical assistance, hiring a hardware professional is not such a bad idea.

Author Bio:

Derek Lee rose to fame on internet forums with his review of iPage, which garnered tremendous response, and has been providing advise on website hosting ever since. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science and works as a web developer at a major company.

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I Use Virtual Server Hosting… I’m In The Cloud, Right?

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So often — too often — the terms “VPS” and “cloud hosting” get used synonymously. A cloud host can offer virtual private servers (VPS), but owning a VPS does not mean the company gets cloud hosting. Confused? The difference is important for business and is as follows.

Virtual Private Servers

I Use Virtual Server Hosting… I’m In The Cloud, Right?VPS emulates a dedicated server instead of hosting on one physical server. The VPS is sandboxed from other VPS customers on the same physical machine. But unlike shared hosting, VPS offers a way for businesses to control the way its server functions. For instance, web services typically need customized settings on the server. With shared hosting, the host rarely changes configurations for one customer, especially if it might affect any other sites hosted on the same server. All sites share the same resources, so web hosts keep shared servers standard across the board.

VPS eliminates the problem of one site affecting another, so the business is given complete control over the server interface. If the business crashes its VPS, it does not affect any other customers’ VPS services.

VPS has several additional advantages over shared hosting, even if it’s not true cloud hosting. First, VPS gives the webmaster better control over server functionality, configurations and added software. If the business has licenses for software such as SQL Server, the webmaster can install the software without going through the cloud host provider. If the webmaster needs to add some Windows server functionality, log in to the console and change the settings. The webmaster can even reboot the machine at-will and won’t affect other customers.

Cloud Hosting

Although cloud hosting has some similarities to basic shared hosting, it’s more powerful and gives businesses a way to serve millions of web requests without ever harming performance. Cloud hosting also offers the power of data centers and content delivery networks. Combined, these resources have a more powerful backend for enterprise businesses with big data and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.

Cloud hosting also offers infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). IaaS is a service for businesses that need more server resources, storage devices, hardware or networking components. This cloud service is generally used when the business needs more resources but doesn’t have the real estate or IT personnel to handle massive additions to the network.

VPS Versus Cloud Hosting

VPS is a more expensive route than shared hosting, but it offers a dedicated server environment without the dedicated server costs. Small businesses and individual site owners get the most benefits from VPS. VPS is more personalized, and the webmaster can host several sites on the same virtual interface. Bloggers with high traffic spikes, small ecommerce stores or businesses with several websites can take advantage of VPS.

Cloud hosting is beneficial when the business needs more power. The business only pays for the resources used, but it’s generally more expensive because of the large data centers and web farms available. Load balancers control traffic to the business’ website, so the website never falters. Cloud hosting offers 100% uptime, so businesses that rely on website revenue at all hours of the day benefit from cloud hosting.

IaaS and SaaS are also cloud-hosted benefits. Small web services can run on VPS, but VPS is still one server, so it cannot handle the massive amounts of traffic that cloud hosting can manage. VPS is a solution for small businesses or personal websites, but when the business depends on performance, cloud hosting is a solution that has endless scalable resources.

This is a guest post by Jennifer Marsh. Jennifer is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for open cloud company Rackspace Hosting.

Web Hosting Companies Are Offering Discounts All Around

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For webmasters and entrepreneurs looking for qualitative albeit affordable web hosting August month end have brought some very good news. Web hosting companies all around are offering huge discounts making the web hosting much more affordable for the webmasters and entrepreneurs.

Web Hosting CompaniesDuring the week that ended on August 30th this year, some of the leading web hosting companies of the world announced cut off on their web hosting charges. For instance; CrocWeb has reduced its web hosting charges by 20%. On the other hand TurnKey Internet has come up with announcement of 50% off now. Among others Signetique and DemoWolf are also offering 20% cut off in their hosting offering.

A leading trade journal speaks about the discount offers in the following words. “There are three plans to choose from, ranging from $6.95 per month to $26,95 per month.”

Most of the companies are also providing coupon codes for availing the discount offers. For instance; Crocweb customers need to enter coupon code “ssdcrocweb” to avail the 20% discount offer from the web hosting company.

