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Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Is It Worth To Buy?

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Apple is known for producing the premium, high-end and expensive smartphones but no doubt all the iphones that Apple had launched to the date are most reliable and one of the most high-end solutions is the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus front is occupied mainly by the screen, which is curved at the ends to enter elegantly in the body of the phone. The frames left and right are not particularly close but given the large size of the screen cause not a single problem. When turned off, the screen is very dark, so confused very elegant way with the rest of the front. Above the screen is the speaker to the ear and the front camera and the usual light and proximity sensors. Below the screen only find the Start button, which keeps the same design as the iPhone 5S. The Start button also houses the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, and sapphire is coated to prevent wear and loss of reliability.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Is It Worth To Buy?

 Apple is betting on a single button to operate the phone, unlike Android or Windows Phone terminals typically have three buttons. Many manufacturers are even opting to eliminate physical buttons and opt for virtual buttons, which help to reduce the dimensions of the phone. For the iPhone, integrating the Touch ID sensor on the Start button, this would not be possible. The iPhone 6 Plus does not have a notification LED, other manufacturers that incorporate itself and, in my opinion, is quite useful to be not continually turning the screen to check for unread notifications. On the back of iPhone 6 Plus, we find, in the upper left corner, the camera, double flash LED / Xenon and a microphone placed between them.

The camera protrudes slightly from the surface of the phone, but fortunately is protected by sapphire, making it impossible to scratch (sapphire can only be scratched by another diamond or sapphire). A little lower, but still in the top half of the phone, find apple Apple logo in silver. At the bottom we read “iPhone” without any reference to the specific model. Below are several inscriptions in small print and some logos. At the top and bottom of the back are thick light gray lines, which break the uniformity of aluminum to facilitate the transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals. Personally we liked the design in two colors of iPhone 5s. The back is a magnet for dirt and needs to be cleaned frequently. However, when it is clean, the iPhone 6 Plus presents a design and finishes that are unequaled. At the top we did not find any buttons or connector.

At the bottom are the headphone jack, a microphone, the Lightning connector and speaker. The speaker position is not the best because by using the phone in landscape mode for watching movies or playing games is easy inadvertently cover it with your hand. Overall, the design of iPhone 6 Plus is no different then the original iPhone 6 and it proved to be good and it wins the tag of recommended. And its price is really expensive but on contract it could be perfect for you, so go with the contract smartphone. And in any case, if you have bad history of credit search on Google for the keywords contract phones bad credit and you would get your desired phone on contract easily.

Real Money Casino Games With iPhone, Android and More

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Gambling online is one of the fastest growing web related industries in the world with millions of users playing a host of games that range from classic card games like poker and blackjack to roulette and everything in between.

The almost sudden growth of the industry is no accident as what was initially thought to be a murky, online scam paradise has become in no time at all one of the safest and most reliable forms of entertainment both online and in the real world. Thanks to harsher controls, bigger investments and higher standards of quality online gamblers can now enjoy the ease, comfort and excitement of playing their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. Even more, the fact that they play online gives them the opportunity to face a diverse crowd of people allowing for more fun, more quality players and more game opportunities.

Real money casino games are one of the most popular and exciting experiences to be had in this field. Here, people don’t just gamble for the sake of gambling, they actually use real money and can earn or lose significant sums of it. While this sort of websites brings about some of the same risks that gambling inside physical casinos poses it also makes them that much more exciting and desirable.

Real Money Casino Games With iPhone, Android and More

For an online casino to offer such a service they must have the highest of safety standards and a well thought out 24/7 customer support service where any grievance or question can be precisely and quickly answered.

The high demand for this type of real money casino gaming has led to the development of software for mobile devices, allowing users to gamble real money, in real time from just about anywhere on the face of the earth as long as they have a decent internet connection.

These types of apps work just like the regular type of software you install on your PC and require only one download and installation process to be fully usable. They are also designed to work for any form of smart device on the market whether it is an Android or an Apple based product.

To make sure you get the best experience out there, try to select gambling platforms that have positive reviews and a significant amount of users. They are generally the safest and also come with a large variety of games. The high number of users also means that you can always get a game, regardless of the time. If you are just getting into online gambling you should also make sure that the platform you choose to gamble on, particularly when playing with real money, has a well-established, 24/7 support system. This can come in handy in case you need some quick answers or help to set up your account, withdraw your earnings or deposit more money. The 24/7 aspect of customer support is very important as it will cover you in case some unexpected glitch happens during an inconvenient time of the night or during regular work hours.

