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5 Must See Berlin Tourist Destinations

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As one of the most famous cities in the world, Berlin is a place that offers a lot of destinations. If you don’t have a gameplan, you would be overwhelmed with a lot of tourist spots. After getting your Berlin airport taxi, you must have a list of places visit ready in your itinerary. Here are the five places that you should not miss during your visit to Germany’s largest capital. 

1. Reichstag Building

If there’s a destination that you should visit in Berlin, that would be the Reichstag Building, one of the most historical landmarks in the world. Each year, the building attracts 3 million people. The place was built in 1894 and used to be the home of the Imperial Diet of the German Empire. However, the building was abandoned when it was damaged by fire after World War II. It was restored in 1999 and once again houses the German Parliament. The Reichstag Building is a sight to behold for people who are interested in architecture and history.

2. The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is another historical site and a symbolic structure. It is the symbol of unity and peace between Germany and Europe. Built-in 1791, the structure is 26 meters tall and comprises of five walkways. This is also the site where the then US President Ronald Reagan talked about Gorbachev in 1987. If you’re planning to visit this site, the best time is during the New Year’s Eve so you can attend the yearly party.

3. Mauerpark

Mauerpark is one of the most popular parks in the city, and because of a good reason: you can sing in a Karaoke for free. The place is one of the busiest places every Sunday because of the flea markets scattered around the area. A lot of vintage items are being sold in the area, from CDs to designer’s clothes. This is the perfect place to go if you want to get souvenirs from your Berlin stay. 

4. Museum Island

For those who want a blast from the past, Museum Island is your go-to place. There are five museums to look around and enjoy relics from the past. The most famous museum in this area is the Pergamon Museum, which is visited by over a million visitors a year. You can see impressive collections of artworks from different cultures and different eras. 

Another must-see museum in the area is the Bode-Museum, which houses sculptures in as early as the 18th century. Pieces from the Museum of Byzantine Art and the Numismatic Collection is presented in this museum. Also check the Alte Nationalgalerie, which houses artworks in as early as the neoclassical period. 

5. Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Plats, or the Potsdam Square, is one of the business and tourism centers of Berlin. This is where you’ll see famous restaurants and shopping centers. The square also houses theatres, cinemas, and more entertainment options. If you want a view of the whole place, hop into the Kollhof Tower and see the entire skyline of berlin. 


Understand Some Facts About Memphis Before Your Visit

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Never judge restaurants by its portico

You will be surprised to see that the best meals you ever ate will be served at restaurants, whose façade appears like it must be censured. Never write off eatery that is in an alley or a basement.

  • Elwood’s Shack offers best brisket & trout tacos but is hidden in Lowe’s parking lot.
  • Rendezvous is a popular barbeque restaurant but is situated in a dirty back alley’s basement.

Check hotels even on Beale Street

Memphis offers accommodation option ranging from economical to pricey. Visitors pick the hotel on Graceland property to enjoy whole Elvis experience. Unfortunately, some visitors find the place overloaded with Elvis and the tacky 70’s style but for Elvis fans adore it. It was very expensive than other hotels on Beale Street.

One is the Peabody hotel, which is worthy in pricey category. Visitors get to see the popular Peabody ducks and on site there is a salon & spa as well as shopping facility. May month is when the town hosts Music festival and BBQ contest.

Subscribe for ‘We Are Memphis’ newsletter, today! Make sure to plan your visit way ahead and even make a hotel booking in advance or you will have difficulty in finding one.

Skip bottles and enjoy tap water

Memphis tap water gets drawn from the artesian wells and everyone agrees that it is the sweetest and tasty water around the world. It needs little treatment, which costs 1/3rd less than other cities. Therefore without concern drink it and skip mineral water.

There are even free attractions

Besides the Graceland mansion, there is the Sun studio standing on Union Avenue since 1950. It is a witness to the birth of many music style and offered services to popular artists like BB King, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash to record their music in this small studio.

Since 2003, Sun Studio got refurbished into a National Historic landmark, so make sure to arrive early to have sufficient time for exploring the studio. Gibson guitar factory has also shaped music for more than five decades. How different parts of guitars get built can be watched during this tour.

Beale Street is rich in history, which can be explored for free. Memphis blues sound commenced in this street. In 1977, Beale Street officially came to be known as ‘Home of Blues’, after being neglected for more than a decade.

Never expect high fashion shopping experience

For shopping fans, Memphis is not a place to buy fancy home décor and fashionable clothes but you will discover fun souvenirs that will keep your memory of this place alive. At Beale Street, you can shop for T-shirts, hats, posters, voodoo dolls, bobble heads, and music collection.

Never hesitate to ask

Memphians are friendlier and adore helping visitors. The city is easily navigable, so you don’t need to plan an itinerary. You can approach the locals anywhere, at the grocery shop or gas station or on the street. You can ask them directions or accommodation recommendations or about the best barbeque.

Memphis is a great destination for couples and families to dine amazing food, hear melodious music and create everlasting memories.

How to start traveling in the USA? 4 Tips for Tourists

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The USA is an amazing country that is famous for bright contrasts and advanced information technologies. When traveling to America, you will certainly get a lot of unforgettable impressions of the tall skyscrapers, you can walk along the famous Broadway, and, of course, feel like a celebrity in Hollywood. So, what do you need for an excellent trip to the USA?

  1. What type of transport to choose?

Traveling in America involves a large selection of means of transportation:

  • Bus;
  • Train;
  • Airplane;

Bicycle rack mounted bus

As for buses and trains, this is boring and not very comfortable way of getting around the US. Plus, you have to spend extra time while waiting for public transport.

When choosing airplane, you’ll save you a lot of time. However, there is one major drawback – you miss a lot of interesting places that are located far from big cities. Therefore, we recommend you to rent a car to be independent of any schedules and travel in your own pace. For example, if you are going to visit Texas, then the most convenient way is to pick up car rental Enterprise at Austin Airport. What’s more, in this case, you don’t need to return the car to the same location, which allows you to choose the route on your own.


  1. What documents should you prepare?


Every tourist who wants to visit America will need to prepare the following travel documents required for obtaining a tourist visa:

  • International Passport with blank pages.
  • Application form of the established sample, filled out by the applicant.
  • Photo ID.
  • Documents, confirming the fact that the tourist is not going to stay in the United States for permanent residence.


  1. How much money do you need for a trip?

When planning a trip, an important question is its total price. How much money do you need to have to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of American life?

40+267 Weekend

Based on the reviews of travelers, as well as the prices of various hotels, holiday homes, etc., you can approximately determine the necessary amount of money required for your trip. So, suppose that you’re going to spend eighteen days in America. What should you look for first? First of all you need to create the list of all expenses. Below you’ll find some planned activities and their approximate costs. How much money can you spend for about 2 weeks?

