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A Novel Outlook Towards The Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization – a process that accommodates a humongous data and information inside it. There are many websites and SEO experts who are following this data, which proportionately affects their working process. In fact the SEO professionals are having a tough time with the Google’s algorithm changes. In accordance to the Penguin 2.0 update in May, all of these professionals have been evaluating their link profiles to ensure a secure process.

A Novel Outlook Towards The Search Engine Optimization

As far as the first version of Penguin update is concerned, it did mention that the quality of the links matter more than the quantity. Hence no one should ever outsmart Google’s algorithm, since there always lays a chance of the web portal being penalized.

Link building has always been the major part of SEO, henceforth this becomes very important for every webmaster and search engine marketers to understand and define the term good link. Google will certainly never have come out with a definite description of a Good Link. Nevertheless one can figure out a handful of qualities, which together will form out a Good Link.

To list some of these qualities are:

Application/ Relevance:

Relevance or so to say appropriate application of a link to your website niche is what can be defined as a Good Link. A link from a trusted and legalized site is what that will help rank the website well in the various search engines. Instead of being happy with a high-quality link one must be assure that whether it is relevant to the portal or not and is exactly appropriate of being established in the website.

The major question has always been “Would this link drive me the kind of traffic I want for my portal?”. An answer to which will help in fetching relevant links.


Google has always been very particular about the fact of the content being decidedly original. It mostly prefers for content written from a real perspective rather than writing it from the standpoint of search engines. A site that is trusted is always the catch to opt for a good link. At times it also depends on the content which describes the portal completely. Hence a link from the a recognized blogger or content creator does also brings on the same effect, or should we say is also relevant.

However defining the overall trust is not always easy, a few things that can actually help are:

  • A well-recognized search engine, which determines the age of the domain.
  • Recognizing for the Page Rank of the website, which does implies to some amount of insight into the portal.
  • A browser tool bar which can actually help out recognize and assess the quality of the domain, such as SEO Moz. This evaluates the domain authority, page authority and moz rank of the portal.


Google has a tendency to prefer for websites that is full of great content as a result of which people link to it naturally. For instance the famous Wikipedia establishes the most quality content. While the content there inside Wikipedia is not always relevant but it provides its readers with further information and explanations, due to which it is always loaded with quality of back-links.

This is the major reason for Wikipedia getting ranked by Google on the first page. Owing to its natural content it receives the most success.


It is always best when the links to the site are received from a variety of domains and sites. Numerous of links from a single source will most likely be viewed as an unnatural condition by Google. Rather it would always be preferred to have different sites endorsing your website.

About Author: Hi my name is Alice. I am working with an It company. My personal blog is The Design Boyz. By Profession I am an article writer. My Previous article is all about the Local SEO. To see the previous post click here.

Small businesses flourishing with the help of local SEO services

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One of the United Kingdom’s large internet marketing companies is causing ripples with the attention-grasping local search engine optimization services that are placing focus on the local businesses. Ranking solution is located on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire and it is a well respected company in the internet marketing industry. Several websites have scaled the heights to reach top of the rankings by Google using their internet marketing solutions. The company has most of the times been in front of the curve and they are currently lighting the way once again with their plans that are focused on the local companies. Gareth Owen, the managing director believes strongly in the community importance. He however cannot speak enough about the localized strategies for marketing.

local SEO servicesHe said that the community is very important and it is no wonder people prefer the local companies, which has always been the case and the internet had not yet changed that. He added that studies had shown that nearly 50% of searches on Google are focused on a location and that a76% of the people going online and doing searches are most of the times conducting local searches.

With a great deal of business coming through the internet, the distinction between a good and a bad ranking in the search engines has the power to make or break a business in the current increasingly digital age. However, Ranking Solution would rather have everyone around and that’s why they have been customizing local search engine optimization campaigns across the country for the businesses in all industry.  However, Mr. Owen said that one of the obstacles that they encounter regularly is the misguided belief that the internet is the turf of the big companies, with no probability for the local ones to have any effect online.

Owen said that the trick is to convince the businesses, particularly the smaller ones, of the numerous benefits that come with that are brought about by being at the of the localized searchers on Google. According to Owen, the internet is not just a playground for the multinational corporations, it is increasingly becoming home to the local and family run businesses. Owen said that they understand this more than anyone else as they had taken numerous clients to the top of the Google and helped grow their businesses through their local plans. He adds that there is room for everyone on the internet and they have clients who began with the local campaigns and currently they are selling both on the national and international platforms.

