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Is Battery Drained After Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6

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The Samsung S6 may be faster, more powerful, and comes brimming with the latest mobile technology the industry can offer but it does have one glaring weakness–its battery. Everything on the S6 has been improved relative to its predecessor, the S5, except the battery. In fact, the S6’s battery has 9% less capacity than that of the S5! It’s not unheard of from S6 users to get only about 12 hours of screen time on average despite moderate use.

Anyway, despite Samsung’s unfortunate decision to lessen the capacity of the battery, it should all the more prompt users to manage power efficiently. There are a few things that you can do to significantly extend your phone’s battery life and one of them is ensuring that apps don’t bleed your battery dry of your unlocked Samsung galaxy s6 at&t.

Use stock battery usage indicator

Installing third party battery power managers or apps that claim to help you manage battery power may be tempting but we say don’t. Do not install any such apps as your phone has a built-in indicator that’s designed to give you the same exact function. Installing them is not only redundant but may not even be helpful at improving the situation at all. If you have Battery

Doctor app or any similar app installed, we say you uninstall them.

Instead, we want you to go under Settings>Battery>Battery Usage. This screen will give you a basic idea on what app or feature is eating up your battery. Social networking and dating apps are usually the top battery power hogs. Other apps that constantly need to sync to update their content are guilty too. Other apps with malicious intent are of course not a rarity today although it can get tricky how to isolate them from legitimate ones.

In general, use the battery usage indicator tool and see what app or apps you can disable, uninstall, or turn the notifications off of.

Restart your phone in safe mode 

Another good way to determine if an app is responsible for fast battery drain issue is by booting in safe mode. Safe mode prevents third-party apps from running so if the issue fails to occur while in this mode, start uninstalling apps until you have identified and/or eliminated the cause. Here’s how to boot in safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Once you see the Samsung logo, release the Power key immediately but continue pressing the Volume Down key.
  • Your phone should continue booting up and you will be prompted to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 at&t
  • You will know if the phone successfully booted in safe mode if the text “Safe mode” is displayed at the lower-left corner of the screen.

Use power saving mode

If you think you’re going to have a long day ahead, consider using power saving mode. This feature helps in extending your phone’s battery power by slowing down the speed of the processor, dimming the screen, and turning off unnecessary features like vibration, haptic feedback, etc.

Unlocking your Samsung galaxy s6

The unlocked Verizon of Samsung galaxy is just the new way to save the battery of your phone.

Concluding the note, an unlocked Verizon and the various points mentioned above of a Samsung galaxy s6 are just amazing ways to store your battery.

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Why A Broken Screen Does Not Mean A Completely Damaged Phone?

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Sure we understand that having a broken screen is something which is undesired yet has become somewhat inevitable in today’s times. Our smartphones and tablets are not much more efficient in terms of storage capacity, size but one thing we lack on is durability.

Today, dropping your phone is no less than a life changing disaster which can cost you well. Even a small drop can cause immense damage which may even damage your smartphone internally as well.

Spending more to save it

Sure there are ways to fix your smartphone’s damage both internally and externally but we are here to ward off your fears and make you feel relaxed as a broken screen does not necessarily mean a completely damaged phone.

With easily breakable smartphones, companies are coming up with new ways to tackle this problem with other add ons, which means more business for them. To avoid getting into this honey trap, which is inescapable at times is to of course take better care of your smartphone.

When you are unable to do that, you can always get your Huaweir broken screen repair from authorised repair services.

Data Recovery

Getting back to the point, yes your broken screen is not an indication to a broken device, yet, as most of the times its just the external display that has been damaged. The hardware inside your smartphone is kept intact by the external body which ensures that your data stays safe. Data recovery can be a daunting task and the burden of it comes up on your Huawei broken screen repair servicemen who are experts in handling your device’s data. But, the data recovery depends upon the extent of the damage your phone has sustained.

The task of getting your data recovered from your broken screen phone is a time consuming and expensive affair, the expense of which depends upon the device’s current condition. If the device was smashed to tiny bits, or has suffered the same along with water damage, the consequences will be different and so will be the charges for its repair and recovery.

Safe Hardware, Safe Data

Once you give it for repair, you should ask your repair service person about the condition of its hardware. If the hardware is in a functional state, congratulations as your data is still recoverable.
You are in luck if all your data was on a memory card and the card is intact.

If your phone has a broken screen, you can still try recovering your data before giving it for repair as while some may do but most smartphone repair shops do not take the responsibility of backing up your device data before repairing it.