Starting a Succesful Online Store in 2013

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It is sure a very tempting and profitable idea to start an online store, for some product that you think it is in demand today.  The reasons you might be thinking of why you would start an online store are:

  • Online stores are much easier to maintain ( most of them work with no intervention or need to be taken care of )
  • You can change your store’s look to the users demands
  • You can add products much faster and cheaper
  • You can reach much more people online than in real life via word by mouth or ambulant marketing
  • Much more cost-effective and profitable than real life stores, because it is easily reachable
  • Will win you the reputation of a modern business

And much more of them that i can not think of right now because i am tired. But i have friends who have started, for example a cheap iPhone 5 store. The official price for the iPhone is 500 euros but they are selling them for 300 and are making heavy money out of it. If some small guys can do that money, why should not you? As usual, internet offers us an opportunity that we can not pass so we will build our own succesful online store :).

So, the steps to creating your own succesful online store, here are them:

1 – Decide your Product

Or your product category. It would take a lot of work to open yourself a general store now (because most people don’t accept general stores lacking something and we will not be able to deal with all those suppliers out there right now either. ). I would go for technological products (because there is always a new and shiny one people want to buy to look better than their friends). A category can be, for example, technology.

2 – Give your online nice clothes

Finding your website a nice template is a good start. Choose the best template that will give the feeling of your store (for example a technology template for your technology store, or a beautiful design theme for your women articles store. Whatever the main product you are selling, your website should be easily navigable, look impressive ( statistics say that a good-themed website gets more popularity than a website that is only functional ). You can find loads of them for your preffered e-commerce script at both Theme Forest and Theme Vault websites. The trick here is to find yourself one of those HTML5 responsive eCommerce themes to make the competition look outdated next to your online store.


3 – Make yourself heard 

The last part of this is making yourself heard. If you are not good at online marketing, simply find yourself an internet marketer and a SEO expert. You have a high need online to get your voice heard by others. You need to get your website on social networks, get backlinks from reputable websites that already sell what you say, get good reviews about your website, and generally do a good promotion of your website.

Taking all these steps are enough to get you up and running with your new online store. See you in the next article!








Guidelines and processes to iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 Jail Break

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images (26)What is jailbreak?

The subject of jailbreak is a very important and highly sought out one and it is the basis of our discussion in this article. Jailbreak is a form of privilege escalation; it simply means to break the code or patch the kernel of an iOS device. Jailbreak allows you to bypass the privilege limit given by Apple and therefore you can download and install third party applications to your device. The concept and term was gotten from the act of breaking away from a jail. It should be understood that many other Smartphone devices can also be jailbreak to allow the installation of third party applications.

Requirements to jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1

IPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 is a version of iOS devices released on September 2012. This version of iOS device received a matched jailbreak tool on Monday, 4th of February 2013. However, in order to jailbreak this device you need to understand the rudiments.
– Of course, you will connect your iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 to your computer system. The connection should therefore be made with quality USB cable to ensure appropriate connection.

– In order to effectively jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 through your computer system, your operating system should be at least Windows XP or higher (for Windows users), Macintosh users can use Mac 10.5 or higher version, Linux x86 / x86_64

– You need to download the software to be used for jailbreak to your computer system. Different iPhone versions have different software for jailbreak. IPhone 5 & 4s which functions on iOS 6.1 can be jailbreak with Evasion software.

IOS 6.X jailbreak steps

Before jail breaking iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X, it is recommended that you first of all backupfiles in your device. This can be effectively done with the aid of iTune or iCloud. After backing up the files, follow the procedures outlined below.

– Download the jailbreak software for iOS 6.X and that is Evasion jailbreak.

– You are to download iOS 6.1 and update your device to it with the help of iTunes. iTunes is recommended in order not to have any difficulty in course of the iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X jailbreak.

– If there is any passcode set on your device, remove it. This can be done by going through General – Pass Lock – Off in your device.

– Ensure that Xcode and iTunes are not running during the jailbreak process.

– Open and start the Evasion jailbreak application tool with your software.

– Have your iOS device properly connected to your computer system.

