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Rick Casper Diamond Student Tips For College Students

Rick Casper Diamond Student Tips For College Students

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When you enter college, you will find that it is both exciting and challenging. It is evident that you will be overwhelmed with the new responsibilities and the extra burden of projects and assignments. When it comes to studies, it is very important for you to balance your personal life and studies well. Most of the time, college students live in hostels or independently in a new place. The added responsibilities of money management and looking after yourself is also there. This is why it is important for you to ensure that you maintain an equilibrium so that you effectively are able to make the most of your student life and make it a memorable phase for you to remember!

Rick Casper is a student at GIA in California and he is studying to become a gemologist. He says that as a student it is important for you to create a budget and stick to it. When it comes to making a budget, you should not do it overnight. You should take some days and sit with the list of income and expenses you incur every month. Compare them and see where you can make shifts for better saving. As a college student, you also have a tendency to spend a lot on entertainment and food. These are some of the expenses that you often lose track of and this is the reason why you should be careful. These Rick Casper Diamond student tips should be remembered if you wish to be money wise and not incur loans or debts at such an early age.

Time Management

When it comes to time management, it is very important for you to ensure that you balance studies and your personal activities. You should ensure that you make a time-table in this regard and allot specific times of the day for doing certain activities. When it comes to time management, you must remember that you should not waste your time doing things that give you no value. Excessive partying or movie hopping will only leave you with little time for studies and by the end of the day, you will discover that you are exhausted. It is very important for you to take note of what you do so that you do not waste your time and get tired. These Rick Casper Diamond student tips are important if you really wish to do well in the examination. He also says that when you are looking for good grades, you should only allot a single day in the week to enjoy movies, shopping, traveling or even partying.

These Rick Casper Diamond student tips also help students that are living alone for the first time. He says that if you are alone in a new place and feel lonely, join a gym or a student club. You may also be active in sports. Exercise and sports will boost endorphins and this gives you better mental and physical health. He also says that you should embrace the right diet and nutrition when you are a student.

Find The Most Suitable Ways To Get Loans On Jewelry

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Money as a medium of exchange is one of the most important innovations that were made in the 19th century. It has become a central part of the modern life largely due to the fact that it affords you the comforts that you would always be looking for. Unfortunately, it is not all the time that we have the money to do what we want. In such cases, we often seek the help of others.

This is where the search for loans comes in. when searching for a loan, whether short term or long term, you often look for a provider who will understand you and your needs while at the same time giving you ample time to complete the payment. Such persons are often very hard to find and in most cases, you will be required to part with something, an asset that can be held in lieu of the payment. Pawn shops and other fast cash loan institutions will always provide you with many options that you will not get from the mainstream financial service providers. In such regard, you will often have the opportunity to get a loan based on the value of various household goods like art, collectibles and jewelry.

Find The Most Suitable Ways To Get Loans On Jewelry

Using jewelry as collateral in seeking loans has become especially popular owing to the fact that most people have expensive jewelry that they do not use often. Even those people who use them often, it is often easier to replace a piece of jewelry than say some other asset such as automobiles. It is no wonder that loans on jewelry are becoming more and more popular. In the San Francisco area, we have institutions such as the San Francisco provident which have been in the business of providing you with short terms loans based on the value of your jewelry. The San Francisco Provident is one of those institutions that has over time proven their capacity to not only handle such transactions but also the required skill set to ensure that you get sorted out.

In this institution, you will go in with your pieces of jewelry and then get them appraised. The amount that you get in loan will often stem directly from the value of the pieces of jewelry that you hold. As such, the more valuable the pieces of jewelry that you have the more you will be able to access in terms of loan. After the appraisal of the items that you have provided, a loan offer is then provided to you. In most cases, you will be given a percentage of the total value of the items that you have brought. This is the norm since it allows the financial organization providing the loan to sit pretty with the knowledge that the loan will be repaid. As such, the practice is for you to receive up to 85% of the value of the pieces of jewelry that you have provided. You will also be given a due date for the loan; this is the day that it matures and when you are required to make the payment for the principal and the interest.