  • Visa and insurance for a trip to the United States ($220).
  • The cost of air travel ($600).
  • Getting around the United States by a rental car ($105).
  • Accommodation ($700-800).
  • Recreational activities ($280).
  • Food and drinks ($450).
  • Shopping ($30-40).


  1. Where to go in the US?

Traveling is always associated with proper rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Where can you get such feelings? The answer is the Hawaiian Islands! Beach racks, bars, parties, hotels, and the highest level of service – this is all that a positive-minded tourist who wants to get a lot of incendiary impressions can dream of.

Death Valley National Park

One of the largest US states is California. Here, a tourist can find Napa’s wineries, Disneyland, fascinating and mysterious Death Valley. Californian people are quite friendly and benevolent – they will always help in a difficult situation and show the right route. A visit to the Grand Canyon is also a necessary mission for a tourist who has arrived in the United States.

The gorgeous metropolis of the planet is, of course, San Francisco. If the tourist is an incorrigible party-goer, then this city will meet all his expectations and leave indelible impressions. Although there will be also entertainments for the fans of sightseeing – they can try the cable tram, visit the famous Alcatraz prison, as well as simply admire amazing beauties of nature.

Downtown LA

Hollywood is also a must-visit destination in the US. Therefore, cinema lovers should visit Los Angeles anyway. After all, this city offers a great opportunity to meet a celebrity and get an autograph. In addition, a beach holiday in the United States on the Pacific coast is what shouldn’t be missed!

Of course, don’t forget about the brightest, bold, noisy, stunning, unforgettable impressions you can get of Las Vegas. This city is famous for gaming entertainment – the city is full of casinos. However, not everyone wants to spend money on such a risky occupation. For these people, thematic hotels of the city provide stunning activities including roller coasters, and other thrill rides.

New York with its tall skyscrapers is also a perfect destination to visit in the US. In order to feel the character of this city, you need to walk around famous places. First of all, it should be Broadway. Then you can try local shopping, which always attracts holidaymakers in New York. So, be sure to buy at least a small souvenir that will save a piece of a great trip.

East Broadway, New York City

Florida is a wonderful place to visit, not only because of the numerous amusement parks in the United States, attractions and vivid impressions, but also because of the wonderful nature that can give inspiration to beautiful things. To start with, set off to Miami. Coastal restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues will help to fall in love with the vibrant nightlife, even for those who don’t like this kind of activity.



See You in Los Angeles: 7 Local Places to Meet a Celebrity

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The world of modern media is designed in such a way that world famous celebrities are known to almost everyone. Politicians, sportsmen, TV and Hollywood celebrities look at us from numerous magazines, newspaper covers, shop windows, and billboards. They talk to us on the radio and TV. However, they all seek to avoid excessive attention. And not without reason glossy magazines spend so much money on professional paparazzi, who specifically track down celebrities.

Of course, celebrities are the usual people, and they also visit various public places. It’s not a secret that there are a lot of them in Los Angeles. So, if your aim is to see a celebrity, it’s recommended to head to the City of Angels, then pick up exotic car rental at Los Angeles Airport, and find the following places…

Malibu Beach

Many kilometers of sandy beaches, breathtaking relief, significant distance from Los Angeles’ city bustle and an amazingly mild climate attracted not only Spanish discoverer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who first landed there in the distant 1542, but also the most recognizable celebrities of modern times. Today, Malibu is a town with the world’s largest percentage of celebrities.


Get up before dawn, take a surfboard and wait for the wave in the vicinity of the Malibu Pier from 6 till 8 in the morning. Alternatively, jogging along the surf line and meditation on the beach with the first rays of the sun are also suitable activities. This is what Will Smith, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Ryan Phillippe, Linda Hamilton, Pink and many other famous people living in first-class houses along the ocean line regularly do. The territory of the beaches is completely public, so no fences or barriers will stop you.


Whole Foods Organic Products Chain

Whole Foods Market in Sherman Oaks, CA

The fashion for healthy food and organic products grown without the use of GMOs and chemical fertilizers has long swept California. Of course, it hasn’t bypassed celebrities. Offering a full range of organic food, the largest supermarket chain of premium type Whole Foods has become a favorite celebrities’ grocery store. Here you will be most likely to meet face to face such celebrities as Jessica Simpson, Holly Barry, or someone from Los Angeles Lakers. This is about Whole Foods in the Venice area, as it’s the last similar store before entering Malibu while driving along the Pacific Highway.


Staples Center

Staples Center & Magic Johnson

What a celebrity doesn’t like to see other celebrities and show oneself? Perhaps the surest way to drop a hot dog on Jack Nicholson or to shed beer on Bill Murray is to buy tickets for one of the home games of Lakers or Clippers. Despite the abundance of VIP lodges, many celebrities like to sit in the forefront among ordinary fans. True, the price of such tickets reaches several thousand dollars per game, and this fact can scare many people. However, what can’t you do for a unique photo with your favorite celebrity!


Restaurant E Baldi, Beverly Hills

In general, the number of chic restaurants in the Beverly Hills is incredible. Each of them is interesting in its own way, plus several new places always open in the new season. However, our goal is not only delicious food, but also the need to see Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.


Perhaps the Italian restaurant of the famous chef Edoardo Baldi is the most suitable spot for this purpose. A small room creates a homely atmosphere, which means it increases your chances of a cherished photo. A refined Italian food and an elegant wine list will only help you consolidate the acquaintance. Don’t forget to make the reservation in advance!


Drai’s Night Club

W Hollywood—Drai s Hollywood VIP

(photo by W Worldwide)

As in the case of restaurants, the nightlife in Los Angeles is no less diverse. However, based on the purpose of the visit, we are interested in a top-level club, but with a fairly democratic atmosphere, so that the celebrities don’t hide from ordinary visitors in unapproachable VIP-boxes with huge bodyguards. For this reason, Drai`s is ideally suited. This small establishment is located on the last floor of Hotel W. Great music, fresh air, a zone with a pool and a lot of celebrities – what else do you need? Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and other party lovers can appear there.


Tesla Motors Showroom LA

The brainchild of Elon Musk, a sports electric car of the new generation – quickly won the hearts of not only the millionaires of Silicon Valley, but also of Hollywood celebrities. Chic design, ultra-modern technologies, a unique environmental friendliness, an excellent exterior- all these features led to the fact that the queue for a new Tesla car has been stretched for almost two years. In our case, one thing pleases – the celebrities who haven’t yet bought an electric car, are still more than those who bought it.

Tesla Store Los Angeles

(photo by Tesla Motors Image Library)

Therefore, it’s worth going to Tesla Motors Showroom in Los Angeles. Perhaps, you’ll see there David Duchovny who has claimed many times that he is a fan of electric cars.


