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Making a Rock Star Birthday Party Theme

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Rock stars can be a fun birthday theme for a child or an adult. There are many different ways that you can incorporate rock stars into your birthday party. The following are some things you can do to give a great “rock star” birthday party.

First, you will of course need rock music. You can put on whatever rock music you like best in the background. If it is a hip crowd that likes to dance, then you could make a space for dancing and put the music on a little louder. If most people would rather the music not be so invasive, you can just put it on in the background. In addition, you could get some sort of a rock concert that you like and have that playing on your computer in the background.

Another fun thing to do at a rock star themed party is to let the guests have a try at being a rock star by allowing them to sing karaoke. It can be fun to listen to the good singers, and hilarious to listen to the bad singers. You can choose a variety of rock music from the different karaoke apps out there.

You will want to put rock star decorations up. They make life size cutouts of different people, and different rock stars are included in that. If there is someone who is popular that you really like, then you could see if something like that is available. Otherwise, you may want to put different rock posters on the walls. You can print things out from the Internet, and you may be able to find some things on websites such as If you have old rock record albums, then these can also make a fitting decoration for a rock star themed party.

Party stores such as Party City also sell a wide variety of decorations that would be appropriate for a rock star party. They have decorations such as cutouts of jukeboxes and musical notes. They sell many other items that can provide decorations for your entire room or house if you so choose.

For your rock star themed party, you can tell people to come dressed as rock stars. This can be a lot of fun, and can often be done with items that people already have in their own closets complimented by a pair of sunglasses. You can go all out yourself.

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Real Life Escape Game – For A Unique and Unforgettable Gaming Experience

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For the gamers of UK, real life adventure games have brought a wonderful opportunity of experiencing a breathtaking game full of real thrill, excitement and fun. Gaining huge popularity all over the world, these real life games are now in UK to fascinate the adventure loving people who love to face challenge and solve them by working in a team. In this game, a group of players stay enclosed in a specially designed, themed room. They have to work together in a group, find clues and use their brains to solve a series of puzzles. They are able to find an escape only when they can solve all the puzzles within a specified time limit. Real life adventure games are highly in demand in world of gamers and this is because of the ultimate thrill and excitement that they let the gamers experience.

Real Life Escape Game – For A Unique and Unforgettable Gaming Experience

These physical adventure games require a group of players to be locked inside a specially set room. Here they have to find clues, solve a series of puzzles within a set time and find escape from the room. To be successful the gamers need to use their observation power and critical thinking skills. Real life game is something that is full of fun, intrigue and adventure to offer you an experience that is simply unforgettable. But apart from the thrill and fun, this is a fantastic game that let the gamers use the intuition, intelligence, teamwork and skill in order to achieve a unique and challenging task. Already very much popular in various parts of UK, the real room life escape games draw all who love to experience the excitement again and again.

A popular real life adventure game is based on “Takagism”, the Japanese online game. This game demands the players to find a way from the locked room by solving hidden puzzles. This wonderful concept of bringing the popular online game into real life provides a new gaming experience indeed. The real life escape games have a huge demand among the people of all ages and backgrounds. For corporate team improvement and outings, these challenging games are excellent. The real life adventure games have a long tradition and with time have evolved as a fantastic blend of clue-hunting and puzzle-solving for finding an escape.

In a real life room escape game you along with your team would have to find clues and solve puzzles within a limited period of 60 minutes to free yourselves and find an escape from the room. This is a unique game that will keep your adrenaline flowing, mid racing and you will simply enjoy the fun of experiencing the mental challenges and overcoming them.

So, ready to have an adrenaline rush? Well, do for the booking and to make it easy and fast, book it online. Simply choose a time slot which is available and confirm booking by making the payment. When it is real life adventure game, you can be sure of an unforgettable, breathtaking experience. And missing it means missing an excellent experience full of fun, adventure and intrigue.

About Author: Jennifer Rogers is an author based in London. She writes on various topics. Jennifer has written several articles and blogs on online games and real life escape games. In this article she is sharing some valuable information with the readers on how real life escape games offer a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Real Money Casino Games With iPhone, Android and More

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Gambling online is one of the fastest growing web related industries in the world with millions of users playing a host of games that range from classic card games like poker and blackjack to roulette and everything in between.

