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BPM software

BPM Products

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BPM products are some of the best efficiency-targeted and customer-oriented tools that are indispensable in modern-day business life. BPM (business process management) systems are widely used nowadays helping improve the operational efficiency of companies along with streamlining their customer-facing processes. While BPM products are used for automation of all of the companies’ business processes, CRM (customer relationship management) products help companies leverage customer experience and put the interaction with their customers to quality higher levels.

CRM tools

The value of customer relationship management products lies in their agility to make changes in processes faster than ever before and bring sales, marketing, and service together on a single platform. Bpm’online holds one of the world leadership positions in process-driven CRM for the above mentioned areas. The users of CRM tools are offered a great interface, which kapps  them away from redundant information, while keeping them concentrated on important things. Please, visit SlideShare for more details.


any BPM practical methodologies are based on PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), which is a world-renowned approach to project management. Its philosophy lies in dividing projects into controllable stages. In case of bpm’online approach, project execution stages are the following: elaboration, execution, transition, and operation. Please, visit for more information.

Elaboration includes specifying tasks and goals and defining the project vision. Execution involves documenting the system requirements, followed by the system customization  to fit the requirements identified. It is used when test cases are launched and customized solutions are presented. Transition is the stage when the product is delivered to the company’s employees after test cases are completed. And then the company’s personnel can start the trial operations of the system. Operation is the closure of the project. Its results are presented to the company, and the personnel starts using the system.

BPM products

BPM products are represented by various types of software designed to create business applications that are based on workflows or business processes. In most cases, this software is provided in the form of a platform that offers several practical services, such as development and execution of business applications, tasks management, business activity monitoring.

As a rule, platforms include the following: content, best practices, and technology. Platforms can be on-cloud and on-premise and may have these features:

  • Business process management
  • Process analysis
  • Process design and modeling
  • Process simulation
  • Data mapping
  • Collaboration and others

Business process management software improves consistency, visibility, and speed, while cutting down the costs and introducing standardization. Platforms offer all vital components for companies’ business operations to be effective.

Benefits of BPM products

BPM ProductsThe use of BPM software helps businesses automate their business processes. Solutions provided by them allow for the rapid creation or the change of current business processes. They also make it possible to create applications that can suit your business needs. At the same time, BPM tools allow for deeper integration of company’s IT department with other divisions.

BPM products assist in coordination and management of manual activities. They help enhance interaction between employees working in different departments. They also provide an opportunity to reach personnel via mobile devices. Business process management tools provide solutions for potential operational issues using predictive analytics.

There are many more things you can do with BPM platforms. In short, some of the key benefits of BPM systems are the following:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Greater visibility;
  • Enhanced quality;
  • Improved transparency;
  • Faster changes.
Top Applications For Developing Creative Animated Videos

Top Applications For Developing Creative Animated Videos

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Developing creative animations requires expertise and skills, particularly in graphic designing. It’s a complex task that can only be done by specialized people who have the right skills for operating particular software designed for creating animated videos. However, the time has changed and due to the propping up of user friendly applications, it is easier for the common man to develop animations.

Have A Look At Amazing User Friendly Applications For Designing Animations

There is no more the need for high speed operating systems and complex software because these simple applications will help you create wonderful videos.

EWC Presenter And Make Web Video Among The Best Apps

When you want more than just a simple animation maker, use EWC Presenter. It is a designer’s dream come true because it consists of an easy user interface that transforms the time-intensive task to a simple one. With the exhaustive list of animation effects, you can easily select the ones you want to create a quick video. If you are a creative person then let your ideas flow to develop and exceptional animation. On the other hand, you can use the already given templates as well. For beginners, it also has tutorial videos to make things easier for you at each and every step of production. Whether you want to use it on your mobile or desktop, all you have to do is download it and get going!

High Definition videos and high quality animations can be easily made through Make Web Video. All those videos that actually take hours to produce are easily created within minutes through this amazing app. Make quick and easy video animation through selecting the hundreds of available templates.

Go For Go animate For Something Different!

Go Animate is an application to create interactive videos for students, teachers and professionals alike. If you want to create a highly engaging video in a short time, then this should be your first choice. Just like other software, this one also has pre designed videos for the convenience of users.