Try Recovering on your Own

While your device might be manufactured with a data recovery programme, make sure you have the required authentication to use it. Your phone’s brand might have downloadable software program that can help in data recovery, to recover your device’s data you might need your laptop / desktop and pair of compatible USB cables.

Since you have a broken screen, it can be tough to recover your data with a software program that may not even be readable on your screen. In that case it is a good idea to connect your phone to your laptop / computer. Some smartphones even come with an HDMI output and may even have a High Definition Link so it becomes easier to connect your phone to the screen and work on its data recovery. But if the process seems too complex for your, it is also recommended you visit a professional smartphone repair shop.

Unveiling The Dazzling Features Of The Most Awaited Samsung GalaxyS7!

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When the Samsung GalaxyS6 is already on sale, it is the time to look forward to its more advanced model; your guess is right Samsung GalaxyS7 Smartphone. What all we know about its expected features, date of release, specifications, and prices are based on the rumours through internet.

May be you think, it is too early to tell about this new Smartphone, but the information provided here would be helpful to you as it is made on the basis of prediction of our experts and internet rumours. The information provided here is regularly updated as and when we get some news or latest information about the new Smartphone.

  • Date of release:Normally the release date of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is easy to predict, as it is around MWC, which is a tech show held in Barcelona every year, around March. So, we might have to wait till March 2016 MWC. However, the internetrumours are suggesting, that we might expect it to come little earlier. As per the report by Newsis, a South Korean Publication; the Samsung is all set to release the new Smartphone two to three months ahead of the scheduled date. This means we can get the Galaxy S7 somewhere in the second part of 2015!
  • Cost: Again it is a debatable topic, as the price of the Smartphone is not usually leaked before its launch. With the GalaxyS6 hitting the market at 599 pound, we can expect dramatic difference in the price of the GalaxyS7. Unless it has added features such as curved screen technology, it is expected to be around 649 pound. Well, we have to wait and see regarding the prices.
  • Special features:The new smart phone is expected to be more stylish with a combination of metal and glass. The most likely rumour about the design is that it would have curved edge, as in case of GalaxyS6 edge.

It is also in the air, whether Samsung would use its own processor, or would go back to Qualcomm. According to Sammobile, Samsung is going to use Snapdragon 820 in its new model.

According to some crazy rumours 6GB RAM would be used it, but according to us 4GB RAM is more likely. As far as storage is concerned 32GB is expected as in case of Samsung GalaxyS6.

  • Screen size: According to us, Samsung would stick to 5.1in screen size as in case of GalaxyS5 and GalaxyS6; and would stick to its AMOLED technology.
  • Extra Specifications:We are expecting finger scanner would be an added feature to the existing ones such as heart rate monitor and IR blaster.
  • Cameras:According the rumours the new model would flaunt with whopping 30 Mp cameras, but at this stage much cannot be said about it. We are expecting that Samsung would stick to its 16 Mp sensor and may have better image stabilization.
  • Software:The new Smartphone is expected to be preloaded with Android M. Samsung customer interface; Touch Wiz would be also on-board.

We keep on updating the information; you can keep on visiting regularly to get the latest news about the new Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: New Start

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Samsung Galaxy series has passed through many revolutions and it is actually brought the revolution to the Android world. And new revolution is going to strike the world with the name Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As its name suggests it is the fifth generation Galaxy Note device but it is more than that, as Samsung is going to use 4GB RAM for the first time in any smartphone.

Everyone look for a great camera, when they need to choose between many smartphones and since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it is provide that Samsung’s smartphones are no less in the high-end smartphone photography. Another timesaving feature in the Galaxy S6 Edge is the burst mode by simply holding down the shutter button. This is something that we have seen in other phones, which seems essential today. In situations where we do not know if we will be able to take the right picture, you just have to hold the button and then we will choose the best of all the photos. A flurry of about 30 photos picked the most interesting of all played instead of having to take the picture at the right time. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has already set the example in the Android world, but the same sensor is going to be used in Note 5, which will definitely bring another example of being perfect to the Android world.

Moreover, in the Galaxy S6 Edge the burst mode allows uncomplicated draw the perfect picture of a sequence. The other factor that comes into this category is the shutter speed. This is important especially in low light, where if the sensor is not able to capture enough light keep the shutter open longer, making any moving object is blurred. Outdoors with enough light the Galaxy S6 meets to spare, even freezing the sudden movements or splashing water. In low light it is where things change. By having optical stabilizer, in low light the S6 takes advantage to keep the shutter open longer than normal, because physically the camera does not move to be stabilized. The problem with this is that if you’re doing a photo to an object that is in motion itself, this will be blurred. So, Samsung needs more precise with the moving objects photography, and you can’t expect this to be present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Sometimes this can be an advantage and can create interesting effects like a flower in low light illuminated by a moving carousel background; it all depends on our imagination. Other times, it can be frustrating.

