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Making a Rock Star Birthday Party Theme

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Rock stars can be a fun birthday theme for a child or an adult. There are many different ways that you can incorporate rock stars into your birthday party. The following are some things you can do to give a great “rock star” birthday party.

First, you will of course need rock music. You can put on whatever rock music you like best in the background. If it is a hip crowd that likes to dance, then you could make a space for dancing and put the music on a little louder. If most people would rather the music not be so invasive, you can just put it on in the background. In addition, you could get some sort of a rock concert that you like and have that playing on your computer in the background.

Another fun thing to do at a rock star themed party is to let the guests have a try at being a rock star by allowing them to sing karaoke. It can be fun to listen to the good singers, and hilarious to listen to the bad singers. You can choose a variety of rock music from the different karaoke apps out there.

You will want to put rock star decorations up. They make life size cutouts of different people, and different rock stars are included in that. If there is someone who is popular that you really like, then you could see if something like that is available. Otherwise, you may want to put different rock posters on the walls. You can print things out from the Internet, and you may be able to find some things on websites such as If you have old rock record albums, then these can also make a fitting decoration for a rock star themed party.

Party stores such as Party City also sell a wide variety of decorations that would be appropriate for a rock star party. They have decorations such as cutouts of jukeboxes and musical notes. They sell many other items that can provide decorations for your entire room or house if you so choose.

For your rock star themed party, you can tell people to come dressed as rock stars. This can be a lot of fun, and can often be done with items that people already have in their own closets complimented by a pair of sunglasses. You can go all out yourself.

Incredible Indoor Team Building Events With Guaranteed Results

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Business owners are facing serious competitions due to intense demands of clients. It is the main reason why you need to take right steps forward to enjoy magnificent financial profits. There is no denying that workers are the most crucial part of any organization and if they are not working as a team then you will face serious problems in completing assignments within deadlines. Hence, it will affect your business opportunities as people won’t like to hire your services again and again. If you want to boost coordination among your workers then you should opt for indoor team building events. It is the simplest solution that will help your workers to work as a team and achieve amazing results within no time.

When it comes to indoor team building events then you should choose events carefully. In order to help business owners, we have come-up with amazing team building events those will boost employee coordination as well as boots personality of each worker. We are offering result-oriented team building activities those will definitely help your team to work together and help each other in the needed times. You will also see the huge transformation in their approach towards work.

Here are team building events those will increasing coordination among team members –

1. Casino and card games – Some people might feel that how playing cards and casino games can increase coordination among people. It is helpful as lots of people can play together and that creates bond among team members.Simply, once people start playing together then there is no hesitation among members, which is biggest hurdle in team building.

2. Dinner for entire team – There is no denying that people love to share their personal experience and knowledge on the dinner table and that is why you should use this activity for team building. It will help each team member to understand problems of other and help them for greater good. Surely, you will witness the impact on your entire team as they will start backing each other. In results, they will complete assigned tasks within deadlines.

3. Lectures for Team building – Hiring a professional is really helpful for improving team coordination as instructor can find the loopholes in working techniques easily and help people to resolve their problems. Lectures are helpful to motivate workers so they can help each-other whenever it is necessary.

4. Tasks for improving communication skills – Communication huddle can create biggest problem in team building and that is why you should take right steps towards eradicating such problem. You can use activities those involves more than 2 teams of member as that will demand workers to help each-other in order to win. Surely, it will create perfect bridge for removing communication gap.

Hence, you should not waste any further time in hiring our amazing services to enjoy maximum results. There are thousands of other indoor team building events from which you can choose for increasing bond among each worker but if you want rapid results then you should use above given points. So, don’t waste your valuable time and hire us for getting best services right now!

What To Expect from Generator Hire Companies

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Large numbers of companies and housing societies prefer to hire generator sets rather than buying the same. It is because of the unique benefits of generator hire companies that provide satisfactory services to their clients. These concerns make available good generators sets that are delivered, maintained well and kept in working conditions. The hirers find the generator sets to be satisfactory in all respects.

Those hiring the generators usually expect the following from the concerns that facilitate such sets on rental basis:

Reliability – Persons that hire the generator sets expect them to be reliable and work in perfect manners. Uninterrupted power supply with the help of generator sets is all that the hirers ask for. The clients expect the generator hire companies to facilitate reliable pieces of gen sets that do not trouble in any manner.