Vcasmo, Mixeek And Powtoon Are Easy To Use

Vcasmo lets you combine various sound clips, video clips and pictures to create stunning animations as well as presentations. The high definition videos are perfect for students, teachers and other business professionals.

Mixeek is a different kind of a web based application for creating high quality videos. While other applications are quite simple to use, users may find this one a bit difficult. It is based on HTML5 and can be easily operated from a number of devices such as mobile and computer. It has numerous animation effects to choose from and has other features as well.

If you want to make a storytelling video or interactive info graphics, then PowToon is the right choice. You can select a number of effects from the dropdown menu and it is the easiest of application with numerous templates available online. Making a presentation has never been easier! A number of reputed organizations use this online application for creating beautiful videos.

And Here Are Some More Web-Based Applications

All the available applications may seem more or less the same; however, there are certain features present in a few applications only. Other resourceful applications that you can use for creating presentations, animations and other interactive videos include Prezi, Creaza and Empressr. Find out more about these apps by downloading them and explore what works best for you.

Author Bio

The author of the article, Melody Wilson is an enthusiastic web application designer who has numerous creative ideas flowing in her imaginative mind all the time. She contributes her articles like Corporate Video Production to so many blogs. Which is a perfect source for useful information on the internet? Explore the website to read more from the same author. You can connect with her through her Facebook or VIDWONDERS account.

Growing Your Subscriber List With The FreshMail Newsletter Plugin

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There are many different ways that you can grow your newsletter subscriber list. You can grow your list through online means such as social media and you can also grow your list through off-line means such as handing out flyers or business cards with signup form is attached to them.

One of the most effective ways of growing your subscriber list has to be via your website. In fact you can use this method either directly or indirectly as your website is a great final for other traffic sources.

For those of you that use the FreshMail newsletter service growing your list via website has never been as easy. FreshMail offer a newsletter plug-in for WordPress that will integrate directly with your WordPress website. This plug-in allows you to add signup forms and signup checkboxes to your website with little or no effort. Using the plug-in you can design and implement a signup form anywhere on your website, this can be done using predefined forms with little or no effort required or it can be done by creating a fully customised and self-styled signup form.

Either way the plug-in offers a great way to easily add signup forms to your website blasts allowing you to encourage your visitors to sign up to your list.

This means that every visitor that comes to your site could potentially mean and a subscriber for you and this allows you to really tap in to a valuable source.

Even better than this using the FreshMail plug-in you can actually track subscribers across multiple signup forms, for example you might have signup forms on different pages or in different areas of your website and when you visit the FreshMail admin panel you can see which users signed up using which forms, this allows you to see what areas of your website produce the best signup rate.

Small Business SEO Training: Optimize Your Website With Title Tags And ALT Tags

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With the spotlight focused on placing keywords in website content, one might easily overlook including keywords in two other important components of SEO – title tags and alt tags. Effective SEO requires keyword placement not just in the copy of your webpage, but in other locations as well in order for your website to be noticed by Google and other search engines.

Title tags are the first thing that online searchers see when your link comes up in search engine results, while alt tags describe your website’s images to users who cannot see well as well as to search engines. Here are some SEO training techniques for beginners to help you optimize your website’s title tags and image alt tags so your site can improve its search engine rankings.

How to Optimize Your Title Tags

Your title tag is visible and repeated during a user’s experience, which is why it needs to show an accurate and enticing description of your webpage. Some of the places where your title tag is displayed are on search engine results page, in the tabs of web browsers, and as the headline in social media shares.

Title tags should be short and concise, containing a compelling description of your webpage. Make sure to have an accurate and descriptive title tag, as this will help both your target audience and search engines to determine what your webpage is all about. As this is what the users see first when skimming through their options on the search results page, having a descriptive and accurate title tag motivates them to choose your page over your competitors.

As optimizing webpage title tags requires an accurate description of each page on your website, you should not be having the same title tag for all your webpages. Also, do not be tempted to list keywords instead of providing a description of your webpage. Always remember that the purpose here is to make your title tag interesting to your target reader so that they click on your webpage link and to provide them with an accurate idea of what your page is all about so that when they reach your page, they will not be disappointed.