The almost sudden growth of the industry is no accident as what was initially thought to be a murky, online scam paradise has become in no time at all one of the safest and most reliable forms of entertainment both online and in the real world. Thanks to harsher controls, bigger investments and higher standards of quality online gamblers can now enjoy the ease, comfort and excitement of playing their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. Even more, the fact that they play online gives them the opportunity to face a diverse crowd of people allowing for more fun, more quality players and more game opportunities.

Real money casino games are one of the most popular and exciting experiences to be had in this field. Here, people don’t just gamble for the sake of gambling, they actually use real money and can earn or lose significant sums of it. While this sort of websites brings about some of the same risks that gambling inside physical casinos poses it also makes them that much more exciting and desirable.

Real Money Casino Games With iPhone, Android and More

For an online casino to offer such a service they must have the highest of safety standards and a well thought out 24/7 customer support service where any grievance or question can be precisely and quickly answered.

The high demand for this type of real money casino gaming has led to the development of software for mobile devices, allowing users to gamble real money, in real time from just about anywhere on the face of the earth as long as they have a decent internet connection.

These types of apps work just like the regular type of software you install on your PC and require only one download and installation process to be fully usable. They are also designed to work for any form of smart device on the market whether it is an Android or an Apple based product.

To make sure you get the best experience out there, try to select gambling platforms that have positive reviews and a significant amount of users. They are generally the safest and also come with a large variety of games. The high number of users also means that you can always get a game, regardless of the time. If you are just getting into online gambling you should also make sure that the platform you choose to gamble on, particularly when playing with real money, has a well-established, 24/7 support system. This can come in handy in case you need some quick answers or help to set up your account, withdraw your earnings or deposit more money. The 24/7 aspect of customer support is very important as it will cover you in case some unexpected glitch happens during an inconvenient time of the night or during regular work hours.

Tech Gadgets That Promise To Be Hot In 2014

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The world of technology is constantly growing and evolving. What was hot a few months ago can be quickly surpassed by the “next great thing.” Sometimes, in terms of tech gadgets, that simply means making an improvement on an existing products. In other cases, it means creating something totally new. Regardless, here are some tech gadgets that are showing potential for 2014.

Google Glass

Google Glass was released in beta format to only a handful of people in 2013. The concept is rather interesting, allowing you to look at the web and take pictures using verbal commands, all from a small gadget that gently wraps around your face like a pair of glasses. I’m not 100% sure Google Glass will launch in 2014, but it seems like a very strong possibility. This is something worth keeping an eye on, considering how much it’s been talked about.

Tech Gadgets That Promise To Be Hot In 2014

Curved Smartphones

This one made me go “hmmmmm.” Apparently there are a couple of smartphone manufacturers – like Samsung and LG – who are creating phones with a curve. You know – so they’ll fit into your rear pants pocket better. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this one, but it’ll be interesting to see if it’s a solid curve or a flexible phone. Read More

Anybody Remember the Game Boy Advance?

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In an age when mobile games are extremely popular, it’s easy to forget a time when they were played on handheld video game consoles, not smartphones. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s Japanese video game manufacturer Nintendo dominated the handheld market with its Game Boy product line. Its last entry was the Game Boy Advance, also known as the GBA.


The Game Boy Advance is part of the sixth generation of video game production, which includes Nintendo’s own GameCube, the Microsoft Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, and Sony’s PlayStation 2. Developed, manufactured, and marketed as a 32-bit gaming console, the GBA was released in 2001 in most markets; China got it in 2004. The GBA is the direct successor of the Game Boy Color, which is notable for using a color screen instead of the black-and-white display of the original. Its manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $69.99.

Anybody Remember the Game Boy Advance?


Weighing about 5 ounces, the Game Boy Advance has a 2.9-inch reflective thin-film transistor color LCD screen with a 240-by-160-pixel resolution. The handheld device runs on two AA batteries, which can provide around 15 hours of game play. A Zilog Z80 processor enables backward compatibility for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There’s a link port at the top of the unit to connect to other Game Boy devices via the Game Link Cable for multiplayer gaming. The port also enables connection to the GameCube via the GameCube Link Cable for playing GBA games on a TV screen or to use the GBA as a controller.


