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8 Trendy hairdos with the designer evening gown

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With the festival season almost around the corner, you must be surfing the internet for designer evening gown online and sarees online. But what about your hair? Have you not yet decided? Are you planning to just leave your trails straight, or tie them to dramatic braid or would you opt for classic buns? In this blog, we have enlisted some of the styles as per the designer evening gown and saree.

  • Senorita bun with the designer evening gown

A fusion of Indian and Western culture, tie a tight bun at the back, and accessorize with roses at the sides. Team it up with an elegant designer evening gown. It will give you a look of French Senorita.

  • Flowery bun with elegant saree

This trend started after Anushka Sharma’s wedding. There is no way that you can miss this popular Indian hairstyle. Buy traditional sarees online and experiment with the right set. Be a diva like your favorite star.

  • Braided bun with the designer evening gown

The braided side bun adds drama with the designer evening gown. It looks sophisticated and super classy at the same time. The braided bun will give you that messy and beautiful look. If you are looking to try something different. Go for it.

  • Loose braids with elegant designer evening gowns

If you got long trails, then go for loose braids. It will add sparkles to your embellished designer evening gowns. So, quirk that braid with your hair curled slightly. Accessorize yourself with the hair accessories that will give you a sophisticated look.

  • Drape your saree with braided loose hair with light curls

Team up your saree with this quirky and simple hairstyle. All you have to do is braid your hair from the front to the back of your head. Accessorize the braid with beautiful pins and add a hair wreath for the complete look. So what’s the wait girlies. Go grab your tarditional saree online and envy your peers.

  • Side sweep puff with bun for your extravagant saree look

Get this Indian hairstyle that is the perfect combination of side sweep and puff, with multiple knots of the bun. You can add mang tikka for that Rajput princess look.

  • Side sweep style with embellishing designer evening gown

This style has never been out-of-fashion. This was recently been adopted by Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities for the functions or red-carpet event. Many celebrities got to chase this look this year in the Cannes festival. Try this hairstyle with a pastel designer evening gown and enjoy that glances.

  • Pastel flowery charm with pastel traditional saree

The bun with the double Dutch braid adds charm with flowers that are pastel-hues. Pair it up with green traditional saree. And, sweep this world with your style.

Final Note

Kudos to all the girlies and re-define yourself with the modernity touch with perfect hairstyle sheered with an elegant designer evening gown. If you want to go traditional, then buy sarees online sitting at your comfort and define authenticity.

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The Priyanshu Singh is a marketing distributor at She is a keen observer of the latest fashion and trends in the fashion industry. In her free time, she loves to write blogs on the latest trends and enjoy shopping.

Tips for Fashion Shopping online

Tips for Fashion Shopping online

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There are times when we look for things to be parts of our life during shopping. Fact of the matter is that, while doing shopping it always comes to our minds if, I could buy all the necessary stuffs for me. Holiday shopping could be like a boon for you. While having holidays you could see that, there are lots stuffs placed in front of you.  You could check your mind during holidays that how could you get all things together? but, most important stuffs which you mostly look in autumn, as well as winter season, are jackets as well as sweaters.

Beautiful well designed velour colour block sweater

This sweater seems to look like we are going to use it near winter. When winter comes near, this sweater supports you from little coldness. Particularly, this could be utilized near semi-winter. Shade of this sweater seems to like this belongs to the perspective of modernism. Sometimes it becomes an issue for you near the winter that, you feel cold and you need sweater to protect you from little coldness. This sweater helps you to create your safe side.

Fine looking fleece colour block Sweater

This sweater seems to look nice and comfortable for you. During winter or near the winter we could easily use this sweater and it will protect us from coldness. This sweat actually works as a protector for you. One must have this sweat to be smart and young. Fact of the matter is that, this sweater actually creates a kind of safe mode for you in the season when you suffer from little shivering.

Nice stylish Mickey Sweater complementing with Steel Jewelry

Fact of the matter is that, this sweater becomes very interesting for you because you get the picture of Mickey on the centre part of this sweater. Sometimes, men like to have such type of cartoon design on their sweater. They must choose this sweater so that, they could make their life little cool. Complementing it with Stainless Steel Jewelry

Nice looking Jersey biker jacket

We could see that, the colour of this jacket is black. Most of the celebrities use this jacket while having the shoot of the film. If you want to enjoy the wedding in winter then you must have this matching wedding jewellery because it will change your complete personality when you become the part of any wedding or party.

These stuff become urgent for you to buy during the holidays. During the holidays we have free time to buy them and our shopping could prove to be successful.

homemade gift ideas for women

Role Of E-Commerce In Uplifting The Handicraft Industry In India

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Homemade gifts have that something extra in it which is not found in other factory made kinds of stuffs. These gifts are appreciated by everyone and people love receiving such gifts keeping them intact for long years as wonderful memories to cherish. Similarly handicrafts items in India are seeing a great swing where people are buying them to make their homes look beautiful.

