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LED verlichting: Zorgt voor een effectieve manier om lichtenergie te besparen

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Door een toepasselijk verlichtingssysteem voor je huis te gebruiken, kunt je een gewone ruimte eenvoudig omzetten in een leuke. Mensen weten vaak niet dat je zo’n soort invloedrijk verlichtingssysteem kan creëren door eenvoudige lichtbronnen. Bij LED verlichting is een belangrijk aspect dat het erg milieuvriendelijk is. Degenen die de CFL-lampjes gebruiken, krijgen zulke opties niet. Omdat het probleem van de opwarming van de aarde steeds groter wordt, moet je kiezen voor de milieuvriendelijke opties in plaats van lampen met een hoog energieverbruik.

LED’s worden gedefinieerd als lichtgevende dioden. Je kan ze eenvoudig definiëren als twee halfgeleiderleidingen die werken nadat de stroom er doorheen is gegaan. Tegenwoordig heeft bijna iedereen LED verlichting in gebruik. Of het nu gaat om een huis, openbaar, privé of in de industrie, LED kan overal worden gebruikt. Het heeft ontelbare voordelen.

De positieve kant van het gebruik van LED verlichting:


In vergelijking met andere lampen, zijn LED lampen vrij efficiënt en kosteneffectief. Wanneer je LED lampen en spaarlampen met elkaar vergelijkt, zie je dat de gemiddelde levensduur van een LED lamp bijna tachtigduizend uur is, terwijl spaarlampen maar een gemiddelde levensduur van tienduizend uur heeft. Een ander belangrijk voordeel van het gebruik van LED-lampen is dat ze in staat zijn hun volledige energie in licht om te zetten. Wanneer je een spaarlamp gebruikt is het mogelijk om slechts 10% van de energie te gebruiken en de rest wordt verspild en produceert een enorme hoeveelheid warmte. Vanwege de grote hoeveelheid warmteontwikkeling is het nodig om extra koelmiddelen te gebruiken, zoals airco en ventilatoren.

Verspreidt minder bacteriën

De meeste restaurants zijn begonnen met het gebruik maken van LED verlichting omdat ze minder bacteriën produceren dan traditionele lampen. Dit is ook een populaire keuze geworden voor de bakkers omdat het helpt de etenswaren vers te houden.

Trekt geen insecten aan

Heb je je ooit afgevraagd waarom insecten rond de gloeilampen zwerven? Dat komt omdat het Uv-straling produceert. LED lampen houden de insecten op een bepaalde afstand en genereren minder warmte. Je krijgt de beste verlichtingsoplossing met behulp van LED verlichting. Afhankelijk van je voorkeur kunt je gebruikmaken van de LED-buitenverlichting.

Methode om de LED-lampen te kiezen die de efficiëntie verbeteren:

Analyseer de vereiste helderheid

Het eerste en het meest belangrijke wat je moet checken aan je LED verlichting is de helderheid. Het moet worden afgestemd op de vereisten. Controleer ook de verlichting met behulp van de wattage.

Kies tussen warm en koel licht

Wanneer je LED verlichting uitkiest voor je huis, zou je moeten kiezen tussen koele en warme lampen. Warme lampen kunnen gebruikt worden voor kleine ruimtes, terwijl koele verlichting gebruikt kan worden in grote ruimtes.


Het is de moeite waard om het elektriciteitsverbruik te verminderen met LED verlichting. Niet alleen het geld wordt bespaard, maar het is ook heel veilig voor het milieu.

A Quick Guide To Buy The Quality Tiger Lever Hoist

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Buying a quality lever hoist is not a cake walk as it requires a lot of research. You must carefully evaluate different options to pick the right one and make the optimal use of your investment. At present, there are lots of lifting devices that are available in the market in the UK which are supplied or provided by different suppliers. You can buy a lifting device according to your needs and requirements. There are several lifting equipment brands in the UK that offer various devices at affordable prices. If you want to buy tiger lifting equipment, then you need to look for the right supplier to buy the best quality equipment. There are some points that you can keep in mind to find the best supplier and choose the right equipment.


Your budget might be a constraint for choosing a lifting equipment. By setting a budget, you can decide what type of lifting devices you want to search for. Lifting devices vary in prices and capacities. Look at the different options available and filter options as per your budget. But, you should never compromise on quality and always choose top-quality device.


If you look for tiger lever hoist, they vary with capacity such 250kg lever hoist, 1 ton lever hoist, 2 ton chain block etc. Before you choose a device, you need to determine your requirement. For this, identify the expected load that you will be handling with your device. Choose a device with some incremented value to ensure safe lifting operations.


