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OnePlus 5: OnePlus brand-new Smartphone

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These days’ market is flooded with numerous Smartphones. One can find a new model from a brand being launched almost every week. With so much competition each brand is trying to up their game by offering latest features and upgraded technology to have the edge over others in the market. There are lots of modern smartphones that can carry out various functions with the smart of applications on the Play Store. The Android system has created a revolution in the market. Considering the constantly increasing demand in the market, many companies have come up with different models.

One such brand which is trying to change the face of Smartphone industry is OnePlus. OnePlus is a leading manufacturer of the Smartphones from China. The company was established in the year 2013 December with its Headquarter in Guangdong, Shenzhen. Apart from China, the brand has registered its presence in as much as 42 countries across the globe. The company came up with its first device in the year 2014, and since then there was no looking back for the company. The devices from this brand have helped different types of customers whether one wants it for the personal or professional use.

The brand has received huge response owing to its splendid looks and excellent features which reflect the latest technology. The company then came up with OnePlus 2 which was again a huge hit in the market. It gives a break from Apple and Samsung phones and therefore has soaring demand. OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus X were other phones from the company which was launched sometime ago.

Now, the brand has launched its latest deviceOnePlus 5, which has already created a buzz in the market.

Here’s a look at the specifications and features of the phone:

Display and Screen

The device flaunts a 5.5 inch full HD screen with IPS LAC display. The device offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with 401 pixels per inch which are remarkable and rare to be found. The standard size of the screen can be helpful for the normal users who love to have frequent use of the device.


The device operates on latest Android version 7.1.1 Nougat and is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 chipset along with Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz + 4×1.9 GHz) Kyro, which is best in class. The latest version of the Android and a fast processor can be much help to the users who love to have more than one applications at the same time.


The device is packed with a splendid camera which flaunts a 16 MP+20MP rear camera which is not offered by any other device in the segment. Other features include autofocus; dual tone LED flash, ISO control, Continuous shooting and HDR along with digital zoom, face detection and image resolution of 5520 x 4140 pixels.

It allows video recording at 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps. The device offers a 16MP front camera with video recording at 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps. The camera has lots of features, and hence the user can get the best result of images who love to capture some beautiful images and also have some video clips frequently.

Storage and Battery

The storage of the phone is a plus point and remarkable feature. It is packed with a whopping 128GB of internal memory which is best in its class. However, the catch is that the device does not offer an expandable memory which can be a drawback for some. It offers a huge 8GB RAM which is again best in the class.

The device is packed with a Li-polymer 3300 mAh powerful non-removable battery. The battery is expected to offer quick charging and long sustainability. Hence for those who need to save many images and also songs as well as videos can go for this device. The company has taken numerous camera features into account who love to have some amazing images.

Connectivity options

Among the connectivity options, one can find Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and USB port which does not support micro USB.

It supports networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G and offers dual SIM connectivity. It comes with Fingerprint sensor in front along with other sensors such as light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity, and Compass. Those who love to use the NFC feature where one can use different gadgets and access various facilities without touching the phone also, this device will prove very helpful.


The OnePlus 5 ispriced at Rs38000, which positions the device in a higher segment. However, in this segment also, the device will have to compete some of the models from various models also, and hence the further path to success may be difficult for the device as well as the company.


This model seems to be a promising phone which is packed with an amazing camera and robust configuration. The device also offers a powerful battery backup. However, the device does not offer an expandable memory which can prove to be a drawback for the device as these days’ every device offers an expandable memory. But the huge internal memory can be the redeeming factor. As far as the performance of the device is concerned, one can check for the reviews. However, as per the experts in the field, there are high probabilities of users gong for this device as the company has offered all the possible useful features.

If you are looking for any mobile related information, is one-stop destination for you. The site offers comprehensive information about the features and specification of each and every device from all the brands. It also offers genuine verdict with unbiased approach. One can find details of both, the launched as wellas yet to be launched devices. The information is authentic so that one can make the buying decision accordingly.

Unveiling The Dazzling Features Of The Most Awaited Samsung GalaxyS7!

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When the Samsung GalaxyS6 is already on sale, it is the time to look forward to its more advanced model; your guess is right Samsung GalaxyS7 Smartphone. What all we know about its expected features, date of release, specifications, and prices are based on the rumours through internet.

May be you think, it is too early to tell about this new Smartphone, but the information provided here would be helpful to you as it is made on the basis of prediction of our experts and internet rumours. The information provided here is regularly updated as and when we get some news or latest information about the new Smartphone.

  • Date of release:Normally the release date of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is easy to predict, as it is around MWC, which is a tech show held in Barcelona every year, around March. So, we might have to wait till March 2016 MWC. However, the internetrumours are suggesting, that we might expect it to come little earlier. As per the report by Newsis, a South Korean Publication; the Samsung is all set to release the new Smartphone two to three months ahead of the scheduled date. This means we can get the Galaxy S7 somewhere in the second part of 2015!
  • Cost: Again it is a debatable topic, as the price of the Smartphone is not usually leaked before its launch. With the GalaxyS6 hitting the market at 599 pound, we can expect dramatic difference in the price of the GalaxyS7. Unless it has added features such as curved screen technology, it is expected to be around 649 pound. Well, we have to wait and see regarding the prices.
  • Special features:The new smart phone is expected to be more stylish with a combination of metal and glass. The most likely rumour about the design is that it would have curved edge, as in case of GalaxyS6 edge.