In India an extremely rich craft tradition is being followed from years which is distinguished by great aesthetics and mixed art history. Many magnificent masterpieces of craftsmanship like the difficult designs, patterns, painfully crafted monuments, temples and sculptures, etc all have found space in our decoration. The handcrafted items can be explained from its production technique, patterns and materials used as they all are completely different from one another. One can easily plan to have homemade gift ideas for women where stuff can be purchased from many handicraft online stores.

How E-Commerce Industry Is Boosting Handicraft In India- India is the most sought after country with diverse population where handicraft items of varied qualities and types are made. Throughout our country from north i.e. Saharanpur, the wooden carvings are famous, in North western Rajasthan is famous for quilts, Gujarat famous for embroidery and Punjab for phulkari and so on.

  • India is the largest user of internet across the whole world. With this the e-commerce is bringing up untapped and new opportunities everyday for the local artisans and businesses where a number of stores are being operated only online.
  • The e-commerce has offered the handicraft industry a global scope and acceptance where handmade goods are even being exported from our country.
  • The e-commerce on the other hand, has been offering the handicraft industry a marketing platform for the domestically produced products.
  • For people using internet as the easiest way to shop for handicraft products, e-commerce is working as the most promising channel in the today’s marketing scenario.
  • The e-commerce has also gone to highly interactive communities like face book, WhatsApp through which also the handcrafted items are being sold very easily.

Therefore, e-commerce is offering the handicraft industry a helping hand where the local artisans and wood carvers are being given the opportunity to have their everyday living. Not only this, the products so produced by the artisans like the homemade earrings online, the homemade wall paintings, etc are all that speaks about the hard work for making the products which are behind their success.

Our major part of crafts industry is mostly run by small & medium scale enterprises. For delivering the quality products & matching it with the demand and supply, there is need of greater technological support & innovativeness in the industry which is being compensated with the help of e-commerce. Crafts are an integral part of Indian Culture and will always continue to its major role in the Cultural and Economic well-being of India uplifting the hard work and labor of the local artisans. The handicraft industry reflects the Indian beauty altogether.

7 Best Essential Oil For Skin Care

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What is essential oil?

Don’t confuse essential oil to be infused herbal oil. Essential oils are volatile aromatic oils extracted from plant. The product called “essential oil” is aromatic substance concentrated through different techniques. It almost takes 60 roses to create just a single drop of this oil.

The following 7 best essential oils will help you with acne to aging. When combined with correct carrier oils, one can see absolutely wonderful results.

1.Carrot Seed Essential Oil

This essential oil not only makes your skin soft but assist in cell regeneration. In a way leaving a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It improve the aging skin and help scars to fade. This essential oil is rich in antioxidants which neutralize wrinkle causing radicals and inflammation.

2.Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil helps decrease acne breakouts and regulates oil production. It even makes improves elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkle. This promotes blood circulation to heal broken capillaries, bruises, cuts, burns, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions.

3.Frankincense Essential Oil

This essential oil suits every skin types. It has anti-inf;ammatory and antibacterial advantages for your skin, making your skin great acne prone skin. This is a natural toner, evens skin tone and decreases the appearance of pores. It reduces wrinkles, tighten skin and encourages growth of new cells. It also soothe every kind of chapped dry skin.

4.Lavender Essential Oil

This one goes with every skin type with an amazing smell, helping your body to relax with great benefits for skin. This one is great for mature skin as it regenerates skin cells.

5.Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential oil is best suited for sensitive, oily and mature skin. It helps skin from tone sagging and smooth fine lines. This one regenerates cells with chemical called citral. Due to this reason, it is good at healing and preventing stretch marks. This essential oil contains antiseptic quality to balance oil production and shrink the pores from appearing without even drying it.

6.Patchouli Essential Oil

This essential oil great aging skin. It smooths the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It has antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties to benefit skin condition such as dermatitis, eczema, acne and psoriasis.

7.Tea Tree Essential Oil

This is helpful for acne prone skin as it has antibacterial properties. It even assist healing the wound. It regulates the oil production to decrease incidence of breakout and severity.

7 Best Traditional Muslim Dresses For Women

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Women just love to shop. There is nothing more important to us than shopping. Although to the world it might appear that we may have closets full of clothes, yet our craving for shopping has no end to it. For such women shopping is bliss and malls are heaven! Women like to browse through a million of options before they end up buying one dress. That is how women operate while shopping. Women of all caste and religion are very fond of shopping. But, when we speak about the Muslim women, one might not have as many as options as the women from other cultures; right? No, we are here to prove you wrong. Traditionally women are supposed to wear a burka which is long black robe that covers the women’s body from head to toe. The women are ideally supposed to wear the burka when they go out in front of the other male members of the society. But, the internet has brought to all these women an amazing option of outfits that one could consider wearing.