Clearly, the S6 is one of the fastest in taking pictures phones; and its focus speed is also quite impressive. However, I’ve had situations where when I make a picture out of focus has quickly. I’m not sure if it’s a failure of the autofocus system per phase, if for not giving enough time to the camera to focus or if it’s a bug on time, but after a couple of blurry pictures began to tap the screen to focus before making the pictures to make sure that not happened again. Hope, it won’t be repeated in the Samsung Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Are You Expecting Right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Are You Expecting Right?

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The most powerful Android device of the Samsung is revealed at the World Mobile Congress in the form of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 and now the expectations for the next flagship is turned to the next launching Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The present Samsung Galaxy S6, with a full charge to 100%, the phone can hold nearly 12 days in the mode ultra saving and it is very useful when we are in the final minutes of charge and want keep the phone active for a few hours. Also, the power charge or fast charge is interesting, as your device could get 50% of initial charge in just few minutes. And now next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rumoured with the fast charge technology of next level that would charge 100% in just 10 minutes or something, well this would solve the problem of connecting your devices again and again to the power socket.

Samsung Galaxy S6 can work in 3G / 4G, so you can enjoy all the networks specifications, and soon we would have 4G+ and 5G networks all over the web and this support would definitely appear in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And no doubt these 5G network specifications would take the network speed to next level, yes better than the broadband. In the Galaxy S6, on a day to day with no savings mode activated, the phone endures problems occur after one day of use, but as mentioned the problem is recovered by the fast charge but still, we have to connect it to the power socket, and this problem would be actually solved by more battery capacity.

If you would be playing the full HD videos then S6 survives up to 11, a very high amount above other phones we’ve tested at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But if the resolution of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would reach to the 4K then efficiency could fall. The Galaxy S6 runs Android 5.X and above operating system, Samsung has added its own layer of customization UX, which has been improved in the last version. The settings screen has a quite different aspect regarding the Galaxy S5, since Samsung has gone from show lines of text with a small icon for each setting to show now a colorful array of circular icons that provide access to each setting. By default displayed on a single screen all settings organized by sections, but it is possible to activate a tab view. Samsung also create a list of quick settings shown at the top. At the top we can see a row of circular icons that give us quick access to settings, and can be expanded to show more settings. The notification bar also lets you adjust the screen brightness, and access to S Finder and Quick Connect. All of these things with better configuration, you can expect in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Using VPN On iPhone

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VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, helps you to connect to the private network through public networks like Internet. VPN is generally used by organizations allowing their employees to connect to the office network from anywhere in the world.

These days though, the use of VPN has become more varied. People do not just use VPN in organizations but to browse securely, use it to access blocked sites and have freedom.

Now, you can use VPN on your iPhone too!

If you thought VPN was only for PCs, think again. Today, you can use it on your cell phones too. With new technologies coming in, it is getting easy to access everything in our cell phones. Thus, to be able to connect to VPN connection in devices like iPhone is getting important.

If you are among those who also operate official documents through iPhone, then it is necessary for you to understand how you can connect your iPhone through VPN connection. To amaze you, it is possible. iPhone has a facility which allows you to access your private network easily. These are explained in the following steps:

Using VPN On iPhone

How to Connect VPN on your iPhone?

Have a new iPhone 5S and thinking how to connect your iPhone to a VPN? iOS devices support VPN connections. All you have to do is configure your device so that you can access your private network easily.

You have to go to your Settings>General>VPN and then select Add VPN Configuration. You may have to ask your network administrator to guide you which settings to use. In most of the cases, if you have set your VPN on your system, then you may have to use to the same VPN settings for your device.

Once you have created a VPN configuration, there will be option to turn VPN on or off will appear in the main Settings screen. When you are connect via VPN, a VPN icon will appear in the status bar.

If you are using multiple VPN configuration, you can easily switch between them by using Settings>General>VPN.

You may sometimes feel difficult to connect to your VPN connection, or may even see an alert saying ‘Shared Secret is missing.’ In such cases, your VPN settings may be either incorrect or incomplete. If you are not about the Shared Secret key or have any questions regarding your VPN settings, you should contact your network administrator or IT Department.

This easy ways of enabling VPN connection in your iPhone will allow you to access your network easily and smoothly. At given point, if you feel that the VPN is not connecting or you are not able to understand the configuration, don’t hesitate to consult your expert of IT Department. Sometimes, companies change the configurations to protect the privacy. But, it is always suggested that you get all the information before you are enabling VPN on your iPhone.

iPhone Clinic

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We live in the adage where the more expensive the gadget, the more prestige and respect you command in the market. One such prestige symbol nowadays, is the IPhone, a protege of Apple Inc., the brainchild Steve Jobs.