24 hour call out and timely solutions – Hirers of gen sets can be challenged with emergencies at any time. The gen set rental companies must be able to respond to their calls without any delay and find out apt solutions to their problems. Gen sets may go out of order at any time during the day or in the night. It is the generator-hire providers to ensure that the hirers find no inconvenience. Satisfactory customer service on the part of these concerns is a must. All calls, queries, faxes or e mails etc must be attended to in responsible manners as regards staff of gen set rental companies. Breakdowns of gen sets must be repaired without any loss of time. The mechanics must be sent to the hirers immediately on receipt of any information from the latter that complain of any problem with the gen set hired by them.

Facilitate spares without delay – Broken down gen sets may require spare parts for bringing them into working conditions. The generator hire companies must send the requisite spare parts without any delay so that the hirers are at peace of mind. The gen sets have to be kept running at all costs. It is the duty of the gen set rental companies to ensure the same.

Transportability – Gen sets provided by the generator hire companies must be easy to transport. The hirers should not be put to any inconvenience in this regard. It is expected that the companies that provide the gen sets on rental basis deliver the same through their own transport.

Weather resistance – The generator sets hired by the clients must be weather resistant. Inclement weathers should not create any hurdles as far as operation of such gen sets is concerned. The hirers must enjoy these sets and find no difficulty in operating them.

Charges – The rates asked by the gen set rental companies from their clients must be quite genuine. The hirers should not feel burdened as regards their pocket. Bills towards rental services should be free from any hidden charges.

Persons or companies interested to hire gen sets may bear in mind the above aspects and see that the same are fulfilled by the rental companies.


Line Up Of Events In The City Of Bollywood

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Did you know that Mumbai is in fact a combination consisting seven islands and a hefty amount of time was spent to bridge the gap between all the islands? Mumbai is so crowded and populated that a person can have the privilege of accessing an open space of only 1.1sq mts? Well, with such an interesting historical past and bulging with so much people, it is but natural that a lot keeps on happening in Mumbai. The city of Bollywood, Mumbai never runs out of events. The events in mumbai just keep on coming one after the other. Let’s take a look at some of the few trending events lined up for the coming days-

1. Breakfast ride at South Mumbai: South Mumbai is the most celebrated and popular part of Mumbai. It has many places of special interest lined up here. Well, this breakfast ride gives you can opportunity to try out the delicious local breakfast menu of Mumbai and then cycling around various places of interest in south Mumbai, to burn all those calories! You will have a group of fellow enthusiasts who will join you for a ride to shed a few kilos and try out some delicious delicacies of Mumbai at the same time. Sounds fun, right? Here are a few other important details:

Meeting place: Olympus restaurant, Colaba

You will be having your breakfast here, the menu of which includes Kheem pav or Muska Bun, accompanied by an omelette (There are provisions for vegetarian breakfasts too).

Date: 1st May, 2016, Sunday

Time: 6:30 AM

Cost per person: Rs. 650 (breakfast included)

Line Up Of Events In The City Of Bollywood

2. Rage- Sundowner and Pop up Flea: Ready for an entire day of shopping and drinks? This event offers you the opportunity to browse through the Flea Market organized by them with their amazing collection of really cool stuff to choose from! It does not remain confined to just that- you have an open bar throughout the entire time and to top it off there are really pocket friendly happy hour deals. There will be live singers too, to add to the ambience. Plus, you do not need to pay any entry fee; all you need to do is shop and swing to the beats of the music!

Venue: SOHO Tapas Bar

Address: MHADA Rd, SV Patel Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Date: 30th April, 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 4PM onwards

Entry free

3. Open Mic + Rising Stars: Get ready to laugh our heart out for this event brings to you the aspiring comedians of the Mubmai city! With witty and hilarious strikes this event promises to be one worth going to. In fact since it is open mic you can also chip in if you feel you have some humorous tales and joke to share. Who knows you just might end up discovering your own hidden potential!

Venue: Canvas Laugh Club

Address: 3rd Floor, Palladium Mall, Phoenix Mills, Lowe Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400013

Date: 16th May, 2016 (Monday, a happy way to combat your Monday blues)

Time: 8:30 PM onwards

Entry fee per person: Rs. 200

Line Up Of Events In The City Of Bollywood

Well, Mumbai is all set you offer you a plethora of events in the coming weeks. So, which one will you are heading out to?