How to Optimize ALT Tags

ALT tags exist as a text alternative to images. They provide a description of your website’s images to visitors who are not able to see these images. Most importantly, ALT tags explain to blind users what the images are displaying. In terms of SEO, ALT tags are used by search engine crawlers to decipher what an image is or what it represents.

Make sure that every image on your website is described by an ALT tag. It is recommended to include in your alt tag text that accomplishes the same function as the image. When deciding what text to use to describe your images, keep in mind people who are unable to see your images. For example, a ‘question mark’ icon or image used to represent the help page should have an alternative text ‘help’ or something similar.

While you can add relevant keywords to your alt tags, avoid overstuffing your alt tags with keywords. Alt tags that are full of keywords do not only violate Google’s guidelines, they are also disruptive for blind users. When blind users surf the web, they use a software that reads aloud the entire page for them. If you just stuff your alt tags with keywords without making sure that they make sense for your users, imagine how frustrating it would be for users who cannot see.

These basic tips on how to optimize your title tags and alt tags for SEO will help your website rank better as you incorporate these tips with other SEO techniques. At the same time, you will also be providing quality information for users, adding value to their search.

Michelle Rubio is an experienced SEO copywriter and blogger since 2010. She has been working with various businesses, big and small, in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can see more of her works and experiences in her LinkedIn profile.

How To Use Pinterest To Promote A Landscaping Online Shop

How To Use Pinterest To Promote A Landscaping Online Shop

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Pinterest is much more than just a place online to show off your collections and favorite photos. Businesses can also make use of this bulletin-board style photo-sharing online social platform that is more popular than ever before. If you’re running a business such as a landscape lighting online shop, here’s some tips for using Pinterest for marketing purposes that can help you keep the customers you already have while gaining new customers on a consistent basis. Follow these tips to be sure you’re making the most of marketing on Pinterest.

Add a Pinterest Button to Your Websites

Of course, you have to let your customers and prospects know you’re on Pinterest. Once you’ve signed up, filled out your profile and added some high quality photos of your led landscape lighting fixtures and other items you sell to your boards, add a Pinterest “Follow” and “Pin It” button to your website. This way, your site visitors can follow you there to see what’s new and “pin” your photos to their Pinterest profiles for their followers to see.

Grow Your Pins and Boards

It’s important that you maintain your boards regularly to keep your presence on Pinterest alive and well. Take time out of your weekly schedule to look through Pinterest to see what’s being pinned by the businesses and individuals you already follow. Then pin the most appropriate and popular pins that have to do with landscape lighting. It’s also important that you add new photos of your products to your boards on a regular basis so people can see that you’re business is thriving and not stagnant. Just be sure that the photos you add are of the best possible quality and do a good of highlighting your products as great photos tend to draw a lot of attention.

Optimize Your Pins by Adding Relevant Keywords

When creating a description for a pin, add keywords that users are likely to use when searching for specific content on Pinterest. If you don’t know what keywords people are using to find products like yours, make use of a free tool like Google’s keyword tool.

Link Back to Your Website and Be Social

If you want to make sure people can find your online landscape lighting shop, add links to your website on your Pinterest profile page. You can take users to a specific page by simply adding the url in the pin description. You also should be social when using Pinterest by connecting, commenting, liking and repining because after all, Pinterest is a social sharing site.

Knowing What To Get When Getting: Webpages

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With the changes in graphic design increasing and new design techniques being implemented every day, it is difficult to gain an understanding about the effectiveness of a website that one would get designed.

However, to help those in need, here are a few fundamentals that apply to all website designs and each design should be looked at in comparison to these fundamentals.

  • All Show And No Go

A great visual website is a really good thing but aesthetics alone to note rope in sales or high conversion rates. The website should be made to be a tour and needs to be as responsive as a great tour guide. The business of the website and the products and services in the website should be made viewable in the same manner as a tour guide would go about explaining a particularly interesting mural.

And being good looking isn’t bad, it should just work in conjunction with intelligence.

Knowing What To Get When Getting: Webpages`

  • The Conundrum of Redesigning

Anyone looking to improve themselves knows that there are a whole lot of aspects which need to individual improvement. The same applies to web sites as well.