Spa Touch of Faith Aesthetics

Larry Fine-Louis Stone Residence, William J. Summerbell c.1925

(photo by Michael Locke)

This is one of the leading cosmetology salons in Los Angeles, which is located in the Hollywood area. Founded by charming Faith Tatro – a famous face skin care specialist, Touch of Faith has become a Mecca for celebrities of the beautiful half of humanity. Special care technology with the use of exclusive formulas is quite expensive to increase the chance of your meeting with such celebrities like Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Perfect Design: 7 Luxury Cars to Hit Your Eyes

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Everyone knows that the car’s appearance is its face. In fact, not all cars look stylish and beautiful. Even among expensive premium brands, many models are not impressive with their exterior. Of course, most luxury cars are qualitative, innovative and have a lot of power, but nevertheless, something is missing in their appearance. In such cars many drivers don’t feel their importance and can’t emphasize their ambitions. But what is the reason? Everything is very simple. The main thing is that the car had an attractive appearance and ideally looked in photos. Well, here are 7 best cars that, according to Rentalcars24h, are able to attract attention on the road due to their impressive exterior.

Range Rover


Range Rover is one of the most beautiful off-road cars in the world car market. However, you won’t see this vehicle on the country roads. Most often you can find it near expensive shops or in parking lots placed close to the elite houses. This car became a symbol of aristocrats. The appearance allowed the SUV to become something special among the wealthy owners. The car is ideally looked in photographs from any angle. This fact once again confirms that Range Rover features a perfect appearance, which will long attract the drivers’ eyes on the road.


BMW M4 Cabrio

Das neue BMW M4 Cabrio (FOTO)

(photo by news aktuell)

Those who have purchased or will buy this unusual car in the future should know that this model is much more expensive than in a conventional car body. In addition, BMW M4 in the convertible body weighs considerably less and also has a small trunk. But true fans of expensive cars shouldn’t be stopped by this feature. Thanks to the ideal appearance and aggressive style, any owner will look on it individually and stylishly. If you are not a professional photographer, you can still take beautiful pictures of this car from any angle, thanks to the special lines of the BMW body. We think that having seen you on the road in this car, many drivers will turn their attention to you.


Honda Pilot


(photo by SAUD AL-OLAYAN)

Many people will be surprised to see this model among the expensive luxury brands. However, now we don’t compare cars according to their technical characteristics – we are talking about whether this car is nice-looking in photos, and whether it can attract sights on the road regardless of the origin and positioning of the brand. Honda Pilot is great in photos. Probably, this fact helps this off-road car to impress other drivers on the road, especially those ones who are not familiar with this model.


Ferrari California

California T

This Italian masterpiece was born to surprise everyone. The car features not only stunning exterior, but also has an amazing property to attract millions of eyes on the road. Most likely it’s not just the exclusivity of the brand, but also the special style of the body, which is ideally looked, both on the cover of the car magazine, and in the lens of the amateur camera.


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 AMG

(photo by Luca Rocchi)

Mercedes G-class is a surprisingly dexterous SUV that can perform many off-road tasks. In addition, this model has its own special status. It’s not just a symbol of luxury and wealth. This is something more that emphasizes the status of the owner, especially when it comes to the modified G63 AMG model equipped with a V8 engine and a modified car body. This car is for people who like to brag about their wealth without being afraid to demonstrate it to the public. Despite the fact that the SUV has a style of the 70s and was initially created for military needs, on the road it’s ready to attract attention not only with its endless power, but also the appearance.


Lamborghini Aventador

Aventador oakley design

Despite the fact that this model is equipped with V12 engine and has the power of 700 hps, Lamborghini Avendator is not designed for fast driving. All over the world the car is used to drive slowly and attract the enthusiastic looks of passers-by and drivers of other cars.

It should be noted that the car looks very aggressive and evil. It’s ensured by an abundance of straight and sharply curved lines. The front of the sports car is very effective in terms of aerodynamics and beautiful in terms of appearance. The bumper is quite massive due to a sporty body kit.

Interestingly, the rear of the sports car looks very futuristic and sporty. The roof ends with an abundance of special diffusers and a neat spoiler. The optics has an elongated shape and extremely non-standard filling in the form of triangular LED lines.


Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti veyron Grandsport

Veyron is a unique car. You will be surprised, but most owners use only 20% of the power of this car. The fact is that the car can easily set many speed records and is able to become a winner in many sports competitions. But most often this sports car travels not faster than 90 km/h somewhere in Monaco or London, where there is no possibility to move faster. This is the most status car in the world. Many rich people buy it not because of the power, but because of the prestige. Bugatti Veyron is the most ideal car in the world to show the wealth of the owner. Of course, its appearance is simply amazing.

Day at the Beach: Healthy Snacks and Drinks

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Do you like sunny and sandy beaches? Going to the beach this weekend? The car rental service is already picked and you start packing. Often it takes no more than 10 minutes to pack everything you have in your fridge to the beach bag. But it usually takes no more than an hour to understand that you were wrong. It’s so easy to fill your backpack with a skit of things you will rare use or will never use at all. The same is about food and beach snacks. Are you going to pack any fatty dish that suits your sweet tooth the most? After an hour or two under the hot sun you will be sorry for what you have done.

So, what kind of food is good for the beach holidays?

Various kinds of dry citrus fruits on white background


Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts can be the best combination for a healthy snack at the beach. The best thing here is that you can take whatever you like. If you adore fruits and seeds you can take them all. If you like salty nuts, you can add them to your snack bag too. This must be a perfect combination of proteins, carbos, and other nutritional chemicals that are healthy for your organism. If you don’t know what you like the most, you may take the nutty bars that contain different sorts of fruits, nuts and seeds mixed together. But don’t take chocolate in a hot day.

Fresh fruits

The best choice for your beach picnic is citrus, watermelon, berries, mango, and apricots. Why fruits? You should know that fruits contain phytochemicals that protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Of course, it doesn’t mean that having fruits in your bag can protect you to the full. Don’t forget to take your sun blocking cream, hat to feel absolutely safe and happy. Anyway, fresh fruits are always the best snack at any season.

Fruits of the season


Banana snacks

If you are still in trouble about what you like the most salty or sweet snacks, you can try this. Why don’t you take bananas with a peanut butter? It’s a kind of life hack for travelers. Bananas are full of vitamins B6 and C. Just add some butter to your banana and eat it with a piece of bread. You have enough energy to surf the ways all day long.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables are as good as fruits. You can take some slices of carrots, pepper, and broccoli with you for snack. Red and green vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins to keep your body strong and healthy. Also, they help to protect your skin and good in moisture treatment.