Though you can easily find lots of suppliers who provide various lifting equipment, but not all of them supply quality devices. Therefore, you need to look for the right supplier to choose the best-quality equipment.


No matter what type of equipment you choose, quality is the center-point for every choice. By ensuring the right quality of your equipment, you can reduce the risks associated with lifting heavy materials. Checkout different options and choose the equipment that offers high-quality. To ensure quality you must make sure that the device you choose meet varied quality and safety standards set by various standards body in the UK.


A lifting equipment is a powerful device to lift heavy materials. There are different variations of lifting devices that come with various capacities and sizes. You can pick the right equipment by considering different points that help you pick the best device for your lifting needs. We have mentioned some of the important points that you need to consider when choosing a lifting equipment. Keep these factors in mind to make a decision that is at part of your expectations. To buy the best Tiger lever hoist, ensure that the supplier you choose is reliable and provides top-of-the-class products. You should never compromise with quality when it comes to price. Choose the best device that is reliable and durable.

How Does A Home Security System Works

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Every home security system follows the same basic principle that is securing the entry points such as windows and doors along with securing the interior spaces that contain any valuables. No matter the size of your home or the number of windows and doors you want to protect, the only difference is in terms of the number of security elements deployed all over your home.

What is a security system?

A security system is basically a means through which your home is secured with the help of interworking devices and components. They are in place to protect your home against any burglars and other home intruders. It comprises of interior and exterior motion sensors, door and window sensors, a high decibel alarm, wired or wireless security cameras and a control panel.

How does it work?

Door and window sensors – These sensors comprises of two parts that are installed adjacent to each other. One part of device is installed on the window sill or door frame while other one on the window or door. When the window or door is closed, both the parts of sensor are closed that creates a security circuit.

Surveillance cameras – They can be used in different ways and are available in both wired as well as wireless configurations. The typical uses of these cameras include monitoring of remote buildings, distant areas of property and both interior and exterior entry points. They are accessed remotely on tablets, smartphones and computers.

Motion sensors – They create an invisible zone that can’t be breached without going off of alarm. Hence, are used to protect special spaces.

Alarm – Alarms are usually of high decibel that are loud enough to be heard by neighbors. Serving different purposes, they alert people inside the home about a problem while sending off the burglar from the shrill sound of it and at the same time notifying the neighbors.

Control panel – It is a computer that arms and disarms the entire security system at once. It basically communicates with each component, sounds alarm in case of a breach and notify the alarm monitoring company. Featured with a touchpad, you can either enter codes or use voice commands.

A professionally monitored security system let burglars know that there are high chances of their failure and of getting caught are immensely high. While on a vacation or away from home, you can manage your home remotely from any part of the world. So, install a home security system and have your home secured!

Proven Steps To Stay Ahead In M-commerce Race

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We are living in a fast paced and competing world, and emerging out as a winner in the current scenario won’t be that easy. Here I have come out with a few interesting steps that helps would help your ecommerce business win the race by miles compared to others.

Observe Statistics Closely & Analyse Thoroughly

Trust me! This is often taken for granted. I see a lot of Mobile Ecommerce business players who go by the word of their peers in business instead of Googling for current and authentic statistics about the industry’s performance from reliable resources. If you are smart enough, you’ll surf through the statistical facts to spot the undiscovered opportunities right there. It’s all about careful observations.

Be Tech Savvy

Every now and then I find frowning faces in this super-competitive Ecommerce arena; even though they have great strategic approaches, their failures in availing the right Mobile App with the right features for their customers ruins them. Usually retailers or merchants browse for Mobile Ecommerce App developers who did and doing it for big and successful brands. They blindly go for such developers, but when the Mobile Ecommerce App he develops doesn’t turn out to be of the same mark for them, they’re surprised. What they don’t realize is, it is not about hunting the developer who did it for the big brands but for one who made an ordinary brand a well-performing one in the market with the mobile app.

And it doesn’t end with choosing the best Mobile Ecommerce App developer but also in utilizing the resources to bring out exactly the kind of Mobile Ecommerce App you want to fit the expected quality. And with the cloud server facility today all your updates are through the cloud, for which your Mobile Commerce Application developer is an inevitable resource.

Proven Steps To Stay Ahead In M-commerce Race

Pre-Plan Your App Updates

A shrewd retailer or merchant with a fully functional Mobile Ecommerce App will always take pre-planned steps for the future, without waiting for the crunch time. Your strategy should comprise elements that would keep your business ready in advance for future market conditions. This is an inevitable step in this highly competitive arena where almost every other market player has a Mobile Ecommerce App for his/her business. Employ new ways to study your target customer’s present behavior in your Mobile Ecommerce App after which you would be able to track and predict how it would change in the near and far future. Many Mobile ecommerce applications have failed because of lacking a strong future plan. In spite of so much of awareness and research works done so far about Mobile Ecommerce App, some of the deeper marketing tricks of the same are yet to be discovered.