Creative Gift Ideas For Ramadan

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Ramadan Kareem is the most sacred month for all Muslims around the world. It is the month to collect countless blessings from Allah SWT and to indulge in supplication with your heart and soul to get pleased with the bounties of Allah. Ramadan is also very enthusiastic because it is celebrated with zest and zeal and it brings all Muslims closer regardless of any discrimination. Like all countries, Ramadan is widely celebrated with love and joyfully welcomed by Pakistanis as well.

In Pakistan, Ramadan holds a great value to bring families together and enjoy the luscious foods at each other’s place on Iftar or Sehr. People share joyful gifts on this auspicious occasion to spread happiness among their loved ones. Relatives who live abroad take special interest to greet the arrival of this holy month by sending gifts to Pakistan to their families. They miss the chance to be with families in this holy month and thus they like to compensate by offering joyful gifts for loved ones.

So if you are planning to send some exciting gifts for your family, then you can try some of these gift ideas for Ramadan.

Ramadan Wallpaper- Earlier people used to send greeting cards to their loved ones to send joyful wishes for the holy month. Now the trend has changed so you can send a beautiful wallpaper with some ecstatic picture of Masjid e Haram or Masjid e Nabwi with words written “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem”.

Ramadan Books- People usually like to read Islamic books in Ramadan especially those related to various prayer guides. So you can send some Ramadan books collection for your parents to let them enjoy their prayers with zeal.

Ramadan Story Books for Kids- Kids take special interest in Ramadan rituals and they would certainly like to know about its history and background. So you can send them some Ramadan related story books which would be an exciting addition to their shelves.

Fasting Basket- You can entice your entire family by sending them a scrumptious fasting gift basket. The basket contains mouthwatering dates, fruit juices, spicy sauce bottles that can be used with pakoras or chaat and some fruits to get nutritious values.

Oud & Attar Fragrance- Oud and Attar are very traditional smells from Arabian culture and they create a very exotic ambiance in house. Attar is used by gents while they go for prayers especially for Juma prayers. So you can send some fascinating smells of Oud and Attar for your family to mesmerize their house with beautiful fragrances during Ramadan.

Dates Gift Box- Although dates are available in abundance during Ramadan but you can send them special dates variety which comes with unique flavors like chocolate dates, dates with nuts, Ajwa, roasted almond dates and so on. This would be an amusing gift with respect to Ramadan and your family will get the chance to enjoy unique variety of dates in the season.

There can be plenty of other creative ideas that one can create and make it an exclusive gift for Ramadan to rejoice your family.

Practical Items For Parties

Practical Items For Parties

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Organizing a party encompasses so many different items including invitations, decorations, candies, etc. In order to save your time, we researched a little bit to find the essentials you may need. Even though you would usually host a party with a specific theme in mind, you can easily find alternative party supplies as any store has customized items for the specific theme.


When it comes to invitations, you have several options. Pre-bought invitations found at store are a good solution if you are pressed for time.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of designing invitations in online invitation design tools such as Canva, PsPrint, Evite, PaperlessPost, Punchbowl and Yapp. Some of these websites have the option of printing invitations out, while some do not. If you do want to send e-invitations, some websites such as Punchbowl can let you import your contacts from your e-mail list for easier managing of your guest lists. Depending on a website, there is a RSVP code so that guests can respond online.

Finally, you can opt for creating your own invitations as a part of a DIY project. You can find various tutorials online to help you make them.


You can choose between background and hanging decorations, or you can simply have it all. Even though you will find party décor specific to a party theme, most of decorations are universal. Banners and buntings can be used for outdoor decoration, while chandeliers, decorative lanterns and lighting decorations such as LED candles and balloon lights are ideal for a night indoor party. Finally, deck your room with paper background, floral sheeting or backdrops.

Helium Balloon Gas Canister

A helium balloon gas canister is a practical solution for every party. It comes in a variety of size depending on your needs. Most gas canisters can be used for both latex and foil balloons, but make sure you ask a retailer which balloon type a gas canister can inflate. Depending on a retailer, there are helium balloon party kits including a gas canister, balloons and ribbons at a reasonable price.

Candy Buffet

There is no party without a candy buffet. Setting up a candy buffet will spice up any party atmosphere. First things first, choose colourful buckets, containers, jars, bowls and candy scoops. The next thing you have to do is to choose a catering service specialized in making candies for parties. A useful hint when it comes to parties: you cannot go wrong with a chocolate fountain. Dipping fruit and marshmallows is a guilty pleasure for most of the guests, we are sure of it.