David Yurman Engagement Ring- An Extended Range Of Variety

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Having your name attached to one of the most successful brands in the market must be almost godly. It is an honor that few ever get to enjoy, but one that points out the level of hard work, dedication, skill and determination that has gone into creating the brand. If the brand name manages to outlive you well into centuries, then that is even better and a feat that few in the world will ever live to accomplish. There have been many geniuses in the world, but few of them have actually created something spectacular that has changed the course of the world or lived to their true potential.

David Yurman Engagement Ring- An Extended Range Of Variety

David Yurman is one of the most celebrated jewelry designers in the world. To him, pieces of jewelry are more of an inborn part of him and not just accessories that people wear. They personify a story, something that they need to tell the world. The pieces of jewelry that he has created over the years have been the envy of both friend and foe, with the general consensus of the market being that they are over and above the norm. They have especially benefited from a certain uniqueness to detail coupled with attention to exceptional that just sets them apart from the world as we know it.

When it comes to engagement rings, you will always want to impress the person of your choice. There is always the chance that the person you are proposing to will say no to your proposal. However, if you have a David Yurman on your side, you tend to increase the chances that she will respond positively to your proposal. The David Yurman engagement ring is some of the best that you will comes across in the market. They personify what you are looking for in an engagement, designed specifically to mark the importance of this occasion. Just as engagements are a sign of a long term commitment to each other, you can expect that the David Yurman engagement rings will stick with you for the long haul. Not only are you committing your soul to the love of your life, but are also showing that in a physical way, you would like the whole world to recognize that you have taken this bold step.

One of the most popular David Yurman engagement rings is the DY Capri. The DY Capri is one of the most unique David Yurman engagement rings that you can ever get your hands on. They have been revered for long majorly due to their design and quality. These rings have a halo of diamonds that encircles an amazing center stone. Other than that, the center stone is set on a band of iconic or pave Cable. Ideally, they are designed to show the strength of the union that is being forged by the giving of the ring itself. Often, the DY Capri is available with a cushion and a round brilliant diamond to match, a sign of the love that the couple shares.

Diamonds May Be Raining Down On Saturn and Jupiter

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These days, consumers can take their pick from an impressive array of fabulous items of diamond jewellery. For example, they can head online to select princess cut diamond engagement rings. All they need is a little spare time and a web connection.

As long as they know where to look, they should be able to find the perfect princess cut diamond rings for them, and within their budgets too.

Meanwhile, it seems as though the Earth is not the only planet in the Solar System to feature diamonds. According to a BBC report, these precious stones could be raining down on Saturn and Jupiter. Scientists in the US have calculated that there is an abundance of these items within the gas giants.

Diamonds May Be Raining Down On Saturn and Jupiter

The researchers noted that lightning storms within the planets’ atmospheres turn methane into carbon. This soot-like substance hardens as it falls into chunks of graphite and then into diamond. Eventually, these unusual ‘hail stones’ melt into a liquid at the core of the planets.

Dr Kevin Baines from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory suggested that the biggest diamonds would probably be around a centimetre in diameter. Expanding on this, he noted they would be “big enough to put on a ring, although of course they would be uncut”.

The expert added: “The bottom line is that 1,000 tonnes of diamonds a year are being created on Saturn. People ask me – how can you really tell? Because there’s no way you can go and observe it.

It all boils down to the chemistry. And we think we’re pretty certain.”

Dr Baines stated that the process of diamond creation begins in the upper atmosphere or so-called ‘thunderstorm alleys’, where the soot forms. Explaining the subsequent processes, he said: “As the soot falls, the pressure on it increases. And after about 1,000 miles it turns to graphite – the sheet-like form of carbon you find in pencils.” By a depth of 6,000 kilometres, this graphite toughens into diamond.

The specialist went on to draw attention to the “hellish” temperatures on Saturn and Jupiter. About this, he remarked: “Diamonds aren’t forever on Saturn and Jupiter. But they are on Uranus and Neptune, which are colder at their cores.”

He presented his findings during the recent annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society in the US along with his co-author, Mona Delitsky, from California Speciality Engineering.