Once you have figured out what your customer would want from your Mobile commerce application in the future, you will know how to update your iPhone Ecommerce App or Android Ecommerce App with the necessary new features. Then you should list out all the new updates you have figured out for the future to your developer for him to start coding it up, so that you can keep them ready for updating in the cloud.

Put It Down In Paper & Evolve New Specifics

Your strategy should carefully involve the core points you have observed from the statistics. Try to define a fine line of approach instead of complicating with too many criteria. You’d be able to arrive at great ideas only when you put it down in writing. That’s the magic of it. When you write down everything in a paper as a flow chart or whatever, it serves as a tool of quick thinking and helps you see things clearly. And the biggest advantage of ‘writing as you think’ is you’d be able to arrive at points which you’d not when you do without writing.

Invest Wisely & Equate Investments to Direct Improvement in Sales

The age old term: ROI. There’s nothing much to explain about arriving at marketing equations but to tell you the importance of adapting to customized methods according to the changing trends. A recent statistical report says retailers spend 41% on mobile display ads, 25% on check in campaigns, 27% of location based marketing 23% on SMS. Do a clear analysis of the user behaviour of your customers and try to find out which area to invest in order to appeal to them better.

Change is constant in this Mobile Ecommerce App arena like any other sector. To lead the race, you need to adapt techniques that in all ways would give an edge to that of your competitors. Wish you loads of luck!

Evans is a blogger and he recommends setting up daily deal website business companies offering Groupon Clone Php for better customer conversions.


8 Questions You Must Ask Before Developing An eCommerce Store

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The current marketing strategy is to have an eCommerce website to increase the business. Here are some questions that generally arise in business owner’s mind before setting the eCommerce website. The answer to these questions will surely help the owners set-up a great eCommerce store.

If you are selling goods in a brick and mortar store but not online, then you surely are missing on revenue generating opportunities. Many business owners hesitate about opening an online store as they feel they are not well-versed with the technicalities involved or confused as to what features to include in their online store.

Undoubtedly creating an online store is a daunting task as it involves a heavy investment of time, money and even the reputation of a business. If you can’t handle the work on your own, we recommend seeking help from professionals who have garnered experience with website development, and especially with eCommerce website development.

Before you get started with the professionals, ask them a few questions to help you get a better grasp of how things will work.

1. How do I begin with My eCommerce Store?

The first question that generally runs through the mind of every business owner is how to build a customized online store. If you don’t have enough capital or resources to create a customized online store, you can hire eCommerce vendors to help you create an online store. There are many web designing companies that let you design the website with unique features and functionalities. Once the store is developed, set up the customer shopping carts, accept payment, upload the product catalog and manage the orders. Most companies even host the website on their servers to ensure safety.

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Developing An eCommerce Store

2. How to Customize the Look of the Online Store?

If you already have a website, ensure that your eCommerce website reflects your existing online look in terms of color scheme and logo. In case you don’t have a business website, prefer accent colors and background for your eCommerce website that complement your logo. Most eCommerce vendor offer preset themes that don’t require CSS or HTML knowledge to customize it. You must be able to upload the product image, logo, banners and slideshow with great ease.

3. What Payment System should be preferred?

It is recommended to have PayPal when you start with the online store because the third-party processor is the known secured system to accept online payments. Another popular payment processing option is You can even obtain the merchant account with all popular credit card companies for a nominal charge.

4. How to Handle the Customer Services?

To efficiently respond to the customer’s concern it is recommended to select the eCommerce vendor that promises access to a trusted CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This tool record, streamline and also structure the way the merchants interact with the customers. It includes contact information of the customer, complaints, pending order and recent purchases. Some CRM tools even feature live chat option.

5. How to Determine the Shipping Cost?

For you and your customers it is very important to know the exact shipping charges. Major carriers calculate the shipping cost for free and eCommerce vendors let you integrate these costs in the store checkout sections. It is a good idea to offer free-shipping for orders over a specified amount. If your competitors offer free-shipping, consider this option too.

6. How to Create Unique Product Catalog?

Online shoppers don’t get the chance to see and feel the product; they can judge the quality only through clear and crisp product images. It is suggested to use a decent megapixel DSLR camera, light box and lighting to get beautiful product images. Also, it is very important to write short and rich product description using compelling phrases and adjectives to evoke an emotion in the reader. Include details like price, dimensions, product uses and distinct characteristics.

