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Applying Early Psychological Concepts: A Case Study

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The history of psychology reveals many schools of thoughts and many different approaches to therapy. Each type of therapy is unique in its own way, but all therapy has the same goal: to relieve the patient of their troubles. This can be approached by modifying troubling behavior, gaining insight into a person’s unconscious feelings, or by helping the patient to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. This paper will explore some of the psychological concepts which can be applied when treating a patient and the therapies of three major psychological orientations.


The following case study will be on a 27 year old man by the name of Max who seems to be suffering from some sort of delusional thinking. Max’s troubles begin to arise shortly after high school. He was working as an employee at a grocery store when he began having irrational thoughts about being under surveillance. The suspicious thoughts about being watched were also accompanied by voices that only Max could hear. He claims that the voices tell him that he is evil and he has a hard time shutting them out. Max’s paranoia surrounding being watched was taken to another level when he began to feel as if the FBI were following him. As a result, Max has grown rather agitated and confused. At the tail end of his six month stint at the grocery store Max quit his job after having a confrontation with his employer. His complaint was that he couldn’t work under the pressure of being continuously watched on monitors. He is unable to function as an adult in society and has found himself hospitalized for his condition.

In order for Max to shed the confusion, agitation, and anxiety brought on by his irrational thoughts he will need to undergo some type of treatment. The treatment should focus on explaining and dispelling the irrational thoughts and ideas that Max is plagued with. By addressing the underlying reasons for the onset of his condition, Max will have a better understanding of exactly what is happening to him. This will open up some new doors for Max and he will be better equipped to deal with these thoughts of paranoia. While it may not be possible to completely rid his mind of these notions all together, a better understanding of the source and nature of them may aid Max in learning new coping skills. These skills, when applied correctly will surely provide Max with some relief. The ultimate goal of treatment for Max will be to help him arrive to a point where he can re-enter the work force and function in society without becoming agitated or paranoid.


Before ultimately deciding on which route to pursue in regards to Max’s treatment, it would be a good idea to take a look at how some of the concepts from early to modern day psychology could be applied to this case. By looking at the whole picture, the therapist is better equipped to choose which path to take in treating Max. It could be a case in which multiple forms of methods of therapy could be applied, so it is important to cover all the bases before beginning treatment.

Taking cues from structuralism, Max’s issues can be broken down into simpler mental processes. Structuralism focuses on breaking down these mental processes into their simplest of forms (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). Titchener’s structuralism places a lot of focus on the act of introspection. It may be possible for Max to use this method to take a deep look at his experiences and the sum of those experiences. By looking at his own thoughts Max will be then able to apply the elements of consciousness to his condition. After careful introspection, the next logical action would be to take these newly found conscious thoughts and determine how they are associated with one another and with Max’s mindset as a whole (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By connecting each mental process or irrational thought it is possible to not only see the link between each one, but to pinpoint the origin of them.

The functionalist approach can also be applied to the troubles that Max has been suffering from. Similar to structuralism in the sense that the focus is on the mental processes, functionalism is a more organized and systematic way of accomplishing the same thing. Instead of just focusing on the elements of or each of Max’s irrational thoughts, the functionalist approach would be to examine the purpose of the paranoid thoughts. Max could be instructed to examine himself closely to see if he can understand exactly why he has these types of delusions. It is possible that he has some underlying concern or issue that he is not aware of. The irrational thoughts may be Max’s way of dealing with this issue or concern.

Some ideas derived from phenomenology may also be used to treat and assess Max. Phenomenology is an approach that in a sense sheds the ideas of the deep consciousness and past experiences. Instead it focuses on the here and the now (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By taking a phenomenological approach to Max’s troubles, the therapy would center around his immediate experiences as they occur. Max could be instructed to stop each time his irrational thoughts arise and take note of the what is going on at the exact moment. In a sense he would be doing some introspection, but in this case it would be more of a surface type introspection. The goal would be to gain a better understanding of these troubling voices and experiences which would aid Max and the therapist in being able to communicate on the subject better.

Now it has been established that there are many ideas and concepts which can be applied to the treatment of Max, it is time to take three major psychological movements into consideration and evaluate how each can be used to help him. The three methods of therapy which will be examined and applied to Max’s case study will be behaviorism, gestalt, and psychoanalysis. After carefully going over each method of treatment, it will then be decided which will work best to treat Max.


Using a behaviorist approach to therapy Max will be taught how to self-modify his own behavior. The goal of this behaviorist therapy will be to change Max’s behavior in reaction to his paranoid thoughts. Instead of becoming agitated and confused Max will learn to find new ways to cope. These new coping methods will replace Max’s outbursts and agitation. By eliminating the unwanted behavior Max should be able to successfully deal with the voices and paranoia in a more positive and healthy manner. It is also important to note that with this behavioral therapy Max will not just be undergoing behavior modification, but also learning the skills to partake in self-modification of his behavior.

The very first step will be to identify the problem behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). This will be accomplished by sitting down with Max and talking about his issues. The process of discussing the problematic behaviors is also going to be beneficial to Max in the sense that it may open his eyes up to some things he didn’t realize were problems for him. In this case the problematic behavior is the manner in which Max has been dealing with his troubling thoughts. His agitation has led him to act irritable and have angry outbursts. It is important that Max understands just how these behaviors are problematic. It should be pointed out that this type of behavior is holding Max back from living a productive life. By doing things like yelling at his boss or accusing customers of spying on him, he is not a likely candidate for employment.

After going over the many problematic behaviors, Max will then be asked to decide which one causes him the most trouble. The one problematic behavior that will be worked on first should be a very specific problem. Instead of just coming to the conclusion that the irrational thoughts make him angry, Max will be encouraged to phrase it in a more specific and concrete manner. So, the problem would be stated as, “the thoughts of being under surveillance make me mad and I yell at people”. By avoiding a generalization of the problem, Max will have more of a goal to tackle when modifying the behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.).