Geschnittene Karotten im Glas



Don’t be surprised to read this name here. It’s a kind of beans that is rich in proteins and cellulose. It can be a perfect snack for a beach day. You may use frozen vegetables or cook it in the way you like.


It is always important to stay fresh and beautiful under the sun, especially for ladies. Don’t forget to drink enough water, it is much better than sodas and other modern energy drinks. If you want something special, you can add some cucumbers, citrus, or even herbs to your water. Still boring? There is a plain and simple solution – ice tea. You can make the tea at home, add something like lemon, aromatic fruits and berries. Ice tea can be rather pleasant and healthy drink at the beach. If you don’t have time for making your tea, you can buy it ready-to-use.



Other snacks

Of course, you can stay happy with having tea and fruits during the day. What if you feel a bit hungry? It is time to take something more substantial than nuts and fruits. Just pack some cheese or cheese paste, mini sandwiches, fruit yogurt, and juice to keep it cool till the lunch time when you are ready to take your food.

Are there special beach snacks you used to take while traveling? If so, you should check your list and add more healthy content. By the way, beach is not for eating. You can meet a lot of new interesting people here and make friends. It often happens that people live in a big city but feel lonely. They are always in a hurry, running from home to office. No time for living and making friends. Visiting beach is not only pleasure but a kind of special activity, favorable surrounding to feel happy, relaxed and healthy. Traveling with kids, healthy snacks in MUST HAVE option for you. They are active and full of energy. Your task is making your family members feel absolutely great! Anyway, there must be always something in your bag you can share with your new friends. Think about it!

California camping spots

California Camping – 5 Spots You Can’t Afford To Miss

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The Golden State is undoubtedly the most popular piece of land in North America. From the Rocky Mountains to lush valleys, and from majestic lakes to mystic forests, it has everything a camper can ever dream of.

Whether you are a lone ranger or a family trooper – whether you seek peace, fun, or adventure – California has something for everyone. However, it all boils down to where you choose to pitch your tent.

In a state with hundreds of camping spots to choose from, it becomes even more important, though equally difficult, to make the right choice.


Now, we know that California is home to Yosemite National Park, which is hands down one of the best camping destinations in the USA for all kinds of campers. Today, however, we will discuss five other California camping spots that offer a unique camping experience you can’t afford to miss.

1.      Lake Tahoe Basin

This alpine lake is a geological wonder that offers a unique beach camping experience for the whole family. The lake itself, being the largest of its kind in the USA, is a sight to behold. On the west shore, you can enjoy activities such as hiking and biking. There are many historic sites to check out as well. On the south shore, there are beautiful spots for beach campers. Other activities you can enjoy here include fishing, boating, and kayaking.

2.      Sequoia National Park

Situated in the southern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park is home to eight of the world’s largest trees including the world’s largest tree, General Sherman. The park is a paradise for campers who do not like crowded spots and prefer a peaceful and serene surrounding. The tall sequoia trees add a mysterious charm to the whole place. If you ever find yourself in need of a rejuvenating break, plan your escape to this backcountry heaven.

3.      California’s Big Sur

If adventurous experience is what you seek, head to California’s Big Sur for a terrific ocean camping escapade. It takes a memorable road trip along the Pacific Coast of the Golden State. There are a number of beautiful beachside spots for campers along with numerous private RV campgrounds. There are many historic sites once inhibited by three Native American tribes. For active campers, the list of outdoor activities is endless.

4.      Death Valley National Park

As the name suggests, Death Valley camping experience is not for the faint-hearted. It is a perfect spot for serious campers looking for extreme adventures. From its unique landscape to diverse wildlife, everything is different from most camping spots. The temperature can hit extremes in summer and winter. While most people prefer camping around the snowy peaks in winter, thrill seekers love to camp under the scorching summer sun.

5.      Napa Valley

When it comes to camping experiences in California, we can’t exclude luxury camping from the list. Napa Valley is a world-renowned destination for the lovers of wine and everything fine. It is also a great place to enjoy camping regardless of your budget. You can either go glamping in a treehouse rental or pitch a regular tent at one of the affordable campgrounds. You can either indulge in wine tasting and culinary tours or enjoy other activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, and bird watching.

No matter your idea of a perfect camping experience, finding the right camping spot is just as important as finding the right tents for sale. Find a spot that suits your taste, get the right camping gear, and embark on the best camping experience of your life.

How To Make Your Trip Romantic? Find Answers Here!

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Having holidays? You romantic trip can be a good chance to take some rest and become closer. You are free to express your thoughts and check your emotions. New exotic environment, curious situations, picturesque views, romantic nights will help you to reanimate your relations. Of course, you should plan your trip in the best way. And don’t forget about place to live, restaurants to have dinner and good transportation. Rentalcars24h will help you to rent a car on your budget. How about red one? Does your girlfriend like red color? Think about it! Here are few tips about how you can make your trip more romantic.

hotel PORTO BAY BUZIOS | breakfast in a private lounge


Step 1

Start planning your trip right now! Where to go? Do you want to make a surprise by booking tickets to Europe? If your wife always wanted to go to Hawaii, why don’t you visit this place? If you are not sure, you may ask. You should plan a trip at any convenient time that is good for both. But leave some space to surprise! Don’t forget to prepare some presents and other pleasant things.

Step 2

To pick the most romantic place on an Earth, try to learn the list of such places online. There are many web platforms where you are recommended to pick one place or another. The list of the best-visited places includes New York, Italy, Morocco, Belgium, Tunis, Arizona. You can also find some information about the most popular and couples-friendly resorts, restaurants. Check the information properly, read feedbacks and interesting proposals.

Step 3

Think of the right hotel! Your route starts from the airport and takes you to the hotel. Which one? Try to find as much information about the hotel from your partner as you can. Does she want to stay in a high-class hotel with a comfortable king size bed and light breakfast? What do you want? Do you prefer a quiet place to live in? If you are attracted with different things try to find a compromise. Looking for the best hotel, don’t forget to find backup variant.

Self-Catered Stay

If you bot are romantic natures, you will definitely like to stay in a clean quiet place with a cozy armchairs, kitchen, and marvelous sunsets from your window. There is nothing more romantic! By the way, self-catering accommodations are organized in cottage style. They can be even more cheaper than B&Bs!

What about romantic atmosphere?

This type of hotels is especially romantic because of a cozy and calm atmosphere. You can relax and enjoy your partner. Just don’t forget to drive to the local market or nearest farm to buy some fresh food. Do you cook? You can prepare dinner together. This must be romantic. Of course, if you prefer to spend your day at the hotel pool enjoying your cocktail instead of admiring nature, you’d better to stay at a modern luxury hotel.