It is also in the air, whether Samsung would use its own processor, or would go back to Qualcomm. According to Sammobile, Samsung is going to use Snapdragon 820 in its new model.

According to some crazy rumours 6GB RAM would be used it, but according to us 4GB RAM is more likely. As far as storage is concerned 32GB is expected as in case of Samsung GalaxyS6.

  • Screen size: According to us, Samsung would stick to 5.1in screen size as in case of GalaxyS5 and GalaxyS6; and would stick to its AMOLED technology.
  • Extra Specifications:We are expecting finger scanner would be an added feature to the existing ones such as heart rate monitor and IR blaster.
  • Cameras:According the rumours the new model would flaunt with whopping 30 Mp cameras, but at this stage much cannot be said about it. We are expecting that Samsung would stick to its 16 Mp sensor and may have better image stabilization.
  • Software:The new Smartphone is expected to be preloaded with Android M. Samsung customer interface; Touch Wiz would be also on-board.

We keep on updating the information; you can keep on visiting regularly to get the latest news about the new Smartphone.

Wireless Multi Room Audio Systems For Effective Digital Sound

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A multi room audio system is one of the latest entertainment systems which are mostly used by the modern family. This music system is working in the entire living room and makes the family members to getting relaxed by listening classic tunes. Actually the multi room speakers are installed in one place inside the wall and fitting the speakers with other things or furniture in all other rooms. Now day’s the multi room audio system comes with various brands and models which becomes growing popularity among people in the entire world. Most of these audio systems are user friendly that can be easily installed by anyone without any hassles.

Generally the multi room audio systems are working with receivers, wireless system and wiring network for distribution of music in all over the places. The receiver is a single source system that contains additional features which gives enormous support to perform multi source functions. The purpose of receiver is to acts a channel and providing music to all the areas in the home. When you install the multi audio system in the house there are many safety precautions and special cares to be taken and you can keep receiver away from the heaters and radiators.

Benefits of Multi Room Music Systems

The Wifi multi room audio system is the latest trend which is adopted by many people. The great option present in this system is Bluetooth technology that can constantly share the music from one audio system to speakers. There are many ways available to install multi room audio system and the most common ways are wired and wireless. The Wifi connectivity is the modern way to install that can be easily installed without using wires, receivers and plugs. This latest way of music system helps you to make your place to look neat and tidy as well as it works more efficiently.

The benefits of using multi room speakers are distributing the audio and video system then give access to all throughout the home. There are varieties of multi room systems available that are developed by different manufacturers with different methods. This wireless audio system can give three greater benefits to the users such as more compatibility and convenient connection, permits full control to everyone and different types of configurations. These beneficial things can engage many users to enjoy different types of music in their own living place. When you buy latest multi room speakers you can also get some additional benefits of items that include amplifiers, receivers, and configuration setups and so on.

How to Choose Best Wireless Speakers for Multi Rooms?

Today there are many types of latest wireless speaker system technologies available that provides effective digital sound. The multi room speakers are one of the most significant factors in the home entertainment system that naturally surrounds the audience with classic music. The most important thing is to buy high quality sound system and should be placed in ideal central position in the living room. Basically there are two types of speaker systems available such as analog wireless speaker system and digital wireless speaker system.

When compare to analog the digital wireless speaker system is more efficient to use that offers good sound quality to the users. The advantages of using wireless range are allowing you to play music in all the rooms with the help of multi room speakers. When you choose multi room audio system you should prefer best speaker with longest wireless range. Therefore this multi room speaker is a wonderful choice that entertains people in multi ways with minimal cost. Let you buy quality and portable wireless multi room speakers then just plugging and unplugging it anywhere when you move.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: New Start

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Samsung Galaxy series has passed through many revolutions and it is actually brought the revolution to the Android world. And new revolution is going to strike the world with the name Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As its name suggests it is the fifth generation Galaxy Note device but it is more than that, as Samsung is going to use 4GB RAM for the first time in any smartphone.

Everyone look for a great camera, when they need to choose between many smartphones and since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it is provide that Samsung’s smartphones are no less in the high-end smartphone photography. Another timesaving feature in the Galaxy S6 Edge is the burst mode by simply holding down the shutter button. This is something that we have seen in other phones, which seems essential today. In situations where we do not know if we will be able to take the right picture, you just have to hold the button and then we will choose the best of all the photos. A flurry of about 30 photos picked the most interesting of all played instead of having to take the picture at the right time. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has already set the example in the Android world, but the same sensor is going to be used in Note 5, which will definitely bring another example of being perfect to the Android world.

Moreover, in the Galaxy S6 Edge the burst mode allows uncomplicated draw the perfect picture of a sequence. The other factor that comes into this category is the shutter speed. This is important especially in low light, where if the sensor is not able to capture enough light keep the shutter open longer, making any moving object is blurred. Outdoors with enough light the Galaxy S6 meets to spare, even freezing the sudden movements or splashing water. In low light it is where things change. By having optical stabilizer, in low light the S6 takes advantage to keep the shutter open longer than normal, because physically the camera does not move to be stabilized. The problem with this is that if you’re doing a photo to an object that is in motion itself, this will be blurred. So, Samsung needs more precise with the moving objects photography, and you can’t expect this to be present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Sometimes this can be an advantage and can create interesting effects like a flower in low light illuminated by a moving carousel background; it all depends on our imagination. Other times, it can be frustrating.