The local search engine optimization services provide to establish a local status on internet and at the same time presenting the potential for growth, be it in the neighborhood, all over the United Kingdom or even selling the products and services on the international market. The affordability of these localize campaigns makes them the ideal introduction to the world of online marketing, especially given the fact that Google is increasingly preferring local websites for the local searches.

Business Loans: Separating Fact from Fiction

Marketers using aggressive steps to fight new inbox by Gmail

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Marketers have resulted to taking aggressive steps in a bid to fight the open rates decline after the change of inbox format by Google. The new inbox now places all the promotional emails automatically in a new tab, away from the primary inbox of the users. The new inbox format filters the incoming emails into 5 groups: promotional, primary, social, forums and updates. Rather than offering a single inbox view – this feature however exists for the mobile – Gmail is now placing the emails into separate tabs as they come in, something that is forcing the users to move promotional emails manually back to the primary inbox if they prefer them there.

GmailThe result of this is that there are few people who see the advertising emails or a delay before the Gmail users gets them. According to a MailChimp blog, this has resulted in a decline in the open rates. After analyzing the Gmail delivery for the last one and a half year, MailChimp found out that open rates to Gmail were more than 13% for 15 weeks. However, after the change in the inbox format, the open rates dropped to 12% from 13% during the weekdays and less than 10% during the weekends.

However, MailChimp in their blog said that they weren’t willing to say there was an emergency. They added that they still did not know what the Gmail’s adoption rate was but it was an early indication of a problem and they were closely watching it.

Some online businesses are however viewing this as an emergency. Rhys Davies, who runs several websites in the UK, said that his main store,, relied heavily on email marketing for repeat customers. He added that though the new inbox format had not been completely rolled out in the United Kingdom, they were already experiencing about a 30% drop in the opening of emails. He said that he was more worried about the impending Christmas season where that drop could theoretically mean that they lose 15,000 pounds a month.

Return Path’s Senior Director of Email Research, Tom Sather, found out that the reading rates for the emails had dropped by 0.31% after the release of the Gmail tabs compared to the previous 30 days. He however believes that the spam folder is having the greatest impact on the open rates than the change of the inbox format. Sather said that the company had realized that fewer emails were making it to the inbox while more were being delivered to the spam folder. He added that the current benchmark at the Gmail’s inbox was at 85 % and in the month of June, the Benchmark had always been below that. He also said that in June 2013, an average of 42% of all the emails that were read, mobile devices were used, and these are not influenced by the Gmail Tabs. This, together with the declining inbox rates shows that some factors outside the feature of Gmail Tabs that have a hand in the declining open and clicks through the inbox rates.

Google reported to be sending warnings for natural links

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As if it was not enough that out of the fear of Google had prevented many people to link to other sites and also made them request that legitimate links be pulled down, some people have now reported that Google is actually sending warnings for unnatural links to some sites which in reality are based on links that are natural. It has not been confirmed it the warnings have been sent often but Barry Schwatz, from the Search Engine Roundtable, seems to have established at least an example from the help forum thread of Google.

Google reported to be sending warnings for natural linksThe webmaster said that he received a warning from Google in February but explained that it was understandable as he had worked with Search Engine Optimization that did adverts previously and had received a lot of unnatural links from individuals he didn’t recognize. He explains further in writing that they spent the last few months contacting various webmasters and getting links un-followed and removed and in the process disavowed about 500 links. After that, they also stopped the redirection from their old domain which he says has quite a number of spammy links point.

The webmaster says that according to them, they have done everything possible to comply with the guidelines of Google and it has been at a significant amount of time and cost to the company. He also adds that they have totally stopped working with the agencies as they try to follow a quality approach. The webmaster says that after Google declined their last request for consideration, they were sent URL,, as an example of one of the bad links.

The web master claims that the post is completely legitimate and it was not in any way influenced by them. He explains that the post contains information about a campaign they are running, adding that he feels as if the link warnings are sometimes just random and that after that, he didn’t think there was any sense in filing another consideration request on the same circumstances. The webmaster also notes that there is no existing relationship between his company and the blog that Google has said contains bad link. A participant in the discussion points out that the keyword link “Guide to Recycling” contained in the article and pointing to the page of the webmaster could be the cause of the problems.

However, the webmaster responded that the keyword link had been chosen by the blog itself maybe because they thought that it would describe best what his company did. He says further that his company had no influence in it and it did not have an interest in being ranked for the keyword “Guide to Recycling”. Considering the webmaster’s story, the link that Google had warned about seems to be a natural one. More interesting is that the participant who suggested the issue was the “money keyword” also complained that the same thing happened to their client. Schwartz thus suggests that the webmaster disavows the link and finds similar ones like it and do the same. However, even if this is excellent search engine optimization advice, it also brings into light that webmasters are possibly being forced by Google to ignore links that are legitimate.