7. How to Attract the Shoppers?

Once the store is up-and-running, it is critical to spread the word both online and offline. Carefully place the link of your store on the company’s website, newsletter and banners. It is suggested to create Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest accounts for your eCommerce store. Timely update the social media pages to drive traffic to your website. Work with eCommerce vendors optimize your store’s inventory and content to ensure high ranking on popular search engines.

8. How to Handle the Returns?

Don’t worry about the returns! Every eCommerce vendor offers in-built tools to easily replace the merchandise or refund the price of the purchase, re-stock the inventory and also send e-mails to the customers about the return status.

Apart from these questions you must also consider free-self-service analytics driven by Google Analytics tool to track the performance of the store over time. This gives you important data like number of visitors, visitor location and how they find the store.

Ashish Sharma works at WebApps Techmagnate as a software developer but spends his spare time to writing useful posts about Professional Website Development. He has spent over 5 years in this Industry and still curious to adopt and learn new things quickly.

Major Feature Considerations In App Development

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Mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, all of varying quality. Some of these apps stand head and shoulders above their competition, while others are poorly designed and barely functional. That’s to be expected in such a saturated market, but what does it really take for a company-oriented app to really stand out? What kinds of features should you include in your own apps if you want to get noticed?

There really aren’t any hard and fast rules to designing an application for a mobile device. You should be mostly okay as long as your app is functional and does what it’s supposed to do. However, there are still some features that a good app should have in order to be successful, especially since there are so many apps available today. Here are some things to consider when developing your app:

Consistent Performance

Consistent performance is the most important feature of any app. Simply put, an app needs to be able to function reliably and do what it is supposed to do every time it is used. This means going through a rigorous testing process during development and taking into account every aspect of its performance. A top-selling mobile app will work perfectly without consuming too much battery power or memory. This should be obvious to any developer, but a surprising number of apps do manage to slip into the market without proper testing, and they are almost always failures as a result.

Major Feature Considerations In App Development


A good app should naturally be compatible with the operating system it is being designed for. Once again, this sounds like a no-brainer, but many apps fail to make the jump from one platform to another because of compatibility issues. You should always make sure that your new app runs well on a particular platform, even if that means redesigning it from the ground up.

Short Loading Times

It’s probably safe to say that nobody likes loading times. Modern technology has evolved enough to minimize the issue, but larger apps often still need to load before they can be used. This is often unavoidable, and many users have come to expect it, but any loading time over five seconds is often too long for a mobile app. Users tend to get impatient if they have to wait any longer than that, and that can kill an app’s marketability.

If your app must have a loading time, do what you can to keep it short. As we said before, most users won’t mind waiting a few seconds, but some programs and apps have been known to load for as long as a minute.


A good app will be usable and able to solve some kind of problem, even if the “problem” is a boring couple of minutes that can be spent playing a game. The most successful apps can do things like report the weather, direct you to a nearby restaurant, or do all sorts of things that technically aren’t needed but are welcome nevertheless. They are also very intuitive; anybody should be able to download a good app and immediately start using it without any problems.

 This article was provided by CJ Gordon, recent Computer Science graduate and app developer. If you need help with developing your own company’s mobile app, CJ recommends FuelFX, a top choice for mobile app development in Houston.

Amazon Is Taking Over Sunday Deliveries

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With Amazon now pairing with the United States Postal Service to provide deliveries to residents and businesses on Sundays, there are more opportunities to send and receive packages. With the upcoming holiday season fast approaching, this can be a boon to Amazon, which now has an extra day to get its packages out to customers. In an effort to breathe life into the USPS, which is losing billions in revenue every year, Amazon is offering customers a chance to pay regular mailing rates for these Sunday deliveries, making it the first company in history to offer deliveries seven days a week.

Why and When

Online retailers like Amazon are struggling to keep up with customer demand, and they’re eager to offer new incentives for customers to buy. One way to keep business up is to offer delivery service on Sunday, a day typically reserved for rest around the country. Amazon and the USPS don’t see it that way, though. Sunday delivery benefits both organizations, with the USPS trying to lift its slumping business and Amazon trying to take its business to new and more impressive heights. It also allows the USPS to compete more effectively with other package carriers UPS and FedEx.

Amazon Is Taking Over Sunday Deliveries

With the Christmas rush in full swing, this could very well be the catalyst that makes consumers choose Amazon for their holiday shopping, especially for their last-minute purchases that need to arrive in time. Up until now, customers who opted for Sunday delivery through Express Mail had to shell out extra for the privilege. Now, they will pay standard mailing rates for Sunday deliveries. The launch will be tested in Los Angeles and New York first, with the rest of America hopping on board next year, if all goes well.