When asked to comment on the predictions, fellow expert Professor Raymond Jeanloz told the BBC: “The idea that there is a depth range within the atmospheres of Jupiter and (even more so) Saturn within which carbon would be stable as diamond does seem sensible.” He added: “Given the large sizes of these planets, the amount of carbon (therefore diamond) that may be present is hardly negligible.”

Of course, consumers do not have to go to the lengths of trying to source precious stones in space. When they are after a princess cut engagement ring or other similar item, they can simply turn to the web and place their orders.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a regular contributor to lifestyle blogs and loves perusing the fabulous range of jewellery products now available. Find out where she gets her inspiration by visiting Marlow’s Diamonds.

Should You Insure Your Family Heirlooms?

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A pocket watch passed down for three generations. A bayonet from the Civil War. A baseball card collection that once belonged to your grandfather.

Family heirlooms come in all shapes, sizes, and values. Whether you have an attic filled with heirlooms or one particularly cherished item, insurance is something that you ought to consider to protect your treasures.

The Value of Family Heirlooms

According to the Telegraph, the value of family heirlooms has increased as older generations become wealthier. In the United Kingdom, research has found that 40 percent of the population inherits valuables. On average, the heirlooms are worth £3,000, with one in five holding a value of more than £10,000. This equates to $4,850 and $16,168 in US dollars, respectively.

Yet, even when people inherit something of great value, they don’t always know or appreciate its worth: two in three people don’t have their heirlooms evaluated while nine in ten don’t have adequate insurance for these possessions.

Should You Insure Your Family Heirlooms?

The Pros of Insuring Family Heirlooms

Insuring a family heirloom has many pros in its favor. First of all, insurance helps protect the monetary value of the item in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged. This is of particular importance when the value of the item is high. Otherwise, unforeseen circumstances can cost you — and your heirs — thousands of dollars. Second, you should be able to obtain insurance as an add-on to your homeowner’s insurance policy, allowing you to place your entire estate’s insurance with the same company.

Another benefit to insuring family heirlooms, per Insurance Magazine, is that the value for which the heirloom is insured can be a good prediction of its asking price in the event you ever opt to sell it. While most people prefer to hold onto their family heirlooms, some have to liquidate these items in trying times.

Depending on the item in question, insuring a family heirloom can also allow you to enjoy it more. If an antique doll is insured, for example, you may be more apt to allow you children to handle, admire, and cherish it than you would be if the item wasn’t insured.

Should You Insure Your Family Heirlooms?

The Cons of Insuring Family Heirlooms

The cons of insuring family heirlooms are minimal. One possible con can be that heirloom insurance works the way most of your insurance does: you pay money up front to protect you in the event something happens, and then nothing harmful occurs. If nothing ever happens, you are technically out of money via the monthly premium you’ve been paying. It is a very small, though admittedly tangible downside to paying for insurance.

Depending on the insurance company, you will likely be asked to have your heirloom appraised before a policy can be written, especially if it’s very valuable. You will also likely be required to file a police report in the event that your insured heirloom is stolen. Finally, if any activity seems suspicious, it is always possible that an insurance company will investigate you for possible fraud.

Ultimately, insuring family heirlooms has many more benefits than drawbacks. It might take a little effort to get the heirlooms insured, but your resulting peace of mind will be worth it. Not having heirlooms insured simply sets you up for heaps of regret down the road.


Dillon Roebuck is a freelance writer primarily concentrating on finance & insurance. To learn more about insurance Dillon encourages readers to visit

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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The wedding industry in the United States is estimated to be a $40 billion business annually. Judging by the bling on the fingers of some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses, you can understand why pretty quickly. For example, Jennifer Aniston’s fiancée Justin Thoreaux recently proposed to her with a $500,000 ring. A pricey piece of jewelry no doubt, but it doesn’t hold a candle to some other expensive celebrity stones. As we wave goodbye to summer, and yet another wedding season, let’s take a look at the most expensive celebrity engagement rings from recent years.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Before starting the list, it’s important to note that a ring’s size doesn’t seem to be closely correlated with its price. Although the sizes of all these rings are quite large, it’s oftentimes the details that fetch such astronomical sums. For example, a lot of the rings have famous designers attached to them, like Lorraine Schwartz and Harry Winston. And anyone who has had the pleasure — or maybe the pain — of buying a diamond knows the color and the clarity of the stone also matter. A flawless ring of a special color, canary yellow or pink for example, will cost more than a regular stone. It’s also interesting to note out the price of the ring doesn’t correlate with the length of the relationship. In a somewhat dubious honor, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are included on the list twice.