Now that Max has been taught how to identify his specific problem he will be working on, it is time to state the goal. A good suggestion would be something along the lines of, “I will not let my thoughts of being watched lead me to becoming angry” (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). The next step to take would be to identify some actions to take to help Max attain his goal of not becoming angry and agitated by the thoughts and voices he experiences. These actions or steps Max will take towards reaching his goal must be realistic. An example would be to pause and take a few deep breaths when troubling thoughts arise. By doing this Max will be taking time to reflect on what he his thinking and refrain from having outbursts. The ultimate goal of this type of treatment is to aid Max in replacing his outbursts with more positive behaviors. With practice and commitment, it is very possible that Max’s behavior can be modified and he can return to work.


Switching gears a bit and straying from the behaviorist approach, Max is now going to see if he can benefit from a gestalt approach to therapy. Instead of focusing on his behavior, Max is going to be encouraged to take a look at his problem from a “here and now” type of treatment. The main focus of Gestalt therapy is self-awareness by stressing more of the process of healing, or what is happening at the moment rather than the content, or what is being discussed. As a result, emphasis is put on what is being thought or felt at the moment rather than what was or what could be (Yontef, 1993).

Gestalt therapy with Max would begin with him explaining how he is feeling at the exact moment. Max will be asked if anything is presently bothering him. If something is then the therapist and Max would spend some time talking about that. It would be beneficial to ask Max questions pertaining to his present feelings to encourage him to open up. If Max were to start thinking of the past or about things that could happen due to his irrational thoughts, he would be encouraged to instead focus on the present. By placing more emphasis on what is going on inside at the exact moment Max will become more self aware of his feelings (Yontef, 1993).

The empty chair technique is also a method used in Gestalt therapy. For this technique, Max will be sat facing an empty chair. A good idea would be to have Max pretend the chair is occupied by someone who he has issues with. Since Max’s irrational thoughts center around being watched, it may be necessary to “fill” the chair with someone who Max believes is responsible for watching him. Max would be instructed to confront the person and to let all of this thoughts just come out. If it would be beneficial for Max to yell at the empty chair, then he will be instructed to do so. The goal of this empty chair technique is for Max to be able to get some things off his chest that involve the person he chose to fill the chair.

Since Max’s issues obviously leave him feeling a bit alienated it also may be a good idea to try some group therapy. Max could attend a group with a few other people. They all would meet and discuss their problems. It would be nice if the group had some people in it who also suffered from troubling or irrational thoughts. By discussing their problems together Max and the others in the group would be able to see that they are not alone. They can learn from one another by talking about their coping methods. The ideal group would be led by a therapist who encourages the group to focus on what they are feeling at the time (Yontef, 1993).


The final approach to therapy with Max will be psychoanalysis. People are naturally unaware of factors that determine their thoughts and behaviors. Psychoanalysis attempts to make the client or patient aware of these unconscious factors that create turmoil in their lives (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.) These unconscious factors sometime arise in the form of symptoms that are recognizable, but also arise in the form of troubling personality traits. In the case of Max there must be some underlying factors that contribute to his irrational thoughts of being under surveillance.

Psychoanalysis can thought of to be a sort of partnership between the patient and the therapist. The patients job it to talk about their experiences and thoughts. The therapists job is to listen and to understand. Max’s first session of psychoanalytical treatment would involve him taking a comfortable seat and being encouraged to talk freely about whatever is on his mind. This could be anything from home life, to what he wants to do later in the day. As Max becomes more comfortable with the therapist, he will begin to open up more and speak about not just mundane day to day things, but about issues he has in relationships and things that weigh heavy on his mind.

Psychoanalytical therapy is usually conducted frequently. Max should undergo therapy 3-4 days a week. As Max begins to open up more, the therapist will start to better understand him and notice patterns or feelings that seem to be missing from important situations. Since Max’s problems seem to center around his delusions and the feelings those create for him, he will be encouraged to talk about this often. The main job of the therapist will be to listen, but it is also beneficial to lead Max in certain directions with the therapy. By asking him questions like “how did that make you feel,” the therapist will be helping Max to get in touch with feelings that he otherwise would have never dealt with. It is important that the therapist always remain neutral in regards to Max’s feelings or conflicts. The method of free association may also help Max to gain a better understanding of the nature and impact of his issues (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.).


Now that these three approaches to therapy have been discussed and it is clear as how to apply each on to Max’s case it is time to choose which would be most effective. While they all three seem like they could be beneficial to Max in some form or another, there must be one that will do him the most good. Given the nature of Max’s problem and the history he has of acting out when troubled by this thoughts, the behaviorist approach appears to be the one that Max would get the most from. His thoughts of being watched lead him to act out in ways that are not socially acceptable. The results of his behavior has left him unemployed and still residing in his parent’s home. The key word here is behavior. Max’s behavior needs to be addressed and changed. Therefore by taking a behaviorist approach to treating Max he can undergo behavior modification sessions. Not only will Max benefit from these sessions, but he will also learn how to self-modify his behavior. This is a skill that he can then apply to other problems that pop up for him in the future.


As a psychology student and mother I can easily say that I identify with the behaviorist approach. I have seen firsthand how modification of behavior can help to solve problems. I often reward my children for doing a good job on things like cleaning up following directions. There was a time when my soon to be four year old son would destroy his bedroom in a matter of minutes. The messy bedroom resulted in my son becoming irritable and bored. This was something that we needed to work on. So I made a simple chart and he was to do a little clean up every day. Each day that he cleaned up he received a sticker, and once a row of stickers was complete he would get to choose a paper out of my “fun bag”. Each paper had some sort of fun activity written on it like go to the park. This proved rather effective in helping him not only overcome his messy behaviors, but also made him happy in the long run. His clean room proved to also improve is mood and cut back on the boredom.

While I do admit that I favor behaviorism, I can’t fully discredit the other approaches that I have covered in this paper. I can see how each type of therapy could be beneficial in different cases. This fact leads me to believe that a patient should be encouraged to experiment with different types of therapy before choosing which one to undergo. Everyone is different and it may be that different approaches work better for different people.