One may wonder how the USPS will handle the increase in workload, especially since just recently it asked Congress to end Saturday delivery service to slash operating costs. The USPS says it won’t hire more workers; instead, it plans to use flexible scheduling of its employees to cover the added workload. With the popularity of online shipping expected to grow even more this year, the USPS expects to increase its services to meet customer demand. Online shipping and sales are experiencing double-digit growth, according to CNN Money. Last year’s Cyber Monday made news as the biggest online shopping day in history.

With this year’s holiday shopping season a full week shorter than usual (thanks to the late Thanksgiving holiday) more people than ever will be rushing to make their holiday purchases. Even though online sales are huge, brick-and-mortar retail stores still see a large number of consumers come though their doors, especially on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Except this year, in an effort to compete with the Amazons of the world, many stores will play into a growing trend of opening on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Waiting it Out

It remains to be seen whether Sunday deliveries will be the miracle the USPS needs to stay afloat. Amazon is looking to entice shoppers to place their online orders on Friday for Sunday delivery and skip the stores, says The USPS is along for the ride, as the middleman between the sales and the delivery. Beyond the holiday season, both Amazon and the USPS are hoping to break into a new segment of convenience shopping and delivery that will last the entire year.

This article was provided by Samantha Greenbaum, mother-of-two and online storefront owner. If you’re a business owner looking to reach a global audience, Samantha recommends Hawthorne Global, a leader among freight forwarder companies.

How Google Glass Will Benefit E-Commerce

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Are you prepared for this next breakthrough technology called Google Glass? While it is being targeted at general users initially, the scope of expanding its use is immense. It can have application across industries. With the kind of ease, convenience and benefits that a Google Glass can potentially deliver to users it has the potential to become a necessity for everybody. Depending on how apps around Google Glass develop, the device can become very powerful and can have transformational impact on ecommerce.

How Google Glass will Change the E-commerce Space

Google Glass can do essentially everything a smartphone can do, all in a wearable, lightweight, transparent display. Even before we delve into the benefits of Google Glass for e-commerce, a quick summary of the important features will help you visualize these benefits even better.

A Google Glass is amazingly simple to use and is equipped with audio visual capabilities. It is basically a smartphone that is worn as a glass. Just give a command ‘click a photo’ and Google Glass will do it for you. You may even do a hands free recording of what you see and share what you are seeing with your friends or social circle almost instantly. You can get directions to your destination right in front of your eyes. Ask Google with any questions that you would have on your mind and even ask it to translate your voice into a language of your choice.

How Google Glass Will Benefit E-Commerce

Applications of Google Glass in E-commerce

Get the Best Prices for the Product you are Looking to Buy

Google Glass, worn like spectacles, will guide you with the power of knowledge to make prudent shopping decisions. While you are in a shop and looking out to buy a microwave machine, Google Glass is there to help you almost instantly. Ask Google Glass to take a snap of the model or the barcode of the machine you are looking to buy, and it will get you where all in the world you can get the same model and at what prices. So if you are getting a better deal elsewhere online, you have the liberty of almost instantly doing the shopping by booking it online at the cheapest available price. A Google Glass, as the name suggests, bring transparency in prices and gives you users a clear vision to facilitate smart decision making.

Seek Advice from your Family for your Shopping Decisions

While you may be out at a store choosing a dress for your kid’s birthday and your wife has not been able to join you. You may click a snap of the dress and share it with your wife online. She can take a quick look and share her views.

Effortless Shopping

Due to the audio visual interaction that Google Glass enables, it is more convenient to use. It cuts down the required time and number of steps that you would otherwise have to go through to have your order confirmed while you may be shopping online using traditional devices like computer or mobile. All e-commerce businesses have been striving to reduce the time and efforts that a potential customer would need to do to fill his cart, as it has been the experience of most e-commerce businesses that too many steps and procedures in filling the cart turns off the customer.

As Google has also integrated Google Wallet to Google Glass, paying for the order booked will be a lot simpler and easier. Google Wallet app which was launched in the United States on September 19, 2011 makes it possible to store all your existing credit or debit cards in your phone and make contact-less payments.

Image Search Capability makes Shopping Experience even more Exciting

While you are on the move and there is something that you like and wish to buy, you can take a snap and do an image search to know which online store has the same thing on sale. Like always, you can also compare prices of different stores and get the best deal for yourself.