And the Winners Are…

We start our list with country sweetheart and American Idol Carrie Underwood, whose $150,000 yellow-diamond ring from hockey player Mike Fisher is the envy of cowgirls everywhere. Brittany Spears said yes to Jason Trawich thanks in large part to a $200,000 3.5-carat stone from Neil Lane. Kate Hudson’s rocker husband Matt Bellamy from Muse dropped $200,000 on a 9-carat diamond ring. Reese Witherspoon is wearing about $250,000 on her finger thanks to husband and CAA agent Jim Toth. The “Brad” portion of Brangelina reportedly spent $250,000 on a custom-designed Robert Procop ring. Supposedly Brad designed the 16-carat flawless emerald for a nearly a year before he proposed.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

The “Half a Million” Club

One of the controversies on our list is on the finger of Princess Kate Middleton. Some sources say the 18-carat blue sapphire ring, previously worn by Princess Diana, is estimated to be worth $500,000 while another source puts the value nearer to $5 million. Affleck makes his first appearance on the list with the 4.5-carat diamond he gave to Jennifer Garner, worth about $500,000. Khloe Kardishian’s 12.5-carat diamond from Lamar Odom rounds out our “under-a-million” group at $850,000.

A Million Plus

Now it’s on to the big(gest) bucks. Hillary Duff’s fiancée, hockey player Mike Comrie, proposed in Hawaii with a 14-carat diamond reportedly worth $1m. Perhaps the Mikes Comrie and Fisher shop at the same hockey player jewelry store. We can only imagine they didn’t get much of a discount.

Marc Anthony gave Lopez an 8.5-carat ring worth $1m. Tom Cruise and Seal both spent $1.5m on engagement rings, the former for 5 carats and the latter for 10 carats. Michael Douglas allegedly spent $2m on a 10-carat ring for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Kris Humphries tried to show Kim Kardashian that his love was everlasting with a $2m, 24-carat ring. Affleck and JLo make their second appearance with their $2.5m engagement ring. Nick Cannon spent $2.5m on the 17-carat pink diamond he bought for Mariah Carey.

Donald Trump’s latest marriage cost him at least the $3 million he spent for an engagement ring. Paris Latsis, in the ultimate act of self-adoration, reportedly paid $4.7 for the 24-carat ring he gave to Paris Hilton. And finally, the most expensive celebrity engagement ring belongs to a child of destiny and her big pimpin’ beaux: Jay-Z spent an estimated $5m on an 18-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond set in platinum for Beyonce Knowles.


Vince Smallwood is a freelance writer focusing on jewelry, rings (including a variety of different types of engagement rings), precious metals, gemology, celebrity trends, fashion and other hot topics.

Image credit goes to Randi Deuro.

Brooks Fine Jewelry makes use of new technology as they relocate

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Born in jewel business and starting in the old jewelry business, Jeff Brooks has come from far and last year, the jeweler invested in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and 3D printing technology in aim of bringing the company in to the Jewelry future. According to Jeff Brooks, the owner of Brooks Fine Jewelry, the new technology is like a bridge between the old and the new world. The new technology can be taken and used in the old way to come up with a product that is completely different. According to Envision Tec 3D printing marketing coordinator Jenna Franklin, Brooks Fine Jewelry has the capacity to create any jewelry piece using the Computer-Aided-Design software.

Brooks Fine JewelryIn just the 3rd year of their business, Brooks Fine Jewelry has entered one handcrafted piece and 3 other pieces that are technologically crafted into the Creative Achievement Recognizing Arkansas Talent (C.A.R.A.T) Awards of the Arkansas Jewelers Association in Little Rock. According to Jeff Brooks, this show will be the company’s best food forward. The company has entered the competition in all the four categories that are available: the best craftsmanship award, the 3,000 to unlimited, up to $1,000 and under $1,000.