David Montyoa Stonemakers Gives You The Benefits Of Hardscaping Your Home

David Montyoa Stonemakers Gives You The Benefits Of Hardscaping Your Home

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Hardscaping consigns to all of the lifeless features integrated into a property’s landscape. This can consist of, but is not restricted to, things like gazebos, walkways, walls, fountains, fences and other water features. Hardscaping allows a homeowner to add well-designed features to a landscape, and to produce a visually alluring area that necessitates less maintenance than plant life does.

The Advantage of Hardscaping

Since hardscape features are not living organisms, they endow with a means of increasing property assessment and the charisma of the property without requiring the same level of constant maintenance and care that garden and lawns do. This makes a stress on hardscaping perfect for owners who do not have a lot of time to allocate to lawn care, those who live in dry regions or in areas where water use is restricted or those who desire to develop the value of their property but are not chiefly inclined toward gardening.

Hardscape Features

Hardscape features such as ornate gazebos or benches can be integrated into an existence landscaping scheme to provide an extent of functionality, in addition, giving visitors a place to enjoy the scenery. Pools and fountains can develop the general ambiance of the property, creating a more serene and calming atmosphere, helping to attract local fauna and drown out noise pollution. Attractive stone walkways can be employed, not only for their functionality, but to disguise problem areas where plants and other grasses are slow to set it. Rock walls and fences can improve privacy and provide wind barriers. As David Montyoa Stonemakers says, hardscaping also permits for features such as raised flower beds that can help to disintegrate visual dullness.

Drainage Issues

When installing hardscape features, it is significant to consider how these additions will affect the water uptake of the soil and overall drainage. Anything that is placed over the soil is going to have an impact on general water content of your turf. If you plan to integrate a lot of hardscape features into your landscaping, then it may prove advantageous to install sprinkler systems to ensure that your vegetation is still able to meet its water needs.

It is also significant to observe how hardscaping features will have an effect on the general flow of drainage on your property. You will have to circumspectly plan each feature so that it aids direct water away from the home, rather than near it. Idyllically, hardscape features should work to the assistance of your plants, directing water flow toward those that necessitate the most amounts of water and away from foliage that require better drainage.

Using a qualified and respectable landscape designer like David Montyoa Stonemakers can aid to lessen the risk of improper drainage and can assist to guarantee that the general effect of the landscape is an achievement, providing years of enjoyment and utilization to the homeowner. If done correctly, a landscape that consists of hardscaping aspects can be both functional and beautiful. They can create a visually alluring area for relaxation and recreation, and considerably enhance the value of a homeowner’s property.

Finest Tree Surgeons Can Bring Amazing Changes In Your Garden!

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Trees are critical piece of our modern lifestyle as they give us natural air, fruits and numerous other things those are necessary for our modern lifestyle however they can likewise be a danger particularly when they are around your property. On the off chance that you are confronting inconveniences because of fallen or broken trees then you should procure tree surgeons Harrow service at the present time. We are expert brand that is offering unbelievable tree expulsion and pruning service at exceptionally moderate costs. There are various other specialist those are offering comparable services yet in the event that you want to appreciate great outcomes then you should employ our service at the present time. We promise that you will enjoy best results according to your expectations by availing our service.

Here are advantages those you can just benefit by employing tree surgeons Harrow service –

  • Mind-blowing arrangements – You should enlist our service for tree treatment, for example, expulsion or trimming and so on without squandering any further time as we have created unique tree evacuation arrangements those work splendidly under any conditions. We have additionally created different tree treatment techniques and devices those give flawless outcomes inside no time. We guarantee that there is no other specialist organization in the whole business that can offer such astounding service with 100% results rather than us.
  • Tailored solutions – We are committed organization that comprehend your necessities of tree pruning, expulsion and different assignments that ought to bring positive changes in your property. Individuals may fear because of trees surrounded in their property however we take able choice as per circumstance; so you should not confront any kind of issues with trees or damages. We guarantee that our group will evacuate tricky trees without taking excessively time.
  • Up-to-date gear –We utilize most recent instruments and hardware for expelling trees from your property and that the main reason behind our success. We don’t remove tree or prune trees until we have applied various security measures to protect your belongings. We cut tree in parts so it won’t make any kind of bother in evacuation process. There is no other tree surgeon that gives such detailed attention to the safety of your property rather than us.
  • Devoted group – The principal reason for our prosperity is our committed group that works hard to provide incredible outcomes. Our each colleague knows their role and work with tremendous coordination. That is the reason why they can finish most convoluted errands, easily. They are agreeable in nature and constantly prepared to give astounding solutions to your inquiries.

Hence, you ought not squander any further time in procuring tree surgeons Harrow service for expelling or trimming trees and different plants from your home, office or garden as we provide best results. There are many specialist organizations those are offering comparable facilities however they are charging excessively. Then again, we are offering our services at truly moderate costs that you can oversee with no bother. Therefore, don’t postpone any further and contract our service right now!

Hire Trakmats For Convenience

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Trakmats have become an integral part of construction work, used specifically for creating a safe and strong surface. Their use is becoming more and more common these days, thanks to the functionality and ease they provide.The mats are used extensively for making temporary roadways and walkways. Mentioned below are the prime reasons which make it a good option to hire trakmats.

  • Before the widespread use of trakmats, people used plywood panels. However, the grip and durability offered by latter was quite low as compared to strong and sturdy trakmats.

  • The material used for producing trakmats is chosen carefully; thus making these mats highly tough and long lasting. Besides this, the mats are rot proof as well.

  • Using mats made from inferior quality material can cause severe damage to the environment. Conversely, good quality trakmats can serve your purpose without posing any danger to the surroundings.

  • Safety of workers is equally important as safeguarding the environment. Well manufactured trakmats can help to create a safe working environment for people working at the site, as well as the visitors.

  • Due to their unique design and manageable size, the trakmats are very easy to handle. This is the reason laying out the mats and stacking them once the work is done is considerably simple.

The above mentioned qualities make trakmats an ideal choice for construction work and creating work pads. Whether it is grass or sand, placing trakmats makes it easy for the heavy weight trucks to cross without causing any harm to the ground. The trakmats are lightweight, but their strength is not compromised. Their strong nature makes them ideal to bear immense weight without posing any problem. As mentioned above, their unique design makes handling them easier. Moreover, they do not absorb water. They are quite flexible as well, which means that the risk of breakage is not there.