Now, if one tries browsing though the muslim women clothing online shopping one may see a variety of modern and stylish muslim robes for women that women could also consider wearing; and also would not raise questions of being an incorrect clothing choice. Even the burkas have been styled to meet the requirements of the women of today’s generation and also keeping the religious sentiments intact. The idea is to wear a loose fitted robe, so as the body structure of the women is not seen by the males other than the family.

So, when one searches for Islamic women clothing online one might be able to find options for:

  • Hijab- it is rectangular piece of fabric worn by women to cover their head
  • Khimar- a particular type of scarf that drapes ove the entire top half of the women’s body
  • Abaya- it is a designer cloak worn by women. It may be worn from the top of the head traditionally, or over the shoulders
  • Chador- an eveloping cloak worn from the top of the head to the ground. Usually woen by women of Iran without a face veil.
  • Jilbab- it is a kind of a cloak that looks like a long tailored coat. Looks similar to an abaya but a little more fitted.
  • Niqab- a face veil worn by women that may or may not leave the eyes covered.
  • Burqa- type of a veil and body concealing robe, which even covers the eyes through a mesh.

So now that women have so many options to dress and so many options to choose from, you should immediately go out and start shopping these. But wait, in case you want to relax at home and have the fun of shopping as well then you must consider online shopping. Also, you could suggest these online shopping sites to your friends and relatives and make their shopping experience easy as well.

Different Kinds Of Tattoo Ideas For Both Men And Women

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There are different kinds of tattoos, which one can get and these are now becoming more acceptable in society. Tattoos are of different kinds. Here are a few ideas for best tattoos for men and women.

Different Kinds Of Tattoo Ideas For Both Men And Women

  1. Star tattoo: Stars symbolize hope and truth. They are symbols of encouragement to fight against darkness as well as to give hope of things to come. It is especially very meaningful if the person has gone through tough times. Stars are either tattooed on the fingers, neck, and leg or even behind the ears.
  2. Tribal tattoos: These are exceedingly popular and these tattoos look good not only on men but on women as well. These can be sported by people of all age groups too. Tribal designs usually cover a large area and they are inspired from the aboriginal cultures as well as indigenous designs. Tribal tattoos have various shapes and they carry messages along with the design.
  3. Angel tattoos: These symbolize spirituality, faith, connection with God and more. These are symbols or protection and guidance. These are popular especially among women. They are also created as memorials.
  4. Wing tattoos: Wings have inspirational significance and are connected with spirituality and freedom. Wings could represent power like that of an eagle or wings could symbolize the lightness of butterflies. Wings with angels could symbolize protection and guidance.
  5. Dream catcher tattoo: These are sported by women after they have seen a number of their favorite celebrities sporting these tattoos. These consist of inspirational quotes along with birds, wheels, feathers and more. These are supposed to catch the bad dreams in the web and only permit good dreams to come to you.
  6. Fairy tattoo: These are considered as inspirational. They are also considered as symbols of those people who want to hold on to their childhood for as long as they can. It symbolizes innocence and a desire to hold on to child-like imagination.
  7. Swallow tattoo: Swallows are associated with souls of the deal and eternal stars. These tattoos represent happiness and freedom. These are usually sported by women.
  8. Heart tattoo: These show love and affection for loved ones.
  9. Sun Tattoo: The sun is used to represent strength, fertility, courage and passion along with light, knowledge and youth. It is also associated with royalty and divine powers.
  10. Moon tattoo: This represents the philosophical side or nature of a person. It also represents divine powers, purity as well as eternity.
  11. Maori Tattoos: These are especially popular among men. It uses bold lines and the motifs are repeated. These usually used to have personal and family history as part of the designs. These usually denote strength and power and so are fashionable among wrestlers, warriors, fighters and the like. These are usually on the back, neck or the arms.
  12. Haida tattoos: These are complex. They depict crests of family clans. They use bold lines and look quite attractive.
  13. Dragon tattoo: Dragons are part of Chinese and Japanese culture and these are mythical creatures that have an apparent bad temper. One can choose several types of dragon tattoos.
  14. Celtic tattoos: These have interwoven lines and are complex tattoos.
  15. Kanji tattoos: These express soulful feelings. This is based on cherry blossoms and geishas and they symbolize justice, peace power, strength, harmony, love as well as passion
  16. Skull tattoo: These tattoos represent mischief, courage and it also symbolizes danger, evil death and more. These are preferred by wrestlers, fighters and those who want to intimidate others.

If you want to know about more then visit this link to explore more design and ideas about tattoos.