When a graphic designer is approached to try to figure out a way to better the website, they will always say that there are various elements that need to be improved. There may be problems with content as well with copy writing issues requiring entire overhauls and the brand image may be targeting the wrong audience.
The website is part of the bigger picture of a business and a specialist should be brought in to analyze all the elements of a website and pinpoint those elements which need urgent improvement or modification.

There may be nothing fundamentally wrong with a website as well. One may be surprised to find that small tweaks such as a small marketing adjustment can make a lot of difference in conversion rates.

  • Bringing in Psychology

The real secret of great websites is how they exploit and understand consumer behavior. The graphic designer has to be aware of how people associate colors, shades and tones and need to understand how color psychology works.

Imagery appeals to individuals in a certain way and certain images appeal to a certain kind of individual. A graphic designer should know how people react to landing up the webpage and assimilating the webpage prima facie.

There are various decisions to take and these can become as detailed as deciding between smooth curves or concentric circles. Choosing between blue or red or trying to draw people to a certain side of the page. Websites can also be emotionally themed to reflect a certain mood or feel which is conducive to the content of the website. Information such as where does the user’s eye go to first and how people generally read a page provides the graphic designer with invaluable information that can be used to make more user-intuitive websites.

  • Avoiding High Costs

When figuring out a way of getting your website designed, it is important note to be fazed by the rates that some graphic designers charge. With changes in the time, graphic designers tend to exploit the consumer’s ignorance to overcharge for their services.

Like shopping for anything else, it is important to look for the perfect fit. Visit websites and if you like a certain design, then follow up on the designer. Take quotes and make a lot of contacts in order to get a specific idea about the true cost of services. Make your budget accordingly and have an in depth discussion with the website designer in order to make the webpage in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Five Tips to Effective Web Designing for Your Business

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Responsive_Web_DesignThe way the site of your company is designed in relation to colors, images, layout, navigation, fonts and much more will have a great impact on the overall success or failure of your company on the cyberspace. A well designed and thought-out site will have low exits and high conversations. On the other hand, poorly designed website will have high bounce rate which will lead to poor sales of your products and services. A good site should be easy to navigate to give visitors user-friendly experience. Discussed in this article are tips to effective web designing for your business.

Use Standard Color Scheme

The color scheme of your website is very significant. As such, you should ensure that you use standard color scheme when designing. For instance, dark text teamed up with a light background is a great idea. In order to have high conversion rate, the site should also be easy to read and navigate. It might be hard to read text on a computer screen when the background is dark colored. So, choose the background color appropriately.

When it comes to call to action, it is recommended that you use a single color to make it easier to find. Too many colors in your site may distract the visitors and they may eventually not make a purchase. This will not help you to achieve company objectives and goals of having a website. Therefore, pursue to have standard color scheme on your site which will increase conversation rate and ultimately sales.


The layout that is on your website should be able to appropriately and effectively support various types of content that is on the page. The layout should ideally have an eye focus on the main statement followed by supporting elements such as blog posts, videos, testimonials and so forth. If you can design your website this way, the conversation rate will be high and this will result to more profits.

It is worth mentioning that if you don’t give a clear path for the visitors’ eyes to follow because the page is bombarded with imagery, then it will be hard to achieve the targeted conversations. Ensure that the layout provides the visitors with a clear path to follow and the visitors can quickly access what they are looking for.

Call to Action

When you are placing the text for call to action, ensure that it’s situated in direct line of the visitors’ path. The main call to action for selling your company products or services should be big and more outstanding than any other call to action like signing up for a newsletter.

Simple to Explore

One of the key components to a successful site is that it should be easy to use. The information on the page should be useful and concise. In addition, the site should be easy to navigate within few clicks.  A typical internet surfer will only take few seconds before deciding whether a website is able to give him desired information or not. So, it’s very useful if you make your site easy to understand and explore. A well designed and though out site will have a layout that is clear and concise.  The right choice of color, text size, position as well as contrast will definitely help the visitors get what they want within few seconds of arriving on the site. When a site is easy and simple to navigate then the conversation rate is high.

Versatile Programming Language

For optimal results, you should ensure that your company site is programmed in such a way that it can run effectively and efficiently on as many systems as possible. This is so because not every internet user is able to access the latest PC technology or the very latest in broadband. Using a versatile programming language like HTML, you will be able to reach a wider audience who use various browsers.