Clearly, the S6 is one of the fastest in taking pictures phones; and its focus speed is also quite impressive. However, I’ve had situations where when I make a picture out of focus has quickly. I’m not sure if it’s a failure of the autofocus system per phase, if for not giving enough time to the camera to focus or if it’s a bug on time, but after a couple of blurry pictures began to tap the screen to focus before making the pictures to make sure that not happened again. Hope, it won’t be repeated in the Samsung Note 5.

Anybody Remember the Game Boy Advance?

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In an age when mobile games are extremely popular, it’s easy to forget a time when they were played on handheld video game consoles, not smartphones. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s Japanese video game manufacturer Nintendo dominated the handheld market with its Game Boy product line. Its last entry was the Game Boy Advance, also known as the GBA.


The Game Boy Advance is part of the sixth generation of video game production, which includes Nintendo’s own GameCube, the Microsoft Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, and Sony’s PlayStation 2. Developed, manufactured, and marketed as a 32-bit gaming console, the GBA was released in 2001 in most markets; China got it in 2004. The GBA is the direct successor of the Game Boy Color, which is notable for using a color screen instead of the black-and-white display of the original. Its manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $69.99.

Anybody Remember the Game Boy Advance?


Weighing about 5 ounces, the Game Boy Advance has a 2.9-inch reflective thin-film transistor color LCD screen with a 240-by-160-pixel resolution. The handheld device runs on two AA batteries, which can provide around 15 hours of game play. A Zilog Z80 processor enables backward compatibility for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There’s a link port at the top of the unit to connect to other Game Boy devices via the Game Link Cable for multiplayer gaming. The port also enables connection to the GameCube via the GameCube Link Cable for playing GBA games on a TV screen or to use the GBA as a controller.


Like other Nintendo game consoles, the Game Boy Advance supports thousands of titles, including those of earlier entries in the product line, as previously mentioned. However, the GBA is best known for ports of classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Super NES games like Super Mario Bros., Ghosts ‘n Goblins, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, and Kid Icarus.


Nintendo’s GBA had its share of competitors. The most notable were SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color and Nokia’s N-Gage. Others included the GP32, SwanCrystal, and Tapwave Zodiac. But none of these devices could topple the GBA from its perch. By the end of its production run, the GBA had sold a little over 80 million units, thus retaining the Game Boy brand’s majority market share.

Criticism and Revisions

Despite its success, the GBA was criticized for its lack of backlighting, which renders it unusable in normal lighting conditions. Also, with its large horizontal-rectangle design, some users thought it rather bulky in feel—in sharp contrast with the smaller, vertical-rectangle form of previous iterations. In response, Nintendo issued two revisions: the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003 and the Game Boy Micro in 2005. The SP was designed as a pocket-sized laptop computer, and it came with a brighter LCD screen and an internal front-light that can be switched on and off. The GBA Micro shares the form factor of the original but is significantly smaller. However, the Micro does not support Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, a major reason why it was never popular.


The Game Boy brand has sold over 200 million units, making it the most successful handheld video game device of all time. The GBA is a huge part of that success, since it is responsible for close to half of the units sold. By the end of 2008, Nintendo had stopped manufacturing the GBA entirely. However, the company continues the GBA legacy by making its games available at the Virtual Console for the Wii U, Nintendo’s main entry in the eighth generation era.


James Josephson is a freelance writer who focuses on video games, CCGs, Magic: The Gathering cards from card kingdom, strategy games, board games, comic books, Star Wars conventions, movie trivia and other such topics.

Image credit goes to Nico Gotsis.

iPhone Clinic

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We live in the adage where the more expensive the gadget, the more prestige and respect you command in the market. One such prestige symbol nowadays, is the IPhone, a protege of Apple Inc., the brainchild Steve Jobs.

What is the iPhone?

The iPhone is the best smart phone available in the market, in short, a one stop for all the applications and products one could possibly use in their day to day lives. The first series of the iPhone was launched in 2007 and since then there has been no looking back; which is evident from the up gradations and models introduced to the existing variants.

Why the iPhone?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Apart from being custom made for the tech savvy, it also can be used as a replacement for the personal computer or laptops, as almost all the applications and protocols that run on the iPhone with ease.

iPhone Clinic

Features of the iPhone

  • Operating System:

It runs on the ios Operating system, a trademark of Apple.

  • Touch and Virtual Keyboard:

The first among smart phones to introduce the touch screen technology, upgrading it till the gorilla technology; apart from providing a virtual keyboard for the older lot.

  • Wireless Connectivity:

Inbuilt wireless connectivity suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity seamlessly provides internet and remote connectivity anywhere in the world, at high speeds, based on the choice of the service providers.

  • Video Recording:

The iPhone series, in its 3GS variant introduced the video recording feature, the first among the smart phones in the market and even in the latest variant, 5 series, we have high end video recording.

  • Vision Friendly:

High retina display, which means user friendly display screen, not causing much harm to the eyes even on prolonged vision.

  • Applications:

Almost all the applications are downloadable from the Istore for reasonable rates, apart from music files and videos that can be downloaded separately from I tunes.