Glimpse On The Future Of Web Development

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According to reliable source, recently Microsoft and Google are engaged in an argument over Microsoft’s Windows Phone YouTube app. One thing is certain that when the two most renowned companies are facing argument with each other, there would be quite a little common ground between them.

Google claimed that Microsoft generated its app in HTML 5, while Microsoft opined that it prefers to offer native code. However, both of the companies are insisting that their users experienced the best effective way by sing their way.

Microsoft and GoogleGoogle accused that Microsoft has not included the features to the mobile versions of IE that Google wishes to utilize as the core of the HTML5 YouTube application. Reliable sources informed that the allegation is true to some extent as it is evident that IE10 on Windows Phone is a considerable upgrading over earlier mobile browser of Microsoft, it still lags Google’s Android version of chrome and Apple’s Mobile Safari in the support oh HTML provided by them.

Analysts opined that while they were conducting a test to find out the effectiveness of the program. IE 10 scores 320 points, the Android version of Chrome receives 410 points, and iOS Mobile Safari gets 386 points. This reflects that there is quite a range of capabilities among the browsers.

Google also stated that they want to preserve the experience of the users in the properties. It is notable that this need consistency but Google utilize various platforms in various ways even though some of them have similar capabilities. Analysts have informed that the most striking element is perhaps that YouTube is consistent among all the three operating systems. On the other hand, Google News and Mail vary considerably.

Critics opined that Google is enriched with some exclusive features. However, Gmail on iPhone reveals the image of iOS 7’s minimalism whereas on Windows phone it appears like that of the earlier version of Web 2.0. They also stated that IE 10 is more capable browser that offers much support to the HTML 5.

Critics opined that by noticing the header bar on the iOS rendering of Maps minutely, they found that differences in style between the two views. This also allows the critics to discover the features Google is offering to Windows phone.

It certainly proves the fact that the useful free app for Window Phone also allows the users the option of appearing as an iPad or iPhone or a PC that running Firefox. Analysts found that most of the layout of the header needs particular CSS, which is not able to display on other browsers.

Google utilizes user agent sniffing in order to deliver distinct experiences to several browsers that is regarded by most of the critics as a poor approach especially in the modern web design. However, in order to fulfill the organizational goal that proves to organize information of the world together so that they can be easily accessible and fruitful, Google requires modifying their application and turning them into an advanced one so that users across the world can accept the change as universal.

Benefits Of A Responsive Website Design

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When the internet was booming, websites were simple, clean cut and very grid-like. In recent years, websites have gone from being bland and spacey, to vibrant and user-friendly. If you have a business in the last 10 years, then you better make your website mobile-friendly. Most people do not even use their laptops and their first and quickest option is their phone. The term Responsive website design means the structure is based off of the browser and device used to visit them. Only website must be designed, but can change with the platform.

More than half of the world owns a mobile phone. That means that five billion of the total population.  Companies would not be able to keep up with the mobile site demand that is happening right now. A small amount of websites are optimized for mobile devices and if you chose to invest in responsive web design, your company will go far.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being a necessity for all companies, being able to have a unified website helps your strategy. You do not have to worry about having multiple URLs and different websites, which is confusing. Instead of chasing away business and potential clients with your multiple website names, you can just condense to one and make it popular on sites like Google, using your SEO strategy.

Some websites still give you the option, when using your mobile device, to go to “full site” when you go to the URL, but that just means more navigation and waiting. If the site is just compressed to sit the mobile device screen and the same options are available universally, then user satisfaction will be higher. The days of old “full site” links will be gone if you have a universal platform for your website.

Website design is not cheap. Those who want their own website and want to copyright it have to by the domain name so they can be completely individualized. If you have multiple website designs for each device, then you are forking up money for each and that can get extremely expensive.  The more cost efficient option is a universal design, which not only helps with less pay out, but also helps build your brand and logo because it is the same on each platform.

Like search engine optimization, the term analytics is very important to digital companies. Analytics means the data found from users and visitors can be seen by the website owners. It is easier to keep track of development and traffic when you don’t have to check the amount of traffic on different sites. There are hundreds of website development companies that are available for site building, SEO, analytics and the universal platform.