However customers looking for highest discount will usually turn their heads towards the offer of Turnkey Internet that is offering as much as 50% discount on their web hosting charges. This could be particularly useful for small and medium enterprises and websites for whom budgetary constraints are a major stumbling block on the way of effective web hosting process.

There is a reason behind Turnkey Internet offering such hefty discounts for its customers. It is providing such discounts on its email and newsletter services with the objective of celebrating its latest EPA ENERGY STAR certified data center. The company offers various plans and each plan has now a discounted price.

For instance; the silver plan offered by the web hosting company that gives three thousand contacts and unlimited emails is now priced at $4.75 per month that is reduced by 50% from its original price of $9 per month. Customer looking for such discounts need to use the coupon code “EARTH50”.

Good and bad follows each other in natural sequences and here also there is one bad news for the customers looking for discount. The bad news is that you can avail only one discount per customer and not more. Thus there is no chance of availing numerous discounts with restriction.

In similar manner the Gold Plan of the web hosting company that was priced at $39 will now cost only $20; nearly half the original price. This and the discount in the Platinum Plan that will now cost only $50 against the price of $99 can be both availed with the coupon code EARTH75. You also cannot combine one discount with another to compound your benefits.

Singapore based web hosting provider Signetique that offers 20% discount but the major benefit of availing such discount is that the discount applies to both Linux as well as Hyper-V plans. All VPS plans offered by them include a free Parallels Plesk control panel for as many as 10 domains.

Sibername Provides Websitematic+ With A Wide Range Of Offers To Choose From

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One of the most trusted brands of Canada in web hosting is awarding its consumers with a free trial of its latest version of web design for a period of fifteen days. The Sibername is very popular with the people with its service and products, which the company upgrades at regular intervals.  To extend their service to a new level it has planned to provide its customers with a free usage of its Websitematic+

The latest version, according to the company spokesperson is user friendly, which does not need any technical assistance. The web design platform allows the business owners to create a business web page and an ecommerce site by using user-friendly interface. The company has customized the product in such way that the commercial houses that lack expertise and skill can also make use of their service. According to the company, spokesperson if anyone has the know-how of MS word then he has the necessary skills to get access to the Websitematic+

Websitematic+Sibername headquartered in Ottawa is offering the free pack to users who have their domain with the company. They get a registration rebate after which the Websitematic+ is send to the registered customer with a one-month money back policy. More than 6 million people worldwide currently use the easy web site builder. Chief executive officer of the company Mesut Bulent Turkoglu informed that Sibername is offering latest packages with completely new features, which is designed to provide a complete web design solution.

As a part of the inventive measure of the company, it has customized its service offers they are Light, Silver and Gold. The first one provides a three-page web site and 25 MB storage capacity of design, ecommerce and social media to work without professional help.

The Silver web design package includes 2GB storage capacity infinite number of pages, advanced tools and media support and an exclusive one-click push to Facebook and mobile phone. In addition to the above-mentioned services its guarantees more templates, stock images and CSS editing.

The Gold pack offers the most extensive range of services and facilities. It includes 10 GB data storage capacity unique SEO facilities, additional ecommerce. Along with the mentioned features, it also has payment gateways, inventory tracking, real time shipping quotes, scan for keywords and phrases, Search engine optimization guide and an analysis of traffic and key words. Apart from this, the Gold pack gives an access to as many as 2500 products through its SEO features.

One of the most exclusive feature of Websitematic+ is that is can be used comfortably without a professional help. It has a list of features like online catalog, transaction support and many more such business requirements. To add to this it enables the people to use it even without its HTML pr CSS editing. The registered customer gets an access to drag and drop editor, to customize his web site. The social networking like, the Facebook and Google+ are available along with the facilities to measure and control traffic with the help of Google Analytics.

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How to Decide the Perfect Hosting Plan for You

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Domain name. Hosting. Content. These are the three essentials to putting your website on the Internet. With all the different domain name extensions, registration terms, hosting packages and techical jargons (ie. FTP, SMTP, PHP, etc.) – the simple vision of your own website online has now turned into something mind boggling, confusing and intimidating.