Identify Your Personality by Following The Current Fashion Trends

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Trends in fashion change with every season and can be both time consuming and difficult to follow. A new style or colour every season may turn into a must-have look. There are luckily several ways of staying in touch with what is in vogue. These are as follows,

  • Read top fashion magazines daily– fashion and lifestyle magazines provide the right opportunity of keeping at par with the most recent news regarding all that is taking place within the world of fashion. These magazines will keep you updated regarding the most current seasonal hits for ensuring that you are mindful at all times of the popular styles. Irrespective of whether you read the lifestyle or fashion magazine with an extremely dedicated section it is quite obvious that you will come across a simple but effective choice to get familiar with the upcoming and the latest choices. Besides these magazines also bring into limelight the top brands or fashion stores to ensure you get the finest prices available in the market

  • Step into department and local retail stores– another good choice to keep a track of the most current fashions is stepping into department and local retail stores to check what are the outfits on display. In fact a high street store will highlight the most recent and upcoming fashions for the present season. There are some large stores for instance that begin advertising the apparel lines much before the commencement of the season. And this way people can get prepared for the upcoming season and save ample for purchasing the seasonal attires. Besides by visiting a store, also it is possible in trying different forms of clothing in multiple styles and colours

  • Browse the online fashion websitesOnline fashion stores offer countless endless opportunities for taking pleasure of the most new fashion styles and designs. The majority of the retailers, designers and style experts have established and popular sites that highlight on the most recent fashion trends. For instance if you have any preferred fashion label, right away search for that fashion blog for acquiring information both on the current and upcoming clothing lines. The top designers such as Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Gucci have fashion websites that are dedicated to highlight their take when it comes to the current industry styles. The best part is you can visit different blogs and websites easily to have an overall idea regarding the most pertinent styles for the existing season while what may be accessible in the future

Fashion is a person’s way to express them. One can determine their individuality when they dress up as per their personality. People can look attractive via wearing fashionable lingerie sets. With the arrival of another year the yesteryears’ fashion hits have minimal chances of succeeding this year. Fashion in the true sense is something that changes constantly and there is actually no definite garment style that will last forever. In order to attain the best fashion trends for 2016 follow the aforementioned tips carefully. Such tips will not only help one to dress better but also help them identify their personality.

Stay In Fashion With Trendy Clothing. Don’t Take Chances!

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 The number 1 rule of a lady is to always stay classy! As a lady, it is your duty to put in as much energy into looking good as you do at your work place. First impressions matter. It plays a big role in how people will view you once they look at you.

Talk of interview settings or finding a new lover, the first thing that comes to your attention is ‘How does the person look like?’, ‘What is the outward impression of that person?’. How you dress speaks loads about your personality. As a lady, you must make an effort to look good!

There are many factors that you should put into consideration when buying clothes. Some of these factors are:

  1. Consider the occasion that you are buying for.

You need to buy the right clothes for the right occasion. If you are shopping for office wear, you might want to go for something decent, yet still trendy and in fashion. Who said that just because it is office wear you need not look good?

If you are shopping for wedding attire you may need the help of a wedding expert here. This one though, may be a little different because you have to consider the color scheme and how everything should blend from the décor down to every detail for the wedding. Ensure that you obtain the best results.

  1. Consider your figure.

This goes down from your height to your size. Just because you are a plus size does not mean you should not have trendy clothing. At you can get to choose a variety of plus size trendy clothes for ladies, from official wear, to fancy bottoms and tops, literally everything your wardrobe needs.

Dress in a manner that flatters your image. If you are a plus size, consider color and patterns on your clothes. Horizontal lines tend to have a widening effect while vertical lines will create a slender impression. For example, wearing a dress with horizontal lines or patterns will make you look broader than usual.

  1. Consider the price of the clothes.

Affordability is key when it comes to shopping. You need to have a budget when shopping so as to ensure you do not over spend. You definitely do not want to look good and sleep on an empty stomach. That would be so unwise of you. ensures that you buy your clothing at affordable prices and no disappointments. Ensure that you always get the value for your money and walk away a satisfied shopper. As a lady, you should know that there is no better feeling than walking out of a store having got what you wanted and within the price range you had expected. How great!

  1. Consider your comfort.

Comfortability is the most important factor when buying clothing. Ensure you buy clothes that you are comfortable in. Not too short clothes and not extremely long, unless of course that’s your intention.

5 Things Worth Avoiding While Buying Wedding Sherwanis

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Sherwani is a traditionally-designed outfit, which is worn over the Kurta and Churidar, Khara pajama or a salwar. This outfit is specially designed for grooms in Indian marriages. Qbik Delhi offers a wide range of designer sherwanis, sarees, suits, kurtas, etc. at a reasonable cost to let you add grace to your appearance on any occasion.

Sherwani adds a royal grace and classy look to the personality of the groom if selected correctly. So, if you are looking for a gorgeous sherwani for your wedding, here are some of the important things that you should avoid doing.