– Choose the jailbreak option of your choice and then the computer runs the jail breaking process in the background. Make sure you do not touch the device when it undergoes this process.

– After this background installation, an icon appears in your iOS device. Click the icon to activate the jailbreak.

The installed Cydia jailbreak tool may not function with intended speed during the first few weeks of its installation but soon returns to optimum.

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British Student Develops iPhone Software to Turn Table Top into Complete Keyboard

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Here is a good news for all iPhone users as a British computing student at Goldsmiths named Florian Kraeutli has reportedly develop unique software. By using the software, any table top can be converted into a full sized keyboard that is invisible. The tool analyses vibrations when fingers tap the surface. The software is named as Vibrative that makes use of iPhone’s 3D accelerometer for measuring the attributes of every tap that is made on the table. The vibrations cause strength and frequency, which is compared with the ‘training data’ for working out the exact location.  This location is then converted into a virtual keyboard where the user can type.

The system is designed in such a way that it is successful to determine the keys a user intends to type almost every time (around 80%). To ensure the words are accurately spelled, the system feeds data into a dictionary that is auto correct.

British Student Develops iPhone Software

Some people are saying that the signals are not that strong. Even Kraeutli also said the same thing. He said that the system is a proof that using iPhone as an invisible full fledged keyboard on a table top is possible. Once the sensitivity of the accelerator is improved the quality of signal and accuracy will also increase. He also elaborated on why the prospect of this system is higher if the smartphone accelerators are made more sensitive. The accelerometers in the smartphones are made less sensitive so that the devices can store more battery power. The software now works better on the surfaces that are smaller because more vibrations are made on such surfaces with every tap.

While elaborating the usage of the software, he said that it is important to make the system learn diverse patterns of vibrations of every surface on which it is being used. However, it is not necessary to teach the software of the different patters of individual keys. He also demonstrated the usage of the technology on a video. Kraeutli made use of a paper where “keyboard” is printed for the purpose of training the system and then typing a text message. He also demonstrated that for a tough typist, how the paper is not necessary. When Vibrative is properly trained, it can be used directly onto a wooden tabletop. The initiative of Kraeutli has won appreciation and the software seems to be useful by many experts.

Those who haven’t checked the video where Kraeutli is shown to train the keyboard software, are amazed on how he did it using iPhone as Apple do not permit the way how the iOS keyboards function. It was revealed that Kraeutli made use of an iPhone 4 that is jailbroken and thus he demonstrated the system without any issue of Apple’s restrictions. As the Android smartphones do not have such constraints, keyboard app technology such SwiftKey have flourished.

Now, it is to be seen how this software is further developed so that the smart phone users can use a table top like surface as a virtual keyboard easily.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

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The mobile technology has reached to an amazing extent, ranging from smartphone and “i” series to simple handsets for entertainment and needs, to be catered in one set. Every one desires to have an updated version of the mobile phone and enjoy the luxury of the most advanced mobile technology.

But few of these people use their mobile sets like iPhone to their fullest potential. Other than just entertainment, this phone set can serve many purposes if used effectively. This article can guide you to some simple steps using which you can enjoy the entertainment toy as an efficient tool to make your personal and professional life easier.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

Two lines system: If you are not yet aware then know that your iPhone has this function of facilitating a second line. In this way you can have two numbers being used separately through one phone. Now you can better arrange your personal and professional contacts separately and at your convenience.

Set your Homepage: As you do on your personal computer that the site which you visit most is selected in the homepage of your browser. In the same way, when using your iPhone you can organize your homepage by selecting the app that you use most and drag it to front.

Managing your Web Apps: It usually takes longer if we have files stored at different paths. Your iPhone can give you a service through an iPhone Web app, which will consolidate all your web apps in one program. In this way, you can easily browse and launch the desired web app. This iPhone web app is available in a minimal price in market and you can get it easily for your phone set.

Quick Search Function: With your own mobile phone, it has become very easy to turn to your work any time. If you need to look for some important article and don’t have computer and internet access then stop worrying, as your iPhone will give you a search function. Go to the home tab and double click on it to get the search box, type your search word and select the desired results in no time.

Voice Control Function: It is always unsafe to attend your phone calls while you are driving. If you are on your way to office and have to take important call then don’t stop your car and receive the message. Your iPhone voice control is available with which you can get your calls and listen to your choice music without using your hands.