8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein

Presence of connector holes makes it highly convenient to connect and place them as desired. It means these mats can be laid out and connected in plenty of ways. Accumulation of mud is one common problem that you might have to face when using ordinary mats. However, this problem gets eliminated due to the surface profiles. Due to the grip they provide, the mud does not get dispelled when vehicles move to and fro. This helps to provide proper traction to trucks and other vehicles, without causing slippage.

Landscaping, sports facilities, digging and flat roofing are some other common areas where the use of trakmats can be seen. The right size and type of trakmats should be selected keeping in mind the purpose. In order to find the most suitable trakmats, it is suggested to get in touch with a professional and renowned service provider. Many companies offer the convenience to hire trakmats for whatever purpose you have in mind. Make sure to search for a good company which is renowned in the local area and can deliver quality trakmats whenever you require. Such companies assure timely delivery of trakmats in a variety of sizes, making your life convenient and easy.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

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Effectively lowering your carbon footprint is more than just lowering overall energy consumption. You can be eco-conscious in many various ways, and one of the more interesting one is to make an eco-friendly fashion statement. Supporting sustainable fashion is a good way to ensure that the industry will be doing something to promote recycling and healthier living.

Try To Skip the Synthetics

Synthetics are a good substitute, but in the long run it is best to avoid them altogether. It is not only bad because it will hurt the environment, but your skin could suffer as well. And if you do not attend to it soon, you might even develop more serious health problems. Instead it is best to focus on using organic materials, as they will lower the usage of pesticides and herbicides on plants. In the long run, it will affect the plants and make hem stronger and more naturally resilient.

Try To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

You do not only have to invest in looking for clothing made from alternative sources rather, it is a good idea to try and preserve your clothes, so that they will last longer. After all, it is best to keep your clothes green by giving them a chance to grow old with you. However, you need to be careful how you handle some more delicate ones, because even if you can get clothes made cheaply from eco-friendly materials, that does not mean you should not consider caring about them.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Recycled Polyester Can Be Turned Into Fabric

Fashion industries can really take recycling to the next level, because with so much polyester just lying around, it is possible to create sustainable textile that will be easy to mold into whatever you might need, and it will not be too costly for neither the industry nor for the customer. On the other hand, energy needed to recycle is a lot less than making the new fabric, and seeing that you already have the ingredients for cheap, it will be a good investment.

Make It Really Organic

With soy fabric considered the vegan clothing among alternative sources, you cannot go wrong. It is a nifty source for making clothes really comfortable and affordable, and of course environmentally safe. Furthermore, soy beans are not hard to grow, and because mostly organic culture is applied, it will be a good influence on the local environment. Organic farming is great for the local farmers, as it lowers the use of chemicals for treating plants, keeping everything clean and healthy.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Old, But Gold

Wool is an all-time favorite eco-friendly material that can be used for various clothes and it will always look good. Though, when trying to order women’s dresses online, you need to make sure that you look for trusted brands, otherwise you are running the chance of ordering something that might not be sustainable at all. Always check disclosures and be sure to check your end product, otherwise you might do more harm, even if you wanted to help. Green clothing is already happening, and you can help be a part of it.

Greening up your wardrobe can be done in different ways, and you will have to find the best way that suits your needs. Do not forget to check out what some clothing options are and how alternative material sources can affect not only the end product, but the industry as well. Moreover, keep in mind that by supporting your local organic industry will help in promoting the industry and in making sure that your next piece of clothing will be comfortable for you, and for your environment too.

Solar Street Lights: It Is All Sunny Clear!

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What is it of that dark, dense night that saves you from the ghosts- be it the ‘story ones or the ones of your own mind’? It is that mundane, Static Street lights of the corners and all across the spread- your companion and guiding light as you walk or drive your way back home. You would not have even noticed them otherwise, but they too have undergone quite change in their looks and even source over a period of time. Initially, they were all about those nearly blinding yellow bulbs (though quite ironic in their function- to help you see the path of your travelling!). Then, there was the LED craze, as it is still all around, to help you pave the way of your travelling your destination with requisite sparks. But have you realized the energy in terms of the electricity consumption they need to function? And, this context being particularly relevant in today’s increasingly aware society regarding energy saving and utilization. Visit for more information.

A touch upon on them

The fact nonetheless remains, that these street lights cannot be done away with any other mode of lightening the roads or the streets. So, what is to be done to keep up the spirit of energy conservation vis-à-vis this must have? To ascertain the application of a renewable and natural source of energy like the solar energy to lessen the burden of typical electricity consumption. And why not!People in their everyday life are all slowly taking this source for other energyconsuming activities like using solar powered bulbs and panels for various purposes. And, why just the commoner- the spread of solar backed modes can be widely seen in the public domain- agriculture for one. Using this as the basis and realizing that the street lights need to be completely converted to the sun’s way have come up the final product- the solar powered street lights. The best part about them being; the convenience with which they are slipping into the typical LED fixtures of their counterparts. To affix this sort of street lights, one need not go for ‘starting from the scratch’ way, making them really cost effective, and environment friendly- the very basic base of their being there. As they have been one of the major consumer requisite of the public domain, these solar counters parts are proving to be a blessing in the true sense of the word! Not that there is no electricity required to operate them smoothly, but the consumption is markedly low and in terms of brightness they live to the sunny presence! Although the initial installation may seem to be a bit on the higher side, yet they are one of the best investments for the longer term of their usage. And they are, as no frequent replacing or maintenance of them is required.

So, now the path that you tread even in the dead of that night has the natural sun effect- the rays of it shielding you of any mishaps of any kinds! Check out the solar street lights prices today.

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Build Your Own Backyard Treehouse

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If you wish your kids would spend more time outdoors and less time sitting on the sofa, build them a backyard treehouse. All you need is a sturdy tree or two, the right tools and a free weekend to create a treetop retreat that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Not sure where to begin? The following tips can help you get started.