Author Bio: PTS Multimedia is a website design company that builds responsive websites. We also provide full inbound marketing strategies that are tailored to your business to increase conversion and traffic on your website.

Learn from the Best: The Leaders of Web Design

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Creating a quality eCommerce site can appear deceptively simple. With just a few images, descriptions and a shopping cart, it is possible to immediately begin selling online. However, with millions of competitors out there, the process of creating a site that customers will actually seek out and use is significantly more challenging.

Top Design Companies just released its list of Best eCommerce Web Design Trends for 2013, where it notes five eCommerce websites that set the bar for what is possible in eCommerce web design. These companies demonstrate how important quality design is, and they give a glimpse of some of the expected web design trends for the coming year.

By taking note of companies that are leading the way in eCommerce web design, and attempting to apply some of the same concepts to their own company websites, business owners can help ensure that their own websites will be competitive.

Top Design Winners

Some of the sites noted by Top Design included Reebok, Sony and clothing retailer Uniqlo. Top Design noted that each excelled at ease of navigation, as well as the clarity of their calls to action.

Reflective of Trends

Recently, Amber Leigh Turner published an article at The Next Web discussing the 10 web design trends expected for 2013. Many of the trends predicted by the writer are already in use by Reebok, Sony and Uniqlo, and are worth taking note of.

Responsive Design

Responsive design refers to creating sites that are viewable across many different devices, sites that are easy to navigate and require little to no resizing. This means users encounter no road blocks when accessing the site from their tablets, desktops or smart phones.

All three of the sites listed above utilize responsive design because it works. For instance, potential customers can quickly view Sony’s newest offerings and make a purchase, regardless of what device they happen to be using.

Large Images for Impact

One of Turner’s predictions for 2013 websites is the use of large, screen-size images for impact. These images can be truly powerful in creating a unique feel for a website.

Consider Reebok’s home page. Most of the initial screen space is taken up with a rotating banner of high-quality photos. Each photo is related to a particular product line Reebok wants to showcase. The images set an undeniable mood, allowing the viewer to feel a little of what it might be like to be trail running, doing yoga or dancing.

As screens increase in size and resolution, large images will only become more useful in setting the tone of a website.

White Space

Another predicted trend for the coming year is the increased use of white space. A white background is surprisingly effective in making product images pop off the screen, especially when those images are high quality.

Clean design continues to be appealing to the majority of consumers. Apple has been riding this wave for years, and customers are still loving it.

Uniqlo uses white space to great effect. When color does appear, either in backgrounds for clothing models or in the clothes themselves, it is set off by the surrounding white space. This creates an emotional response. Potential buyers can feel the impact they might make wearing those same clothes.

Use What Works

Taking note of what works in website design is worthwhile for business owners. Today, every business needs a web presence. Fortunately, businesses do not have to settle for a generic and unappealing site. With the help of a quality web design company, business owners can utilize the design trends that work to help develop a powerful brand, and help encourage the conversions that will come along with it.



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Google Has Made up Its Way To Hurt Websites, Causing A heck Of Problem For SEO

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Since last year, Google has brought about a bit of change. Previously it used to answer the queries as soon as one entered a question, but currently it has changed its strategy by adding a question for the answer of one. This business is hurting a lot of websites in turn. The reason is; for sure there are a number of links and sites that are  useful but again  there  are a many of these which are  meant  to be  cut off and Google is exactly doing  the same.

Google thrives on the following things:

Content of the page- In case a content of a page is very thin and not up to the mark, then one can just cut them off and bring up something which is much worthy. But sometimes, even certain information is available on a page which is not really profitable for saving. If a person has a site containing a lot of information but all are next to rubbish, might go ahead and take the initiative to ask Google to help delete the same and make them aware about the size of the page.

Reductions- A page might comprise of things that might not be of enough importance at all, one can take the initiative to erase such things from the site and make room to have things of much importance. These sections can even be blocked effort-fully. Many a times the text present in these sites might be a reason behind hanging of the site. Even there are pages which actually do not need to exist at all, if a person has a number of pages of the same order might go ahead and take the effort to delete some of those.

Links for pages- Links are meant for browsing but there are enough of these which actually take the responsibility of sending spam to every other page on a site. These links are meant for deletion, as actually are nonsensical in nature. However there are certain links as well which actually are of great importance, they provide meaningful and useful information to people all over the world thereby connecting each of them through internet.

In the world of information there are a number of objects that we come across, they are of a lot of information but happen to get eradicated in course of providing information. These pages are of great information but get super-imposed by other things.

