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Phone Gadgets – 6 Cool Add-ons that Transform Your Phone

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Most of us are attached at the hip– literally– to our phones these days. As phone technology continues on its path of remarkable innovation, what are essentially mini-PCs grow in use more and more. Why wait for everything to be built in, though? Below we have 6 awesome phone accessories that will completely change the way you view your phone.

The IN1 Case

Pocket and purse real estate is in high demand, so why spare room for a multi-purpose tool when you can just whip out your iPhone? The IN1 case offers up an impressive variety of tools, including blue and red pens, nail file, Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers, tweezers, scissors, tooth pick, and phone kickstand. Don’t worry about ending up on a watch list, by the way, the IN1 is fully TSA compliant.

The iLuv Selfy Case

Step up your selfie game with this quirky case. The back features a slide-out wireless shutter remote that hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to set up your phone for pictures without the hassle of a self-timer. Take group shots where you can actually fit everybody, or snap a selfie in front of the scenic view you can finally capture all of!

The Prynt Case

Digital cameras might have been a huge improvement overall, but no one can deny the convenience that came with instant print Polaroids. Why not go the extra mile and combine the simplicity of a Polaroid with the ever-present mobile phone? The Prynt phone case contains a built in printer so you can instantaneously print that rocking selfie you just snapped with your iLuv Selfy case, and if the printer gets jammed, repair it with tools from your IN1 case! Doesn’t everybody carry three phone cases?


Maybe you and your phone are completely inseparable. That’s fine, everyone needs “me time” outside of their relationship, but that can lead to missing important calls. This is where Renny comes in. Renny is a wireless speaker that rings and announces who is calling, even if your phone is on vibrate or silent. You can even pick up the call with Renny’s built-in microphone. It hooks to your phone via Bluetooth, with support for two phones at once.


While Chui isn’t exclusively a phone gadget, it’s too cool not to include on this list. Chui is a smart doorbell that sends notifications to your phone when people ring it, showing you who’s a-knockin’. It doesn’t stop there, though– Chui uses recognition software to establish a person’s identity, allowing for tons of customization. It can be set to unlock the door for family and friends, completely ignore unwanted solicitors, or voice specific instructions for the FedEx guy.

Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes

If you’ve ever wished you could take a microscope on the go, you were born in the right time period. Dino-Lite offers a whole suite of handheld microscopes that hook up straight to your phone, allowing you to explore the unseen world through your phone screen. Find them online at places like for some great offers and information regarding their specs.

Smartphones alone offer a lot of versatility. Gone are the days when all a phone could do was place a call, but base phone models still don’t offer everything. Fortunately, there’s plenty of amazing pieces of technology out there that can up the ante on your phone. These are just 6 of them.

Want To Sell Your Old Mobile Phones? Here’s How To Get The Best Deal

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If a thorough search is conducted, many hundred millions of old cell phones can be found in the drawers and cupboards across the United States of America. There are also people who just throw away their old phones in dustbins because they think the phones are irreparable and are thus just a waste material. You will be surprised to know that there are companies out there that are willing to pay you cash for even those old phones that cannot be repaired anymore. They pay you for the valuable materials that mobile phones contain. They recycle the same and use them in manufacturing new products. So, regardless of how worthless you are treating your old phones to be, you are strongly recommended to sell the same.

These days, the process is much easier and hassle-free because there are several websites that allow you to sell phones online, right from the comfort and convenience of your home. But, it is also important for you to keep in mind that not all of them offer a great deal. In order to make sure you are getting the best deal, you must consider a few factors.

The Basic Process
The basic process is very simple. You just have to visit the website and fill up a small form providing details about your cell phone, such as its make and model. The website then makes an offer. If you agree to that offer, you will receive a freepost envelope within a week. You can pack your phone in that envelop and post it back through mail. The company now checks the condition of your phone. If they find it in a condition you already explained in the initial form, they make the payment. In general, you receive the payment either through a direct bank-to-bank transfer or through check.

What If The Company Is Not Satisfied With The Condition Of Your Phone?
In such cases, they will make a counter offer, which will obviously be a lesser amount of money than offered initially. You will get four to five days to accept or reject the new offer. If you accept it, you will receive the payment. If you reject it, you will receive your handset back.

Is Negotiation Possible?
There is no harm in negotiating a better deal. You can always try it. For example, if you are sure that your handset is in good condition and the company is offering you a lesser amount of money saying the condition is not that good, you can insist for a better deal. If you are lucky enough, negotiation can definitely help you sell phones at a higher price.