Pick your Location Wisely

An ambitious father who built an impressive treehouse for his two sons ended up fighting a protracted legal battle, after an anonymous complaint from a neighbor nearly resulted in the treehouse being torn down. So before you let your kids know about your lofty plans, make sure you clear the proper hurdles for building your treehouse.

Your neighborhood association may have restrictions about the type of structure you can build on your property, or you may need to acquire a variance from your county zoning board. Talk to your neighbors about your plans, and come up with a design that doesn’t infringe on their privacy. If you’re making a treehouse with windows, for example, they should overlook your own yard, not provide a clear line of sight to the neighbor’s swimming pool.

Once you’ve gotten the green light to build, you can choose between a freestanding tree fort and a treehouse that uses one or more trees for support. Designs run the gamut – from simple platforms designed for kids to structures large enough to accommodate adults.

Build Your Own Backyard Treehouse

Think about Safety

Unless you’re confident in your architectural prowess, your best bet for building a structurally sound treehouse is to use construction plans. Some other basic safety precautions you should consider are:

  • Height. Build the treehouse in the lower third of the tree to minimize the risk of wind damage.
  • Weight. Even if the treehouse is large enough to accommodate adults, will it be able to support the weight of multiple people?
  • Fasteners. Don’t use a hammer and nails, or simple woodscrews, in construction. Use nut drivers and nut-and-bolt fasteners to reliably join lumber.
  • Supports. When using auxiliary support beams, make sure to add concrete around the footings for additional stability.
  • Fall prevention. If your treehouse will be accessible by ladder only, the ladder should be sturdy (not made of rope), ideally constructed at a slight angle so children aren’t climbing straight up. The ascent should be less than 10 feet, and the area immediately surrounding the treehouse should be covered in a thick layer of mulch to cushion falls. The treehouse itself should have protective railings at least 36 inches high, with gaps no greater than four inches.

Treehouse Maintenance

Just like your home, your treehouse needs routine maintenance to be functional and safe. If your treehouse has a roof, inspect it regularly for signs of damage or excess moisture, as moisture can cause wood to rot quickly.

Inspect the walls and floor of the structure for excess moisture, too. If you notice areas that seem to retain water, you may need to drill small holes that allow for ventilation and drainage.

Keep an eye on the tree or trees supporting your treehouse. If you see signs of insect damage, or notice limbs dying off, you should have an arborist inspect the tree to make sure it’s healthy enough to support the structure.

When you plan well and are mindful of safety, a treehouse can be a great retreat for kids who need to spend a little less time in front of the television.

Is Mould Removable?

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Is mould removable? Yes, it is. But this simple question and answer are just the start of your investigation into mould. You need to ask two other questions.

  • How do I remove mould?
  • How do I stop mould returning?

The answers to these are straightforward but require some background knowledge and explanation.

Is Mould Removable?

The Nature of Mould

Mould is everywhere. It’s a form of fungus and has about 150,000 varieties. It loves dampness and organic materials.

In your home, the dampness could be water ingress from leaking pipes, poor drainage, broken guttering or cracked roof tiles. Or it could come from condensation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Organic materials are the “food” of mould. Around the home they tend to be wood and paper. Mould also likes cellulose products such as certain fabrics, paints and plastics.

You don’t have to look far to find potential sources of dampness and organic materials. The steam from cooking, for example, causes condensation. This in turn settles on the cabinets and wallpaper in your kitchen. You now have the ideal breeding ground for mould.

Is Mould Removable?

How do I Remove Mould?

You can easily recognise common household mould. It comes in the form of soft black fungal spots. These clump together and cause an unsightly mess.

Step into any hardware shop and you’ll soon find a mould removing solution. Larger supermarkets also sell mould remover. Beware of using chemical products, though. They undoubtedly kill and remove mould. But a glance at the health warnings on the labels shows you’re dealing with hazardous solvents.

A safer option is to use a water-based mould remover. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t pose any danger to your health. It isn’t hazardous for children or pets in your home.

Water-based mould remover has no solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It doesn’t irritate your skin or emit unpleasant and potentially harmful fumes. You can use it comfortably in small areas such as a shower or cupboard.

You can also apply water-based mould remover to most surfaces in your home. These include wood, plastic, concrete, brick, marble, stone, plaster and tiles. Application is easy. You spray the water-based solution on to the mould. It sets to work immediately and kills the mould spores.

If you have a particularly large area to treat such as the tiles in a bathroom, you could apply the solution in a watering can. Once you’ve treated the area, leave the solution to soak in and do its job.

How do I Stop Mould Returning?

After removing mould, you need to take measures to stop it returning. Find the cause of dampness in your home. Fix any broken guttering or leaking pipes, and replace cracked roof tiles. Avoid condensation in bathrooms and kitchens by ensuring you ventilate these areas properly.

The key to preventing mould is to control the moisture in your home. You may never be able to eliminate mould completely but you should be able to give it as little chance as possible to settle and grow. And if it does appear, treat it straightaway with a water-based mould remover.

Author Bio:

George Simon is an expert blogger from Staffordshire in UK. He deals in effective mould removal services with special attention on taking constant care for preventing them from coming back again.

There Is No Safe Asbestos

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After numerous researches that were held during 50 years it has been proved that the safe use of asbestos does not exist. The asbestos causes disease and death. This is true for all forms of asbestos, including also white or chrysotile asbestos, which is still widely used in huge amounts in numerous industries. It is possible to relate a specific types of cancer, such as mesothelioma, with the chrysotile asbestos exposure. The statistic shows that more than 400 million of deaths in North America and about 200 thousand of deaths in Europe, are related to asbestos exposure. This type of cancer, caused by the asbestos, reveals only after 20 or 30 years. That is why both regions have not yet reached the peak of asbestos-related mortality rates. The use of chrysotile and other forms of asbestos are banned in more than 40 countries in the world. Economic losses related to asbestos are significant, they include huge expenses on medical treatment and even more serious cost that are connected with asbestos removal from schools, homes and public buildings, etc. In terms of impact on the human health the most critical exposure occurs through the respiratory system.