Like other Nintendo game consoles, the Game Boy Advance supports thousands of titles, including those of earlier entries in the product line, as previously mentioned. However, the GBA is best known for ports of classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Super NES games like Super Mario Bros., Ghosts ‘n Goblins, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, and Kid Icarus.


Nintendo’s GBA had its share of competitors. The most notable were SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color and Nokia’s N-Gage. Others included the GP32, SwanCrystal, and Tapwave Zodiac. But none of these devices could topple the GBA from its perch. By the end of its production run, the GBA had sold a little over 80 million units, thus retaining the Game Boy brand’s majority market share.

Criticism and Revisions

Despite its success, the GBA was criticized for its lack of backlighting, which renders it unusable in normal lighting conditions. Also, with its large horizontal-rectangle design, some users thought it rather bulky in feel—in sharp contrast with the smaller, vertical-rectangle form of previous iterations. In response, Nintendo issued two revisions: the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003 and the Game Boy Micro in 2005. The SP was designed as a pocket-sized laptop computer, and it came with a brighter LCD screen and an internal front-light that can be switched on and off. The GBA Micro shares the form factor of the original but is significantly smaller. However, the Micro does not support Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, a major reason why it was never popular.


The Game Boy brand has sold over 200 million units, making it the most successful handheld video game device of all time. The GBA is a huge part of that success, since it is responsible for close to half of the units sold. By the end of 2008, Nintendo had stopped manufacturing the GBA entirely. However, the company continues the GBA legacy by making its games available at the Virtual Console for the Wii U, Nintendo’s main entry in the eighth generation era.


James Josephson is a freelance writer who focuses on video games, CCGs, Magic: The Gathering cards from card kingdom, strategy games, board games, comic books, Star Wars conventions, movie trivia and other such topics.

Image credit goes to Nico Gotsis.

10-Challenging Puzzle Game Made of 10 Numbers

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Sometimes, games designed with complex interface are not as fun as we expect. On the contrary, sometimes, it is the simplest games that bring endless fun. 10, a game, is a good example of how a simple idea can really be rather addictive.

As it is named, 10 is a very simple yet challenging puzzle game. The goal of this game is to put the blocks with numbers in order and together. It sounds very easy but those who have traversed its early stages know that it’s not that easy as it sounds.

challenge puzzle1

At the beginning, players will see some flicking tiles. They can level up once they put the tiles in order. In the early stages, solutions are quite simple and obvious since there are only few tiles that need to be handled. Anyway, as usual, things will get more and more challenging after a few levels. In the later levels, more tiles will appear. In addition, there are obstacles of solid tiles which are not removable. Anyway, don’t worry. It won’t let the players overwhelmed. Things in 10 will be gradually introduced.

Gradually, more tiles are placed on the screen. When you come to the level full of 20 tiles, game starts to be difficult. As for me, I won’t be scared or hate the challenge I’ve met. I will appreciate it instead. By the way, 10 has 140 levels in all. An undo button is available. Players don’t need to start over again when they feel helpless. They can go back step by step.

There are no timers or other step restrictions in the game 10. Players just want to level up and beat it and enjoy the sense of achievement. They don’t need to purchase props to prolong time or reduce steps. In fact, there are no in-app purchases in the game.

challenge puzzle2

Now, 10 is available in App Store with $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later.

More Tips for Game Lovers:
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Online Batman Games-The Ultimate Entertainment

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For those who want to have some entertainment right from the privacy of their homes, Online Batman games are a good option. After all, who would not know about the Caped crusader. Almost every child and teenager across the country admires The Dark Knight who uses his powers to save The Gotham City from the bad guys. From its humble beginning as a hero in the popular DC comic books created in the year 1939, Batman series entered the television screens. Gradually batman entered the computer screens also. The first Batman games appeared on the computer in the year by Ocean software. Thanks to the world of modern technology and the internet, now, we can download hundreds of batman games and play them to our hearts content. Here is a popular site where you can play and download your favorite superhero games. batmangamesx is one of the most popular sites where you can play several games free.  The site has single player as well as multiplayer options.