  • Enhanced Security:

Enhanced security can be provided to the phone, by installing apps that prevent outside access. Also, the OS has been programmed to be less prone to attacks and hacks

  • Data Transfer:

Data can be simultaneously transferred to I pads, I pods, apple laptops, placed on I clouds (the overall server) or even the internet, almost immediately after data access. The latest variant allows you to immediately transfer data onto a cloud so that you do not use up your memory storage.

  • Troubleshooting and Backup Resources:

Thanks to the cloud, you do not need to get pensive if you accidentally delete your data or are a victim of cyber-attacks. You can easily trouble shoot your device with ease without having the need to freshly install all the lost apps, as they can be retrieved from the cloud.

  • Battery:

Well, the battery depends on the usage of the device and applications. But usually, you get a backup of 18 hours, something unique from its counterparts

  • Bluetooth and connectivity:

You can transfer data over Bluetooth to almost all devices, laptops, mobiles, palmtops etc.

  • In Built Wi-Fi router:

In case there is no available Wi-Fi connectivity in your area, never worry, as with the help of the inbuilt router you can easily access the internet.

How it is Different?

On the whole, if one were to sum it up, an iPhone is not just a smart phone; it is the smartest smart phone variant in the market. That is one of the reasons for its soaring popularity. Most of the people are now making careers out of developing applications on the ios platform, suitable for the IPhone. Easy maintenance, easy trouble shooting, range of applications make the IPhone stand a league of its own.


No matter how good or efficient a gadget is, it is a gadget after all. All gadgets need maintenance. Just like any other man-made object, to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Since IPhone luckily does not require much of maintenance, the only thing we ought to regularly do is clear the hard drive occasionally and install apps that save battery or close or remove apps that eat up battery. Simple isn’t it? Or, ipad repairs Leeds, go hand in hand for maintenance. It’s a one stop point for all your phone issues.


Well, technically speaking, any repair would either be a hardware glitch or a software glitch. Software glitches refer to switching off unusually, slowing down of speeds, processor speeds, virus attacks. Though minor glitches can be handled by us, major glitches need to be handled by expert technicians, like the ones at Leeds. IPhone Repair in Leeds has shown remarkable improvement over the years, showcasing the skill and expertise of the people here. People prefer getting their phones repaired here, from all the parts of the world.

Just like how IPhone’s are a symbol of cachet, IPhone Repair in Leeds is tailor made and it’s best suitor.

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones – Good Choice For The Professionals

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If your work place is a kind of area where lots of sounds always break your concentration then you might need to have a perfect noise canceling headphone. DJs and sound recordists always use headphones for their professional reasons and they must need something that can help them to work more efficiently.

The noise canceling headphones are quite similar to those devices used in the recording studios. These are commonly known as the monitor headphones. But since the advent of technology is a constant process, so headphones also reach to their next level with version called wireless or cordless headphones; they are also known as Bluetooth headphones. The job of these professionals becomes more enjoyable and dynamic because they can easily move anywhere during their work which is really a great advantage of these wireless headphones.

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones – Good Choice For The Professionals

Monitor Headphones for the Professionals:

The monitor headphones or the wireless headphones easily allow the DJs to listen to the soundtracks he or she wants to play or is playing without being disturbed by any noise of the surrounding crowd. It helps the professionals DJs to monitor the tracks properly at the time of playing.

As per the need of the job a DJ should have the ability to do multitask on a single time. Hence, the DJs needs not only to monitor the sounds, but also he or she needs to check a good control on the audio mixer, do some sort of announcements on the microphone for the crowd, and last but not the least he or she needs to groove to the beat at its best. So, the wireless monitor headsets must provide him or her with the easy-access features.

The same kind of high quality headphones are required for the job of a sound recordist. Their job is to listen to various kinds of music and understand the clarity of the sound so that they can record them in a flawless manner.

Practicality with Finest Comfort:

Another useful feature of Panasonic wireless headphones is that the ear pads are able to flip over or reverse. This means the DJ can also be able to hear the noise that comes from the other side of his or her wireless earphone. When you are playing the role of a DJ in a night club or a party, you might want to have the freedom of movement. If you find that your headphones are preventing you from enjoying that free movement then it may affect your work efficiency as well. Wireless headphones are perfect for such kind of jobs where clarity of sounds, noise cancellation as well as free movement is important. They are stylish and hence they can help you to look trendy and appealing as a DJ in a party.

Apart from that kind of practicality the headphone must offer high level comfort to the users’ ears since they need to wear them for long hours. So comfort with practicality is vital to check when opting for professional wireless noise canceling headphones.

Idania Silvia is a famous writer. She writes many articles on Panasonic wireless headphones and other advance accessories for the general customers.

Why It Pays To Have A Semi-Smartphone

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For those who really only want a simple communications device, the modern smartphone that costs hundreds of dollars seems really excessive. As a result, it can be really tempting to always go for the basic ‘just calls and text’ type phone, especially since there are often either free or really cheap. But the thing is, by spending only a few extra dollars for a semi-smart phone you will often save a ton of money in the long term when it comes to your phone plan.

Creative Ways to Save

It might seem counter-intuitive that a more expensive phone can save you money. But this is because of the way the Internet is growing. See, there are a large number of free options for communicating with other people now. For example, even something as simple as Facebook will allow you to give simple messages to other people. Just about everyone has Facebook these days, so you don’t need to spend any money on sending a text when you can just send a message that way for free. Facebook also even has the option to record short voice messages these days.