When all is said and done, a good website should be easy to navigate and have the capacity to increase the sales of the company. Apart from retaining the customers, it should help to attract more prospects. Invest your resources wisely to get a website design that is best suitable for your target audience.

Author bio:

Kingsley Richard is an experienced web designer. He spends most of his time offering advice on how to be a successful web designer. He gets his inspirations from Rebel Trail.

Importance of Children Party For Any Kid

I Use Virtual Server Hosting… I’m In The Cloud, Right?

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So often — too often — the terms “VPS” and “cloud hosting” get used synonymously. A cloud host can offer virtual private servers (VPS), but owning a VPS does not mean the company gets cloud hosting. Confused? The difference is important for business and is as follows.

Virtual Private Servers

I Use Virtual Server Hosting… I’m In The Cloud, Right?VPS emulates a dedicated server instead of hosting on one physical server. The VPS is sandboxed from other VPS customers on the same physical machine. But unlike shared hosting, VPS offers a way for businesses to control the way its server functions. For instance, web services typically need customized settings on the server. With shared hosting, the host rarely changes configurations for one customer, especially if it might affect any other sites hosted on the same server. All sites share the same resources, so web hosts keep shared servers standard across the board.

VPS eliminates the problem of one site affecting another, so the business is given complete control over the server interface. If the business crashes its VPS, it does not affect any other customers’ VPS services.

VPS has several additional advantages over shared hosting, even if it’s not true cloud hosting. First, VPS gives the webmaster better control over server functionality, configurations and added software. If the business has licenses for software such as SQL Server, the webmaster can install the software without going through the cloud host provider. If the webmaster needs to add some Windows server functionality, log in to the console and change the settings. The webmaster can even reboot the machine at-will and won’t affect other customers.

Cloud Hosting

Although cloud hosting has some similarities to basic shared hosting, it’s more powerful and gives businesses a way to serve millions of web requests without ever harming performance. Cloud hosting also offers the power of data centers and content delivery networks. Combined, these resources have a more powerful backend for enterprise businesses with big data and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.

Cloud hosting also offers infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). IaaS is a service for businesses that need more server resources, storage devices, hardware or networking components. This cloud service is generally used when the business needs more resources but doesn’t have the real estate or IT personnel to handle massive additions to the network.

VPS Versus Cloud Hosting

VPS is a more expensive route than shared hosting, but it offers a dedicated server environment without the dedicated server costs. Small businesses and individual site owners get the most benefits from VPS. VPS is more personalized, and the webmaster can host several sites on the same virtual interface. Bloggers with high traffic spikes, small ecommerce stores or businesses with several websites can take advantage of VPS.

Cloud hosting is beneficial when the business needs more power. The business only pays for the resources used, but it’s generally more expensive because of the large data centers and web farms available. Load balancers control traffic to the business’ website, so the website never falters. Cloud hosting offers 100% uptime, so businesses that rely on website revenue at all hours of the day benefit from cloud hosting.

IaaS and SaaS are also cloud-hosted benefits. Small web services can run on VPS, but VPS is still one server, so it cannot handle the massive amounts of traffic that cloud hosting can manage. VPS is a solution for small businesses or personal websites, but when the business depends on performance, cloud hosting is a solution that has endless scalable resources.

This is a guest post by Jennifer Marsh. Jennifer is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for open cloud company Rackspace Hosting.

Best Web Development Service in the World

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Over the years, has been conducting research on different web designing and developing companies and trends. By comparing the features in the services offered by different web designing companies, it is consistently giving rankings to them for the benefit of viewers on the web.

One of the benefits that accrue by viewing the reviews conducted by this impartial and independent site is that viewers can learn about the respective value, reliability, and reputability of different web designing providers. At the same time prospective buyers of web designing and development services will also find information about the type of services offered, comparative pros and cons of different service provider sites, and the expenses involved in procuring their services.

BestwebdesigagenciesIn the process the reviewing site also determines the top sites that undertake web development for client. In the same vein they have reported the TOFU Marketing as the most responsive web design consultants in the market and thus one of the best for web development project webmasters are launching.