Printed Stubby Coolers

Keeping a drink cold/or warm is especially important at parties. Printed stubby coolers are personalized cans suitable for any party theme. Coolers are usually made from 3 to 5mm thick neoprene or foam. On the other hand, there are collapsible and non-collapsible stubby coolers. As you can see, they come in a variety of size and shape and they can be customized for your specific needs, which makes them a must at party.


What’s a party without games? So, when you are planning a party, do not forget about games to liven up the atmosphere. A giant chess set is ideal for outdoor parties. You can also organize a bowling competition with a bowling set. Gather your friends and family for a bingo night with an authentic bingo set. Off course, prepare the prize in advance. A hen’s night scavenger night list is indispensable game for any hen party. Research a bit and you will find hundreds of games you and your guests can enjoy playing.

We have listed essential party supplies and a couple of examples where to find or how to make them. These are only recommendations. You can always make your own party supplies for a party to be remembered.

Come To These Top Places To Host Childrens Parties London

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Everyone knows that when in London, everything has to be fabulous and this includes any childrens parties London that you are thinking to host. The most important aspect that determines the success of any party is the location because if you’ve picked a poor spot then it won’t matter how fabulous your party will look as the location will ruin everything. Here are some of the best places to host childrens parties London so you won’t have to face such a problem.

  • Kid’s zoos are the primary choice for a reason

If there’s one thing that kids absolutely love, it’s furry and cuddly animals. It wouldn’t be terribly strange for you to pick the local zoo to host some childrens parties London just to see how different the reaction of the little ones are going to be. They may even be so excited that they won’t even remember why they are there in the first place! Some zoos have the option of hosting night safaris and this will give the kids to learn a lot more about nocturnal animals whilst having fun.

  • Going onboard a pirate ship can be lots of fun too

Kids love the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and pretend to be something they are not. They get a major kick out of this even if it’s only for a little while so why not take the chance to let them enjoy childrens parties London like they have never experienced before? You could easily enquire with the local party organizers to see if they can help you out in finding an replica of a pirate ship where you could host your party on.

They will never forget such an awesome experience and you will forever be remembered as the coolest parent in the world!

  • Have a sleep over at the local toy store

You definitely know that kids love toys and what better way to let them enjoy it to the maximum in one of the greatest ideas for childrens parties London than to have them sleep in an actual toy store? This actually isn’t too expensive to do and depending on who you’ve got helping you out, you can really get a good price from all of this.

The only thing you will want to make sure is that the kids must understand that they should not open any or all of the toys in the store unless you have already paid for them in advance. This is a unique idea that will make you the talk of the town so why not give it a shot at your next childrens parties London?

Top Automotive Events Of 2013

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The automotive events are one thing that you cannot miss to watch. It’s a lifetime experience that will be remembered for a very long time. The following are some of those events that have happened in 2013.

Keels and Wheels 

The event was held in May 4-5, 2013 in Seabrook Texas. There were classic and sports cars, skiffs, and restored wooden boats. The Yachta – Yachta cocktail party kicks off and the attendants sip drinks as they jump from one yacht to the other.

Invitational and Euro Experience 

This was held in Saratoga Springs, at the state Park, in New York on May 17-19, 2013. This upstate town in New York boasts of having a bred of horses, and it brings very many lovely cars together. The master of ceremony is actor Edward Hermann who also emcees both Amelia Ireland the beach of Pebble concurs. In this year’s event the featured marquee was a BMW

40th National Street Rod Nationals

This was an event that was held in May 31-June 2, 2013. York, Pa. The event is the favorite in NSRA, East Coast get together. Around 5,000 rods, muscle cars, and customs gathers on York burnout in the streets improperly. In the event there are performance cars, corral of 1950’s cars which are of 1970’s and they do welcome them to participate. Other events that NSRA presents include an extravaganza which 14,000car converges in August at Kimberly.

Automobile Deco

Held in Nashville, Tenn, in June 14-September 15, 2013. Most of the amazing cars of the past century were produced by the movement of Art Deco. The event presented 18 examples that recalled the glory of the past age whereby coach builders like Figoni ET Falaschi used to produce cars that would resemble gowns on wheels.

Los Angeles Roadster Show

The show was held in June 14-16, 2013 at Los Angeles. The event was organized by Los Angeles Roadster Car Club. All the vendors for the major speed equipment are on site and each year there is a 700 roadster reserved parking with a cutoff for the 1937 model.