Let’s help you break the entire process down into simple, easy-to-follow (and understandable) steps.

1. The purpose of your website

The first thing you need to do is make a list of why you want a website. Do you want a website because you want to share your writings or photos with friends or family? Or do you want to sell your products online?

2. Decide on a domain name

When you’ve determined the purpose of your website then it’ll be easy to come up with a suitable domain name (ie. name for the website). Don’t fall into the “free” trap – many free web hosting service providers gives you a free website name. But what you don’t realize is, your website name will be a derivative of “…/yourMemberID”. Not exactly the most user-friendly nor professional name now.

A common misunderstanding is that you can get a domain name for free.

While completely free web hosting services exist, domain name registrations are not free. In order to use “”, you need to pay the .COM Registry registration fee. This fee guarantees that your name will be yours to use for the duration of your registration term.

If the .COM version of your desired name is not available, you have the option to get the .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .US, .INFO or even .CA, .UK, etc. The list goes on and on… Most people usually go for the .NET version if the .COM is not available. It’s completely up to you. If your website is about sharing information, then you should consider .INFO. If your website is for your business, then a .BIZ would be good, too.

3. Your needs

Will you be expecting a lot of visitors a day? By a lot, we’re talking about in the thousands. Do you have a lot of photos or files to share with your visitors? If yes, then ample bandwidth and disk space will be on your shopping list.

If you’re setting up an online store AND will be accepting credit card information from your customers, then you’ll need to consider advanced security options (ie. SSL certificate). For more information on setting up an online store, click here (link to “Free Web Hosting and Ecommerce” article).

If this is your first website and you’re just experimenting, then your list will be shorter – all you need is a free web hosting plan. A free web hosting plan will offer you the basic necessities to have a website on the Internet without any of the fancy bells and whistles.

4. Find a reputable free web hosting service

Once you have an idea of what you need, you need to find a reputable web hosting service. There are many places you can go to find a service provider. You can do a search for “free web hosting companies” on Google, but do keep in mind that just because a company is listed on the first page of Google doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe and legit. It’s always best to shop around or ask people for referrals and references.

Basic things to look for in a free web hosting service plan:

  1. It allows you to use your own domain name. Again, you don’t want a website name that’s “…/yourMemberID”
  2. There are no forced ad banners
  3. It comes with web hosting storage (for beginners, 100MB is more than enough)
  4. It comes with bandwidth/data transfer (for beginners, 1000MB is ample)
  5. It comes with email services. With your own domain name, you’ll want to be able to setup accounts

Once you’ve found the free web hosting service that best suits your needs, then you can go ahead and start designing your new website and enjoy the fun and joy that a website can bring.

Ruby / Node.JS Hosting Options for You

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Hosting in different set-ups than LAMP (Node.JS, Ruby, Backbone.JS etc) are becoming fairly popular so today we are going to talk about it to our users. We will present you many options that you can choose one as your default hosting, and we will enlist the pro’s and cons of each.

I myself have bought a general hosting space that supports Ruby and Node.JS applications because clients started asking for these technologies too often (not that i am complaining about, Node.JS is fun to play with). And as in every part of the capitalism, demand means production, so lets get it!

Update: I forgot to mention that these kind of systems are called “Cloud Application Platforms”, services that host and make it possible for their users to fastly deploy web applications.


1 – Heroku

Their slogan pretty much explains for us what they are trying to do with their services:

Build apps, not infrastructure.

Heroku provides you with all the tools you need to iterate quickly, and adopt the right technologies for your project. Build modern, maintainable apps and instantly extend them with functionality from hundreds of cloud services providers without worrying about infrastructure.

Heroku is a “Cloud Application Platform” for you, or your developers to be able to deploy skeletons for and build web applications written in Ruby. You can deploy applications on it via GIT or their own HTML5 uploading window.

A review from one of the users:

I’ve been working with Heroku for client projects full-time for over 7 months now and I don’t regret it.