There Is No Safe Asbestos

Some manufacturers, who work with asbestos claim that their products are completely safe and cannot cause any damage to human health. However, the results of numerous studies awarded asbestos with the first place in the list of the most dangerous carcinogens. The carcinogenic asbestos is not active and does not make a physical impact on the human body. However, entering the organism, microscopic asbestos fibers can be derived from tissues. Asbestos fibers easily split and spread in the air, forming aerosols and transported over long distances. They also can get into the water. Amphibole asbestos is the most dangerous type of asbestos that may cause a serious danger to the human organism. Amphibole asbestos, unlike other types of asbestos, is resistant to acidic medium, which extremely complicates its excretion from the body tissues. Failure to comply with safety regulations increases the risk of lung asbestosis and some forms of cancer, mainly related to the respiratory system.

Of course, asbestos products have a lot of advantages from the technical point of view, but the damage they cause to human health outweighs any technical advantages. To date, there is an urgent need to find new eco-friendly materials for production. In order to protect yourself from impact of harmful fibers, it is necessary to make sure the building materials, from which your house was made, don’t include asbestos. And if they do, it is necessary to apply for services of the company that performs asbestos removal works. Why contact professionals? It is obvious. Only competent staff can accomplish this challenging task. Professional team, engaged in the organization of asbestos removal works, is equipped with all the necessary tools and working clothes needed for safe and quick task execution. So, you can easily take advantage of professional services, in order to get rid of the dangerous asbestos in your home.

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Anthony Teng Spread Awareness Through His Participation In Composting Program

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When it comes to environment each one is expected to participate for the betterment of the surrounding. Recently, Anthony Teng of Princeton High School has done an exemplary work for his community. He has spent his summer by working for the Sustainable Princeton, an association spreading awareness to reduce the deposition of waste materials in the locality. They encourage the residents to separate organic materials from the inorganic one’s, collect, and transport them to huge composite sites.

Anthony Teng Spread Awareness Through His Participation In Composting Program

Anthony Teng was always interested in doing something different. Like others, he was not keen on constructing benches. On the other hand, he was also eager to try out Eagle Scouts projects. It was then he realized his knack to do something for composting. He immediately contacted the members of Sustainable Princeton. He had already participated in gardening and composting during his elementary school. Therefore, he was already familiar with this sphere. Heidi Fichtenbaum, one of the members of Sustainable Princeton designed a compost bin with a discarded object. Wooden shipping palates are regarded as abandoned but she made a usable item with it.

Both Heidi and Anthony wanted people to enjoy the benefits of bin. However, as per the rule no project can be done without the approval of Eagle Scout project. Anthony’s next move was therefore to seek everyone’s participation. He sent mails to all the principals and garden co-coordinators of Princeton. They gave their wholehearted support and participated in the movement. Janet Pellichero, recycling coordinator for Princeton informed that they have already completed the project for 750 homes in Princeton now but by the end of 2015 there project is expected to be enjoyed by at least 2000 homes.

Anthony visited number of stores like, Sam’ Club, the Whole Earth Center, Small World, and many other business centers. From these places, he was permitted to collect pallets. The volunteers worked hard to collect theses items and deliver them to the work sites. Some drove the truck while some picked up the pallets. All the elementary schools of Princeton participated in this movement.

Anthony comments that the resultant heap was the largest that he has ever seen. Some other places also received the benefits of the service, which were initially not a part of the program. Anthony is glad that the entire project encouraged the schools. The school authorities informed him that they are interested to adopt this method for teaching their students or they will provide them training for composting. The authorities are hopeful that this will prove fruitful to their students.

Anthony Teng made a website to promote his idea. He up loaded photos and videos for the project completed. The site is extremely well informed and number of proposals at hand. His main motive is to encourage people to choose any one of the project and do it with them as a part of Eagle Scouts project.

Hence, we can see that the responsibility for the cleanliness does not depend upon the elder members only; rather, everybody has a bit to perform. It is a collective effort for a common cause.

Steps To Proper Tree Planting – For Your Home Garden

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When planning to buy a tree and plant it, homeowners should decide whether they want to buy container grown plants, ball and bur lapped trees or trees that are root ball. It may help to decide what type to buy before going to the nursery. This way, homeowners can concentrate on what they should look for when buying any tree for their property. Has the tree been notched or does it have broken limbs? This may be a sign that you should avoid these young trees for your property. A notched tree or a tree with broken limbs may be more susceptible to disease. It is best to choose a tree without competing leaders that has green leaves and appears healthy. Once you get a tree home, planting a tree may require extra assistance, if you chose to buy a ball and bur lapped tree. You may want to call your utility company to check for underground wires before you dig.

Steps To Proper Tree Planting – For Your Home Garden

If you plan to dig in soil that drains poorly, you may what to make your hole three times wider than the root ball of the tree you are planting. The depth of your hole is important. If a hole is too deep, the roots will not have access to oxygen in order to grow efficiently. If your hole is too narrow, your root structure will not gain good anchorage and your plant may fall over. If you have a ball and bur lapped tree, you want to leave the burlap under the root ball and be careful not to pack the soil down after you water.

Watering, Staking and Fertilizing your Tree

Young trees need more attention than mature trees. Your soil may dictate how often you need to water. Clay soil needs watering less often than sandy soil. If you do have clay soil, you need to water deeper though so that it will penetrate down to the roots. Moisture should reach the roots about 12 inches underneath to be ideal for young trees. Young trees should be watered once or twice a week for a few weeks and then only water when the soil is dry. Should you stake your new trees? Trees will develop better if they are staked. Staking should be used if your tree is in a windy location or it is exposed. Leave at least one inch space between a tree trunk and your stake and bury your stake roughly two feet deep to provide support. Once a tree is able to stand on its own, remove the stake.

Should you use fertilizer with your new tree? Some trees may not need fertilizer if they are getting the nutrients they need. Some trees; however, may need additional nutrients to grow properly. If you need fertilizer, you should consider one that is a complete fertilizer, meaning it contains a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Should you choose an organic or inorganic fertilizer? Inorganic fertilizers release quickly and an inorganic fertilizer may have a slower release rate. To properly help a tree grow, choose slow or control-release nitrogen when fertilizing. By doing these steps, your trees will grow healthy and strong.