Google Glass will revolutionize e-commerce, though it may not happen overnight. As it will take a while before more apps are developed to make the functionalities and application of Google Glass even more powerful. Obviously with such a powerful device as Google Glass, we will see many controversies coming along as well. We will have to wait and see how Google would deal with them.

Is Your Website Costing You Online Sales?

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For many businesses, store management can be so time-consuming that the idea of spending time and energy creating an ecommerce website can feel overwhelming. Yet ecommerce is a vital and growing sector of the economy. Whether you’re considering adopting an ecommerce approach or tweaking an existing ecommerce site to increase sales, you can learn from the best practices of established retailers how to attract and retain customers.

Is Your Website Costing You Online Sales?

Presenting your Best Face

Just as you stock your physical storefront with knowledgeable employees and thoughtfully curate your inventory, so should you present your online store. An outdated, ugly or disorganized online store appearance can create high bounce rates as potential customers may take an instant dislike to your website. Browse your website as if you were a shopper. Is it easy to find the items you need using the navigation? When you search for particular items, can you find them using the search tool? Are questions about shipping and bulk orders found on a FAQ page? Use drop downs menus, clearly worded navigation terms and visible calls to action to help direct both new and returning customers around your online storefront.

Ensure that your server can handle the amount of traffic an ecommerce store will generate and provides enough space to store high-resolution product image for your full inventory. If your server crashes regularly, you’re missing out on sales and harming your bottom line. Consider choosing a dedicated ecommerce Web host to enjoy peace of mind that your server is helping you create a good store, and not working against you.

Engaging your Customers

An attractive storefront will get customers past your front door, and engagement will make sure they have a positive user experience, netting you repeat customers and brand fans. Several factors go into keeping your customers engaged. TOFU or top of funnel customers may arrive at your website via a shared link, search result or other page. When they arrive, they may not know who you’re and what you do. They may only be looking for a particular item. Help these customers gain insight into your brand through compelling Web copy, clear navigation and calls to action.

On the other hand, bottom of the funnel (BOFU) customers know exactly what they want. Your job is to help them get it faster, for a better user experience. If your website remembers what customers bought, saves shopping carts or allows users to see past viewed products, they can shop faster and may remember to put in that extra item they didn’t buy last time.

Social media allows you to engage all customers and help maintain top of mind awareness. You might advertise upcoming sales, highlight new product lines and connect with customers by demonstrating your products’ or services’ usefulness. An effective social presence engages with others and offers your customers value-added content.

When users feel that your store is attractive and user-friendly and that your ordering and checkout process is easy and meets their needs, they’re much more likely to return. These changes can help both new and old ecommerce sites grow business and increase ROI.

How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Site?

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The internet has radically changed the world of retail, making eCommerce websites a lucrative business for those who are clued in. The ability to minimise overhead costs while reaching a seemingly endless customer base or audience means that eCommerce websites work on any scale, whether you plan on selling a couple of items a year or hundreds of items a day. But how do you go from having an idea to running a successful eCommerce website? Here is a basic guide to setting up an eCommerce website, which will hopefully help you get on the eCommerce ladder and get you well on your way to building a successful business.

How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Site?

Man Sitting With Laptop And Credit Card Shopping – Shutterstock

Find your Niche and know your Niche

Know what you’re selling and have faith in your product. For example, if you want to sell shaving supplies, then do some competition research on other shaving supplies websites on the internet. Get to know everything there is to know about shaving supplies and the people who buy them. Information is power, so the more you know about alum balm and shaving kits (or whatever is analogous for your niche), the better.

Build an Attractive Website

No matter how great your product is, people will still make judgements about your product based on the window dressing—which in the case of an eCommerce website is the web design. Web design is important because it should perform two functions: firstly being aesthetically pleasing, and secondly helping a user navigate your website from the home page to the product they want to purchase. If your website does not impress a visitor or makes it hard for them to find what they want, they will leave. It’s that simple.

With that in mind, ensure that you put time and effort into creating a website that is worthy of the product you want to sell. If you don’t invest in great web design, then your sales will suffer.

Settle on an E-Commerce Solution

Choosing a great eCommerce solution is important for your business on two levels. Firstly, you want to think about how easy you are making it for people to buy things from your website. If it does not allow customers to use the most common methods of payment (credit/debit card or PayPal), then they will likely not make the purchase. Secondly, using third-party websites like PayPal can lead to large transaction fees, which can hurt your bottom line. Whether you go with a big player like WooCommerce or another option, think about how the solution will work for both you and your customers.

Build your Marketing Strategy

Nobody can buy your products if they do not know your website exists, so ensure that you start thinking early about your marketing strategy. Priming your website for search and building a social media presence all matter for generating leads and creating conversions, so invest your time and effort wisely. An efficient internet marketing strategy should pay dividends.