1. Low-quality Fabric: Being the groom, you need to look outstanding that will create a classy and lasting impression. For this, it is necessary that you choose top-quality and unique design sherwani. Do not go for low-quality fabric, as it looks cheap and absolutely graceless. A sherwani made with low-grade fabric looks dull and inferior, despite good design and artwork. Your sherwani should rightly complement the gorgeous lehenga or saree of your bride.

2. Mismatched Color: For a perfect match of the bride and groom in thewedding (in terms of outfit), it is required that their dress should complement each other, in terms of design, style, and color. As a groom, you need to make sure that the color of your sherwani does not conflict with the color of your bride’s dress. Inappropriate color and awfully clashing colors make you look awkward in your wedding, which will ruin your photographs and the lifelong memories.

3. Incorrect Print, Color, and Embroidery: Before selecting a sherwani for your wedding, you need to make sure that its color suits your body type and skin tone. Also, choose right print and embroidery for your sherwani. If you are heavy on weight, do not go for light shade sherwani with large prints and heavy embroidery. It will not rightly complement your body color and structure. On the other hand, if you are very thin, do not go for dark shade sherwani with small prints, as it will make you look more skinny and weird.

5 Things Worth Avoiding While Buying Wedding Sherwanis

4. Wrong fit: Do not buy a sherwani that does not fit your body structure appropriately. Mis-fitted sherwani not only gives you uncomfortable feeling but also makes your look bad in your wedding. If you feel uncomfortable, you will not be able to focus on the rituals and celebrations of the wedding. Like, if you are slim, go for the sherwanis with padded shoulders, it makes you look well built.

5. Avoid simplicity: Say “NO” to simplicity, when it comes to selecting the sherwani for your wedding ceremony. The wedding is a lifetime moment for the bride as well as groom, so you should look special as well as stylish that catch everyone’s attention. Do not go for the sherwani, which is very simple in design with old style and casual embroidery. Instead, go for stylishly designed sherwani with latest embroidery work and fine prints.

You can buy different shades, sizes, and styles of designer sherwanis from Qbik Delhi store to flaunt your style in your wedding.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

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Effectively lowering your carbon footprint is more than just lowering overall energy consumption. You can be eco-conscious in many various ways, and one of the more interesting one is to make an eco-friendly fashion statement. Supporting sustainable fashion is a good way to ensure that the industry will be doing something to promote recycling and healthier living.

Try To Skip the Synthetics

Synthetics are a good substitute, but in the long run it is best to avoid them altogether. It is not only bad because it will hurt the environment, but your skin could suffer as well. And if you do not attend to it soon, you might even develop more serious health problems. Instead it is best to focus on using organic materials, as they will lower the usage of pesticides and herbicides on plants. In the long run, it will affect the plants and make hem stronger and more naturally resilient.

Try To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

You do not only have to invest in looking for clothing made from alternative sources rather, it is a good idea to try and preserve your clothes, so that they will last longer. After all, it is best to keep your clothes green by giving them a chance to grow old with you. However, you need to be careful how you handle some more delicate ones, because even if you can get clothes made cheaply from eco-friendly materials, that does not mean you should not consider caring about them.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Recycled Polyester Can Be Turned Into Fabric

Fashion industries can really take recycling to the next level, because with so much polyester just lying around, it is possible to create sustainable textile that will be easy to mold into whatever you might need, and it will not be too costly for neither the industry nor for the customer. On the other hand, energy needed to recycle is a lot less than making the new fabric, and seeing that you already have the ingredients for cheap, it will be a good investment.

Make It Really Organic

With soy fabric considered the vegan clothing among alternative sources, you cannot go wrong. It is a nifty source for making clothes really comfortable and affordable, and of course environmentally safe. Furthermore, soy beans are not hard to grow, and because mostly organic culture is applied, it will be a good influence on the local environment. Organic farming is great for the local farmers, as it lowers the use of chemicals for treating plants, keeping everything clean and healthy.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Old, But Gold

Wool is an all-time favorite eco-friendly material that can be used for various clothes and it will always look good. Though, when trying to order women’s dresses online, you need to make sure that you look for trusted brands, otherwise you are running the chance of ordering something that might not be sustainable at all. Always check disclosures and be sure to check your end product, otherwise you might do more harm, even if you wanted to help. Green clothing is already happening, and you can help be a part of it.

Greening up your wardrobe can be done in different ways, and you will have to find the best way that suits your needs. Do not forget to check out what some clothing options are and how alternative material sources can affect not only the end product, but the industry as well. Moreover, keep in mind that by supporting your local organic industry will help in promoting the industry and in making sure that your next piece of clothing will be comfortable for you, and for your environment too.