Advantage Of Home Gardening

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Choose your first favorable cheap Grow Kit can be a daunting prospect. Most mushroom kits with the tray to the fungi grow well in the growing medium can. However, if you want to master it, you need to some of the more advanced information sources, such as books and tool kits. Basically, the system is hydroponics exactly what it needs when it needs them. Gardener cans a variety of different media in which growth to place the plants. New technologies have prompted better yield. So if you are a novice in mushroom cultivation, is the best way to grow, to acquire a mushroom kit. In this set you get everything you need will be provided. The use of wood means that the spawns inserted into a piece of wood so as to propagate the mycelium.

Advantage Of Home Gardening

The other important method employs ground. Planting own mushroom garden, growing and harvesting them is only half the story. Some would say that planting different varieties are more profit. Later, you can even sell dried ones, the ones that come in powder form or develop your own kit to be sold to other enthusiasts. When most of us started our tool collections, we have the choice between expensive tools and what I call cheap confronted tools in general? They were the cheap. There are many assembled kits are available, but some are either super cheap and will not last through a job or so expensive that you are forced to pay more for them. There are quite a few different advantages when it comes to using solar panel kits.

By using a solar power kit you can transform your home or business in an environmentally friendly structure. Many families enjoy their solar energy because they know that it will not harm the environment. If potentially saving thousands of dollars on your electricity costs does not sound good to you, and then there is probably not much else that will convince you. The development of web technology has shaped the way we handle transactions and transactions. Designers with a creative team or background experience in branding, marketing concept, usability, and customer behavior The growth of Internet has opened up many online business opportunities, creating new jobs and earn a lot of sources for all types of people, grow shop  etc. The growing of herbs in a domestic garden is becoming more and more famous. By growing at home makes it seem more natural, advantageous and fresh.

Unique Landscaping Ideas For The Beautiful Yard You Have Dreamed Of

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Creating a beautifully landscaped yard doesn’t need to be a difficult or expensive process. Making simple and unique landscaping changes can give you the beautiful yard you have always dreamed of. Even if you have a small area to work with, you can create a beautiful space to relax and enjoy.

There are numerous websites online where you can find great landscaping ideas. From blogs to forums, you’ll find literally hundreds of tips and photos that will inspire you to transform your yard. If you’re not quite sure what direction to take your landscaping in, you could always find a helpful forum to upload your photo and ask the community for their advice. If you have a small yard, there are plenty of websites where you can find small backyard landscaping ideas as well as photos of small patios.

Unique Landscaping Ideas For The Beautiful Yard You Have Dreamed Of

There are also many books you can find at the store or the library that include helpful tips to landscaping your yard. If you prefer, there are a variety of home and yard design and décor magazines, as well as gardening magazines that might provide you with a few new ideas. If you’re still having trouble coming up with a landscaping plan, take a drive through your neighborhood and write down the different things that you like about other people’s yards and landscapes.

One of the simplest things you can do to landscape your yard is to buy a few plants. Before running to the store, you need to do proper research to find plants that can thrive in the climate you live in. To add a bit of flair to your garden, you can use distinctive rocks to section off your garden. You may even be able to get these rocks for free by walking through the park or the beach.

If you have a bit of money to spend, you may also want to invest in eye-catching pieces such as patio furniture, ponds and trees. You may also find bushes and shrubs that work well in your yard. If you are doing small backyard landscaping, ensure you don’t plant too many trees or shrubs – which can become overpowering. For the best results, have a proper balance of plants, furniture and open space.

Unique Landscaping Ideas For The Beautiful Yard You Have Dreamed Of

Obviously doing the majority of the landscaping yourself will save you money, however there might be some aspects of it that require a professional. Try to do as much as you can on your own and leave the bigger jobs for a contractor. Many landscaping companies will give you a free quote so you’ll know exactly what it is going to cost you before you get started.

Having a beautifully landscaped yard will not only provide you with a relaxing oasis for you to enjoy in your spare time, but it may also increase the value of your home. Consider the amount you are willing to spend on the landscaping and how much of the work you think you’ll be able to complete yourself. Make sure you have a plan of action laid out before you start any of the landscaping.

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5 Techniques To Build Your Own Garden Shed

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Five Techniques To Build Your Own Garden ShedMost homeowners are aware of the fact that there exists no such term as ‘enough storage space’. There is always a shortage of storage space be it heaps of your clothes, countless kitchen utensils or piles of stacked DVDs and books. Similarly there is a limit to what you can store in your garage or basement. To overcome this problem, you require a garden shed; one that is large enough to stock your outdoor power tools whilst providing you with enough space to keep everything organized such as fuel, fertilizes, shoves or rakes.

A Manufacturer’s Garden Shed Tool Kit

Amongst popular choices when building a garden shed is buying a kit and then building the shed using the manufacturer’s instructions. This is a good and easy way to build a wooden garden shed if you have no basic know how of construction and how to handle tools such as a saw and other high powered equipment. The layout is usually given and therefore your shed has a generic look and not customized the way you want. This kit usually comes with manufacturer’s instructions about the material to be used and how to lay down the basic foundations.

Build your Own

Another choice is to build your own shed from scratch. While this approach might help you get the look you want, it can be quiet tiresome and costly compared to the tool kit option. However, in this case the structure can be built based on your needs, desires and according to your taste. You also have the liberty to choose the material and the floor plan.

Whatever your preference, simply use the following five techniques to build your very own garden shed.

Step 1: Construction of the Frame

Start by excavating and clearing the area, make sure that the ground where you want the shed to be built is leveled and flat. It will be a good option if you lay something for supporting the foundation such as cinderblocks.

4×4 Pressure-treated posts, of proper length, should be used as the supports for the deck floor. For the purpose of dragging the structure with greater ease, you can cut the 4×4 ends at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Creating the Deck

When you have placed the frame; start creating the deck. You can use 2x6s pressure-treated sets vertically and then attach them to the frame with the help of a framing nailer. The first thing you should do is to install the 9-foot side pieces. Before you get on with the process of fitting two 4 ft end pieces, it is recommended that you lay them side by side and then mark the joists location to be sure that these are spaced at 16 inches. After this secure the pieces. Next, use the 2x6s joists to cut to length and then start securing these to the frame by using a framing nailer.