Work on your Customer Service

Customer service can be hard to define on the web because you are unlikely to actually have very many personal interactions with your customers. That means that when you do have said personal interactions, like someone emailing you about a lost order, you need to be as professional as possible. Maximise on every opportunity to prove your customer service skills, because that good karma will translate into good social word-of-mouth. Great customer service is the surest way to transform a customer into a returning customer, which is the key to prolonged success.

Experts’ Opinion On The Benefit Of Data While Expanding Online Business

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Reliable sources informed that to overlook the value of good product data is quite a common phenomenon when a company starting expansion of an e-commerce, in spite of the fact that whether the organization is a large one that is already existed in Web or a small one intended to start business online.

In most of the cases, most businesses suppose to regard how their online sites communicate their value scheme, what would insist the visitors to purchase their products as well as strategy for technical requirements that include hosting.

Online BusinessIt is informed by sources that new e-commerce websites usually collect vital questions regarding product data. Significantly, dependencies and attributes are also stored within database. It is worth to mention over here that this data are often regarded as product DNA in the industry and is reported to allow the consumers to select and purchase products of their preference or requirement, which is usually fulfilled by the warehouse or the factory.

Experts opined that the process is simple. To elucidate they cited an example of an online store that offers T-shirts in three sizes. The page of the site would require revealing and displaying the image of each shirt, the price of the shirt, product description and a size selection. In case, the store offers a wide variety of shirts, the well developed team of the project should be aware of the fact that they would require distinct names for each of the shirts as well as equal number of descriptions, names, images, and prices to match the shirts.

It is reported that present trend in e-commerce is revealed by user customization and personalization. Analysts further opined that the scenario of the T-shirt store would become more complex in case similar products are also available in the store. On the other hand, the scenario would also become complicated if some other related details such as pockets, different sizes across different colors would require adding to the description. It is significant that organizations that are offering more complex products, more effort will be required to bring the product online.

Sources informed that numerous organizations have internal resources cataloging product data however; a lot of organizations also do not. Experts are of the opinion that in case, a small company has never coordinated related products by SKU numbers; it is almost certain that they would lack the written logic that would disclose the website which products belong together.

It is worth to mention that retail businesses never required describing their products by categories, but for the online users it is a vital element as without the description they would not be able to find out their required items.

Analysts are of the opinion that businesses required to approach e-commerce in a special manner and lay focus on the product DNA as well as on building or designing site. The initial investment of resources is usually offered advantage of adding e-commerce to the portfolio of the company; however product DNA can raise challenge if not properly planned.

Mobile eCommerce growing twice faster than the traditional channels

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A report from comScore has revealed that mobile eCommerce has been growing two times as fast as the traditional eCommerce and that one out of ten dollars in commerce are currently being spent on either a tablet or a smartphone. comScore, which has been tracking the mobile eCommerce since 2010, has reported that during that period, the spending has increased by sixfold to reach $4.7 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2013. This represents a 24% increase from the 2nd quarter of last year. Also, mobile commerce (mcommerce) spending has accounted for $10.6 billion in the 2013’s 1st half, a figure that represents 10 percent of the entire eCommerce during that period.

Mobile eCommerceSince spending always increases during the holiday seasons at the end of the year, comScore forecasts that the eCommerce haul for the year 2013 could hit $25 billion. In just 3 years, mobile commerce has risen from just a few billions to more than $20 billion in terms of sales annually. It is therefore not a surprise that many companies and organizations have been rushing to slot in as much mobile technology as they can and within the shortest time possible. The small fraction of the huge mobile pie has even become just too large to ignore. The figures could even be higher for the enterprise as comScore only uses a survey procedure to collect data meaning that they more often than not focus on consumers. While most of these consumers often use enterprise technology in one form or the other, most of the tickets being tracked in this case are for apparel, event tickets, consumer packaged goods and computer hardware.

In the space of B2B, mobile buying is in fact not that common but due to the fact that there are very many digital parts alongside sequence of events that result into sales for ecommerce, the players in the enterprise are raking in profits as well. There is therefore no doubt that mobile buying in the enterprise space will increase over time, but it will not be nearly as fast as it will grow in the consumer space.

During the survey, comScore has also found out that the smartphones are by far much more widespread than the tablets. This means that the smartphones are responsible for the bigger fraction of ecommerce. However, it was found out that the tablets are accountable for a more average spending per device. This has been ascribed to the fact the tablet owners are more likely to be rich and that the large screen size of the tablets produces an experience like that of the desktop. Owners of the tablet have been found to spend close to 20 percent more than the owners of smartphones in spite of being outnumbered by 2 people to 1. It therefore seems that a good deal of rise in the mcommerce can be attributed to the tablets given the fact that they are to some extent a more new phenomenon.