In the C.A.R.A.T awards, the Brooks Fine Jewelry most expensive jewel will be the Lady Liberty Ring that has been valued at $5,000 – $6,000. This ring which has a 2.7 carat diamond surrounded by a rose and blue gold was designed by the use of 3D technology so as to incorporate into the ring’s design 50 stars. According to Jeff Brooks, this was done so as to show everyone that the technology is available to both the customers and other Jewelry stores

Currently, Brooks fine Jewelry makes use of three methods to provide jewelry to their customers: the CAD program, a traditional hand fabricated method that was crafted by Jeff Brooks and another one based 15,000 rings database that are pre-made such that each of them is capable of being manipulated. According to Jeff Brooks, the new technology has made the jewel production easier. One year ago, it took 8 hours to craft one ring but with the use of 3D printing technology and the CAD program, up to 12 rings can be produced in a period of six hours. Brooks have now made over 150 pieces of jewels using the new technology.

Brooks Fine Jewelry, originally located on 611 Court Street, moved closer to the downtown in Oak Street after the family purchased eight buildings there. With the relocation to the new area, the company will have access to a bigger storefront where they can display their jewelry and also ample space in the back where the manufacturing and repairing of jewelry can be done. Kathy Brooks, wife to Jeff Brooks, plans to expand the operation of the company by starting to sell in wholesale to other jewelry stores in Arkansas. Kathy also said that they plan to have at least ten jewelry stores in Arkansas to begin with. The company also plans to expand their operations using the rest buildings they purchased.

Cannes Jewelry Theft A Job Of Professional; Police Still Looking For Clues

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Investigators are leaving no stone unturned to search for important clues into the theft of jewels at an exhibition at the French resort city, Cannes. According to the office of the prosecutor near Grasse, the jewels stolen were worth $136 million.

Cannes Jewelry TheftAccording to the deputy prosecutor looking after the department for organized crime, the robber had his face covered with a scarf and hat. He was also carrying a semiautomatic weapon with which he threatened to kill the guests and exhibitors. He also added that although security guards were present at the situation, but they were not armed. This further boosted the confidence of the robber to carry out the mission successfully.

The incident eventually leaves everyone into fuzz coming close to similar jewel heists during the Cannes Film Festival this year, when a precious necklace worth $2.6 million was reportedly stolen form a party organized in a hotel followed by an incident involving stealing of $1 million worth of jewels from a safe.

Meanwhile, in an exciting revelation a former jewel thief, who is now a reformed person, reported to journalists of CNN that the third crime was surely committed by professionals and even bore exceptional hallmarks of any event carried out by professional thieves.

A noted motivational speaker and author, Larry Lawton said that the act was certainly a professional heist. He is also of the opinion that the mastermind had an insider to pass crucial information about the security purview of the exhibition including the locations of the jewels.

According to the author, the act was definitely not the job of any single person; but an outcome of successful and coordinated strategy. He even pointed out that the miscreants just went inside the exhibition arena and completed their task within only five minutes, which definitely proves the link of an insider with the incident, without whose support the operation would not have been possible within such a short period.

However, the author was surprised to inform about the fact that such precious jewels displayed for exhibition were not kept under electronic security. That would have prevented any notorious incident like this, triggering an electric shock to any person carrying the jewels beyond any definite distance by any chance. On the other hand, he even refrained to blame the security guards for the incident.

Shortly after the fateful incident, the union tried to handle the situation by calling the French government and urged them to initiate immediate investigative process to look into the safety concerns associated with such jewelry exhibitions carried out in major hotels of the country.

The firm, Leviev jewelry, has innumerable flagship boutiques throughout Dubai, London, Singapore and New York. They are one of the largest and reputed manufacturers of diamond in the whole world. They are famous for they extraordinary assortment of rare, colored and large diamonds.

In a recent development, it is reported that a statement issued by CGT has vehemently put the blame on Carlton management and has even made them responsible for favoring financial operations.