How to deal with problems?- The problem might be the content, or might be the link but it would definitely cause a heck to close the same, so it is better that one make ways to refresh the page and restore the previous form  with a much hassle. The next big thing is one should be sure enough about a page or link while sharing, cause sharing would cause exchange of spam if it actually contain  the same. These were a few ways in which one might access the internet without much a trouble.

Will Windows 8 and Windows RT will be successful like Kinect?

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Kinect was one of the game controllers launched by Windows. It became extremely popular and within a year it was sold in such a number that it could successfully take its place in the Guinness World Record Book.  One statistics can prove this fact. Within 60 days 8 million units could have been sold. This immense success increased the courage of Microsoft in the hardware Industry. They launched ARM in the month of October this year and in the coming January they are going to launch x86 Surfaces. They are expecting the success of these two devices also.

Windows 8 and Windows RT

Now the million dollar question is that whether Windows RT and Windows 8 are going to repeat the success story of Microsoft what they experienced with Kinect. After the Thanksgiving Day people of America goes for shopping. It generally continues to be in the same extent till Christmas. $52bn was bought by 226 million people of America last year during this time.

This is the time when most of the retailers offer discounts on their products as people do shopping in a wild manner. This is no doubt the best time to launch a product and Microsoft has perfectly chosen this time to sell Windows RT and Windows 8. Amazon, one of the best retailing chain in America are selling Lenovo, Dell and other Laptops containing Windows 8 with offer price and already their plan is getting success. Peripheral and Touch Covers are provided to customers with discount price.

This is no doubt a success story but if you compare it with the success of Kinect, the success is not that much. It was asked to 2000 adults that they want to upgrade their PC with Windows 8 or not. Thirty Nine Percent of people have given positive response. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a positive start. However, one thing also has to be admitted that Microsoft expected little bit more than this.

Well as per the Tablets are concern, Windows 8 is fighting quite well with Apple iOS and Google Android. People are keen to buy tablets with windows 8 in the same level with which they are buying tablets having Google Android application. People who have used windows before want the new version of windows. This is no doubt happy news for Microsoft.

However the news for ARM and Windows RT is not good for Microsoft. As per the survey only 2% of people want to upgrade their PC with these two versions. This is no doubt a shock for Microsoft. Windows 7 was no doubt a big success for Microsoft. However, it is not clear that the new versions will be that much popular or not. However, this is quite clear that, the craze what Kinect got, can not be reached by the two new versions launched by Microsoft.

Well, it can be said, that the new versions like Windows RT or Windows 8 can become more popular as the day progresses. However, Microsoft can not expect the same success story what they got with Kinect.

Analyzing Website Traffic- A Dire Necessity of Small and Medium Businesses

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The online marketing arena is one arena where there is no distinction between small business and a large corporate, both compete equally and have equal chances of attaining success, which is quite contrary to the real world.

The ultimate objective of small business owners is to generate maximum traffic, and out of that traffic produce a sale. Like in website link building, there are lots of ways in which the traffic to a website can be generated. However, the need is to keep an eye on how and from where the traffic is generated. For this purpose, the need is to have a strong grip on analytics.

Using Analytics:

The analytics can be used for two purposes primarily.

  • Firstly, to segment the traffic generated.
  • Secondly, to monitor the traffic generated by social media.

1. Traffic Segmentation:

A small business needs to know the source of its traffic so that the area from which the traffic is received could be targeted affectively. Therefore, to get the data about the visitors, small businesses need to divide their traffic into segments.

A small business can segment the traffic on two basis:

  • Region
  • City

The setting can be done in Google Analytics by following the below given steps:

  • Under the Standard Reporting Tab click on the tab of Advanced Segments.
  • In the Advancement Segments tab, you can apply the geographic filter of city or region.

If the business is of medium scale, then region wise traffic segmentation would be suitable as city is a minute figure compared to a region. However, if the business operates at a very low level, then even a city-based filter would also suffice.

This segmentation could help in better monitoring of the email marketing, social media, and offline advertising campaigns.

2. Monitoring Social Media:

There is no denying the importance of social media for an online marketing campaign. The traffic on social media is analyzed by keeping two factors in mind.

  • The location of all the people who receive your message and are in your sharing line
  • The action taken by aforementioned people when they visit your website

However, social media is like a web, where another person further shares the sharing of one person and so the cycle goes on. This is where the analyzing of social media traffic facilitates. By analyzing the traffic, one could measure the effectiveness of the campaign in the target area or location.

Situational Tips:

The lines below give a few of the situations, which you might be facing pertaining to traffic, and tips to resolve them.