Which Companies Are The Best?
This is one of the most crucial questions because there are websites that only work as a bridge. They purchase handsets from you and sell them to various cell phone recycling companies. You can obviously get a better deal by selling your phone directly to a phone recycling company. Selling your phones to middle websites will only mean you will get a lesser price than your phone’s worth because such websites keep a commission for their service.

Last, but not the least, you can get a far better deal for old handsets if you sell them with their chargers and other accessories.

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App Technology Revolutionizing Home Electronics

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LG’s recently unveiled ThinQ app is being bandied about by the technology and home appliances giant as a revolutionary approach to integrating the various functions of your home and managing all of them conveniently from a single location – your phone. This new system can provide huge advantages to consumers who have multiple LG products in their homes, creating a synergy between separate devices that can improve the efficiency of their various tasks by scheduling and managing them remotely.

How the ThinQ app works

With the ThinQ app, owners of LG products can check on the status of any of their LG equipment at any time, and they can start or schedule a variety of tasks whenever they please. For example, with the ThinQ app users can preheat their LG oven, schedule a washing cycle on their washing machine or start the dishwasher. These various tasks can be started simultaneously or scheduled to start at different times so water and energy resources aren’t tapped all at once.

Even better, the ThinQ app can send a variety of alerts to users, letting appliance owners know when an appliance needs attention, such as when the refrigerator door has been left ajar or when the washing machine’s load is off balance. Users can read periodic reports displaying the energy consumption of each appliance and even use food management software to keep track of food in the home.

The magic behind these various appliances is the presence of a WiFi connection within the home. The WiFi can transmit information to your phone via the ThinQ app, and the information is also accessible by LG’s customer service center. This is a potentially huge advantage for consumers, as the device can automatically report appliance problems to the company before the owner calls in.

Furthermore, it simplifies the customer support process because customers no longer have to take time diagnosing and reporting the equipment’s problems over the phone to a customer service representative – that information is immediately available to them on a screen, making diagnosis and repair that much easier.

This technology is the foundation of the ThinQ app’s success, and something we can expect to see implemented in other next-generation home appliances produced by other major manufacturers. After establishing itself as a titan in telecommunications technology, LG has expanded into other markets, building its product base and reputation successfully in home appliances.

The ThinQ app’s effects on the home appliance industry

Like LG, Whirpool is a major competitor in the home appliances market and has been lauded for its filter technology, keeping the company viable as modern advancements continue to improve home appliances. But up to this point, LG is the first of its kind to implement wireless technology into a full range of home appliances, and the company has further separated itself with the development of its WiFi integration system and the ThinQ app.

It’s unclear if Whirlpool, Maytag or other major home appliance manufacturers have similar products in the works, but the products most recently revealed and available in stores don’t appear to be equipped for a setup similar to LG’s ThinQ app. Given LG’s background in telecommunications and wireless technology, it’s no surprise they’re leading the push to revolutionize home appliances with wireless technology and smart phone management.

Even if LG’s competitors were blindsided by the ThinQ app announcement, there’s no question they’re already looking at similar technologies that could be implemented into their appliances to keep pace with LG’s offerings. For these companies, time is an important consideration – the longer LG operates as the only company offering WiFi and mobile technology integration with its home appliances, the greater the risk its competitors face of losing customers to more modern, tech-friendly alternatives.

At any rate, LG is leading the way in implementing mobile technology in new ways, revolutionizing home appliances and how household chores are handled. Smart phones and tablets are increasingly helping consumers manage every aspect of their lives, and LG is at the forefront of innovating home management technology. Expect other product manufacturers to follow suit.


Caller ID Finally Reaches Cell Phones

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When the home phone was the primary form of contact for a household, a service changed the way we answered the phone. Caller ID allowed us to see who was calling and screen our calls accordingly. If our exes called over and over, we knew, if someone tried to prank call, we were able to see who it was and we were happy about that.


When cell phones took over as the primary phone used by homes, they lacked this service due to complicated technical reasons. Unless we had the person added in our contact lists, we didn’t know who was calling. Now caller ID for cell phones has been figured out. We now have the ability to see who is calling even if they are calling from a new number that is foreign to our cell phones. That is of course, if you have the right service provider.


Service Provider Offering Caller ID:

As with any new service that reaches the mobile market, not all carriers offer it. For caller ID, you can add this service to your plan if you have T-Mobile. They are the first carrier to announce caller ID for your mobile phone. The service will be launched with their Android powered Samsung Exhibit smartphone initially. In the future, caller ID will be available for existing phones on their network.