A Gentleman’s Guide To Dressing For Business Travel

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Being a successful executive is all fun and games until it comes to business travel, isn’t it? The long-haul flights, the seemingly endless hours at the airport, the complex web of airport security details to take care of, and the pressure to do everything while looking your best – few things seem as tiresome from the get-go as travelling for business. You got to do what you got to do, right? The good news is, travelling in comfort and style is not that difficult.

Here’s all the help you will need to do the same:

  • Deciding what to Wear for Business Travel

Your clothes should be stylish and yet comfortable for travel. Choose soft, cease-free fabrics in appropriate colours (no prints please!). Dark jeans, slim chinos and tailored trousers make for good choices. You can pair them with polo shirts, plain T-shirts or tailored dress shirts. A lightweight, colour-coordinated blazer will finish the look to perfection.

A blazer is incredibly functional when flying as well. You can use it to store essentials such as your phone, passport, and other travel documents if any. No body likes to fish into their bag multiple times for these essentials anyway.

Speaking of blazers, one good idea is to actually wear the blazer or coat you plan on taking with you for the trip, to the airport. This has two benefits – 1) it keeps the clothes in question from developing any folds, wrinkles and crease lines that are so common in packed luggage, and 2) it makes you look sharp, respectable and well, worthy of any travel upgrades or related flying benefits. After the check-in, you can always stow the coat or blazer on the deck above you and relax.

Let’s discuss the shoes and accessories next. For the airport, you’ll need footwear that can be easily removed. You don’t want to meddle with laces and tricky footwear during customs, do you? In addition, you want to ensure the footwear looks every bit stylish. Two words – penny loafers. Choose a slick, high-end pair, which can be worn on the actual trip as well.

When it comes to your belt, roll it neatly and leave it in your carry-on luggage so that you don’t have to put them on and off while navigating airport security.

  • Deciding what (and how) to Pack for Business Travel

What you pack will depend largely upon your business travel agenda. If it’s a really short business trip where you’ll be able to full fill your business obligation within a day, and can return the next day itself, packing is a breeze. Choose your business attire, preferably suit in navy blue, grey or black colour and pack it neatly. For longer trips and weekend stays, you’ll need at least one pair of comfortable trousers (tailored chinos in neutral colours such as grey or beige are ideal).

Choose the most versatile of your dress shirts, some plain T-shirts or polo shirts, and a pair of jeans to pack as well. Pick out a couple of good-looking ties, one cardigan (shawl neck will work best) and a jumper (V-neck design, neutral colour) as well, if your trip is to last longer than a week.

The fabrics you choose should match with the season or the climate at the destination. Cotton and linen are ideal for trips taken in the summertime, or trips taken to warmer destinations. Heavy wool, tweed and cashmere are ideal for winter trips and colder climates.

For longer trips, do pack in an additional pair of footwear as well. Oxfords and double monk straps are your best bets. Otherwise, the loafer you wear to the airport will suffice. As always, you want to ensure you have enough socks and underwear packed with you.

Finally, let’s see how to pack all this. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, consider packing it in the good old attaché case. They pack that old world charm, are stylish, and look sophisticated, especially when you’re dressed so well for your flight. A high-end leather holdall is another great option for carrying smaller luggage. They’re large enough to fit everything inside of them, and small enough to fit inside the overhead cabin themselves. You won’t have to wait in line for checking in your luggage and can look dapper at the airport as well. For trips longer than one week, you’ll need a suitcase. Wheeled cases work best because they are convenient to carry and keep.

In the end, travelling like a gentleman is all about being well-organized, dressing neat and looking sharp. Following the tips above will help you deliver this usually-hated aspect of being a professional with utmost style and panache. For more about dressing for business, visit our site More power to you!

Southpole Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans- Best For Modern Generation Men

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Shopping is an experience, it is a process that allows you to therapeutically enjoy. Nothing but Brands Names is a golf clothing stores that offers you the chance to enjoy your shopping experience. Often, you will have a clothing shop that simply provides you with the clothes that you would like to wear, typically with no regard for your personal style or anything of the sort. However, at the Nothing but Brands Names store, you get your style as well as the chance to explore your inner self and come out with something that seems to have been designed for you.

Southpole Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans- Best For Modern Generation Men

When it comes to style, we do not provide you with just the norm and what you can simply get from other stores. Instead, we give you what you have always been looking for but have been unable to get access to. As the name suggests, Nothing But Brand Names offers you the chance to revel in renowned world brand names without having to folk out the very high prices that some of the brand names attract. Ideally, we are committed to making your online shopping experience as easy as possible. When you go to our websites, we have a char that helps you choose your best fit as well as accessories that would go well with your Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans. Our plan is to keep you in the right frame of mind, to a point where we help improve your game.

The Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans are very stylish pairs of jeans. The material used to make them is cotton blend denim, which is designed to be machine washed in case it is dirty. This is especially important since there are many pieces of fabric that cannot be washed or require special care. The Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans s can be washed with cold water and the colors do not run when washed. We stock basically all that you will need. All the way from the big brands in the market such as Nike and Cutter & Buck to the lesser known the Nothing But Brands store you can always expect to find what you need with us. You can also get yourself a variety of men’s accessories for golf such as golf belts and golf umbrellas all designed by the great Guy Harvey.

At the Nothing but Brand Names online store, you get access to a very wide selection of Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans. The Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans feature contrasting stitching, which only serves to complete the whole look. While most of the pairs of jeans are blue in color, it is also very possible to get them in different colors. Often, they will come with a basic sandblast denim look to match. Additionally, to add to its style, the Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans often feature slightly loose legs and a low waist. On average, these Southpole men’s relaxed fit jeans go for between $25 and $40.

Women’s Clothing: The Trend That Will Blow Your Mind!

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In the old school of thoughts, fashion style and beauty was always  related to a woman till the globalization came into force that brought contemporary concept like metro sexuality, uber coolness etc. Men are not left behind nowadays with the advent of beauty and fashion industry penetration every corner of the world.

Women’s clothing has always been the topic of discussion not just for the glitz and glamour aspect of fashion, but also the influence of religious and social sentiment that has major role to play in deciding the clothing choice of a woman. Best example to mention is Saree. It is a sixteen yard of cloth which is made up of different textures and fabrics like silk, synthetic material, cotton and draped on the body is one of the finest pieces of women’s clothing which is considered ethnic, fashionable and traditional in the mindset of the people. Likewise, a pair of jeans is a quintessential casual wear that does not go well in any formal occasion or professional workplace.

Women’s Clothing: The Trend That Will Blow Your Mind!

Women’s clothing is also circumscribed to social and religious constraints. Even in twenty first century where we are thriving in the era of technology and globalization, there still exist the demarcations in clothing sense particularly for women. Clothing is thus affected by   purchasing power, culture, demographic features, and strata of society. Evening gowns with perfect silhouette and the little black dress is one of the most desirable party wear for a lady who attends premium parties or certain cream of society. On the contrary, in the middle class society or lower middle class, women hesitate or do see themselves believing or carrying such kind of outfit not just that they cannot afford, but sometimes it is due to the lack of confidence and social stigma to wear such outfit.

In the workplace, a women’s clothing has to be perfectly in synchronization with the corporate culture or the workplace environment. It is important to decide the kind of clothes to wear based on the mood of the place you are into. In the office, flashy colors and loud clothing is not acceptable so as to maintain the corporate decorum of the workplace. Similarly, in a family gathering, there is no harm to flaunt your gorgeous dress teamed up with flashy jewelries.

Comfort is another detrimental factor for clothing apart from fashion, social and cultural detriments. It is perhaps the basic requirement that is taken into account. Climatic conditions affect the choice of cloth you want to wear. In a hot humid climate, synthetic clothing is avoided whereas it is mostly preferred in rainy season. In a chilly winter night, you would probably give fashion a toss and prefer to go for warm and insulated clothing.

On the other hand, it is always advisable to wear cotton light colored clothes under scorching heat in a summer afternoon. The fashion industry brings out latest collections based on the climatic conditions and the festive moods around the year.

5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

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While the act of shaving is not particularly complicated, getting a close, smooth shave does require a certain level of skill or expertise, and it is more complicated than simply dragging a razor up and down over your face. If you want a close, smooth shave that women will not be able to keep their hands off of, follow these five steps.

Clean Your Skin

Starting with clean skin is essential for a good shave because if your skin is not clean, the dirt and oil on it can get clogged in your pores and cause black heads, bumps and irritation. Begin your shaving routine by washing your face with warm water and a mild cleanser.

Wet Your Face

Wetting your face with warm water will open your pores, relax your facial muscles and soften your whiskers. It will provide a thin barrier between the razor and your skin to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts. Many barber shops use hot, wet towels for their purpose, but a shower at home can work just as well.

5 Step Guide To Getting A Smooth Clean Shave Each Time

Use Quality Products

If you want an amazing shave, you need to use amazing products. Use a razor that is sharp and rust-free. Invest in a quality shaving brush made out of badger hair and use it to apply your The Art of Shaving products. Be sure to clean and replace your shaving tools as needed.

Shave With—Not Against—the Grain of Your Hair

Always start by shaving with the grain of your hair to reduce the chance of skin irritation. For most men, this will mean shaving in a top-to-bottom direction, though your hair growth pattern may vary slightly. If you want to wet your face and go over it a second time in the opposite direction, do so carefully.