The obvious pros:
– Not having to worry about managing your infrastructure;
– Ease of scale by moving your Dynos slider up;
– Easy integration with 3rd party services such as SendGrid, MongoDB, Redis etc…;
– Savings – most sites don’t need maximum horse power all the time so you can achieve massive savings by using a PaaS like Heroku – pay for what you use. Some businesses fit here quite nicely;


Now the main cons:
– You’re completely bound to their – Heroku/EC2 – service health. They go down, you go down. It’s that simple. Amazon had a major outage this year and brought several famous websites down with it.

So three pros and a con. Fair enough. But let’s now move to the other most popular one:

2 – Amazon EC2

From their own website:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change. Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use. Amazon EC2 provides developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate themselves from common failure scenarios.


It is the same as Heroku, except they are safer.


Thanks for the read and see you on the next one!





5 Facts You Have To Consider Before Choosing Your Hosting Provider

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Hosting is an important consideration when it comes to creating your own website. It is a platform via which websites exist on the internet. Without proper hosting services you will not be able to capitalize on your website since bad hosting services come with an array of problems. So it is imperative that you select a hosting service which offers you better service with different benefits instead of opting for a cheap service that will only result in frustration and anger later on.

5 Facts You Have To Consider Before Choosing Your Hosting Provider

Image credit: Flickr

There are numerous concerns when it comes to choosing a hosting service provider. This article will discuss the five foremost considerations that you need to bear in mind when choosing an ideal hosting solution for your website.

Know thy Hosting Provider

It is important to know the company or hosting provider that you are selecting for your website. This will enable you to decide whether it is an effective hosting service or not.  Consider how many websites will be sharing the server with you. Also find out what makes connection speed you will be receiving from the server. Technical details like these help you know more about the company and the hosting service which allows you to create effective websites.

Type of Hosting

There are different types of hosting that you can choose from. It is important that you make this decision carefully since every type of hosting has its own benefits and caveats. It is necessary that you make a list of these pros and cons before you start with one. For instance shared hosting offers you same space and hosting service at a small cost compared to dedicated hosting service. On the other hand dedicated hosting service ensures that you get greater protection and better speed compared to shared hosting. Things like these have a great impact on your website and therefore must be considered carefully.

Customer Support

Hosting is a complicated business that creates issues for everyone. For that reason effective and cooperative customer support is important.  Imagine if in the middle of night you come to find out that your website is down. It is bound to have you worried especially if it’s an e-commerce website. So it is imperative that the hosting service you are interested in should offer you excellent customer support. Remember, you don’t need a mere voice on the telephone but someone who can actually help you when a technical issue arises. A recorded message or an inept person will certainly not do the trick.


One of the foremost considerations is how much you pay for hosting services. Many companies in the market have competitive rates whereas hosting services like that have created a name for themselves happen to be more costly. Price is also dependent on the type of hosting you want. If you are looking for an affordable solution then opt for shared hosting. Bear in mind that when it comes to hosting services, price is an important indicator of the company or hosting service’s prowess and effectiveness. While it is important to consider the cost, make sure you do not compromise on the quality of the service since it will only cause you frustration later on.

Features of the Hosting Service

Finding the unique selling proposition of the hosting company is important. This will allow you to compare it with other probable options. What added feature the hosting service provider offers you and at what price can be a good deciding factor for the final deal. This added feature can be in terms of its technology, data backups offer or working with many data centres. In essence, hosting companies competing with each other are constantly struggling to get more customers and so they tend to come up with unique selling propositions.

These chief five considerations will result in you choosing a company that will help create an effective web presence. There can be other concerns as well pertaining to your specific needs and wants. Just keep these in mind before making a final decision. Remember that a hosting service is the soul of your website and if there is one aspect that you must carefully consider, it is choosing the right hosting provider for your website.


William Jones is an ardent gamer, a brilliant web developer and a freelancer. He writes about the foremost considerations when it comes to choosing a hosting provider and states that “my review allows people to make smart choices when it comes to web development and web hosting”. This is clear from the article above which extensively describes the factors imperative for choosing the right hosting company.

In Case of Emergency: Being Prepared for Web Outages

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Just like in any emergency it is important for your business to have a back up plan for when your website is out of commission. Being prepared for these type of emergencies will help you survive and make it through the outage.