With this introduction, the future holds room for competition. As of now, T-Mobile is the only carrier to announce the technology, however, there are restrictions. For instance, Verizon hide their registered customer information so you won’t be able to see who is calling if they call from a Verizon phone. As caller ID technology for mobile phones increase, we should see more carriers offering the service, reduced prices for the service, and perhaps even a change in Verizon’s policy that will allow mobile phone users to see Verizon customer’s names when they call.


The service will cost $3.99 a month for T-Mobile users who want to add caller ID. This is similar to the original cost of landline caller ID when it was released and as we see now, it is now a free service for many landline carriers. Perhaps as more wireless carriers carry the service, the prices will decrease and eventually become standard in phone packages.


Though T-Mobile has launched caller ID for mobile phones, there are still flaws. In the future as more carriers add the service, the caller ID for mobile will become as dependable as landline caller ID. For now, T-Mobile users can enjoy the service for what it is and the rest of us will get it eventually.

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How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

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The mobile technology has reached to an amazing extent, ranging from smartphone and “i” series to simple handsets for entertainment and needs, to be catered in one set. Every one desires to have an updated version of the mobile phone and enjoy the luxury of the most advanced mobile technology.

But few of these people use their mobile sets like iPhone to their fullest potential. Other than just entertainment, this phone set can serve many purposes if used effectively. This article can guide you to some simple steps using which you can enjoy the entertainment toy as an efficient tool to make your personal and professional life easier.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

Two lines system: If you are not yet aware then know that your iPhone has this function of facilitating a second line. In this way you can have two numbers being used separately through one phone. Now you can better arrange your personal and professional contacts separately and at your convenience.

Set your Homepage: As you do on your personal computer that the site which you visit most is selected in the homepage of your browser. In the same way, when using your iPhone you can organize your homepage by selecting the app that you use most and drag it to front.

Managing your Web Apps: It usually takes longer if we have files stored at different paths. Your iPhone can give you a service through an iPhone Web app, which will consolidate all your web apps in one program. In this way, you can easily browse and launch the desired web app. This iPhone web app is available in a minimal price in market and you can get it easily for your phone set.

Quick Search Function: With your own mobile phone, it has become very easy to turn to your work any time. If you need to look for some important article and don’t have computer and internet access then stop worrying, as your iPhone will give you a search function. Go to the home tab and double click on it to get the search box, type your search word and select the desired results in no time.

Voice Control Function: It is always unsafe to attend your phone calls while you are driving. If you are on your way to office and have to take important call then don’t stop your car and receive the message. Your iPhone voice control is available with which you can get your calls and listen to your choice music without using your hands.

These features, if used effectively, can make your iPhone the best system of your life. You just need to stay updated with the enhancements that are launched to the OS of iPhones. If you search the web, you can still learn a lot more than I just shared. In reality, the technology covers a whole wonder world which most of us had never tried to explore. So, change your pattern and start using your device in a different way.

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Mobile Gaming Security Tips

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Mobile phones are offering more entertainment now that ever before. With use of faster 3G and 4G networks, built-in WiFi and a variety of apps to use, your phone is more than just a way to communicate. For those who prefer to gamble and enjoy the latest in casino-style gaming, your phone can offer a mobile solution for your casino entertainment. However, as with any technology there are security risks involved. If you are a mobile gaming aficionado you may want to consider these precautions to take before you make your next bet.


Don’t Use Public WiFi:

If you prefer using your built in WiFi to connect to your favorite gaming app, you may want to reconsider. Public WiFi that do not require a password are open to malicious users who want nothing more than to get their hands on your personal information. Find a secure network, even if you have to pay for it. This will offer added security to your gaming, so you can play without worry.


Don’t Store Financial Information:

One of the benefits of smartphones is the ability to track, save and use your financial information for purchases and gaming. However, this offers thieves the opportunity to gain your financial information, access your bank and credit accounts and steal your hard earned money. If you would like to utilize gaming apps for your casino enjoyment, avoid loading your gaming accounts through your phone in public. Use your home network or even your home computer to load your accounts and use your mobile phone to play afterwards.


Password Protect your Phone:

In the US alone, millions of consumers lose their cell phones each year. If you lose your phone you want to assure your gaming is safe from anyone who finds it. By password protecting your phone you can assure nobody accesses your gaming apps and bets under your accounts. There are new apps that allow your phone to lock when you it is not in use. For more security consider a one-time password authentication in order to keep your phone locked away from unauthorized users.


Avoid Transferring Funds:

Even if you have decided not to store your financial information on your phone, even the act of transferring fund via your smartphone can open your wallet to thieves. Many banking apps include security, but for every secured network there is a hacker lurking to access it. Avoid transferring fund while in public, on a public WiFi hotspot, or within proximity of other computer users. This will assure your transactions stay as your own.