Candle Light Dinner


Family-Friendly Stay

Traveling with kids, you also need some romantic atmosphere. Think of family-friendly resorts, where there are always many interesting attractions and adventures for kids. They are busy all the time, giving you some time to be together. You can drive to visit amusement parks, natural attractions, concerts, and shows with the whole family. When your kids are busy, go to SPA procedures, massage or beauty therapy. It sounds more than romantic!

massage__Must Credit


Step 4

Planning your trip, think of your budget first. It means you have to think beforehand how much money you are going to spend for your romantic vacation. Don’t worry if you are not a rich person. Sometimes, it is enough to spend a couple of hundreds to book a room in a simple hotel and cook dinner from what you have. If you want to live at the villa or resort and have dinner in a luxury restaurant, you should spend more money. Traveling in the USA, pay your special attention to California, Georgia islands, Montana and Wyoming. It is enough to start!

Romance and coffe


Step 5

Do you need something more except for a good hotel and romantic dinner? Of course, you do! Romance is not only interior. You are going to work on your relations, aren’t you? You should prepare something interesting to impress your girlfriend. It is not a problem to decorate the room with the rose petals and candles. Think of organizing romantic dinner, picnic, excursion. You can go cycling, ride a horse or even go boating. Whenever you go, pay attention to what you both like. Make you partner smile, live, love, and hope for best.

There are many interesting tips about how to surprise your partner. How about putting some sweets and flowers into the partner’s bag? What a romantic surprise it is! Don’t think long; just keep in your mind what your partner likes the most. Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are and how much money you have, you deserve some romance.

Beach Time: 5 Spots to Relax on Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a picturesque destination in the north-east of the Caribbean Sea. It includes many small nearby islands, and some of which are even still uninhabited. This tropical paradise has a comfortable average annual temperature of +28 ° C, with a mild marine climate. Travelers like Puerto Rico for the beautiful exotic panoramas, the magical color of the sea and the amazing coastline. The islands have preserved a rich animal world and plant life with unique ferns and orchids. However, first of all, Puerto Rico offers its holidaymakers unique beach opportunities. Well, are you ready to discover the best beaches of Puerto Rico?

Blue Beach

Blue Beach on Vieques Island is a place where incredibly transparent water shimmers under the sun in all shades of blue.

Blue Beach, Vieques, PR

The beach is located on the territory of the reserve, where you won’t find noisy markets and cafes with loud music. So, you can completely relax, as well as enjoy the sun and beautiful surrounding nature. This is a wild, relatively deserted beach, which is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and boating. You can get to Blue Beach by car rental from San Juan or by bus from Esperanza.

Vieques Island offers tourists various accommodation options – from budget guest houses to luxury five-star complexes. One of the best hotels is W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island.


Playa Sucia

The beach is situated in the bay between the rocks overlooking the lighthouse. The turquoise Caribbean Sea, fine sand, gentle descent into the water and numerous palm trees under which it’s so nice to lie down and look onto the sea create ideal conditions for an unforgettable beach weekend. If you get bored of doing nothing on the beach, you can walk to the lighthouse – a trail leads to it. The path is not the easiest, since you always have to go up. However, it’s a very breathtaking, and as a bonus, you get a magnificent panorama of the Caribbean Sea, the view of which is simply fascinating.

Playa Sucia is located near Cabo Rojo – a well-developed tourist town with hotels and guest houses for budget rest. If necessary, you can stay at Hotel Joyuda Beach, which has its own private beach, and situated within 30-minute walk from Playa Sucia.


Flamenco Beach

Flamenco is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean region. It’s beautiful at any time of the day, and in the daytime water acquires a simply divine shade, which cannot be described in words. It’s famous for its shallow turquoise waters and places for diving. The unforgettable nature and beauty of the coast makes it so popular in Puerto Rico.

The beach is located on a small tropical Culebra Island, located 27 kilometers east of Puerto Rico. In order to get to Flamenco, you can firstly reach Fajardo located on the east coast of the island. Then, you can take the ferry which is the cheapest transport for traveling between the islands.

Flamenco Beach IV

Flamenco Beach stretches for miles of white coral sand, surrounded by green hills. The beach is protected by the Department of Natural and Ecological Resources as a marine wildlife sanctuary. The natural barrier provides calm waters in the water area of ​​the beach. At the same time, an important advantage of the beach is the absence of artificial objects in the foreseeable space. Evergreen hills, soft sand and transparent warm waters make this place a paradise for holidaymakers.


Luquillo Beach

Luquillo is a real paradise with warm and soft sand, huge coconut palms, and also the clearest transparent water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our view from the 15th Floor

Located 30 miles away from San Juan, this huge sandy beach in the shape of a crescent creates a truly spectacular sight. The water is crystal clear there and not too wavy, which means that children can play right in the water.

Luquillo Beach is a place where everything is adapted for the high-quality recreation of tourists. The amenities include wardrobes, showers with fresh water, locker rooms and much more. You can rest, enjoying the warm sun and azure ocean, and if you are hungry, there are kiosks right on the beach that will offer you a variety of dishes.

Also, there are many rocks on the beach, and therefore its extensive areas are well suited for picnics and camping.


Mar Chiquita Beach

Mar Chiquita 007

Mar Chiquita or the ‘Small Sea’ is a small beach in the protected bay of northern Puerto Rico. A unique beach is located near the eastern end of a long rocky ridge on the coast of Manati, which is about 40 kilometers away from San Juan. The beach features the oval form, and is hidden behind a rocky wall in a small bay protected from rough waters of the Atlantic. The wall was partially destroyed by the action of the waves, and a 25-meters-wide passage was formed. The water stream entered there and formed a bay in the shape of a horseshoe. Waves in the bay sometimes have a significant height, which is caused by the powerful ocean currents.


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Are you finally willing to give up on your junk car? There are various traditional ways of selling your junk car. Dumping a scrap car is not a good option. An abandoned scrap car is very harmful for the environment. If you want to get rid of your junk car, selling it off is the most beneficial choice. Most of us are aware of various ways of selling our cars. Do we know which is the best method? Let’s discuss about how you can sell your junk car.


Personally selling your car is the most classic way of selling a used car. People usually throw advertisements in the local newspapers and hang a “car for sale” board on their gates. Personally selling your car can be a tough task. You might need to get your car washed or repaired before selling it to someone. This doesn’t only require money but also requires time and efforts. Also, bargaining is a major problem.


You can also opt to sell your car to car dealers. These car dealers buy your junk car and further sell them to interested customers. These dealers often charge a commission which can be a bad deal for you.