Online Batman Games-The Ultimate Entertainment

The Dark Knight and his Popularity

The Dark Knight has several versions of movies made upon him. There are at least five versions of movies created on the Batman and his mysteries. The man with his special wings also has hundreds of animated series making him the most popular hero among kids. Since then there has been no looking back for, our Black caped crusader who has captured millions of hearts across the world.

Batman Games and its Genres

Today a number of batman games are available on the net .If you are really interested to know more about your superhero, and then read more. Some of the popular ones you may like are

  • Batman Dark Knight:
  • We all know that Joker is the biggest enemy of the caped hero. He is always making plans to attack the Gotham city. In this game, he decides to destroy the Gotham city power plant by planting bombs. You can become the batman and play the game. Your target will be saving the city by diffusing as many as the bombs your enemy has planted. The player will have to collect things and earn points. You will also get bonus time for each scene. The trick is to defuse as many bombs as you can and save the city.

  • The Batman and the Ice Cold get away:
  • Here, we see The Batman fighting a powerful Villain MR. Freeze who has extraordinary powers to freeze anything. When you play the game as the Batman, you have to prevent the villain from stealing precious diamonds worth cores from the Gotham City Museum. You have to use your cunnings as your enemy can freeze your ice cold. Mr. Freeze has managed to create huge ice blocks all over the museum and the Bay. So the player has to avoid the icebergs and ships with a simple motorboat and get back the diamonds worth millions of dollars. The game is real fun and excitement and you will find adrenaline rushing to your blood as you progress through the game.

There are no of games which you can enjoy from the site. Try out some of these like The Brawl, The Batman: Ice Age, Dynamic Double team and much more.

So, if you feel bored of your daily mundane life and want to have some fun and entertainment right from the comfort of your home, just download Online Batman games and enjoy your moments of leisure.

Online Casino Games Rules Explained For Beginners

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Since there are tons of casino games available online, and more websites are launching each day that makes selecting the right casino game even more difficult. Since these casino games require you to deposit real money in them, it is recommended to do proper research before going ahead and choosing the casino website. Various websites offer unbiased reviews of various casino games online. It is totally worth it to go through them and base your decision on the reviews written by experts.


Before selecting a casino, you have to get an answer of few basic questions that are listed below:

Allowed in your Country?

There are some countries where playing casino games both offline and online is illegal or simply unavailable. Hence, before getting into this whole casino gaming world, first make sure that you are allowed to do so.

Payment Methods:

You should look for a casino website that accepts popular payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Skrill.  Web sites that accept payment through unknown or less popular websites tend to be fraud sites in most cases.

SignUp Bonus:

Most of the online casino websites offer a lucrative sign up bonus to attract new players. It is free money and you should always opt for one that does so. However, you need to read the fine print that comes along with these Signup bonuses. This bonus money is not given to you instantly but rather the amount is spread across your various future deposits. An established company will offer over 5,000 USD as a Signup bonus, which is a very hefty amount. These bonuses are provided to make you feel comfortable playing on the platform and give them some money to play out freely and understand the tips and tricks of that casino game.

Percentage Deposit Match:

In order to play the casino games online with full authority and make the maximum profit out of it, you have to understand the concept of Percent Deposit Match fully. E.g. if you have a deposit match term of 400% and your deposit 1000$ into your casino game account, the total deposit to your account would be 4000$. Most of the companies offer not more than 8000$ in matchup deposits. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand all the ins and outs of the terms related to percentage deposit match to ensure that you can get benefit out of the deal.

Payout Percentage:

This is not the Withdrawal, so do not confuse it with that. This is the percentage of the total payout paid to the winners in that particular casino game. Go for a company that has at least 96-97% of the payout percentage. This actually means that the casino company will keep the 3$ of the wager for themselves. It is critical to do proper research and compare the payout percentage of multiple online casinos to find the best deal possible.

Concluding Remarks:

Since more and more online casino games come to the Web sphere day by day, research is becoming the most important part of any game selection. You must compare between all the possible options and then choose one that suits your needs to the full.