These features, if used effectively, can make your iPhone the best system of your life. You just need to stay updated with the enhancements that are launched to the OS of iPhones. If you search the web, you can still learn a lot more than I just shared. In reality, the technology covers a whole wonder world which most of us had never tried to explore. So, change your pattern and start using your device in a different way.

This post was brought to you by the Computer Too Slow, a leading source for tech related news, tutorials, and all kinds of helpful advice.

Why the Apple iPad should be your first choice.

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Many people feel indecisive when choosing the right gadget for them, out of so many options available. There are so many types of devices one can use, aimed at such different user profiles! Well, I am sure you have heard about Apple iPad; but why should it be your priority? Why should you choose this one out of all the other gadgets in the market? This article will try to answer those questions.

Today, Apple iPad has become the top most tablet in the market. Well, Apple usually remains on the top and is proud to maintain this position. Even more so than any other manufacturer, Apple makes a point of launching products that are tightly enhanced down to the last detail. Well, with this being said; no wonder why Apple’s iPad stays in the lead being the best of all other devices made by other companies.

Why the Apple iPad should be your first choice.

Let’s see what is so great about Apple iPad that it is driving people crazy and increasing its users day by day.

First of all, not only iPad lets you avail all that an iPhone offers but a lot more than this. Apple iPad is very durable and light; however, the large screen it has is sensitive but great for movie lovers and readers. People who love watching videos on YouTube and live streaming other stuff can enjoy Apple iPad the most due to its big screen.

Also, Apple iPad carries a few security features as well like a pass code. This will not let anyone else use the iPad or its applications and also it can be found easily through this if lost or stolen. Apple iPad also has its own way of keeping a difference from other devices that look like it; an attractive backlight. Depending on the light conditions at all times, this backlight will adjust automatically. Due to this the users do not have to worry about adjusting their position or squinting at the screen at any time.

The Apple iPad is extremely user friendly and people of all ages are making full and fun use of it. Children can be entertained and learn a lot from various applications and games this device has. The big screen of iPad lets you easily zoom in if you want so reading stuff can become a lot easier especially for people who have weak eyesight. Apple iPad is the most expensive gadget out of all this type of tablet category. However, it is more than worth investing in this Apple product as this is more than just a single thing at a time.

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iTriage iPhone App Review

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Hate going to the doctor? Use this symptom-checker to diagnose problems yourself

Whether you’re a doctor-bothering hypochondriac or you just want to access some sound medical advice quickly and easily, iTriage is one health app that’s worth checking out.

To find out what’s wrong with you, simply tap the appropriate area of the mannequin on screen and look through the resulting list to find a possible symptom that matches what you’re experiencing. Once you’ve found the symptom in question, you can then find out more about it, including what could be causing it, what tests you need to take to confirm the problem, what the diagnosis looks like and what sort of treatment you may require. iTriage could point you in the direction of some over-the-counter medication to soothe your symptoms, or it could flag up something more serious that requires urgent attention by a professional.

iTriage is great for figuring out what you should be buying at the chemist, or for urging you to get to the doctors before an illness develops into a serious problem, then. We recommend that you give it a go, but with a big caveat: remember that it should only be used as a guide, and always check with your doctor if you’re in doubt about anything at all.

Exercise accessories

The apps in this feature all have one minor flaw: they require that you carry your iPhone or iPod touch with you at all times. While some will be happy with this, others may not – especially when there’s a risk of it getting damaged. You can buy cases designed to haul your device around with you on a run or at the gym, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still going to feel pretty big and bulky when attached.

The answer, then, is to leave your iPhone behind when you set out for some exercise and instead wear an athlete-focused accessory that can do everything these apps can. The Jawbone UP and Fitbi: Ultra, for example, can measure the distance you’ve travelled, tell you how many calories you’ve consumed and even help you to improve your sleep routine.

The only drawback of these devices is that you really have to wear them all day long to get the most out of them, and for some people that might prove to be a little too uncomfortable.

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Guest Post by Kashif Raza. Visit weightsbenchtraining.co.uk to find out tips for your weight benches workout.


Apps Recommended for Students to Help in Academics

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Students tend to have very long reading lists to get through and various types of equipment designed to help them with their studies. However, many of these devices can now be replaced by a single smart-phone app thanks to the availability of some new programs on most major mobiles. Here are just some of the apps that are recommended for students who are trying to improve their academic performance.