The 26th Annual Designs Car Show

Here you will get to see the best auto designers being invited by their favorites as you get under the radar. This is a charitable event that is used to benefit Ophthalmology Institute. It show that is set in a house manicured grounds in the shore of Grosse Pointe. As you enjoy the stunning examples of more than 200 cars of the past, you will manage to mingle with men and women who have the experience in creating some of the best contemporary cars.

The 45th Annual of the Fifties

An event that was held on June 21-23, 2013, at St. Paul in Minnesota. In the upper Midwest town this is an exceptional event that is done in an outdoor hot rod gatherings. The event features rockabilly music, good food and above all great cars.

For the participants who may not be having their licenses and would want to participate they can get a provisional driving licence application form which they can fill and get the license processed. It always important to carry your driving license with you whenever you are attending such an event.

“Gossip Girl” Reunion At New York Fashion Week

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The Alice + Olivia shows during the New York Fashion Week by designer Stacey Bendet are known for two things:  the hot and young celebs who attend and the eye-catching looks. Designer Stacey Bendet did it once again during her spring’s presentation on Monday at the Highline Stages in Manhattan and this time it was with a punch of prep. While speaking to Newsday, Stacey Bendet said that in each of the looks, there was this combination of casual sportswear, whether it was a traditional trouser or a crop tree, with something that was really pretty or dressed up.

For instance, there were ball gown skirts that had collared shirts and they came with beaded jackets and embroidered blazers that were worn over classic sweaters. There was also a lot of lace that was decorated with both polished suits and elegant gowns. The accessories and the shoes were without a doubt fun too, starting with the pointy-toed heels that were adorned with striped espadrilles and hearts with major platforms to the bearded clutches. However, Stacey Bendet says that the crop tops and pleated miniskirts were the two ultimate must-have items for the spring of the 2014.

Sisters Nicky Hilton and Paris Hilton, who both currently have the same shade of blond, came out to see the collection of the designer in the fashion show. Nicky Hilton was wearing a red plaid miniskirt and long-sleeved top while Paris Hilton was wearing a black and white houndstooth dress. Both of the outfits were of course from Alice + Olivia. Speaking of the fashion choice of the famous siblings, Paris Hilton said that they had similar choices. Paris added that sometimes they will show up at an event wearing almost the same outfit. She said that when they were little, their mom always used to dress them up as twins adding that they loved it.

The New York Fashion Week show held at Manhattan by Bendet could however not be complete without the reunion of “Gossip Girl”. Kelly Rutherford, who was in attendance, ran onto the red carpet so as to hug Taylor Momsen, a former co-star. Momsen was wearing a tight black design from Alice + Olivia which had leather aspect and strappy stilettos. Taylor Momsen said that in her closet there were lots of leather, and she went on ahead to call her leather jacket the second skin. Speaking of the lax style mantra that she was featuring, she said that she usually gets dressed based on how she feels on a particular day in whatever is clean on that day.

Momsen will kick off a tour which will last two months together with her band, The Pretty Reckless, on the 20th of September in Canada. Designer Stacy Bendet could not be able to contain her excitement over dressing her. Bendet said that she thinks that Taylor Momsen was so amazing adding that she was a renaissance woman. Bendet also said that not only is Taylor Momsen an incredible actress and style, but she also has sick style.

Taylor Swift And Kacey Musgraves Lead The Nomination For The CMA

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Kacey Musgraves was aware that the CMA (County Music Awards) nominations were to be held on the morning of Tuesday but as a newcomer to the industry, she saw no reason to wake up early. This was until her roommate started shouting. While laughing, Musgraves said that she had no idea she would be making history. Musgraves is on a tie with Taylor Swift as the County Music Awards leading nominee having six votes for the November 6th awards that will be held in Nashville. She becomes the 1st woman to lead in the CMA nominations in her 1st year as a nominee.

The 25-year-old performer from Texas achieved it in a well-rounded fashion after she earned nominations as a singer, female vocalist, songwriter and producer with album, single, new artist and entries for two different songs of the year on her ledger. Musgraves said that it was really cool and she loved it adding that all the aspects were of equal importance to her especially that of songwriting. Musgrave also said it made her feel really good for being recognized for all those things. The CMA nominations were announced on Good Morning America in New York and later along in a news conference that was held by FGL and Sheryl Crow.