According to sources; “ has announced TOFU Marketing as the best responsive web design service in the month of September 2013. Web development services are researched by the independent research team at to learn which services supply the best responsive web design solutions. The listings are reexamined on a monthly basis based on the most recent accomplishments of contesting responsive web design services.”

Highly professional expert team of conducts extensive research to find out best web development services that are around in the market. In the process they take into account a number of factors that have major bearing on the web development process to find out the true mettle of the development site they are reviewing.

According to the reviewing site sources; “The independent research team at performs a rigorous investigation of the web design services in order to remain apprised of the latest feats of contesting responsive web design consultants.”

In pursuance of such process the contesting consultants have to pass through various testing feats that include interactivity, accessibility, project analysis, design investigation and several such other factors. Much emphasis is also placed on customer support element and the ratings of the best responsive web designing consultants are periodically modified depending on the result of investigation. That is why there is no certainty that the site that is on top currently will continue to be so for long. There have been quite a few fluctuations of ranking with the passage of time. Like it happens in popular sports world the rankings change quite frequently.

Another important aspect of determination of the ranking of web development sites is verifying their mobile development capabilities. Efficiency in mobile development service helps determine the overall quality of the services offered and also decide on the customer references; a strong indicator of efficiency of service.

After conducting such extensive research and comparison has come to the conclusion that TOFU Marketing is the best responsive web designing and developing company on the web.

It remains to be seen how long TOFU can maintain the top position.

Glimpse On The Future Of Web Development

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According to reliable source, recently Microsoft and Google are engaged in an argument over Microsoft’s Windows Phone YouTube app. One thing is certain that when the two most renowned companies are facing argument with each other, there would be quite a little common ground between them.

Google claimed that Microsoft generated its app in HTML 5, while Microsoft opined that it prefers to offer native code. However, both of the companies are insisting that their users experienced the best effective way by sing their way.

Microsoft and GoogleGoogle accused that Microsoft has not included the features to the mobile versions of IE that Google wishes to utilize as the core of the HTML5 YouTube application. Reliable sources informed that the allegation is true to some extent as it is evident that IE10 on Windows Phone is a considerable upgrading over earlier mobile browser of Microsoft, it still lags Google’s Android version of chrome and Apple’s Mobile Safari in the support oh HTML provided by them.

Analysts opined that while they were conducting a test to find out the effectiveness of the program. IE 10 scores 320 points, the Android version of Chrome receives 410 points, and iOS Mobile Safari gets 386 points. This reflects that there is quite a range of capabilities among the browsers.

Google also stated that they want to preserve the experience of the users in the properties. It is notable that this need consistency but Google utilize various platforms in various ways even though some of them have similar capabilities. Analysts have informed that the most striking element is perhaps that YouTube is consistent among all the three operating systems. On the other hand, Google News and Mail vary considerably.

Critics opined that Google is enriched with some exclusive features. However, Gmail on iPhone reveals the image of iOS 7’s minimalism whereas on Windows phone it appears like that of the earlier version of Web 2.0. They also stated that IE 10 is more capable browser that offers much support to the HTML 5.

Critics opined that by noticing the header bar on the iOS rendering of Maps minutely, they found that differences in style between the two views. This also allows the critics to discover the features Google is offering to Windows phone.

It certainly proves the fact that the useful free app for Window Phone also allows the users the option of appearing as an iPad or iPhone or a PC that running Firefox. Analysts found that most of the layout of the header needs particular CSS, which is not able to display on other browsers.

Google utilizes user agent sniffing in order to deliver distinct experiences to several browsers that is regarded by most of the critics as a poor approach especially in the modern web design. However, in order to fulfill the organizational goal that proves to organize information of the world together so that they can be easily accessible and fruitful, Google requires modifying their application and turning them into an advanced one so that users across the world can accept the change as universal.

What kind of Web Developer you want to be?

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Web Development sure is a great field to get in if you like problem solving and doing fast production. The only problem is there is so much stuff (useful and unuseful) that you do not know which place to part yourself to, from the e-commerce SEO guy to the deep thinking clever Web Application Software Engineer that is preying for that huge project to get his next salary in a single little week there is a vast amount of work you can do and things to specialize yourself in.

Today, i will present you them so you can choose yourself which to join.