Free Voice

If you want to get a regular voice option that’s free, you really need a semi-smart phone. It doesn’t have to be the ones that cost hundreds of dollars. You can get a low cost smart-phone that just has basic app capabilities. That way, you can fun apps like Skype, Whatsapp, or Viber. Alternatively, you can check out government funded free phone programs too.

whatsapp_icon_vectorText Alternative-Whatsapp

The app Whatsapp looks pretty much exactly like the standard texting program and it has all of the same capabilities. It works on just about any phone including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone and even Symbian.  This app will make you forget that you aren’t just using your regular texting on your phone, except when it comes to the bill at the end of the month of course. Then you’ll notice since the app is totally free to use and you can really cut down on your bill this way if you do a large amount of texting. Even if you have unlimited texting with your phone provider, this feature usually costs a lot of money. You can get a semi-smart phone, kill your unlimited plan, and use texting through a data plan or just at WiFi hotspots instead.

Talk for Free with Vibermzl.pdknnbff

Another approach is to use an app like Viber. This app does everything a basic phone can do, except it does it all for free. You can talk as long as you want with other Viber users, text as many times as you like, transfer photos and even some extra like giving people your current location. All you need for this to work is a 3G or WiFi connection. Many providers will allow you to take a data only plan instead of a traditional phone plan. And data only is often way cheaper as well. And you can always just use it in free WiFi spots and get all of your calls for free!

It costs usually just a few extra dollars to get a semi-smart phone, and you suddenly have access to a world of free and cheaper options.

Cellular Phones: Necessity or Luxury?

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Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s a statement we all are acquainted with. But come to think of it, does it still hold true? In today’s era, it has become the difference between ‘necessities’ and ‘luxury’ is quite incomprehensible. The gap between the two is next to negligible now, all thanks to the so-called improvement in the standard of living.

Cellular Phones: Necessity or Luxury?

Image Credit: Flickr

Take for instance, a cell phone, which was considered a luxury item when it was first launched in the market. But now the need and availability of this particular commodity is so huge that you would fine cell phones on sale everywhere. Even on the internet, websites like snapdeal, myntra, cell2get, and many more, would leave you spoilt for choices when you decide to buy one.

How does One Differentiate?

So the question is how does a person differentiate whether a commodity like a cell phone is a need or a fetish? It’s simple. The elements which do not have substitutes are necessary for us. For example: water cannot be substituted with a soft drink. However, a cell phone, which is a means of communication, can be substituted with a lot of things. However, if you visit sites like cell2get, you will be bound to think differently.

What has Changed?

When we talk about cell phones, well, a lot has changed, and that too with such pace that it’s impossible to trace the changes. Earlier, a cell phone used to look like a walkie-talkie, with an antenna and a sturdy body. Now the latest devices almost resemble a miniature version of a flat screen television. Check the sites like cell2get and you will understand where I am coming from. On cell2get, you will get to see every size, shape and form of a cell phone you can possibly comprehend. You will also be enlightened on the various versions of one particular phone on cell2get. After seeing the display of such extravagance, I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind will not be the ‘need’ for a cell phone, but you will ‘want’ to buy one. The ‘want’ is generated by the people who are responsible for promoting the product.

Justifications given by users

Ask anybody, “Why do you need a cell phone?” and they will look at you in a way as if you have asked them why they need to live at all. Pat comes the answer, “Off course, I need my cell phone, what do you mean by ‘why’?” That’s what we call evolution of a human mind. The icing on the cake is taken care of by manufacturers, and the cherry-on-top is provided by websites like cell2get. You will find reviews on cell2get by users who claim their satisfaction of using one of their products. For people who are concerned about their economical conditions are also not disappointed as cell2get offers them various discounts in order to give them what they ‘need’. Now when you have a bed of roses in front of you to walk on, you will obviously find reasons to take that way, even though it leads nowhere.

Pros and Cons of this Dispute

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of considering the use of a cell phone as a necessity or a luxury. Indeed it makes things easier for us, indeed it helps us stay connected with our loved ones and yes, it does come handy in the time of an emergency. However, it’s also true that we are losing the human touch over a device. Earlier, it was a joy to receive a letter from a friend and to know how they feel. Now if you have a smart phone, all the words are substituted by a ‘smiley’. A mere technical icon to replace the free flowing words right from the heart, that’s irony at its best. Moreover, you would find that people prefer to ‘text’ these days, than to meet in person, a symptom which is predominant in teenagers. Once I had a conversation with a lady who was the mother of a teenager, and she confessed that her 14 year old can live without her, but not without his cell phone! There goes the beauty of family ties and motherly affection.

If we were to draw a conclusion, it would be rather be a subjective one, and we cannot arrive at anything which is definite. Different minds would lead to different outcomes. So, the conclusion lies in the question itself- is a cell phone a necessity or just a commodity which satiates your whims and fancies? That’s a decision which you can only take as an individual, and it pertains only to what you think.

Photo Tuning Techniques For Professional Looking Portraits

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A portrait is essentially any representation of a facial expression or a simple face either in the field of photography, sculpture or painting. Portraits are made to display the mood and personality of the model or the person. In order to give the portrait more interactive feel, the subject looks directly at the painter or the photographer.