The best way of getting rid of your junk car is car removal companies. Car wreckers buy any and every kind of car. Even if your car is not in an operational state, you can convenient sell it for instant cash. New, old, junk, wrecked, damaged or accidental, they buy it all! They buy all makes and kinds of vehicles irrespective of their brand and model.

Selling your car to these cash for car companies is pretty easy. All you have to do is call them and provide the details of your car. They give you a free quote considering the model, make and condition of your car. If you accept the quote, they come at your doorstep within 24 hours. They tow your car away without causing any inconvenience or chaos. Also, you’ll be paid in cash on the spot.

Besides best cash offers, they also provide free services. Their towing services are absolutely free. There is no hidden fee or any other service charges. In fact, they also arrange the paperwork for you. The paperwork required for the legal transfer of ownership can be tough to arrange. You do not have to worry at all since they arrange it all for you without charging a penny.


The cars that they buy are further used for reselling or recycling. These cars are recycled in the most eco friendly manner. This ensures our contribution to the environment. Since these auto parts are recycled with the latest technology, they’re put to their best use afterwards.

If you want to make instant money out of your junk car without spending a penny, car wreckers are for you. All you need to do is call them and they’ll take care of the rest. You do not only save and earn a generous amount of cash, but also do your bit for the environment. Call your nearest car wrecker and get rid of your junk car today!


4 Simple Steps on How You Can Plan Your First World Trip

4 Simple Steps on How You Can Plan Your First World Trip

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Organizing a world trip is undoubtedly a daunting task, particularly when you have not much experience of traveling extensively. When it is about going on a world trip, proper planning is important, and you should perform this job accurately. Now the biggest question is how to plan the entire trip? Do you have the same question? If yes, then you may have a close look at the below section, where I have talked about the steps of planning your trip.

  1. Set A Budget And Choose The Travel Destinations

Setting a budget for the trip is probably the first and most important step. As a backpacker, you will be able to choose the tour destination, only when you set the budget. You should think about how much you can afford for the trip. When you are done with making the budget, you can choose the travel destinations. While selecting the destinations, you should keep the following points in your mind, the purpose of the trip, with whom you are traveling, recreational activities, you want to enjoy and more.

In addition to this, you should think about the length of your trip. If you go on the world trip, it may require 6 months to 1 year.

  1. Hire A Top-Notch Travel Agency

After choosing the tour destinations, now it is your time to invest in a reliable and renowned travel agency. Contact the tour agency that offers lucrative travel packages and high-quality hospitality services. Here is what that you can expect from a highly professional and renowned tour company- route guidance, flight booking, accommodation facility, hospitality services and more. Choose the company wisely for a successful and memorable world trip.

  1. Store Your Valuable Belongings

When you go on the world trip for a long time, you must be bothered about the safety and security of your home. For the peace of your mind and for keeping your belongings safely, you may invest in a reputed public storage in Dallas or your preferred location. A self-storage unit is a place where you can store your goods either on a long-term or a short-term basis. All of your valuable belongings will be safeguarded by the storage facility provider. A storage unit comes with the following facilities, climate control solution, high-quality security and more.

  1. Book Your Flight And Pack Your Bag

Now as everything is ready, it’s the perfect time to book the flight. In this context, it can be stated that there are several tour agencies that can book the flight on your behalf. After booking your flight, you need to pack your travel bag. Make a list of the items, which are going to be packed. While preparing the list, do not forget to include the following items in the list, clothing, power bank, medicines, toiletries, shoes and so on. Do not forget to make the arrangement of enough cash.

So, this is how you can make the planning for your first world trip. For better assistance, you can also take the help of an experienced travel agent who has years of experience of arranging such tours.

Culinary Delight: 4 Top-Class Restaurants of Miami

Culinary Delight: 4 Top-Class Restaurants of Miami

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The restaurant industry of Miami is represented by a huge number of excellent establishments. The best restaurants of Miami offer an incredible variety of dishes for any taste, from the common southern food to exquisite exotic dishes. In short, local restaurants are just amazing. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit Miami – you won’t be disappointed with the dining options available in this city. So, check out 4 greatest restaurants of Miami in order to find the most suitable spot to suit your taste needs…

Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky in Miami specializes in steaks. Yes, it serves the classic huge and juicy pieces of meat fried on the grill. The average cost of a steak is $ 30-60. Be sure to order a salad and try the freshest fish dishes.

Each traveler chooses Smith & Wollensky for its outstanding steaks, but salads are also delicious there. The classic combination of avocado with cucumber and nut sauce will impress even the most inveterate vegetarians.

Smith & Wollensky Miami at Magic Hour

(photo by Chris Goldberg)

The meat is served with red and white wine. You can order beer for seafood. The restaurant is located directly on the coast and has a separate parking, which is good if you travel by car rent max in Miami. Several tables are located on the terrace thus allowing you to enjoy delicious cuisine and sea views at the same time.

Portions are large. The average bill in Smith & Wollensky is about $ 70-120, but you can order a big plate of delicious, hearty and fresh soup at only $7.

Address: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-12am


Seaspice restaurant in Miami is an ideal place for a cocktail party. You will be offered there excellent and spicy seafood, provoking an unquenchable thirst. In addition, the meat is also of excellent quality in Seaspice.

#seasaltnpepper #Seaspice #Meeting #with #Brayn  #EmmanuelMolin #Miami #Aventura #florida #Miamiriver #downtown #Downmia #Downmiami

(photo by emmanuelhollywood)

Pay attention to the restaurant’s feature – sea delicacies are served on a plate with sea salt. If you don’t know what to try, just order the octopus – they are gorgeous, or sea scallops.

Portions are small and very spicy, which causes great thirst. Unfortunately, cocktails are quite expensive. However, if you want to enjoy a really delicious sea food, it’s worth it!

Address: 422 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL

Working Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-12am, Sunday 11.45am-10pm, Monday closed

Nobu Miami

Do you like Japanese food? If your answer is “Yes I Do”, then you should certainly visit Nobu restaurant in Miami – a real epicenter of Japanese cuisine.

Each dish served in Nobu Miami is perfection. Listen to the cook and order a set of sushi and rolls. Be sure to try sake – you will be pleasantly surprised!

Brussel Sprouts with Ikura

(photo by Gourmandj)

Prices in Nobu restaurant are quite high, so get prepared to spend $200-300 for dinner. Naturally, it’s worth it! Nobu will give you a true culinary bliss and help to touch the mysteries of the Japanese cuisine.

The major feature of the restaurant is an excellent work with fresh raw and marinated fish without temperature treatment. This is not typical for the US, because they prefer to fry or boil everything. However, in Nobu everyone is happy to eat fresh raw food.

Tables have to be booked in advance, since there are many people who wish to have a dinner in an extremely thoughtful stylized atmosphere. Among the fans of Nobu’s restaurant cuisine you’ll find many celebrities. Of course, the whole Miami is full of famous persons. So, put on sunglasses and a hat with wide margins, and you will be also look like a celebrity.