1 – Web Application Developer

This is the one that i tend to lean to more than every other subset of web development out there.

Do you enjoy creating thing with your own hand? Are you the one to feel good when solving complex problems, doing big things, biting more than you chew and still being able to swallow, and take up on a new challenge at every standpoint?

The Desktop environment is not slowly ,but actually pretty rapidly moving and business owners are slowly realizing that they need a Web Application Developer to write the equivalent of their desktop application on the Web.

They are getting really much attention because of the ” move from the desktop to the web ” trend and i actually have a friend that made 22.000$ this month out of it (he is a Ruby Web Application Developer)

Amazing field, with amazing money, and i would recommend it to the problem solvers out there. You will enjoy building huge stuff and being the big guy while getting a nice paycheck doing something that you are passionate about.

Anyway, enough about this great subset of Web Development, let’s get to the other one, which is:

2 – Web CMS Plugin / Theme Developer

We talked about a big paycheck for Web Application Development projects but we forgot to mention that Web Content Management System Plugin and Theme Development is actually the most profitable online niche right now. Thousands of Blogs and Websites based on WordPress, Drupal etc, now are becoming semi Web Applications thanks to the CMS’s making it available for developers and designers to modify their functionality, and add up more functionality to them.

As i have seen on the freelancer websites, a WordPress Plugin Developer can get himself around 700$, 800$ in a week easily ( Not so bad for someone who only writes PHP code huh? ). For me, it seems really really boring to write functionality for CMS’s but may be a good option for you if you are in for the profit or do think you are going to enjoy it.

3 – Front-End Developer

These are the guys that dress your website in nice clothes and link the back-end functionality with the front-end one (for example the submit button sending information via AJAX to the back-end controller, the front-end guy does this).

Most Front-End Developers have a good feel for UX design so they are really looked for in the Web Development market.

Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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Top 2 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

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Oh my, i love web development. Creating a complete new world, with loads of functionalities, lots of categories, different information by different queries, and the complex problems that i enjoy solving, makes it the perfect job for me. I do not ever remember being frustrated (except for a problem that does not surrender to my superior thinking skills) while doing web development. Is just me when 5 stacking up complex lego structures, but with the text editor and the LAMP Server. I love creating e-commerce websites, web applications, personal blogs, tech blogs, Q & A websites, infomecials.

And i love having my job made easier for me so i can finish my task much faster. This is where the PHP frameworks come in to my rescue and take the daunting task of building the lowest things ( the session handler, the database abstraction, the URL resolver, the REST server, and all that jazz) from my hands so i can concentrate on doing something more important like building an attractive prototype, using my own MAVC design pattern for the view to send information to the controllers via AJAX, write the JavaScript, have the controllers send updates like in Facebook to the user’s view, and generally modifying the user interface / functionality for the better. Oh, and i also forgot, implementing nice features.

So, if the frameworks ease our job, the good ones will do the job of easing our job much better. This makes me reach the conclusion that we must locate the best out of the best.

So let’s start with my favorite one:

1 – Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework with a very elegant syntax design, out of the box ORM for handling the database in a human-readable fashion, and a very beautiful templating engine called blade that replaces the PHP’s ugly alternative syntax.

Having said that, Laravel also is capable of:

  • Loose coupling and dynamic instantiation via the IoC Container
  • Awesome Routing feature to build REST Controllers
  • A default SMTP server configuration that works pretty good for sending messages out of the box

Enough of Laravel, let’s talk about the second favorite of mine:

2 – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is the first PHP Framework that i started working with, and is one of the easiest frameworks to set-up, learn, and start working. I remember being able to use it fairly well without having to practice it’s usage (The syntax and the function set is very organized).

The only that annoys me in this framework, is that, i have to write all the models myself (save the function that i made for  doing SELECT WHERE’s with the string from the $column_name argument for my convenience ). It is a pretty tedious process to me (as i tend to deal with an amount of tables in my applications and have to write a separate model for each table in the damn database).

The main features are:

  • Full MVC like the majority of the PHP frameworks out there
  • Very good session library that i use for authentication with no issues
  • Very light and fast if you know how to use it correctly.

This is all about CodeIgniter for now.

Thanks for the read and see you soon!