Even just a few minutes of downtime can cost your company revenue, let alone the cost to get things back up and running. Can you imagine how much it could cost you if you were down for hours, or even days?

Back up

When your website goes down you run the risk of losing data that is stored on the site. Regularly back up your site and you will be save a lot of important data when this happens. You may still lose some data, but at least you have a starting point when the site comes back up. It is best to conduct these back ups on a daily basis, preferably overnight when traffic is at its lowest. Should the site go down, it should only take approximately 30 minutes for the wbe host to retrieve your data and get you back up and running.

Web Hosting

No web host can guarantee 100 percent that your site will never experience any outages. They all experience this now and then. Find a dependable web hosting company will reduce the chances of the website going down and one that will offer you the customer service you need. Find one that will be accessible, abe and willing to respond to your needs during an outage. Get everything in writing and have a plan that both of your agree on. Make sure the plan meets your needs, as well as your budget limitations.

Static Page

Many web hosting providers offer what is known as a static page option. This is a service that will tell customers a customized message on a dedicated page. This message tells them the site is currently down and to check back at a later time.

Customer Service

Determine how will you contact your customers to inform them of the outage. Send messages through email or text messages. Put notices up on Twitter and Facebook alerting fans and followers that the website is down and you are working on it.

Technical Staff

Hire a technical staff that will be able to work together with the web hosting company to get your site back up and running. This will reduce the length of time you experience the outage and they may even be able to notice the signs an outage is coming, such as programming errors and data overloads.

Should you experience an outage the first thing you need to do is contact your web hosting provider. From there you can contact customers through social media networking sites alerting them of the outage. Be prepared to help customers over the phone place their orders when the site is down. Remain calm and help your customers through the outage.

Design Is The First Priority

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. While most of us are probably familiar with this old age,  we still make judgments each day based on sight alone. It’s not petty. It’s human nature. Beautiful people. Interesting architecture. Art. As a species, we humans appreciate things that are aesthetically pleasing.

Websites are no exception to our eye for beauty.Visually, people are as picky about the appearance of the places we visit online as we are about everything else. According to Internet analytics firm KISSmetrics, 42 percent of online shoppers form their opinions of a website based on its design alone, and 52 percent of shoppers would not return to a poorly-designed website.

When it comes to making an impression, design matters.

That doesn’t mean your small business’ website has to be a marvel of graphic design. A website that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes will keep visitors from clicking away from your page for the last time.

Easy to Navigate

First and foremost, good web design means simple navigation. If potential buyers come to your page and can’t figure out how to browse or buy, they’ll go somewhere where the process is simpler.

Whether you are selling products, services or just information, think of your website like a store. If you were running a store on Main Street downtown, you wouldn’t just throw all the merchandise in the middle of the floor and leave it up to your customers to sort through it. You would place items neatly on shelves, put up signs, and keep the cash register in clear view.

That’s the type of organization that makes a website successful.

Navigable websites don’t crowd the page, they have clearly labeled categories and links that make it easy for visitors to find what they need, and they make purchase links pop on the page, so that users know just where to click once they know what they want.

Think grocery store. Even first-time visitors can walk right in, follow the signs to the milk, grab a gallon, go directly to the register, make their purchase and be on their way in less than five minutes.

If your website isn’t that navigable, redesign it. One simple step Mashable recommends is to go through your site and remove any widgets or excess components that have no use. If it doesn’t provide the user with information, utility or entertainment, get rid of it.

Easy On The Eyes

Usability is key, but appearance matters, and one of the most important factors in website design is color. Color is the primary factor that determines whether or not shoppers make purchases, according to KISSmetrics, and, oddly enough, that doesn’t pertain solely to the products, but to the environment those products are found in. In this case, your business’ website.

Color is so important to patron experience that malls, banks, restaurants and businesses have used color-planning for decades to entice potential buyers and increase sales. The same applies to your business’ website.

When choosing the color scheme for your website, it’s essential to consider your product and your audience. Red, for instance, is a power color that prompts people to buy, but it also induces stress, which is not exactly ideal for a yoga site. Green, on the other hand, is a color that induces relaxation, ideal for earthy online buyers.