Mark is a web designer by profession and a part time blogger. He is addicted online gamer and reviews and writes articles on latest online games. Recently he played some exciting free online slots game on this website 

Sports Betting – Top 5 Myths Busted

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Betting on sporting events is one of the most popular things with people around the world. However, there are a lot of myths regarding betting which need to be busted now.

  • 1.      Games are fixed!

Okay the first myth is the sports events are already fixed so why waste time betting on them; we’ll definitely lose. Well, unlike the popular belief it is never easy to fix a game. The professional players are one of the highly paid people and fixing a game means the bookies need to pay them much higher than what they are already getting to turn the game into their favor. Moreover, players also have a fear of being penalized or banned for lifetime from playing game that isn’t only their passion but is a source of their income, if they are found guilty of fixing a game. So, it is highly unlikely that a game be fixed. Although, sometimes, professional teams do lose a match intentionally, but they have other reasons for that, like for draft picks, and that’s nowhere near gambling, to say the least.


  • 2.      Game Knowledge would help!

People think having good knowledge about the game, teams and players would prove extremely beneficial in betting. It will help you know which team has consistently performed well and hence has higher chances of winning, so you can bet on that. However, the reality is, it hardly does. People with absolutely no background knowledge in betting and even games can sail through as smoothly as those who do, sometimes even better than them. Sports are an unpredictable field where the underdogs often surprise you. Check out the below video, you  might be able to win a bet here.

  • 3.      Sane minds bet!

Unlike what a lot of people believe, bettors rarely fall in the misfit category of the society; the mindless drunkard gamblers, freak bankrupts who are ready to put on stake whatever is left to win an Irish lottery orteenagers who do it in a bid to earn some extra money for indulging in drugs then. NO! Bettors hail from educated and financially sound backgrounds. More often than not they are mature, sane minds with a degree and a job in hand. So, those who love being a fodder to the propaganda machines better get straight about this one at least.

  • 4.      Online betting is Illegal.

While the Federal Interstate Wire Act has made gambling illegal, even providing info by phone, however, by making gambling illegal, it maintains the bookies and the one who are running businesses that accept bets, but not the players. So, we have this myth busted for you, you can carry on your betting freely. Keep in mind though, Federal law doesn’t say anything about it, but some states might have strict laws against it. So, do get to know about the laws of the state you’re residing in.

  • 5.      You can Only win if you put a bet on one game:

This is another commonly held belief that you reduce the chances of winning if you put bets on too many games. Well, this can be anything but true. Professional bettors have been witnessed putting bets on a lot of games simultaneously; it actually increases the chances of winning, contrary to the popular beliefs. The only thing to bear in mind is that if you are new to this business, do not put everything on stake. Instead play safe and bet small amounts.

Top 5 Casual Games

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Many a days you feel hot and bored in this heat and feel like you need an interesting activity to occupy yourself during those lazy afternoons. With internet at hand all the time the best option you have is to join in the latest rend and start playing a game online. Of course, it does not require a gaming console or the latest technology; here are the top 5 casual games you can play on the internet that are simple yet very addictive and enjoyable.


Actually created by a university student as a part of his thesis, this game is one of a kind where you have to help a creature grow and explore the world. It is your job to take care of him by helping him to find food and fighting off his enemies. It is one of those games based on evolution where the game spans over the entire lifetime of the creature and only ends when the creature either dies a natural death or gets killed. The game is not too fast paced which makes it perfect for a casual time and has simple graphics with great sound animation.

Fishing Girl:

The name sounds boring as most fishing games tend to be but this one here is different. Most of the others I have previously played tend to have complicated controls but Fishing Girl is quite easy to play. The mouse is the only thing needed, so that the game remains smooth. However, some of you might think the pace is too slow because you have to wait before the fish catch the bait (which can take some time and requires patience).

Loops of Zen:

Before you start playing this game, be warned; it is very addictive and very difficult to let go of. It is a sort of puzzle game where you have to make shapes so that the end result does not have any jagged ends. It is ideal if you are not in the mood for a fast paced game.