What is the iPhone?

The iPhone is the best smart phone available in the market, in short, a one stop for all the applications and products one could possibly use in their day to day lives. The first series of the iPhone was launched in 2007 and since then there has been no looking back; which is evident from the up gradations and models introduced to the existing variants.

Why the iPhone?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Apart from being custom made for the tech savvy, it also can be used as a replacement for the personal computer or laptops, as almost all the applications and protocols that run on the iPhone with ease.

iPhone Clinic

Features of the iPhone

  • Operating System:

It runs on the ios Operating system, a trademark of Apple.

  • Touch and Virtual Keyboard:

The first among smart phones to introduce the touch screen technology, upgrading it till the gorilla technology; apart from providing a virtual keyboard for the older lot.

  • Wireless Connectivity:

Inbuilt wireless connectivity suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity seamlessly provides internet and remote connectivity anywhere in the world, at high speeds, based on the choice of the service providers.

  • Video Recording:

The iPhone series, in its 3GS variant introduced the video recording feature, the first among the smart phones in the market and even in the latest variant, 5 series, we have high end video recording.

  • Vision Friendly:

High retina display, which means user friendly display screen, not causing much harm to the eyes even on prolonged vision.

  • Applications:

Almost all the applications are downloadable from the Istore for reasonable rates, apart from music files and videos that can be downloaded separately from I tunes.

  • Enhanced Security:

Enhanced security can be provided to the phone, by installing apps that prevent outside access. Also, the OS has been programmed to be less prone to attacks and hacks

  • Data Transfer:

Data can be simultaneously transferred to I pads, I pods, apple laptops, placed on I clouds (the overall server) or even the internet, almost immediately after data access. The latest variant allows you to immediately transfer data onto a cloud so that you do not use up your memory storage.

  • Troubleshooting and Backup Resources:

Thanks to the cloud, you do not need to get pensive if you accidentally delete your data or are a victim of cyber-attacks. You can easily trouble shoot your device with ease without having the need to freshly install all the lost apps, as they can be retrieved from the cloud.

  • Battery:

Well, the battery depends on the usage of the device and applications. But usually, you get a backup of 18 hours, something unique from its counterparts

  • Bluetooth and connectivity:

You can transfer data over Bluetooth to almost all devices, laptops, mobiles, palmtops etc.

  • In Built Wi-Fi router:

In case there is no available Wi-Fi connectivity in your area, never worry, as with the help of the inbuilt router you can easily access the internet.

How it is Different?

On the whole, if one were to sum it up, an iPhone is not just a smart phone; it is the smartest smart phone variant in the market. That is one of the reasons for its soaring popularity. Most of the people are now making careers out of developing applications on the ios platform, suitable for the IPhone. Easy maintenance, easy trouble shooting, range of applications make the IPhone stand a league of its own.


No matter how good or efficient a gadget is, it is a gadget after all. All gadgets need maintenance. Just like any other man-made object, to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Since IPhone luckily does not require much of maintenance, the only thing we ought to regularly do is clear the hard drive occasionally and install apps that save battery or close or remove apps that eat up battery. Simple isn’t it? Or, ipad repairs Leeds, go hand in hand for maintenance. It’s a one stop point for all your phone issues.


Well, technically speaking, any repair would either be a hardware glitch or a software glitch. Software glitches refer to switching off unusually, slowing down of speeds, processor speeds, virus attacks. Though minor glitches can be handled by us, major glitches need to be handled by expert technicians, like the ones at Leeds. IPhone Repair in Leeds has shown remarkable improvement over the years, showcasing the skill and expertise of the people here. People prefer getting their phones repaired here, from all the parts of the world.

Just like how IPhone’s are a symbol of cachet, IPhone Repair in Leeds is tailor made and it’s best suitor.

Unlock HTC Phone Effortlessly

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In this techno-savvy world, no person can do without a user-friendly smartphone. Smartphones can be defined as cell phones possessing extra features which in turn distinguish them from commonplace mobile phones. A standard cell phone typically offers services that are basic, voice usage or simply put talking; messaging, multimedia, pictures and texts. A smartphone, on the contrary, has a full QWERTY keypad, a powerful, unique and self-regulating OS, and functionality that can match a laptop. Smartphones are immensely admired by people from all walks of life, as these have portability and tremendous flexibility.