With an accurate breakdown of these sorts of mcommerce numbers, organizations are enabled to be more accurate when it comes to their mobile strategy, something whose importance will only continue to increase.

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Top 2 Open-Source e-Commerce Software

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One of the things you need to do while planning your new online store, or replacing the old one with a new and shiny one, is to decide on which e – commerce software you will use for your website. In this article we are going to suggest the open source ones so you do not have to cash out again.

We realize that buying a domain and hosting, paying for marketing, paying for data entry experts to enter the products in your website is expensive enough, so we will omit a payment for e-commerce software. Enough talk, here ‘s my top 2 e-commerce software:

1 – PrestaShop

I got the chance for implementing this one for one of my clients, and is one of the best that i have seen in the market, and it is powerful enough to outdo the commercial equivalents. It is one of the highest in demand e commerce products in the Web Development & design world and it will be in the list of my recommendations, the feature list is here:

  • Is able to export products to eBay and import them from there
  • Calculates tax for each country out of the box ( well, for most countries )
  • Layered navigation with each product to it’s own category

You are able to set a limit for products on each page, implement payment options like Paypal, Moneybooker etc easily. You can ship your products using major carriers, and set up unlimited carriers and destinations. This product is too awesome to pass up on.

2 – OsCommerce

OsCommerce is a SEO-Friendly and feature rich eCommerce script from the osCommerce team (including a great Web Developer in the name of Harald Polce de Leon by from the Happy Giraffe company). It supports product categories, product listings, voting for products, leaving reviews, and it has a page to see the newest products so users can see which products are the hottest in this week. Let us give you the full list of features though:

  • Customers can view their order history and order statuses
  • Customers can maintain their accounts
  • Addressbook for multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers
  • Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features
  • Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience
  • Forseen checkout procedure
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden
  • Global and per-category bestseller lists
  • Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown
  • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation

As you can see, this product has many features for the users.

3 – ZenCart

Pfft. I wont even be able to fit the list of features of this one in a single article. You can simply go throw a look at it – This is one of the most asked for e commerce platforms ( both design and module building work for it).


You should not take my word for fact about any of these e-commerce platforms. You can simply see the features and the pros with the cons youself, by setting up a testing installation on your local server.


Thanks for reading and keep being awesome!













Starting a Succesful Online Store in 2013

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It is sure a very tempting and profitable idea to start an online store, for some product that you think it is in demand today.  The reasons you might be thinking of why you would start an online store are:

  • Online stores are much easier to maintain ( most of them work with no intervention or need to be taken care of )
  • You can change your store’s look to the users demands
  • You can add products much faster and cheaper
  • You can reach much more people online than in real life via word by mouth or ambulant marketing
  • Much more cost-effective and profitable than real life stores, because it is easily reachable
  • Will win you the reputation of a modern business

And much more of them that i can not think of right now because i am tired. But i have friends who have started, for example a cheap iPhone 5 store. The official price for the iPhone is 500 euros but they are selling them for 300 and are making heavy money out of it. If some small guys can do that money, why should not you? As usual, internet offers us an opportunity that we can not pass so we will build our own succesful online store :).

So, the steps to creating your own succesful online store, here are them:

1 – Decide your Product

Or your product category. It would take a lot of work to open yourself a general store now (because most people don’t accept general stores lacking something and we will not be able to deal with all those suppliers out there right now either. ). I would go for technological products (because there is always a new and shiny one people want to buy to look better than their friends). A category can be, for example, technology.

2 – Give your online nice clothes

Finding your website a nice template is a good start. Choose the best template that will give the feeling of your store (for example a technology template for your technology store, or a beautiful design theme for your women articles store. Whatever the main product you are selling, your website should be easily navigable, look impressive ( statistics say that a good-themed website gets more popularity than a website that is only functional ). You can find loads of them for your preffered e-commerce script at both Theme Forest and Theme Vault websites. The trick here is to find yourself one of those HTML5 responsive eCommerce themes to make the competition look outdated next to your online store.


3 – Make yourself heard 

The last part of this is making yourself heard. If you are not good at online marketing, simply find yourself an internet marketer and a SEO expert. You have a high need online to get your voice heard by others. You need to get your website on social networks, get backlinks from reputable websites that already sell what you say, get good reviews about your website, and generally do a good promotion of your website.

Taking all these steps are enough to get you up and running with your new online store. See you in the next article!