Photo Tuning Techniques For Professional Looking Portraits

Portrait Photography

The portrait photography is rapidly gaining popularity in the case of commercial industry. This is no surprise as people love having their portrait in the house or keeping a portrait that will remind them of a special event like a graduation or wedding. In the beginning the portraits were made by seating the subject against a plain background. Nowadays the photographic techniques allow various backgrounds outside the classical studio.

The Beginning Of Retouching Techniques

As the portrait photography began to emerge, together with it the portrait retouching industry has developed as a useful tool. Because photography can be considered art, it needs special attention to detail so that the personality and character of the subject are conveyed with extreme depth. Retouching is not as easy as it seems because this complex process needs to preserve all the details in the portrait and enhance them as well. With the help of computer technology, the specialists have created a number of tools totally useful. The Portrait+ program is an example of all the advantages that retouching can bring to an average looking photo.

Advantages Of Retouching

In the beginning of this process, you have to identify what elements you want to retain and to eliminate. This will show you the right way to actually bring the best out of the portrait. In this process the natural features of the person are enhanced and accentuated in order to give the best out of it. It seems to be clear that a waiter’s portrait will be different in approach from a baby’s one. During retouching distractions or blemishes are eliminated so that the skin will not have any scars or wrinkles.

The features like eye color or skin complexion are highlighted. The role of light is crucial in this case. The subject gets its own individuality by allowing even some flaws where art asks for it. Nevertheless the main goal is to give the portrait life and to make it look as realistic as possible.

It is important to make sure that you have all the tools that you need. Of course the initial photo needs to be of good quality and have enough elements of distinction. Together with this the retouching is merely the process of enhancing the portrait. The photographer needs to be careful to get a good picture out of the camera. Some realization flaws are totally hard to conceal even with the most advanced retouching. It is not that difficult to have professional looking photos and it is everyone’s duty to actually turn the average photography into art. This requires a lot of care and patience while paying attention to all the details of the photo.

Emma More writes for several websites and companies including Arcsoft. She writes on topics that relates to gadgets, social, and technology.

5 Educational Tech Gadgets Every Elementary Classroom Should Have This Fall

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There is no question that technology is changing the way we do things, and it’s never too early to take advantage of what technology has to offer. Even young children can benefit from the latest tech gadgets, especially in the classroom. Here are five tools you should be using with your students this fall:



These are remote controls that students can use to anonymously answer, or “click in,” on questions that
you pose at the front of the classroom. Answers are then logged by a computerized system, enabling you to assess what your students know and what they need work on. Children these days are accustomed to using remote controls, so these nifty devices are a great way to encourage student participation and make learning fun and easy. Read More

Different Types Of AV Cables

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AV cables are often referred to as audio and video cables and they are commonly used for a series of regular electronics items. However, finding yourself shopping for such cables might seem a little daunting. It is true that you may ask the salesman for advice and also some recommendations, but your education is more important. Therefore, learning about these cables before buying one can ensure that you make a smart decision. There are three major types to look for and each of them has specific features and uses.

[youtube id=”pdQLq31lkZg” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Composite Or RCA Cables

Composite cables are the most popular ones on the market. They are used to connect pretty much any electronic you can think of, such as television sets, VCR systems, DVD players or even consoles. They can be connected to TV sets for a better overall experience. Just like most other types, this model comes with some pins at both ends. They are colored for users to avoid making mistakes. Even some electronics have colored plugs for the same reason. Yellow is for video, while white and red represent the audio connections. In the end, RCA cables are very common and provide a decent quality, but they are far from the peak of this technology.

HDMI Cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and represents one of the most modern types of cables. The primary purpose of such standards is to ensure a perfect signal, without any worries or concerns. This is also the reason why HDMI cables are very qualitative. They can be used to connect almost any appliance you can think of, including satellite systems, receivers, Blu-ray systems, consoles or computers. Camcorders can also be connected with the same futuristic cable. All in all, the quality is easy to notice in the colors. They are sharp and very clear, while small details become extremely attractive. Brightness is also more obvious, not to mention about the quick refresh rates.

Coaxial Cables

Last, but not least, coaxial cables are by far the most common solutions for audio units. Although the model is used for AV connections, its primary purpose is to ensure a clean audio link, mostly because of the capability to ensure a healthy transmission of radio signals. Coaxial cables are also very resistant, while the build consists of multiple layers. Aside from the external cover and the core, the cable comes with a qualitative insulation, but also a protective shield. The layers may seem a little exaggerated, but they are excellent to ensure a good protection against the electromagnetic waves coming with the signal. Therefore, there are no major interferences.

In conclusion, AV cables do ask for a little homework before going out shopping. The more you know about them, the easier it is to find the right unit. Getting the right documentation from a seller is also appropriate if you know exactly what you need the respective cables for. However, there is just no better way to make a good decision than by researching such possibilities on your own.

Author Bio 

Michael Alvarez, has been working in the electronics and technology field for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others; while continuing to grow his knowledge.

Advice For Business Owners Looking For The Latest Gadgets

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As a business owner, you need technological gadgets that make your work easier. The problem is there are so many different types and new additions every day that it makes it harder to choose between them. Before you start spending money on something or buying anything on credit, here is some advice when looking at them.

Advice For Business Owners Looking For The Latest Gadgets

Assess the Needs for Your Business:

The first thing is to assess your business needs. Look at the technology and the benefits that it offers. Does the gadget match your business needs or are you buying it for the sake of it? Will you get the full use or are you buying simply because it is the latest model. An earlier model could offer you everything you need, is lower in cost and still has a manufacturer’s warranty!