Address: 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL

Working Hours: Monday-Thursday 7pm-12am, Friday-Sunday 12pm-3pm and 7pm-1am

Mr Chow

Mr Chow in Miami opens up the splendor of Chinese cuisine. It’s not necessarily to list dishes in the main menu – there are a lot of them. The combination of Chinese ingenuity and American luxury gave birth to a real holiday of taste.

The restaurant will completely turn your ideas about Chinese cuisine. It makes sense to visit it if you consider yourself a connoisseur of cooking. However, most people head to Mr Chow just to eat.

Mr. Chow

As for food, be sure to order shrimps with nuts and chicken dishes – they are incredibly delicious there. If you visit Mr Chow with the whole family, it’s recommended to order a fried duck cooked by the local chef. Duck is served for 4 large portions.

The average bill in the restaurant is about $50. You can choose the cheaper dishes – they will still be delicious. If you like very spicy food, you will be disappointed. Really spicy dishes are not served in the restaurant. Spices used in Mr Chow only emphasize the taste of the dish, but don’t cause a burning flame in the mouth.

The restaurant is popular and crowded. If you don’t like noise, come to Mr Chow to have a breakfast. An excellent hearty breakfast will give you enough strength to start a great day in Miami!

Address: W South Beach, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL

Working Hours: Monday-Thursday and Sunday 5.45pm-11.30pm, Friday and Saturday 5.45pm-12am

Foursquare’s Favourites: 8 Breakfast Places In New York

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When visiting New York, you will be shocked by the number of wonderful cafes that it’s often very difficult to choose where to have a tasty and nice breakfast. The local restaurant market is so large that you can make a mistake when choosing the right establishment, and spending a Saturday breakfast on tasteless food is not the most pleasant experience.

Well, according to the reviews of thousands of Foursquare’s visitors, we’ve selected the most favorite places of travelers for breakfast and brunch, focusing on the beautiful serving, the interior and the availability of good coffee. Also, for your convenience we have specified the exact addresses of the establishments, so you will easily get to them by using car rental in New York


The Chalait Egg Sandwich | CHALAIT  Cured salmon, cucumber, egg salad, dill butter, and sea salt on seven grain toast. Paired it with their Matcha Latte w/almond milk on this wet, wintry morning.  #notsponsored

(photo by tom chang)

ChalaIt is a light coffee house in the heart of Greenwich Village, which serves the most delicious variations of matcha tea and coffee. In addition, they make an insanely beautiful presentation of toasts and breakfasts – it’s recommended to order the avocado toast and toast with smoked elk and a poached egg. If you are a fan of the matcha, then the matcha-latte will please you, as well as white tea. By the way, this is one of the trendiest breakfast destinations among New York’s Instagrammers.

Address: 299 W Houston St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen

This is a spacious cafe situated in Brooklyn’s district of Bedford. Salad with apricots, avocado toast with poached eggs, chia pudding, first-class cappuccino and organic tea from Bellocq tea atelier will make the beginning of your morning excellent. The interior features a lot of greenery, fashion magazines, plates decorated with stunning images and an unrealistically beautiful counter where you can buy minimalist handmade bouquets from local craftsmen. In general, there’s everything for an ideal photo for Instagram and a leisurely delicious breakfast!

Address: 1058 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7.30am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-6pm

Two Hands

Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella Sub

Two Hands is an atmospheric cafe specialized in Australian cuisine and offering a huge selection of salads and breakfasts. For example, you can try there Acai Bowl – a toast with ricotta and cranberry, sandwich with mozzarella and prosciutto, quinoa salad, spinach and yogurt, pudding with chia seeds and granola, and of course, the right coffee. It’s better to visit Two Hands early in the morning, since you’ll have to wait in line.

Address: 164 Mott St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm

Milk and Roses

Beautiful sunny cafe day

(photo by Johanna Beyenbach)

It’s a favorite place of New Yorkers for breakfast in Greenpoint area, Brooklyn. Red sofas, a stylish bar and a piano, where live music is played in the evenings create a unique setting for your breakfast. In summer, a cute wooden backyard opens, which is excellent for evening cocktails. Speaking of the menu, a Portuguese octopus on the grill and delicious waffles with cream and seasonal fruits and are among top recommended delicacies.

Address: 1110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-12am, Friday and Saturday 10am-1am, Sunday 10am-11pm



The establishment is famous for its Greek yogurt, which is made on an eco-farm in the suburbs of New York. This yogurt with muesli and honey is just a culinary masterpiece, and Greek salad is served with the correct cheese and olives with a lot of olive oil, whole grain bread in a clay pot. In addition, there’s an insanely cozy back yard with massive wooden tables and delicious to-go smoothies.

Address: 379 Broome St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm


Last breakfast with Tomo at Reynards, Brooklyn. Such an intense weekend :)

(photo by Spanish Hipster)

This aristocratic restaurant is located on the first floor of Wythe design hotel. Burger complemented with red wine will definitely win your heart. This is one of those places where you want to return regardless of the occasion. While visiting Reynard, it’s recommended to try the asparagus in pistachio sauce and carrot puree with almonds and Bulgarian feta cheese.

Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-12am

Bluestone Lane

Family coffee at Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane features an Australian cuisine in West Village, a large cozy terrace and a huge selection of toast and multiple variations of omelets. Toast with smoked salmon and toast with avocado are local favorites. Since initially Bluestone Lane is the ownership of coffee masters from Melbourne, then there’s no reason to doubt about coffee quality in this place.

Address: 55 Greenwich Ave, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm


Poached eggs, hash brown, mushrooms and asparagus at St Ali South

Freemans offers an amazingly cozy courtyard where you can have breakfast by enjoying asparagus with poached eggs and mozzarella – it’s just an incredible combination that will please your taste buds. In addition, the establishment has a large wine and cocktail list. Unfortunately, there’s so good in the evening that there’s always a queue. Since the booking is not available there, it’s better to come in advance, put the name into the lists and stroll around while you wait.

Address: Freeman Alley, New York

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-2am

What Are The Top Travel Options You Have In Menorca?

What Are The Top Travel Options You Have In Menorca?

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A Cala Galdana vacation is hard to top when it comes to relaxation. Situated on the incredible Spanish island of Menorca, this resort is commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful coves in the Western part of the Mediterranean. It is nestled between high cliffs and waters that shelter the cover from the wind, the sweeping bay that offers an amazing setting for a relaxing and calm holiday escape.