This game is very simple and yet brilliant. The colors are subtle and very pleasing to the eye as if you are watching a beautifully drawn manga comic in action. All you have to do is to catch falling flowers in a basket attached to a hot air balloon by blowing the balloon towards the flowers. Although the concept is extremely simple, the game itself is very soothing and enjoyable over all.

Super Scratch:

For those of you who are very fond of playing lottery games but do not want to make the effort of getting up and actually buying a card, here is a game fit for you. If you visit the website of Super Scratch you will find a plethora of games in which you can scratch tickets and play lottery and you even have the chance of winning exciting prizes! If you are interested in other such games you can also play irish lottery on the internet. You should check out this interesting video:

What Does Anki Mean To The World Of Gaming?

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Is it possible that your iPhone or iPad could replace your Xbox One or PS4? Despite all the predictions about Apple’s 2013 WWDC announcements, industry insiders didn’t foresee Apple’s clever entry into the gaming market. When Apple CEO, Tim Cook, ceded the stage to Anki’s founders, he did so for a reason. Some people feel that it was Apple’s way of saying, “Guess what, we’re going to make your i-devices a whole lot more fun than our competitors’ devices.” Those “some people” may not be wrong about that.


Video Games Brought to Life

Anki Drive offers a physical element that other video games have not matched yet. Sure, it’s cool to play Reckless Racing 2 on your iPhone, but how much cooler would it be if the car you’re controlling existed in the real world instead of on screen? Add in the fact that the car is an artificially intelligent miniature robot that can sense its surroundings and now you’re really talking cool. That is exactly what Anki Drive offers consumers; video games that exist in the real world. And, if you don’t want to take control, Anki’s cars race around the track on their own. Read More

Do You Love Games? Then Love Xbox ONE!

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It is finally here and it has definitely been worth it. At last the latest Microsoft console is here, and it is so much better than anything before. The Xbox ONE is the best and most advanced that there is in gaming technology, and it comes with so much more than your average gaming experience.


All in One

This fantastic new console from the makers of the giant success story that is Xbox ONE, is so many great gadgets all rolled into one neat package. The console is known by Microsoft game makers as an ‘all in one system’. It does everything you could need all in one easy to use technology. With the Xbox ONE you get the latest device on the market for gaming, TV and entertainment.

Want to Watch TV? Don’t Move

You will not have problems like getting wires mixed up or plug sockets loaded over with this console. One plug fits all. The Xbox ONE allows you to switch from playing your console game to watching TV without even moving from the sofa. Kinect is used so that you can use voice commands to get your console to work for you. No need for messy remote controls either.

Split the Fun

The joy with the Xbox ONE does not end there. If you are watching a movie and need to urgently use the internet then you don’t have to worry about pressing pause, or even worse, stop. This great console comes with ‘Snap Mode’. This lets you spit up the picture on your screen into two parts. You can use the internet on one part of the screen when your movie keeps on playing on the other part. This great idea is brought to you through connecting again.

Speed and Storage

If speed and a massive hard drive are your thing in the gadget world then you will be ridiculously happy with this new Xbox. You get a massive 8 GB of RAM and an 8-Core CPU. The speed of this device is off the radar when it comes to anything similar on the market. You also get a 500 GB hard drive, just in case you have a few hundred movies you want to store. It also has a Blu-ray drive and an HDMI out port. And of course it works great with wireless internet too.

Control the Situation

The Xbox has not drastically changed is easy to recognize and great to use controllers. The Xbox is so widely known across the globe that most people immediately identify the brand by the handheld controller alone. So they haven’t messed too much with perfection here. The controller with the new Xbox is quite similar to the previous Xbox model, the 360, but it is with some slight changes in layout.

But try and not to get too excited just yet. The Xbox ONE is not yet on the shelves so you will have to endure a waiting period. The genius behind this device promise that it will be on the market in a few months.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Austin Richard. He is 220-801 exam certified and now getting prepared for 220-802 exam. He likes to write on different matters in free time.