Unlock HTC Phone Effortlessly

Now, what exactly is an unlocked phone? A common question a person might ask. An unlocked phone is one that might be of usage with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card irrespective of the fact what the network is or what the location is. Most cell phone fabricants install unique locking software on the sets in order to avert its usage with a SIM card belonging to a different network. Nevertheless, clients can get in touch with the providers or utilize services of third-party for the purpose of unlocking phones. An HTC user might be baffled by the query how to unlock HTC phone? It can be done instantaneously and permanently with an IMEI unlock code. Clients just have to apply for it by placing their request and the code will be mailed to their inbox within minutes.

All this can be done affordably, comfortably and without any hassle. There are three easy steps to unlock HTC phone. Firstly, a client has to select the model from a provided list. Then, obtain the IMEI number of the phone upon dialing *#06# and opt for the service provider to which the phone is presently linked to. Finally, make payment through PayPal or credit card & acquire the 8-16 digit unlock code in the inbox shortly. Any user can unlock HTC phone following this simple process. No prior knowledge of technicalities is required. Codes are trustworthy as these come from the databases of service providers and the fabricants. The resale value of the phone is catapulted to 100%. What one needs to do is find a reliable code provider.

This procedure of unlocking is not usually against the law; still it risks violation of terms and conditions between a client and service provider. Generally, the process of unlocking is done by obtaining company sanctioned unlock codes for the mobile phone brands. By means of an exclusive unlock code one can unlock the phone at ease. Only the 15 digit IMEI Number and the service provider to which the smartphone is presently locked with are needed. Unlocking is as easy as texting currently. It’s simpler with the utilization of automated servers. Phone unlocking comes with numerous benefits. One can use SIM cards of various networks. The phone functions in all the places all over the world. There is no tension of relocking. It’s extremely useful for those who fly frequently. It’s an investment that is made once and lasts for a lifetime as one is not bound to the original contract. One has full liberty to opt for any network.

Why It Pays To Have A Semi-Smartphone

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For those who really only want a simple communications device, the modern smartphone that costs hundreds of dollars seems really excessive. As a result, it can be really tempting to always go for the basic ‘just calls and text’ type phone, especially since there are often either free or really cheap. But the thing is, by spending only a few extra dollars for a semi-smart phone you will often save a ton of money in the long term when it comes to your phone plan.

Creative Ways to Save

It might seem counter-intuitive that a more expensive phone can save you money. But this is because of the way the Internet is growing. See, there are a large number of free options for communicating with other people now. For example, even something as simple as Facebook will allow you to give simple messages to other people. Just about everyone has Facebook these days, so you don’t need to spend any money on sending a text when you can just send a message that way for free. Facebook also even has the option to record short voice messages these days.

Free Voice

If you want to get a regular voice option that’s free, you really need a semi-smart phone. It doesn’t have to be the ones that cost hundreds of dollars. You can get a low cost smart-phone that just has basic app capabilities. That way, you can fun apps like Skype, Whatsapp, or Viber. Alternatively, you can check out government funded free phone programs too.

whatsapp_icon_vectorText Alternative-Whatsapp

The app Whatsapp looks pretty much exactly like the standard texting program and it has all of the same capabilities. It works on just about any phone including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone and even Symbian.  This app will make you forget that you aren’t just using your regular texting on your phone, except when it comes to the bill at the end of the month of course. Then you’ll notice since the app is totally free to use and you can really cut down on your bill this way if you do a large amount of texting. Even if you have unlimited texting with your phone provider, this feature usually costs a lot of money. You can get a semi-smart phone, kill your unlimited plan, and use texting through a data plan or just at WiFi hotspots instead.

Talk for Free with Vibermzl.pdknnbff

Another approach is to use an app like Viber. This app does everything a basic phone can do, except it does it all for free. You can talk as long as you want with other Viber users, text as many times as you like, transfer photos and even some extra like giving people your current location. All you need for this to work is a 3G or WiFi connection. Many providers will allow you to take a data only plan instead of a traditional phone plan. And data only is often way cheaper as well. And you can always just use it in free WiFi spots and get all of your calls for free!

It costs usually just a few extra dollars to get a semi-smart phone, and you suddenly have access to a world of free and cheaper options.

The Risks of Mobile Banking

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Mobile banking is a convenient way to deal with your finances anywhere at any time.

However, with this new banking technology comes many potential security risks which you may not have considered before signing up.

This guide has been compiled, with help from webmaster resource website, to make you aware of all the possible dangers so you can make the best informed choice before using this new innovative service.



Gone are the days when you have to visit your branch to carry out your banking. Now you can access your accounts over the phone, on the internet – and from your mobile phone.