While on a Cala Galdana vacation, many people find almost everything they require in nearby access, with great access to restaurants, entertainment, and other amazing activities directly available on the site. But, for those who are interested in dividing their leisure and beach time with some sightseeing, there are several other means the visitors can get around the island. For bikes to buses to car hire Menorca, it all can be a great pleasure of adventure.

Take Buses

The main bus station you will find on Menorca are in Ciutadella and Mahon/Maó, visitors can easily find bus connections to several villages, sights and parks across the island. Taking an afternoon trip to either of these places is quite easy. If you plan on visiting Mahon for lunch and sightseeing, you can hop on the bus to Mahon early morning and get back by evening. There are several buses running every day to Ciutadella with a travel time of around 35 minutes, making it a great short trip from Cala Galdana. Vacationers can certainly find more bus details at the Menorca Guide website.

Car Hire

Quite of bit of the island can be seen by bus, but if you intend to do some research beforehand and stick to your schedule or do not want yourself to be stranded anywhere for longer than you hoped, you can opt for car hire Menorca services. Car hire Menorca offers you the freedom to create your own schedule, and be a bit spontaneous with your route. Menorca is not a very big island, which allows the drivers with an opportunity to see a lot of landscapes in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, there are several beautiful vistas and coves not on the usual routes for the public buses, and the only way to reach them is by car or foot.


While you are enjoying your stay at this delightful resort, you will enjoy access to some of the great outdoor activities, including cycling. As it is a hill area, it perhaps be tough to get very far if you are not an experienced cyclist, but cycling around offers you with a lot more options to explore the nearby coves.

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

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Based on a kid’s opinion of what makes the best summer family vacation, it’s all about the swimming pool. Well luckily water sides and bunk beds can both pair nicely with the best luxurious touches parents look out for in a resort they plan to spend their family summer vacation. Here we have compiled the best summer vacation places that will thrill you and your family members. All the cultural displays, foods and wines, best landscapes, hotel openings and resorts. Each destination listed here has tons of family-friendly things to do, whether the kids are into rock and roll emporiums, baseball stadiums, amusement park, or surfing beaches. Once the destination has been decided you can book all those activities, attractions and tours right on Avis Rome Airport online platform.

Ready to have a fun filed family summer vacation then you should have a look at the best places we picked out for you and make your decision.


Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

It’s known that no fewer than 1000 people in history have ever treaded the land of Helsinki. After the grand opening of Hotel St, George inside a former newspaper factory the beautiful city has become one of the best places in the world to spend a family vacation. The design shopping is better than Copenhagen and Stockholm combined with lots of amusement park in the cities for kids to have fun the city also the magnificent art works by Ai Weiwei, no wonder the world has started giving the Nordic capital the attention we always known it deserved. Summer is the best time to visit as one of the best airline in the world, Avis Rome offers free Helsinki stopovers.

Kingsmill Resort

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer
Located at Williamsburg, Virginia in the United States Kingsmill resort was built with families in mind. The resort is just miles away from two of the country’s most popular amusement parks (water country and Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA). The resorts is known to offer its guest with relaxing spotsfrom the chaise lounges to the hubbub of the parks with a luxurious river pool that features sandy beach and a water side. The resorts welcomes kids from ages 4 to 12 for day long programming that includes water games, activities on the marina beach like valley ball competition and sports.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Located at Orlando, Florida in the United States Waldorf Astoria is a luxurious stand out resort among other hotels in Orlando. Shares the same boundary with Disney Park the Waldorf Astoria was built with families in mind. It has a kids club that engage children from ages 5-13 everyday on different activities in and out of the pool, field games, and in the evening on Fridays the event of the day is the bonfire exclusively for adults only.

There are many other places that family can spend their summer vacation like Vista Verde Ranch, Sun River Resort, Osthoff Resort, Aulani Disney Resort and Spa, San Anthonio Texas, Charlotte North Carolina and the list goes on.

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Summer vacation doesn’t start on arrival of the destination, it starts from when you enter the airport and Avis Rome Airport is one of the best Airline service provider there is to tour this beautiful vacation resorts.


Top 5 Marinas in Croatia

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With more than 60 well-equipped marinas to choose from, Croatia certainly has no shortages of good places to dock. However, quality varies from one marina to another depending on a number of aspects such as convenience of location, number of berths and quality of service among other factors. To help you pick out the best places to park your rented boat, here’s a list of the top 5 marinas in Croatia.


1) Marina Punat

Regarded as the best marina that all of Croatia has to offer, Marina Punat has 400 dry berths for vessels not exceeding 10 m in length and double that figure of wet berths for boats less than 45 m long. This 50-year old marina situated Southwest of Krk Island on the small town of Punat has continually integrated emerging technology to become the go-to place for first-rate boat repairs and other maintenance works. The Marina has won a pair of accolades to attest to its superiority namely the Blue Flag and Yacht Harbor Associations’ award: the “Gold Anchor”.

2) D-Marina Mandalina

Šibenik is a popular sailing attraction in Croatia and the convenient location of the D-Marina Mandalina next to the historic Šibenik center and a pair of national parks- namely the Krka waterfalls and Kornati archipelago- make it an advantageous docking point. The parking spaces feature 50 dry berths and 428 wet berths of which 79 have been customized to take in superyachts. In terms of credentials, this marina’s track record speaks for itself having been only the second marina in Croatia to collect five gold anchors to add to the Blue Flag.

3) D-Marin Dalmacija

Sandwich between the cities Biograd na Moru and Zadar in Sukošan town, this marina is literally the biggest in the country boasting 300 dry berths that can accommodate super yachts not exceeding 80 m and boats below 40 m in length; a further 1200 wet berths make up the enormous capacity of the D-Marin Dalmacija. Onshore, you’ll find a fuel store, beach club, restaurant and bar among many other essential amenities.

4) Olive Island Marina

Olive Island Marina is a little more conservative than the other occupants of this list featuring just 25 dry berths for vessels not exceeding 24 m long and only 225 wet berths but it still ranks among the elite of marinas. It is situated on the secluded haven that is Sutomišćica and was voted the “best little marina” in the country about four years ago. The marina’s breakwater provides added capacity to take in 50 m long vessels and the upside with this docking point is that it allows pets and is pet-friendly.

5) Marina Kornati

There is a reason why Marina Kornati is never missing in a top 3 ranking and that’s because of its great location next to a number of notable attractions– e.g. Telašćica and Vrankso lake nature parks- and the world-class services offered. Regarded among North Dalmatia’s biggest nautical centers, this marina is herald as environmentally friendly, clean and safe as evidenced by its award of the prestigious Blue Flag. A further sign of excellence is the fact that it regularly hosts one of the most notable boat events in Croatia i.e. the Biograd Boat Show.

Croatia is blessed with a great many marinas but if you are in search of perfection, you are sure to find it within this list.