Taylor Swift will be going for her 3rd entertainer of the year award and she was also nominated for female vocalist of the year and album for the multiplatinum “Red”. Taking the entertainment of year, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, his wife, are the next in line each having 5 nominations. Florida Georgia and Keith Urban have four nominations each.

Shelton and Lambert will be heading for their 4th consecutive wins in the female vocalist and the male vocalist categories and they may share a trophy again as they did last year after their song won the song of the year. This year, both share nominations in the video categories and music event with trio Pistol Annies from Lambert and for their collaboration on the “Boys ‘Round Here” song by Shelton. The County Music Awards have become sort of a party for the couple recently, who have being among the top winners of the shows for the past three years. In an email to the Associated Press, Lambert said that it was so much fun for them achieving individual success and at the same time getting a chance to celebrate it together.

Swift and Shelton have been nominated for the entertainer of the year with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and a surprise nominee George Strait, who is a two-time winner in the category and is being feted by the voters of the County Music Awards while he is retiring from touring. The loads of nominations from Taylor Swift are not that surprising. Even though she is a polarizing figure sometimes because of her leanings to pop music, she has gotten the full attention of the County Music Awards voters in the past few years. She now stands at 21 CMA nominations in her career and she has two awards for the entertainer of the year among the seven wins that she has which ties her with Barbara Mandrell, the lead female winner of the top honor of the association.

Solo Exhibition of Syrian Artist Khaled Ansari

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A much awaited arts event has finally started in the Ayyam Gallery on 5th September, 2013 and the event is scheduled to continue till 5th October.

Solo Exhibition of Syrian Artist Khaled AnsariThe month long event is the solo exhibition of “Complete Freedom” of renowned Syrian Artist Khaled Takreti will continue in the Ayyam Gallery located at 143 New Bond Street 1st Floor WIS 2TP, London.

“Complete Freedom is the first UK solo exhibition by acclaimed Syrian artist Khaled Takreti. The exhibition will present a new body of mixed media and film works examining the validity of the term ‘freedom’ and its relationship to personal and group identity”, explains one of the organizers.
Not only common art lovers but also critics may find the event extremely interesting as the arts exhibition offers a unique combination of classic and contemporary arts.

The renowned Syrian artist is well known for his large-scale painted compositions. Creation of arts basically explores the psychology of the female subjects on whom the work of arts is based. Many arts experts consider the exhibition at Ayyam Gallery in London as a shift towards “a largely monochromatic, graphic style and intimate subject matter”, says one.

Works of Arts that are created by Khaled Ansari are combination of deployment as well as subversion of both found images as well as his own photographs. The artist has founded his latest works on the photos he had taken on the Paris Metro.

In essence; the collage canvases marking a major part of the work of Arts of the notable Syrian artist are based on manipulated and reprinted photographs on which the artist has carried out various creative reworking. Such reworking has been conducted using the process of drawing, cutting, as well as painting. Each of these actions has added a bit to the sharpness and quality of the artistic products.

Process that is adopted by the artist works as a virtual visual diary since it is one of the modes of recording memories as well as charting time of the entire actions carried out.

Huge efforts and meticulous actions taken to create the final products of arts have supposedly not gone waste as is quite evident from the impact that the images of the artist have made on all including the eminent art critiques.

“The delicate, fragile compositions that form the exhibition are both deeply personal and playful reflections on current social issues and everyday life”, says one of the critiques.
Theme of the works of Ansari is creating an impact of absurdist critique of chaotic nature highlighting the fragility and uncertainties associated with the contemporary existence. Animal human characters that are presented in the images are serious attempts to project the ideal selves of the people to the rest of the world.

Through his creations the artist launches a pointed attack on the cult of individualism. He also displays his belief that multiplicity as well as accessibilities of consumer choices that are available to mankind in modern world only works to kill their individuality turning them into stereotypes human photocopies.

Khaled Ansari was born in Beirut in the year 1964 but his working abode is Paris.

An Exclusive Range Of Programs On Fringe Arts Festival Of Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is all set to welcome the grandest festival ever. The Philly Fringe Arts Festival is on its way to begin this week. The much-awaited event is expected to be a lot bigger and more happening compared to the last year.

The managing committee has lined up 150 plus performances on the event. Tara Demmy, the program manager remarks that the event this year is extended to 18 days. The program includes local, national and international participants. Tara also adds that the venues will be dynamic ranging from popular city center to the background of the household. The most remarkable feature of this program is its location, Eastern State Penitentiary.