  • If the traffic received by your website is dispersed around the globe, then you need to bring in an SEO who could specify your target market to your locality.
  • A business can use services of a social media marketing firm, to target the audience of the local area on Facebook, and track the behavior of the traffic.
  • If the traffic received by your website s minimal, than the thing you need to do is to get localized web services such as Google Places and other, where you would get enlisted in the local searches.
  • Most importantly, don’t just go on storing the web analytics data, rather review it on regular basis to stay in touch with the latest happenings.


In short, for small business owners, keeping track, and analyzing there web traffic is an utmost necessity. This could help them understand the behavior and buying pattern of the customers, which ultimately would lead to business growth.


Different Surveys Conducted and Their Results Pertaining to Personalized Search

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The search engines are always competing with each other to take the best of market share. When it comes to market share, the search engine that is the most accurate and most effective gets the better of the market.

Search engines revolve around user trends and these trends than force the search engines to make changes, which subsequently affects different participants in online marketing processes, whether it be a social media marketing firm, a PPC marketer, or a website developer.

The lines below give a detail of several surveys conducted pertaining to personalized search and different online marketing functions.

1. Authenticity of Search Results:

According to surveys:

  • 91% of the users say that they most of the times or always find the information they are seeking from search engines.
  • 73% of the users believe that the information, which they get from search engines, is trustworthy and accurate.
  • 55% of the users claim that the quality of search results is getting better over time.
  • Only 4% believe that the search results are moving towards worst.

2. Personalization and Tracking:

Personalization and tracking of personal information is another major concern of users. The personalization feature directly impacts the search results; therefore, it also receives mixed responses from users. According to data collected from surveys:

  • 86% percent of users believe that they have learned something new or knowledgeable post the implementation of personalized search.
  • 45% users responded against the personalized search feature, plainly saying that Google should not use information from other sources.
  • 39.1% users liked the idea of personalized search, but were concerned about their privacy.

3. Content Discovery:

According to several survey stats:

  • 41% users say that they receive conflicting information from their personalized search results, because of which distinguishing the right information becomes difficult.
  • After the personalized search becoming active, 31% of the users believe that search results were missing critical information.

Other Facts:

Besides the change in user trends that take place every now and then, there are some general and hard facts about online marketing that cannot be avoided, whether it be personalized or non personalized search.

  • Several data sources show that the investment in online advertising will reach $19billion in 2012, meaning that there will be more business for website link building service providers, PPC marketers, and SEO specialists.
  • E-commerce sales crossed $194billion in 2011, which is 16.1% more compared to 2010.
  • 59% of Americans use search engine daily, where as 73% of Americans use it occasionally.
  • 38% of users responded to surveys by saying that they are overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of information they receive from search engines.


In short, the personalized search and information tracking has received a mixed response from users, both in terms of its methodology and the results it provides.

Clear Your Search History And Keep Your Privacy!

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Each of us has a few skeletons in our closet that we sorely want to forget. The last thing that you want when at a life changing moment is your web search history exposed. Your religious inclinations, sexual fetishes, political views, and such like affairs are not issues that you want to share with all and sundry, right? Fret not.

There is a way to circumvent all this. All you need to do is simply master the art of deleting your web search history. Sounds quiet simple and it is, the paragraph below explains how.

Clear Your Search History And Keep Your Privacy!

How to Delete Browser History Quickly

Firsft and foremost, you need to understand that all searches that are performed when you are logged into your Google account are essentially logged into a folder. To erase your footprints this is how you proceed: Go to history.

A request to sign into your account will be presented. The second step involves you clicking on to the ‘Remove Web History button’. When you click on to this option, your web history simply vanishes. The entire process takes under a minute to perform. This is how the situation stands up until March 1, this year.

Deleting Selected Pieces of Your Browsing History

If you want to be less dramatic then you can elect to go the way of deleting bits and pieces of your web history. This is the best option for those who do not want to raise suspicions (sic) as to reasons why they have deleted their entire web history. The process involves the following: Go your web history ( and sign into your account).

Your footprints in the world of the World Wide Web are presented to you, and you simply press the pause button on murky searches and no more details will be conducted on your account.

Upcoming Changes to Google Privacy Policy

The above two options are only possible up until the first day of March this year. Afterwards the search engine entity plans to have a unified privacy policy that will collect all personal details in their ever-increasing folders. The disadvantage of the presence of such a thick folder essentially means that you will need to go through a more rigorous process to delete your web history. This however is viewing the positive side of it. The negative could be that such an excursion could even be almost impossible in the security conscious world that we live in.