But these new services can present hazards which you need to be fully aware of if you use them.

Banking from your mobile

There are three main ways in which you can access your banking via your mobile phone:

  1. By using your bank’s mobile website to log in to your current account and check your balance, statements, latest activity, organise payments, carry out transfers and more
  2. Download and use a bank’s app to do more unless the same as what you can do on the bank’s mobile website
  3. Receive text message alerts to notify you of your balance on a weekly basis, when you are near your overdraft limit and more


The Financial Conduct Authority has recently warned against the possible dangers associated with mobile banking.

The organisation, which oversees the financial services industry in the UK, wants to help protect users against any conceivable problems which could arise when dealing with finances on a mobile phone, tablet computer or other device.

Dangers include using the service when you’re tired at night, which could lead to mistakes when making payments or transferring funds.

Other issues involve accounts being affected by IT problems and also, more worryingly, different types of crime.

Criminals wanting to steal from you will look for any available opportunity to gain access to your bank account. People who are lax about covering up what they’re doing, when using mobile banking, could be in jeopardy of displaying their passwords and PIN codes to the wrong crowd.

If your mobile is stolen, this could also be a chance for the thief in question to get into your account if security measures aren’t in place.

There’s also the risk of cyber crime. This involves thieves using computer technology to access people’s bank accounts through mobile devices by tapping them with viruses or fraudulent software. This could also lead to the theft of personal information.

Make it safe

Ultimately, it is down to you to keep your mobile banking protected.

It is important to concentrate when using this service, as well as being savvy to who is around you and keeping what you are doing as private as possible – just like when you’re tapping your PIN number into the cash machine outside in the street or at a shop.

Also, be mindful about what you download onto your phone and be conscious of the fact that hackers are out there targeting those who use online banking. You should consider using anti-virus software.

If you follow all precautions and stay vigilant, you can make the most of the benefits mobile banking has to offer.

Cellular Phones: Necessity or Luxury?

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Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s a statement we all are acquainted with. But come to think of it, does it still hold true? In today’s era, it has become the difference between ‘necessities’ and ‘luxury’ is quite incomprehensible. The gap between the two is next to negligible now, all thanks to the so-called improvement in the standard of living.

Cellular Phones: Necessity or Luxury?

Image Credit: Flickr

Take for instance, a cell phone, which was considered a luxury item when it was first launched in the market. But now the need and availability of this particular commodity is so huge that you would fine cell phones on sale everywhere. Even on the internet, websites like snapdeal, myntra, cell2get, and many more, would leave you spoilt for choices when you decide to buy one.

How does One Differentiate?

So the question is how does a person differentiate whether a commodity like a cell phone is a need or a fetish? It’s simple. The elements which do not have substitutes are necessary for us. For example: water cannot be substituted with a soft drink. However, a cell phone, which is a means of communication, can be substituted with a lot of things. However, if you visit sites like cell2get, you will be bound to think differently.

What has Changed?

When we talk about cell phones, well, a lot has changed, and that too with such pace that it’s impossible to trace the changes. Earlier, a cell phone used to look like a walkie-talkie, with an antenna and a sturdy body. Now the latest devices almost resemble a miniature version of a flat screen television. Check the sites like cell2get and you will understand where I am coming from. On cell2get, you will get to see every size, shape and form of a cell phone you can possibly comprehend. You will also be enlightened on the various versions of one particular phone on cell2get. After seeing the display of such extravagance, I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind will not be the ‘need’ for a cell phone, but you will ‘want’ to buy one. The ‘want’ is generated by the people who are responsible for promoting the product.

Justifications given by users

Ask anybody, “Why do you need a cell phone?” and they will look at you in a way as if you have asked them why they need to live at all. Pat comes the answer, “Off course, I need my cell phone, what do you mean by ‘why’?” That’s what we call evolution of a human mind. The icing on the cake is taken care of by manufacturers, and the cherry-on-top is provided by websites like cell2get. You will find reviews on cell2get by users who claim their satisfaction of using one of their products. For people who are concerned about their economical conditions are also not disappointed as cell2get offers them various discounts in order to give them what they ‘need’. Now when you have a bed of roses in front of you to walk on, you will obviously find reasons to take that way, even though it leads nowhere.