Fringe Arts Festival Of PhiladelphiaParticipants and audiences flock here at this time of the year to have a glimpse of variety of art categories and genres. Tara adds that there are more than 150 show lined up for the entertainment program. These shows include musical performances, puppetry, visual arts, films and circus. The mix pot of multitude of art forms draw artist and people from all parts of the world, like, Greece, Norway, Italy, and other parts of the world.

In addition to this, there are other informational programs lined up with the aim to educate the young people. One such program titled is “All the Sex I Ever Had”. The elderly people will come forward to share their sexual evolution. If anyone chooses to be adventurous then “Pay Up” is ideal hunt for them.

The audience is pampered with an array of program to choose from. Adrienne Mackey created a 90-minute show consisting of music and vaudeville. The show is designed to narrate the story of Joe Hill, a labor leader who was charged with murder and beheaded in the early 1900s.

Tara Demmy forwards a list of eminent performances from world-class groups and theater personalities. To name a few there is Leo, a circus performance that includes gravity defying acts. The performance comes from the house of Y2D Productions in partnership with Chameleon Productions. The star performer of the popular enactment is Fred Astaire. Moseses has already created much buzz in the market with its uniqueness and grandeur it is expected to steal the heart of the audience. It comes from the production house of Fist and Heel. Reggie Wilson, invented and stylized the many faces of Moses and the exodus of the African people.

That is not all. The Philly Fringe Arts Festival has more in store to provide a feast of senses. Societas Raffaello Sanzio, an international production that asks man’s innate question through the medium of art. The performance questions God about His whereabouts at the time when the world needs Him the most. The Life and Times: Episodes 1-5 portrays the life of a theater personality. The presentation by Nature Theatre of Oklahoma consists of 16 hours.

Tara Demmy boosts that the audience will perhaps never come across such a grand event in Philadelphia. The events lined up will surely win the heart of all the visitors.

September 2013 Events for the Whole World

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The world moves, and in order to keep the attention on yourself, you have gotta do something.

And that is why events exist, to turn your head around, and go “oh something happened, lets watch it”. Today we are going to present you the events that come this september.

1 – Indian American Day, New York

This Caribbean celebration, known for having lively music and lots of skin, is never short on costumed stilt dancers, floats blaring soca and calypso music, and plenty of flags from countries such as Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Look for vendors stationed along Eastern Parkway selling island eats like jerk chicken, curry goat and oxtail. Early risers can preparty at J’ouvert (pronounced “joo-VAY”), a predawn festival in which revelers throw powdered paint at each other. Head to Grand Army Plaza around 4am when the high jinks really get going. Eastern Pkwy from Schenectady Ave to Flatbush Ave, Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Subway: 3, 4, 5 to Crown Hts-Utica Ave.

2 – Electric Zoo, Randall’s Island

It’s only been four years since Made Event tossed its first Electric Zoo in the open air at Randall’s Island—but in that short space of time, the three-day festival has become a don’t-miss attraction on the electronic-dance-music circuit, attracting EDM fans from throughout the area and around the world. This year’s lineup, as in past years, is heavy on the superstar-DJ action—David Guetta, Diplo and Tiësto are just a few of the big names on hand—but there will be plenty of less bombastic sounds for those looking for something on the underground tip, too.

3 – London Mela, London

The London Mela in Gunnersbury Park is a wonderful celebration of Asian music and culture which always draws a big crowd of 55,000 visitors with its line-up of British Asian music, Bollywood figures and traditional and classical performances. Entertainment is spread over nine zones, all showcasing different types of music with urban, classical and experimental music, DJs, circus and comedy as well as dance, arts and a children’s play area. Artists on this year’s bill include Sufi songstress Harshdeep Kaur, Punjabi singer AS Kang, Bally Sagoo who makes his debut London Mela performance, BBC Asian Network DJs, and the Philharmonia Orchestra who perform with with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan. There will also be a fun fair and hundreds of stalls selling food and handicrafts plus a new sports area, all of which makes the London Mela a magnet for a multitude of Londoners out for a good time.

4 – Tri Together

The award-winning series of triathlons for people of all ages and abilities returns to London in September, raising money to support Leonard Cheshire Disability. All Tri Together events are open to disabled and non-disabled people, to complete beginners to the seasoned swim, bike and runner. There are junior and senior races, while competitors may take part on their own, in relay teams of twos or threes. For more information please visit

So these were the events for this september. See you in another article!