However things play out, one thing is certain: There are a few people who would want their search history shared with the world. The issues here touch on a raft of issues- the universal freedoms of access to information, the freedom of self expression, and a whole lot of legal jargon.

The search engine is walking a tightrope with regard to maintaining these freedoms and upholding its obligations as a corporate citizen. However things play out remember that your search for that dream job or even marrying into that blue blood family need not suffer on account of a colorful search history, nay. When in doubt, do the smart thing, press the delete button. It could make all the difference.

This guest post was brought to you by the Computer Too Slow, where you can find lots of free advice to speed up your computer.

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10 Ways Cloud Computing Has Changed Business

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Cloud computing is a method of delivering computing services. Initially conceived in 2006, it has become a common method of transferring files through the Internet. Cloud computing represents a fundamental shift in business, where computing has traditionally been considered a product. Here are 10 ways in which cloud computing has changed business.

  1. Cloud computing has greatly simplified the task of sharing files on a network. This typically requires users to place an application icon for the cloud computing software onto their computer’s desktop. A file can be shared simply by dragging it into the icon. File-sharing previously required expertise in networking.
  2. Large companies began developing the tools that provide cloud-computing services. Gartner research predicts that customers will spend $16 billion per year on cloud computing services by the year 2016.
  3. Cloud computing has caused business leaders to assume that all digital information is available through the Internet.
  4. Cloud-computing businesses are becoming extremely competitive., CloudMe, Dropbox, Egnyte and SugarSync are all cloud-computing startups that have been founded since 2000. Big companies such as Apple and Google are also getting involved with this trend.
  5. Businesses that provide cloud-computing services are able to obtain large amounts of funding. For example, Dropbox obtained venture capital worth more than $250 million in September of 2011.
  6. Cloud computing allows average users to transfer files between devices, rather than just high-end users. The transfer of files between devices started becoming an issue for average users in 2007.
  7. Cloud computing also allows users to connect different types of devices on the Internet, which have proliferated since the late 1990s. In addition to a PC or Mac, users today may also have a smartphone or tablet, which is fully integrated with cloud computing services.
  8. Businesses now consider data sharing to be an integral part of computing, along with having the right data and Internet connectivity. These three elements are now business requirements, rather than options.
  9. Cloud computing has allowed users to become more mobile. IDC, a market research firm, reports that 758.6 million mobile users were connected to the Internet 2006. That number is projected to increase to 1.3 billion by 2013.
  10. The transfer of large files such a multimedia files is faster with cloud computing. Prior to cloud computing, these files were typically transferred by downloading them from a server. This process becomes time consuming when it is performed frequently.

Whether you’re sharing documents with office mates or trying to decide what to do in Chicago, cloud computing has many valid uses that has made sharing information infinitely easier. Gone are the days of snail mail and bulky file cabinets. Now, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can stay connected and up-to-date, making cloud computing a winning solution for the business world. With all of these innovations, who knows where we will be five or ten years from now? The possibilities seem limitless.

Gist of Google’s New Privacy Policy and The Controversies Associated With It

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The new Google privacy policy is due to launch at 1st of March, 2012. This privacy update has created a lot of buzz in the online arena, and has received mixed responses from the audiences.

Google’s new privacy policy is a summarized and condensed form of its prevalent privacies. The new privacy policy will cover all the policies that were concerned with all the products of Google, and now would be available in a generic policy document. The points which the new policy covers and which every internet marketing agency should know about are given below.

1. The Way Information is Collected:

The policy explains the way Google collects the personal information. The information is collected in two ways:

  • When a user signs up for Google account, then Google may collect information like, phone number, contact address, email address, or credit card information.
  • Google also collects information when a user uses its services, like the interaction with ads, website visits, location, search queries, and so on.

2. Use of Collected Information:

Google uses the collected information to improve its services. It can be in the form of:

  • Tailoring ads and search results
  • Contextualize future interaction with Google
  • Language preferences to enhance the user experience.

3. Access of Information:

The user can control Google’s access to information; its access can be controlled by:

  • Editing the ad preferences
  • Controlling the information associated with Google account.
  • Using the browser to block cookies that are associated with Google services
  • By adjusting the appearance of your Google account.

4. Visibility of Information:

Google cannot make the information visible to anyone unless it has your consent. All affiliates that will have access to your information will do so in compliance with the privacy policy.


Like any other update, this privacy policy of Google is also prone to controversies. The three major controversies prevailing right now are discussed below.