Word Processing

If you are out and about and want to edit a document, make changes to a spreadsheet or even get a presentation ready for your fellow students, then there is a surprising number of applications available to help you.

If you have a Windows Phone mobile, then you will already have access to the Microsoft Office suite of software from your home screen. These programs will let you create and edit documents, spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations, giving you perhaps the best set of word-processing and other tools on the market at the moment.

Android users can harness the power of Google Docs through a dedicated application, allowing them to use a word-processing program which is compatible with a wide range of file types. If you do not own an Android handset, then you can still point your phone’s web browser at the Google Docs site and enjoy similar functionality.

Evernote is a good app to download if you have an iPhone. The iPhone is recommended for this app because of the easy-to-understand interface that makes document editing a dream on your portable device. As with Google Docs, it can handle a range of different file types and will help you share and collaborate on projects.


If you want to avoid being late for your scheduled lessons or if you have deadlines looming that you simply cannot miss, then these apps might be worth trying.

Homework for Android is the best app to choose as a supplement to your physical diary. You can colour-code your commitments and see which subjects you need to complete work for over the coming weeks. It even lets you list the exams that you will have to face in the future. It will also hold and organise your entire timetable, with up to 20 lessons a day eligible for registration on the app.

iPhone owners will want to try out InClass, an app which features elements of homework and organisation but also allows you to share details through social networking. In this way, you and your classmates can identify useful titles for a particular subject and discuss the work that lies ahead of you. InClass can also be set to notify you with alerts when classes are about to begin so that you need never be late again.

Research Materials

Your smart phone can become a repository for information, thanks to a number of apps that might end up replacing physical textbooks.

Amazon Kindle is available for all major mobile platforms and lets you synchronise, read and buy both fiction and non-fiction books to enjoy on the move. Whatever your area of study is, this will keep you up to date.

If you have an iPhone, then the iOS equivalent of Kindle is iBooks, which is just as competently put together as Amazon’s service and offers a broad range of texts.

Many of these apps and others will be used by students in the coming years, changing the way they learn and the way that they organise their time when studying. The days of having to carry a large number of heavy books around schools and colleges may be nearly at an end.

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The above article is composed and edited by Roxanne P. She is associated with many Technologies communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to  social media, cheapest sim only deals related articles etc

Best Way To Catch All Her Lies With Mobile Spy

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We should all curse the romantics and their promises of eternal love and happiness. I’m one of those people that throw themselves headfirst into a relationship, unfortunately my wife is one of those people who throw themselves headfirst into lies, lies and more lies. I think about the time I would have scoffed at people who use the mobile phone spy and I think of my life right now and what it would be like had I not used the mobile phone spy – I find the irony painful.

My wife, or should I say soon-to-be-ex-wife, is one of those people that are really good with words. She can wiggle her way out of any situation by either lying through her teeth or creating a bigger fight to make me look like a neurotic stalker who wanted to micromanage her every move. And of course she’s brilliant at covering her tracks; I could never prove she was lying till I found a mobile phone spy that could help me i.e. the iPhone Spy.

With the iPhone Spy I was able to confirm my suspicions that she was talking to other men. I could see all her emails, her call history and even her text messages. I didn’t know what was worse at that point, the fact that I was right about her infidelity or that I was about to lose someone I loved. I sound like an idiot right? How could I love this woman! She would tell me she had to go away for a business meeting but ended up at a local motel with a random jerk she barely knew.

Any decent mobile spy will let you track the person you’re trying to spy on. I could check her location through the iPhone Spy constantly. Still, I was a fool I kept trying to tell myself it was nothing, she probably had her reasons for lying about being out of town. I was afraid of what the iPhone’s spy’s spy call would reveal to me, and I was right about that, too. I heard everything she did, every word she said, heck I heard every word that moron she was with said when I used the iPhone spy. And she never even knew her phone had received my call, the mobile phone spy on her phone made sure that her phone never rang when I called.

My divorce lawyer feels that my case is strong because of the videos and pictures I was able to procure through the iPhone Spy. Sure, the case is strong, but my heart isn’t strong enough to go through this again.

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Jane has been in the business of providing quality information on mobile spy. Her main expertise lies within the spectrum of iPhone Spy which is making waves in the technology world today.