Pros and Cons of this Dispute

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of considering the use of a cell phone as a necessity or a luxury. Indeed it makes things easier for us, indeed it helps us stay connected with our loved ones and yes, it does come handy in the time of an emergency. However, it’s also true that we are losing the human touch over a device. Earlier, it was a joy to receive a letter from a friend and to know how they feel. Now if you have a smart phone, all the words are substituted by a ‘smiley’. A mere technical icon to replace the free flowing words right from the heart, that’s irony at its best. Moreover, you would find that people prefer to ‘text’ these days, than to meet in person, a symptom which is predominant in teenagers. Once I had a conversation with a lady who was the mother of a teenager, and she confessed that her 14 year old can live without her, but not without his cell phone! There goes the beauty of family ties and motherly affection.

If we were to draw a conclusion, it would be rather be a subjective one, and we cannot arrive at anything which is definite. Different minds would lead to different outcomes. So, the conclusion lies in the question itself- is a cell phone a necessity or just a commodity which satiates your whims and fancies? That’s a decision which you can only take as an individual, and it pertains only to what you think.

The iOS 6: Is It Good?

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Apple is the operating system giant that has been creating wonderful operating system for the personal computers and the compact devices like the mobile phones and the tabs. iOS is considered as one of the best operating systems in the world. The Apple published in the late 2005. the sixth publish of this iOS 6. This was published in the late 2012. Let’s talk about why you would want to upgrade your current iOS to the iOS 6.


Dynamic Interface

The iOS 6 has a completely dynamic interface. This operating system goes far beyond your .The Apple has done it again! They have totally surpassed any other iOS of the previous release. It has a fast and dynamic interface that will surely please you It has made the previous version proud. The iOS is brought with a very sleeker module interface. If you have little English knowledge, you easily can operate it. There are also some improvements in the agility part. There have been some changes in the RAM manipulations. This makes your device faster and you will have a great experience. Also the power manipulation will let you to save power and the valuable charge will be saved.

Better Sharing

You can now do the sharing to your hearts contents. You can use airdrops to share with the other iOS devices. The Wi-Fi compatibility is also very recommendable. You can also give the files to the other devices using other iOS devices. Some users complain that the iOS does not allow the sharing with different devices. These often cause several disadvantages. This is not acceptable. But look at this in this way; If you had a Bluetooth connection with one of the other devices that are not iOS, then they could take the valuable files from your phone and from the iOS. The iOS cannot support that. So to save the trade secret the apple has to do that.

New Look

The iOS 6 has a great new look that rivals all its predecessors. It looks very good. The numbers key pad looks very attractive. There are a few chances that you will find any better device than the iOS 6.


There are little complains about the iOS 6. People have complained that the speed would get somewhat slower while you use this. Also it’s been seen that you lose the push to mail option if you upgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 6.

With the pros and cons on the table, I still tell you to install the iOS 6. Otherwise you will miss a grand experience.

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7 Must-Have Interior Design Apps

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Because technology is advancing so quickly these days, there are smart phone applications for just about anything imaginable. Major home renovation projects can be rendered so much easier by choosing from the enormous selection of apps for iPhone and Android. If you’re looking to change up the interior design of your home, you have to check out these seven apps.


Color is one of the most important aspects of a room. To select the best possible shades for your room, try the MyPantone app for iPhone. The $10 price may seem a little steep, but when you consider the app’s integral features, you just might find yourself thinking it’s worth the cost.  MyPantone shows you the vast selection of Pantone color swatches and will help you figure out how to coordinate with them. You can even upload photos of colors you like and the app will find the closest matches. This app is definitely worth checking out for anyone thinking of painting their home.

Image via Flickr by *USB*

Home Interior Layout Designer

Making accurate measurements is a crucial part of designing the layout of a room. With Home Interior Layout Designer, you can figure out exactly how to fit the furniture you want in any room without doing any heavy lifting. Simply input the measurements of the room and the furniture, then rearrange to your heart’s content. You can even add carpeting, fabric, and finishes.

Home Design 3D and Build App Pro

If you’re looking for even more features in a design app, here are two incredible options. Home Design 3D for iPhone and Build App Pro for Android both use custom blueprints to create a map of your home after you finish your design. You can view your work in 3D and even walk around as if you were actually there. Both of these programs are the ultimate design apps for their respective operating systems.

Handy Level

Ever tried to hang a picture frame without a level? It’s not easy, and can have disastrous results. For iPhone users, there’s Handy Level. This free app simulates a level, enabling you to create perfectly straight lines all around your home. Now you can get roller shades at, for instance, and install them fearlessly with Handy Level.

Sun Seeker 3D Augmented Reality Viewer


Sometimes home design projects are incredibly difficult, like installing windows all by yourself. To find the best location for your new windows, try the Sun Seeker 3D Augmented Reality Viewer.  This complex app uses your phone’s GPS system to calculate the actual angles of the sun’s rays in relation to your room, so you will be able to place your window plans exactly where they’ll catch the best shine before you make any permanent alterations.