10 Simple Ways to Fund the Latest Gaming Accessories

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There are a number of reasons why people are into gaming accessories. Some do it for fun; after all who’s not going to be entertained with the newest games available nowadays. Others consider it their passion to be able to successfully finish a game. There are several more others, some of which being game critics or bloggers providing reviews on games and playing them to make sure they get the best story to tell. Since gaming is considered an emerging hobby in our time, it is also important to pay attention to the gaming accessories that comes along with it.
However, this idea may turn out unattractive if you do not have enough resources to back up your passion. Therefore, you need to think of ideas on how to fund the latest gaming accessories.

Here are 10 simple ways to do so:
1. Get rid of old, unused gadgets. What’s the reason for keeping them anyway? While these gadgets may look good as decorations in your room, if they are useless, they better go. The money you earn may be used to buy the latest gaming accessories you want.
2. Participate in surveys online. Register in survey sites where they pay you with gift certificates. If you are lucky enough, they may even give as a prize the gaming accessory you desperately dream of.
3. Love to write about your hobby? Be a blogger and maintain your site well so as to invite traffic from other avid gamers and earn from it. You may also offer freelance writing services to sites featuring games that you are really familiar of.
4. Offer tutoring services. Remember, you need to earn extra to support a beloved hobby. If you have the knack for it, being a tutor pays well.
5. Participate in Online Auctions. Instead of directly selling pre-loved items, try auctioning them online for a better chance of acquiring a hefty amount of cash.
6. Engage in affiliate marketing. If you are already running a blog, you can write a particular review on a certain product of a company, and provide a website link to the main company. In this way, you earn a commission when they sell.
7. Apply for part time jobs. If you are really interested in funding your passion for the latest gaming accessories, finding a part time job is a good option for you.
8. Provide Services in your neighborhood. You can run errands for your neighbour’s, tend to their garden, deliver milk, whatever it takes to earn extra.
9. Take advantage of your HMRC tax credits if you are eligible for it. When you finally receive your tax credit, you can apportion a certain amount to funding your passion. Make sure that you know how to handle and control your money well though.
10. Turn your hobby into a business. If you search the web, there are game makers who organize game tournaments inviting gaming fanatics to participate. They get paid when they play. In this way, you get to do what you want, and at the same time earn from it.


Author Bio:

Amy Lawson is a blogger and a financial consultant. He loves travelling with his family. He researched on various financial sites, some being PPI Claims, Tax Credits Guide, etc. You can contact the Tax Credits Office on the hmrc tax credits displayed on their



BMX Stunt Park | Roam Free in a Virtual Skate Park

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BMX Stunt Park allows players to roam freely in a virtual skate park, where ramps are placed throughout the scene. Players are able to move around in all directions, unlike other BMX games where the player is restricted to moving in only left and right directions. The objective of the game is to simply gain as many points as possible before the timer runs out, which isn’t too difficult if the player avoids crashing into walls or jumping off of small ramps.


In BMX Stunt Park, players control the on-screen character by using the arrow keys to direct the bike in any direction. The spacebar can be used to jump while the S key is used to perform a Superman trick, the D key is used to complete a Tailwhip, and the A key is used to perform a backflip while in mid-air. The instructions of the game display the F key as a trick key, but explain that this key does nothing.

Difficulty Level:

BMX Stunt Park is relatively easy to play as the quick changes in direction and free roaming nature of the game allow players to do whatever they want to. As there are no real obstacles in the course to cause players to crash, the only way to fall of your bike is to fail a trick or hit a wall too hard. Surprisingly, this seems to happen quite a lot. To avoid crashing, players should make sure they keep the back stabilized while performing tricks and avoid hitting walls or doing tricks off of low ramps.


BMX Stunt Park is a lovely game that allows the player to actually ride around in an open terrain rather than being stuck on one long, horizontal path. In BMX Stunt Park, players are able to roam around a skate park and do tricks by jumping off of ramps placed around the arena and pressing various buttons. Although the game is limited in the number of tricks that can be performed and players are limited by a timer, BMX Stunt Park offers a nice break from more mundane BMX-style games. However, this game can get boring fast as the player is essentially just riding around in circles until the timer runs out.

While crashing does not kill the player and gore is out of the question, the game does produce a nice smacking noise when the player runs into a wall and the character will be thrown off of his bike. A decent game for BMX lovers, BMX Stunt Park still has a lot of room for improvement. This game is recommended for anyone who wants to free roam in a BMX environment, but not for anyone who is looking for a serious BMX-style game.