Assessing your business needs also makes sure that you buy something that makes your business easier. It will make sure you can do everything you need instead of spending time on a specific area.

Pay for It Outright:

Don’t get anything on credit! This will lead to the business being in debt and the gadgets become more expensive in the future. Interest is always added onto anything you buy on credit, so something that cost £100 to start could cost £500 or even £1,000 in the future, depending on how long it takes you to pay it off.

If you can’t afford it right now, it isn’t right for you. Save up for it and then pay for it outright and own it in the future. Yes, the cost may be tax deductible but getting in credit and paying more in the future could lead to your business becoming insolvent! Do you really want that to happen all because of a gadget?

Try Before You Buy:

With so many new gadgets, you need to make sure they are easy to use. Some stores give you the chance to try something before you buy it, which is worth doing. You will get to make sure the apps on a phone will meet your needs or that the radios work as your security staff need.

If you don’t get the chance to try before you buy, find out about a guarantee or the ability to get a refund. In most cases, you will have a 30 day period to get a refund but some stores can waiver this on gadgets. Find out beforehand so you don’t spend money on something you won’t use in the future. You don’t want it to sit in your cupboard!

Do a Price Comparison Search:

The price you see in the current store is not necessarily the best price available. Do a search online and make sure it is the cheapest available. If not and you really want to buy from that store, you could find out whether they do a price match; if not, at least you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

If you’re getting something on a contract, such as a phone, you will also need to make sure the tariff is the best price. Look around the different stores or even consider buying it outright and tariff free. This helps you make the best business decision.

Take your time to look at a gadget and determine whether your business really needs it. Once you decide it does, it is time to find the best price. Compare prices and look out for coupons to help you get the best deal.

Author bio:
This guest post was written by Erica Dee, a tech and gadget enthusiast. She loves buying the latest gadget and add-ons for them. It’s important to find the best price, including using Brother ink coupons.

Top 5 PDF Manipulation Tools

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Gone are the days when people used to worry about manipulating PDF documents. Courtesy software developers across the world, there are countless PDF tools now allowing for varied kind of manipulations. Now the question is not the availability of PDF manipulation tools, it has effectively turned to choosing from a wide variety of PDF tools available in the market according to our unique requirements. Our ultimate choice of some specific PDF tool reflects the interplay of various features like functional requirements, budget, efficiency, flexibility and advanced technology. After a fair bit of research, we can safely opine that following five PDF softwares are among the best PDF manipulation tools.

PDF Editor:

PDF Editor can prove to be your best PDF editing partner when it comes to editing PDF files like any other word processing file formats. PDF Editor allows you to click anywhere in the PDF document and start editing text as you can do in a Microsoft Word file. You have the freedom of inserting, deleting, moving and modifying different elements in the PDF file such as text, images etc in PDF Editor. Moreover you can have full control over PDF pages in PDF Editor as you can move, delete, insert, rotate and crop pages desirably. Pro version of PDF Editor enables you to convert PDF files to Excel, Power point, Word, Images, EPUB, HTML and Plain text. Another advanced feature of Pro version is the OCR technology embedded into it which gives you the ability to convert scanned PDF files to any of the various formats. You can download the PDF Editor from

Top Five PDF Manipulation Tools


Preview is a powerful built-in PDF tool in almost all Mac operating systems. Latest versions of Preview are more efficient and faster than any previous version in reading and managing PDF files and allowing for some editing functions as well like highlighting and underlining text, adding notes and annotations to PDF documents and adding different shapes such as ovals, rectangles and circles to draw attention to certain sections.

Adobe Acrobat:

You can never skip mentioning Adobe Acrobat when it comes to managing and viewing PDF files. PDF and Adobe Acrobat have become so synonymous that the first thing which comes to the minds of users is Adobe Acrobat when we talk about PDF. Optical Character Recognition in the Adobe Acrobat X Pro has made up for any deficiency in the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat if there was any. Undoubtedly it is one of the most effective but costly tools for managing PDF files in the market.


PrimoPDF is a software, dedicated to converting files of different formats into industry standard PDF files easily and precisely. If simple editing and exporting the PDF files back to Word or Excel is all you need to do, then you can hardly find any tool simpler than Nitro version of PrimoPDF. You can combine convert a number of files with the help of a few simple clicks in PrimoPDF.

Microsoft Word:

It is surprising indeed to see Microsoft word in the list of top PDF manipulation tools, but it is rightfully here. Microsoft Word has the ability to save Microsoft Office files as standard PDF files, saving users the need of any specialized tool for creating PDF files. Know more about PDF manipulating tools at

Improve Your Life With Honda Activa 5G

Top 5 Best Tablets For 2013

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There are some great new tablets on the horizon for 2013 and we have been reviewing 5 of them! Tablets really are taking the world by storm with their small size and ease of use. People are now trading in their bulky laptops for a more convenient and easy to lug around device. If you are on the move a lot than one of these beauties could be of help to you. I prefer a tablet as I don’t have to worry about commuting with a heavy laptop bag. Battery power on this thing is also tremendous so you don’t have to worry about charging this up too often. Anyway, I’m getting carried away as I’m so excited about revealing these awesome gadgets to you. Here are five of the most sought after tablets on the market today.