Image via Flickr by Oregon Department of Transportation

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

It can be hard to find inspiration for a room. Designers who need a spark or two could make great use of Houzz Interior Design Ideas, which offers an incredible collection of professional photographs of rooms.  You can save the designs you love and refer to them later when you’re working on a new layout for your home. Best of all, this app is free–it’s like consulting a designer pro without forking over big bucks for their ideas!

It’s a wonder that designers managed to get anything done before the invention of smart phones. Give these awesome apps a try and you might find that redecorating your home is as easy as pie.

7 Great Apps Every Restaurant Owner Should Be Using

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Owning a restaurant is one of the most difficult business ventures, but there are tools and software that can help make running the business easier. Whether you need a better system for allowing customers to place orders or want to create a strong online presence, there are apps to help you get the job done.
mobile apps

Ambur POS – FREE

Ambur POS is an ordering system that allows the waitstaff to take orders on an iPad, collect payment from the customers table, and even print receipts. The app also allows you to do behind the scenes tasks, such as generate custom reports and view order history. Read More

Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 For The Current Generation

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images (76)This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is one of the most popular handsets for this generation as it comes with several unique qualities that may seem to be pleasant to the users.

It comes in a dual SIM that most of the Samsung Galaxy fans have been looking for in the recent Smartphones as well as the battery insurance policy.

The key features of Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 include

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 will be well equipped with Quad-band GSM for two SIM cards and 3G for SIM 1 as well as a dual SIM stand-by.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is also well equipped with an 8GB of inbuilt storage and the microSD slot also available.

• It is a very fast kind of Smartphone with 21.1 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA support for the SIM 1

• It is also well packed with the 5.0 inch screen for wonderful display with 16 M-Colour TFT capacity touch screen of WVGA with 480 x 800 pixel resolution. This is perfect for viewing your videos and images as well as your documents for work.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 also has an 8MP auto focus camera which has a LED flash, face and smile detection as well as the image stabilizer. This is very good if you want to store some historic moments of your life in the form of pictures and videos. There is also a 2MP secondary camera as well as the 1080p HD video recording at 30fps with the perfect stereo sound.

• It is also well equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and Broadcom Video core IV GPU.

• The Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 can connect easily with the perfect Wi-Fi connectivity as well as through the DLNA and Wi-Fi hotspot and the Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n support.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 also has a perfect accelerometer, gyroscope as well as the proximity sensor, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, a microUSB port with MHL, stereo Bluetooth and an FM radio with RDS.

Those are the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 so if you are a fun of this particular device, you need to get yourself one. But you also have to know that the device has one disadvantage in that it has no dedicated key for the camera and may sometime experience poor low light video recording. Otherwise this is a perfect device for the current generation

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BlackBerry 10.1 Update To Hit Later This Month

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images (63)Have you gotten hold of the recently launched Blackberry 10.1? If not yet then you really need to hurry for the latest because its update is on the way and it will definitely make a great impact in the market.
It is clear that the very first blackberry 10 major update is almost ready and this update will be launched together with the blackberry’s second Smartphone which is running a new operating system. The company is currently very busy in the preparation of the new operating system for the blackberry Q10.
The update will apply on both devices which include the blackberry 10.1 Smartphone and the blackberry Q10

What will be the significance of the update?

• This particular update being made on the phones is expected to bring very significant changes that will update the camera to make it perfect and efficient for better videos and pictures. It should also improve the HDR picture mode for better low-light performance.

• The update is also expected to create faster performance of the devices in all aspects so that it will never waste any users’ minutes at all.

• There will also be an update to a blackberry link that will actually allow the users to easily access their personal computers and even the files.

• The update will change the Mnemonic phone dialling for better. It will as well upgrade the blackberry mobile voice system support, the keyboard shortcuts, blackberry balance, type N Go and word prediction.

• The corporate Liable Feature of the Blackberry 10.1 will be updated as well as the cross domain email warnings of the Smartphone.

• The other features of this Smartphone that may as well get to be updated also include the dark theme support, the Out-of-box experience and the smartcard Support.

Now that you already know what to expect from the updated blackberry 10.1, you will be well placed to make your decision on whether you need it or not depending on the features that most appeals to you.

I am one of those who are eagerly waiting for the launch of this already updated blackberry 10.1 since I became a good fun of blackberry Smartphones. Are you waiting to see the updates as well?

Sources has it that the Blackberry Q10 will definitely hit the shelves within the market in Canada from the 30th of this month so if you are waiting for the updates then you should expect them to go live during that time of the month this year.

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