Use an Aftershave Without Alcohol

Once you have successfully shaved, finish your routine by splashing cold water on your face and using an aftershave that does not contain alcohol. Not only will aftershave close your pores to increase your skin’s smoothness, but it will make your face smell great too.

While this tried and true technique should work great for any man who wants a kissable smooth face, do not be afraid to experiment a little to see what works best for you. You never know which razor, aftershave or shaving brush will work best for you until you have tried a couple different ones.

The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

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It’s time to put away your shorts and tank tops and get out your winter wardrobe. The wintertime is a great opportunity to get new clothing and completely change your style. If you are looking for something new, here are four trends that are sweeping the nation this time of year.


The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

Scarves function for multiple purposes. Sure, they keep your neck warm during snowy days or days with minus-zero temperatures. However, they also can look great and compliment any outfit that you may be wearing. For a casual look, wrap a scarf around your neck a few times. But when wearing a long coat, let that scarf hang and it should reach your hips. Scarves are a great addition for any outfit.


There are hardly any items in your closet that will be as warm and comfortable as cashmere. And lucky for you, cashmere scarves are extremely popular during the wintertime. They will keep you warm when it’s chilly out, but can also look great for a variety of functions. You can wear cashmere during a lazy weekend day, or out with your friends after work.


This has been a style for some time, but we have seen a more popular approach in blazers across the nation. It has been seen in both men and women in all settings. This can be worn in a casual setting for everyday use ore it can be used in a more formal occasion. To make the best use of this trend make sure you have a blazer that can be used for both, so it is a neutral color that could go either way. For the formal use you can combine it with a button up and combine it with a skinny tie. If it is a more casual approach you can even combine it with a nice piece of designer shirt that can be found here

Skinny Jeans & Boots

This trend started in Europe and is making a push towards America. The highlight of this trend are high boots that you leave untied and tuck your pants into. The colors can differ, depending on the rest of the outfit you are wearing. As for the jeans, they don’t have too be constricting-skinny. Instead, make sure that they are just skinny enough to highlight your legs and tuck into your shoes. You can find great looking jeans online for great deals!


No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, complete it with the right accessories. For some, earrings or a necklace might be the best choice. But a really hot trend this year are anchor bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times. Watches are also in style during the wintertime, as they look very classy at formal work Christmas parties.

You can use the wintertime to bring out a whole new you. With just a few additions from this list, you can create a complete outfit that will look great and keep you comfortable as well. Be sure that you have any of these items within reach, whether you are going to work, to hang out with your friends, or simply taking an easy day with someone special.

Ultimate Accessories For The Modern Man

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Whatever your job and whatever your style, there are certain accessories that simply transcend boundaries and are a necessity for all men, not only to complete your attire but to provide those day-to-day functions that men require. These striking and attractive yet practical accessories are items that a man will find immensely useful every day.

The Classic Leather Hold-all

Ultimate Accessories For The Modern Man

If you travel regularly then you will know the importance of having the perfect bag to keep all of your belongings in. Suitcases are too unwieldy for daily use and briefcases too small, making the leather hold-all the perfect day-to-day bag. It really must be leather as there is simply no other material that ages and wears quite like genuine quality leather. A good bag can last a lifetime and is sure to gain character and patina throughout its years as your travel companion. Specialist suppliers offer the best guarantee of quality, so search for a range such as the leather bags from The Leather Briefcase Shop who provide a selection of different styles and colours.

The Perfect Watch

Ultimate Accessories For The Modern Man

Almost all men like to keep a close eye on the time and a good watch is critical to making sure that you are always on time and to keep on track day and night. Watches are another every day item that must be chosen carefully as it can be a false economy to try and save money by buying a lesser standard timepiece. It is best to invest in a watch that is built to last and is designed and engineered to be as precise and resilient as possible. Brands such as Omega are designed from their very conception to be a precise, robust and stylish timepiece that really can last a lifetime, if you are willing to invest in quality then the range of Omega Seamaster Watches from Banks Lyon is sure to present a worthy addition to your wrist.


Ultimate Accessories For The Modern Man

A man’s wallet can say a lot about his character and everybody has their own idea of what makes a wallet absolutely perfect. One subject on which there is little dispute is material- as with hold-alls it simply must be leather. A well designed wallet made from the highest quality leather can last a man a lifetime and can be far more valuable to a man than its contents. When buying a wallet it is important to consider what size and type of wallet you need. Whether it be bi-fold, tri-fold or even a chequebook style wallet, it can and should be a pleasure to use. Browse the range of leather wallets from K J Beckett to find the perfect option for you.

Whether you are looking for a gift for somebody close to you or even just a little treat to alleviate the winter blues that inevitably come after the joys of Christmas, any of the above gifts are sure to bring a little joy to your life. The quality of these products allows them not only to be a joy for you but if they are well maintained they are likely to become a cherished family keepsake that is passed down through the generations.