While usability may be top priority in website design, appearance isn’t far behind. A website that is grocery-store navigable and boutique-store adorable will give users the right combination of utility and entertainment. Despite what Mom and Dad might have told them, people do judge books by their covers. And websites. So, make sure your site is worth a second look.


New OEM Partner ICONZ Ltd. First to Launch CM4all Sites in New Zealand

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Content Administration AG (CM-AG), a arch developer of web-based applications, is appreciative to advertise that ICONZ has auspiciously launched CM4all Sites through its cast Freeparking, a New Zealand bazaar baton in area name registration, e-mail and website hosting services. Marketed beneath the artefact name “CreateASite” four altered website affairs are accessible for annual fees starting at NZ$299. Since its founding in 1992, ICONZ has congenital a acceptability as the arch hosting and connectivity aggregation of its affectionate in New Zealand. New Zealand’s government, accumulated and SME sectors all await on ICONZ’s absolute portfolio of managed hosting, aegis and connectivity services.

3.5_large“As a aggregation committed to excellence, we evaluated several armpit builders on the bazaar to acquisition the best. With its different account features, abundant accoutrement catalog, adjustment customization options and OEM readiness, we accept CM4all Sites is the appropriate band-aid for accouterment our barter with the best avant-garde DIY website architect accessible today,” explains Maria Brosnan, Business Manager at Freeparking.

CM4all Sites’ Instant Setup Page gets users up and active in abnormal by accouterment them with a complete pre-configured website. They additionally account from CM-AG’s avant-garde accoutrement technology, which allows for acceptable annoyance & drop, configuration, and adjustment of all website elements. Built-in widgets ambit from acquaintance forms through acclimate forecasts to amusing media connectivity with Twitter® and Facebook®. Users absorbed in e-commerce can advantage the boutique accoutrement to set up their own online boutique and accommodate it into their website. To agreement an consistently abreast ambit of features, CM4all Sites comes with an accessible accoutrement API that enables the affiliation of third-party casework and allows for connected development of widgets by CM-AG, OEM partners, and aliencomputer appliance engineers.

For bigger usability, a different WYSIWYG editor provides abounding annoyance & bead functionality and allows for absolute alteration after any pop-ups. The bigger adjustment archetypal enables users to absolutely individualize the included set of CSS templates by alteration all colors and fonts as able-bodied as abacus their own logos and images. A absolute book browser with an alternate bead area accelerates uploading to the user’s webspace and abundantly simplifies book management.

“We are aflame to see that our aboriginal OEM accomplice in New Zealand has auspiciously chip CM4all Sites into its absolute ambit of products. With our exceptional website architecture solution, both amateur and avant-garde users will acquisition the appropriate accoutrement to apprehend their actual own eyes of a able website with ease,” states Robert Schovenberg, CEO of CM-AG.

The user interface of the English-language adaptation of CM4all Sites was acclimatized to Freeparking’s accumulated design, and thecomputer appliance was installed in the company’s abstracts center. CM-AG safeguards the software’s availability with 24/7 abutment and continuously updates both the operating arrangement and thecomputer appliance application.

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About CM-AG:

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, CM-AG develops and distributescomputer appliance and basement solutions based on CM4all’s scalable software, which enables the creation, aliment and accessible afterlight of websites, while additionally accouterment awful able online book storage, administration and administration solutions.

CM4all’s awful scalable technology is operated in an ASP model. The company’s amount articles are the website architecture solutions CM4all Sites and CM4all WebsiteCreator which are acclimatized for and accountant to alone OEM ally and are accessible in 20+ languages.

With over three actor advantageous barter worldwide, CM-AG is a arch developer of web-based applications for the Internet. CM4allcomputer appliance is broadcast common via arch telcos, MSOs, ISPs and web hosting companies, like 1&1 Internet AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Endurance International Group Inc., Hostway, NTT Communications, Swisscom AG, Telefónica de España S.A.U, Terra Networks S.A., Tiscali S.p.A., Unitymedia GmbH and Verio Inc.