Smartphones are a fantastic way to get things done no matter where you are as well as entertain yourself in a variety of ways. If you are a mobile gambler, you will want to assure your gaming is fun and safe. Take these security tips into consideration and increase your odds of keeping your financial information secure.

Jeremy Miller is a writer and contributor for, where he offers tips on playing responsibly.

Apps Recommended for Students to Help in Academics

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Students tend to have very long reading lists to get through and various types of equipment designed to help them with their studies. However, many of these devices can now be replaced by a single smart-phone app thanks to the availability of some new programs on most major mobiles. Here are just some of the apps that are recommended for students who are trying to improve their academic performance.

Word Processing

If you are out and about and want to edit a document, make changes to a spreadsheet or even get a presentation ready for your fellow students, then there is a surprising number of applications available to help you.

If you have a Windows Phone mobile, then you will already have access to the Microsoft Office suite of software from your home screen. These programs will let you create and edit documents, spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations, giving you perhaps the best set of word-processing and other tools on the market at the moment.

Android users can harness the power of Google Docs through a dedicated application, allowing them to use a word-processing program which is compatible with a wide range of file types. If you do not own an Android handset, then you can still point your phone’s web browser at the Google Docs site and enjoy similar functionality.

Evernote is a good app to download if you have an iPhone. The iPhone is recommended for this app because of the easy-to-understand interface that makes document editing a dream on your portable device. As with Google Docs, it can handle a range of different file types and will help you share and collaborate on projects.


If you want to avoid being late for your scheduled lessons or if you have deadlines looming that you simply cannot miss, then these apps might be worth trying.

Homework for Android is the best app to choose as a supplement to your physical diary. You can colour-code your commitments and see which subjects you need to complete work for over the coming weeks. It even lets you list the exams that you will have to face in the future. It will also hold and organise your entire timetable, with up to 20 lessons a day eligible for registration on the app.

iPhone owners will want to try out InClass, an app which features elements of homework and organisation but also allows you to share details through social networking. In this way, you and your classmates can identify useful titles for a particular subject and discuss the work that lies ahead of you. InClass can also be set to notify you with alerts when classes are about to begin so that you need never be late again.

Research Materials

Your smart phone can become a repository for information, thanks to a number of apps that might end up replacing physical textbooks.

Amazon Kindle is available for all major mobile platforms and lets you synchronise, read and buy both fiction and non-fiction books to enjoy on the move. Whatever your area of study is, this will keep you up to date.

If you have an iPhone, then the iOS equivalent of Kindle is iBooks, which is just as competently put together as Amazon’s service and offers a broad range of texts.

Many of these apps and others will be used by students in the coming years, changing the way they learn and the way that they organise their time when studying. The days of having to carry a large number of heavy books around schools and colleges may be nearly at an end.

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Best Way To Catch All Her Lies With Mobile Spy

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We should all curse the romantics and their promises of eternal love and happiness. I’m one of those people that throw themselves headfirst into a relationship, unfortunately my wife is one of those people who throw themselves headfirst into lies, lies and more lies. I think about the time I would have scoffed at people who use the mobile phone spy and I think of my life right now and what it would be like had I not used the mobile phone spy – I find the irony painful.

My wife, or should I say soon-to-be-ex-wife, is one of those people that are really good with words. She can wiggle her way out of any situation by either lying through her teeth or creating a bigger fight to make me look like a neurotic stalker who wanted to micromanage her every move. And of course she’s brilliant at covering her tracks; I could never prove she was lying till I found a mobile phone spy that could help me i.e. the iPhone Spy.

With the iPhone Spy I was able to confirm my suspicions that she was talking to other men. I could see all her emails, her call history and even her text messages. I didn’t know what was worse at that point, the fact that I was right about her infidelity or that I was about to lose someone I loved. I sound like an idiot right? How could I love this woman! She would tell me she had to go away for a business meeting but ended up at a local motel with a random jerk she barely knew.

Any decent mobile spy will let you track the person you’re trying to spy on. I could check her location through the iPhone Spy constantly. Still, I was a fool I kept trying to tell myself it was nothing, she probably had her reasons for lying about being out of town. I was afraid of what the iPhone’s spy’s spy call would reveal to me, and I was right about that, too. I heard everything she did, every word she said, heck I heard every word that moron she was with said when I used the iPhone spy. And she never even knew her phone had received my call, the mobile phone spy on her phone made sure that her phone never rang when I called.

My divorce lawyer feels that my case is strong because of the videos and pictures I was able to procure through the iPhone Spy. Sure, the case is strong, but my heart isn’t strong enough to go through this again.

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