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Expansion Contents of Mass Effect 3 Will Be Launched Soon

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Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson the two famous producers of the action game Mass Effect 3 have tweeted for the teasers of the potential of the expanded contents of the game which are coming very soon. They have welcomed expansion content after the release of the game but there are some more things which may come in front of them.

Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson the two producers of BioWare have tweeted two images of teaser about the contents which are still not announced for this action game. As per the first picture is concerned it shows a setting of a Casino. Hudson had made a comment, “The picture looks like a perfect place for R&R.

As per the second picture is concerned, it has displayed a Krogan creature who has lots of armor with it. The weapons are quite heavy as it seems in the picture. The gamble has made a comment under the picture that the creature does not look a guy with whom anyone will try to make a mess.

Expansion Contents of Mass Effect 3

BioWare has teased the expansion of the single player for Mass Effect 3 in the month of December last year. They said, “All the hands are on the deck now for the latest one.” Sam Hulick, the chief composer of Mass Effect has also depicted the fact that he will also contribute to the new content after having no involvement with Omega DLC and Leviathan of the game.

Now all these clear one important fact that the whole team of BioWare now is involved for the perfect launch of the new expansion of the game. Most of the higher authority personnel are getting involved with this teaser time to time and it can be expected now that the teaser will be launched very soon.

However, the two pictures which they have tweeted have created interest for the video game lovers. Especially the armored creature is looking very much interesting to most of the game lovers. Already Mass Effect has become one of the most popular action games and now this added expansion teaser is surely going to make it much more interesting.

The action content present in the game was already quite satisfactory for the most of the fans of this action game. Now BioWare wants to add some more variety in the game to make more interesting. They are now going to add some mystery content with the game so that in Mass Effect 3 the players can experience something new which they have not cherished in the last versions.

Well, for doing so they are using the famous actor of voice and film Mr. Seth Green who is already famous for his acting in the films like Austin Powers and Family Guy. BioWare is going to use his voice to create the mysterious environment in the game. He is performing for Normandy pilot joker’s voice from the very beginning of this game series. The players do not need to wait much as the expansion contents are set and ready to be launched very soon.

Best Games Which You Can Play On The New Year Eve

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Playing games in the gadgets like smart phones and tablets has become extremely popular now and it is no doubt a very good friend in leisure for most of the young men and women now. Therefore, there should be no stopping in playing video games at the time of holidays also specially if there are lots of good new games to play. On various occasions some games become just appropriate to play. Some of these games are stated below.

Animal Crossing is one of them. This game is extremely engaging and one can feel kind of addiction to it. It’s a game which actually relates to some of the cartoon characters. One can play this game with his friends also. You need to have a Wii to play this game. If you are alone at your home on the New Year evening this can be a wonderful companion for you.

There are a lot of people who like to play Mario games. Well, in that case, Mario Cart can be a very good option for you. This game can be a perfect option for the people who are amateur gamer. There is action among the cartoons. There will the presence of shells. There will be number of essays what the players have to unlock by winning one after another. This game is also extremely engaging. In your leisure on the New Year evening this can be one of the best games to play.

Minecraft can be another extremely entertaining game which you can go for. This is an extremely engaging action game for the teenagers. The control of this game is extremely easy and that makes the game much more interesting. In this game one has to create a mine craft and then has to kill the enemies. One can spend hours after hours playing this game as this game has many rounds.

Dance Central is another wonderful option among the New Year games. If some of your friends have come at your home and they love to dance, this game can be absolutely appropriate. In this game the player has to show various dance styles. This game is extremely engaging. This game is a good option for the game lovers who do not like action games that much.

Bejeweled Blitz can be another very good option to play. This is actually a puzzle game. If you need to stay alone at home on the New Year evening this game can entertain you for a long time. In this game you have to match the signs to eliminate them. In any situation when you feel bore this game can help you to get entertained and spend your time.

On the evening of the New Year, if you can spend your time with your family or friends, that can be extremely god for sure. Well, in case you are alone and not having an enjoyable time at home, these games can become a very good companion for you to enjoy a New Year perfectly.