Google Nexus 10

This bad boy actually has near enough the same features as the Ipad 4 the only difference is that it is a lot cheaper. This tablet is in fact manufactured by the popular Samsung company which is known for its multifunctional array of cool gadgets. The Google Nexus is also extremely fast with its dual core 1.7 GHz processor and its 2GB of RAM.

Google Nexus

Dell XPS 18

The Dell XPS 18 is a easy to use portable PC.This beauty has an 18 inch touch screen, although it may be 18 mm wide it is still quite light and easy to carry around. The cost of this tablet ranges from $849-$1100, although its not cheap it makes up for that with its great features. Supporting three USB ports and a wireless keyboard and mouse I think I know which tablet I’m going to be saving up for! The 8GB of memory will surely be sufficient enough to not only hold all your files and photos but also easily run Microsoft Office.

Dell XPS 18

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

Due to the amount of tablets being produced today its not wonder that you struggle to decide on whether a laptop or tablet is more ideal. Well, this handy device is something you need if you are one of those people that just can’t decide on which is best. This awesome device allows you to twist around the entire screen. Although this tablet isn’t easy to hold in your hands for a long period of time it is still pretty handy. The screen size is 12.5 inches and it weighs 1.6kg. This tablet also runs the all new Windows 8 which is an efficient and advanced technological system. The keyboard is comfortable to use and you can change and adapt the screen to whether you want to use it as a tablet or a laptop. You can grab one of these for a nice round sum of $799.

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Sony has tried yet failed to create an Android tablet, however this is there all new design so does it live up to expectations? Well, the answer is yes! This tablet is extremely light weighing in at only 7mm and 495g so very easy to haul around with you. As wel all now Sony create magnificent looking gadgets, and this one is no exception. This is certainly one of the best looking tablets on the market today. These tablets will cost you around $399, so a pretty fair price if you ask me. This would certainly be an ideal fix for me as it is dust and water proof! Which will work in my favour as I can be quite clumsy. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z holds 16GB of internal memory and also allows you to have an extra 64GB of space.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

iPad 4

The Ipad 4 is Apple’s most powerful tablet to date. This is the 4th generation of tablet and indeed Apple have succeeded in improving the hardware to increase speed and efficiency. The dual processor with quad-core graphics enables this beauty to work twice as fast as the other manufactured Ipad’s. You can purchase one of these from $399- $739 which is again in a fair price range. The only downfall with this tablet is that the quality of picture taking is really not that good!

Ipad 4

Bio: I use the cloud for my tablet which keeps my data safe, I have the Nexus 7. As the the computer I use by Citrix to store my personal data files on, it is much like the cloud but instead it is a data centre which is a lot better!

Feed Your Eyes: 7 Famous Types Of YouTube Video Contents

Gadgets For All Your Needs

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There is no denying the fact that ours is an age of technological advancement and modernization. Many discoveries in the form of gadgets and appliances have seen the light of the 21st century which has revolutionized our way of living in all aspects. Today at the dint of the modern gadgets all sorts of complicated and laborious tasks can be done in just a blink of an eye. The latest range of electronic gadgets varies in terms of their utility which is comprised of the numerous technical tasks to the toys used for playing.

In simple words, this modern invention is a real problem solved in a way as it easily accomplishes exceptional tasks the ones which are really hard to perform tasks. Apart from that the best part about such gadgets that they in a true sense can be regarded as the actual time savers. This is due to the fact these modern breeds of equipment have evolved over a period of time from the traditional tools to offer a never before like services. Some common daily use gadgets comprise of spy watches, universal remotes, and other special cameras.


For better understanding we can take a brief account of the wide scope of the utility of the Electronic gadgets (digital gadgets) and how they have managed to comprehensively replace the traditional tools.

These gadgets can be categorized in accordance with their related application:

1. Domestic gadgets:

This category of gadgets includes the devices which primarily cater to the incorporation of technology into our homes. On one side of the coin there are appliances meant for home like automated appliances and then there are other devices that are generally used for all sort important works at the home ranging from washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, heaters, induction cookers, microwave oven, mixer, grinder, telephone etc. Then off course there are also types of gadgets utilized at home to accomplish a few goals of attaining energy-efficiency and self-sufficiency at homes.

2. Office Gadgets:

This section of gadgets includes various electronic gadgets that can be utilized in the offices to carry out particular professional tasks. Some of the gadgets are wireless Ethernet devices, coffee makers, computers, air conditioners etc.

3. Gadgets for Children:

Gadgets specifically meant for children are very popular among the kids. Every kid loves to own a gadget of his choice whether it is a toy, remote operated toy cars, flying machines, battery operated robots or big hefty game consoles, video games, or toy guns, etc.

4. Security Gadgets:

Without an iota of doubt, security always remains one of the top most priorities for any homeowner. Not only that, it is rather a primary duty of every homeowner to safeguard his or her family, property, and valuables. So, taking some necessary measures in this direction can really prove to be handy in protection against criminals. Many homeowners have already put their best foot forward by installing window security bars, even security sliding grille. Apart from that making use of the ultramodern and robust gadgets like Window wedge alarms, Siren padlock alarm and special locks can prove to be instrumental in rendering effective security.

Author Bio:

Austin Richard is an IT Professional from passcertification. He is 9L0-412 exam certified and now he is getting prepared for 9L0-518 certification. He loves to write on topics like Business, Technology.