1.       People, who indulge in social media marketing platforms like Facebook, fear the privacy update. Facebook is known to discreetly change the privacy policy, and then the user has to work hard to stop the information from going public. The users of social media fear that Google might do the same with their privacy.

2.       Though Google makes it clear how it’s going to use the gathered information. However, for a layman, any thing that concerns his privacy is creepy and a threat to personal information.

3.       Although Google provides clear instruction how you can make your information private, yet securing the privacy would be a hard thing to do for a normal user, and ultimately he would have to rely on Google to take care of it.


In short, Google does its best not to frighten the users with its privacy policy, but no matter how hard it tries, user will be frightened and cautious about any thing that concerns their privacy.

Top Smartphone Apps to Plan a Great Family Day Out

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A day spent with the family doing fun activities is great for quality time. Planning a great family day out has gotten a lot easier with apps for smart phones.


To help you decide what to do on your day out you can use Goby. It will search for outdoor recreation, concerts, places for family fun, museums, spas, and more. The Where app will also help you find interesting things to do, such as zoos, museums, or festivals.

For an active day out, check out Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder. It shows places for hiking, boating, cycling, to name a few.

If a beach is what you want, the app Beach Finder will give you directions and reviews for 5300 beaches. Before you go, you might want to check Surf Report, an iPhone app to get the surfing conditions. Android users can use Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast.

During your day out you may decide to see a movie. The Showtimes app gives you the theaters in your area plus the times of the movies and directions to the theater. It also has movie trailers for you to watch and descriptions of movies.

To stay organized so you won’t forget anything important for your day, use the Remember The Milk app. You can keep track of operating hours for the places you are going or movie times.

Apps for Driving

If your day out includes driving, Google Maps can help plan your route and will be handy if you get lost. It can help you pick alternate routes if necessary.

Weather can be unpredictable and a day that starts with sun can quickly change. The Weather Channel app can be invaluable to making sure your day goes according to plan.

If you are driving through parts unknown, the GasBuddy app will help make sure you don’t run out of gas. It also lets you know the prices for gas so you can save some money.

Personal Needs

Looking for a place to eat is simple with the FastFood app. This will point out all the kids’ favorites and you can view the menu options. If you don’t do fast food, then GoodFoodNearYou will give you healthier options.

There are two apps that help you find restrooms. One is Have2p and the other is SitOrSquat. Both will find bathrooms that are near and have information about cleanliness and features, like a changing table.

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5 Top DIY SEO Tips for Beginners

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When building a Web page, there are many things to take into consideration. Your product or service needs to be easily visible and understandable, for example. However, if readers can’t find your page, then all your hard work is for naught. Because of this, SEO is a critical part of the process. Luckily, there are several SEO strategies you can implement on your own, even if you’re a beginner.
5 Top DIY SEO Tips for Beginners
1. Understand Links

Links are an important part of the SEO process. Any time that your website is connected to another page, you get a higher ranking with search engines. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should randomly dump links across the Web. Search engines are more sophisticated than ever, so the quality of your links and the partners you use are crucial to success. The sites you link to need to be relevant to your own content and be of high quality. One of the best ways to generate good links is to network with like-minded websites and companies. Blogs and blogging networks also provide excellent linking opportunities.

2. Keywords

Keywords are often considered the foundation of a good SEO marketing strategy. Even experts make heavy use of keywords to increase visibility and build a website’s ranking. Keywords aren’t hard to understand, but you do need to be savvy to properly implement them. Search engines such as Google provide free tools to help you determine the best keywords for your industry. In most cases, these will be short phrases. Each keyword should be worked naturally into your Web content, at a ratio of about 1-2 percent; under no circumstances should a piece of content be comprised of more than 15 percent keywords.

3. Design

It can be very fulfilling to spend the time to design a visually appealing website. While your readers may appreciate bells and whistles, advanced graphics can actually interfere with a search engine’s ability to crawl your site and rank it appropriately. Keep your website design simple and text-based.

4. Tag It

Websites are almost always more than what meets the eye. They include images and HTML code. Never miss an opportunity to work your keywords into your content. All images should be tagged with appropriate, high-ranking keywords, for example. You can also make use of tagging in your page names, titles and other hidden content.

5. Relevant Content

SEO strategies used to be fairly simple. Search engines, however, are becoming more sophisticated and can easily pick out sites that feature poor content that is obviously geared to primitive SEO strategies. These sites are being rated poorly and losing ground in the ranking system. It is crucial when doing DIY SEO that you have content that is created by a real writer and is readable by real clients. It also should be completely original for best results.