Step 3: Building the Walls and Strengthening the Frame

After the deck is completed, move on to building the walls. You can use the deck as a leveled work surface for this purpose. Lay all the 8 foot wall panels from side to side; make sure the bottom plate, top plate and the studs are spaced within 16 inches. Secure all these pieces with the help of a nail gun. Repeat this process till the point where all panels are secured together. Lift the wall up.

Once you have placed the panels of the front wall, the wall is nearly complete. Just add 2x4s diagonally on top of the walls so that the frame is strengthened.

Step 4: Add the Roofs and Windows

The roof joists, should be cut out from 2×6 boards, and should be 13 inches tall. Raise this to the header and add 1×6 strips crosswise so as to tie these together. Next nail the roof.

When the roof is done, start cutting holes. These are for building the windows, so there is enough light in the garden shed.

Step 5: Complete the Project

Once the main structure is done, start with the other tasks such as building the door, potting bench and storage cube. These things will give your garden shed a complete look. You can also add a ramp to your shed to make the entrance of wheelbarrows, mowers and other similar items easy. You can build the door with a sheet of ply wood preferably 3/4 inch. The door can be decorated using 1 inch into 4 inch wood trim to make X” braces in a barn-style.

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Adam Atherton is a writer for Easy shed store and a tool expert. Besides building, he is passionate about writing on related topics to equip his readers with the basic building tools and building basic necessities.

Students to get internships with environmental organizations

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Eco-minded students will now have an opportunity to get internships with the environmental organizations. They will also be able to get an out-of-sight view of the operations of UB this year, all thanks to the new Sustainability Academy by the university. The program that was unveiled this fall is one of the 5 Undergraduate academies, which enables the students who have the same interests to learn and live together at UB. Each of the academies host activities that are exclusive to its theme, which range from movie nights to seminars. For instance, the Entrepreneurship Academy during this fall co-hosts a boot camp for entrepreneurs, while the Civic Engagement Academy organizes events for service learning, which brings the students into Buffalo so as to work with organizations such as Buffalo Niagara River keeper.

Students to get internshipsIn its initial year, the Sustainability Academy will place undergraduate students on internships with GrowWNY using the Western New York Environmental Alliance, host seminars that relate to the sustainability and facilitate the participation of students in a variety of projects such as a food garden planting during the next spring on the North Campus of UB. The partners play a crucial role in assisting to facilitate these activities and others like them, which include the Campus Dining & Shops and UB Office of Sustainability.

The members of the academy can reside in the residences including the Lehman Hall that the university has plans of installing dashboards for tracking, in real time, the amount of energy that the building is used. These devices will provide the residents with a means of monitoring their joint consumption and then compare it with the current and past usage. In the future, the technology will set off another opportunity for the students as the university has planned to give the students a chance to look at how the various facilities of UB, such as the Campus Dining & Shops run low-waste dining halls, operate out of sight.

The Academic Director of the program, Kenneth Shockley, said that the aim was to provide the students of Sustainability Academy with tools so that they can effectively reflect on the effect they are making on the campus and on their life. He also added that they intended to use the community and the university as a living laboratory, and they also wanted the students to see how they could live a more responsible life and how they may trend on the planet lightly.

The first class of the Sustainability Academy includes 48 freshmen who are majoring in diverse fields. Most of the students took part in the first event of the academy on the 21st of August where they headed out to Buffalo city to shovel, weed and make paths in the gardens of the community as a part of a day for service learning, which brought all the 5 undergraduate academies together. The event, which benefited the Food Bank of WNY and the Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo, was the first of many in this year that associates the Sustainability Academy with other organizations inside and outside UB.


Reducing the consumption in your home

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Today, we are going to introduce you to some notions on reducing the electricity and fuel consumption in your home. There is a bigger emphasis on saving and protecting the environment these years, and if you care about our planet, you will want to opt for the ideas we present here.

We will try to make it as affordable and not time consuming for you as possible while making it possible for you to pay less in bills while helping the environment at the same time. Awesome isnt it? Well, we feel that it is awesome too.

So let’s get into it:

1 – Get a solar panel

A solar panel saves on consumption by using an already available and almost infinite resource, the sun. We all know that the sun is a much more powerful and reliable resource than our normal electricity source ( it can go off, the installation can burn, plus it costs money to use it. )

Solar powers cost nothing. Just pay once for the material ( they are really cheap these days ) and you are ready to go. No bills, no short circuits, and no damage to the environment either.

2 – Isolate your home

Isolating your home helps in not letting the heat get out of the house, enabling you to have your heating system functioning with less consumption, on a lower degree, both helping you save your money but to help the environment at the same time.

Isolation carpets are really cheap at square meter and they are really nice to walk on. Another option is to have it installed in your walls. They are called “isolation papers” and are as cheap as the isolation carpets we mentioned. Buy and see how good they are yourself.

3 – Switch to gas

If you still are using carburants like coal, wood, or anything else that releases a high amount of toxic chemicals, then we suggest that you opt for a gas installation as soon as possible. They use a natural gas that does not disturb the environment and release no other gasses ( they only consume oxygen in consequence ). They cost much less than wood and coal carburants and dont do the damage to the air and earth the fuel you are using right now do.

4  – Get economy light bulbs

Another way to really save on money and help the environment handle the damage we are doing better is to use light bulbs that use less electricity. How might you say?

According to


Energy saving light bulbs are actually compact fluorescent lamps – and are fundamentally different to traditional light bulbs that are incandescent lamps. The latter can be purchased with different wattage outputs – the typical light bulb used in the home is either 60 watts or 100 watts, which means that is how much power they use up in an hour. The low energy equivalents use only 9 or 11 watts each hour, so represent a substantial power saving, even though they give the same amount of light out.


The downside to energy saving light bulbs has been that they are much more expensive than incandescent bulbs – but this is offset by their much longer life. It has been estimated that, over the course of its life, an energy saving light bulb can save about £20 in the cost of the electricity used to run it.


Thanks for the read and keep it up!