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Are You Happy With Facebook New Algorithm To Boosts Informative Stories

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Friends In News Feed Only

Facebook was built to connect people with their friends and family. It is yet the driving principle of News Feed even after many years. Its priority is keeping you connected to the people, places and things you want to remain connected with. That’s why to ensure you don’t miss any post from your friends and family, it’s in your feed; you just have to scroll down. .

Facebook dropped a stink bomb in the media locker room when it announced that its algorithm would start prioritizing the posts of friends and family in the News Feed over those of publishers. People from publishing sites started to panic; with good reason—over 40 percent of publisher traffic comes from Facebook.

Are you happy With Facebook New Algorithm to Boosts Informative Stories

So what does this mean? Essentially, Facebook has decided it is more interested in showing users photos and updates from their Facebook friends than posts from other pages, and as a result, the reach and referral traffic of posts from the Facebook pages of businesses and media companies will decline.

It’s important to note that not all posts from businesses and media organizations will be less likely to show up in News Feeds. New posts shared by your friends will still show up at the top of your feed.

Social media platform and Third party sites and services which post automatically on your behalf will not get the same exposure as apps and sites that encourage personalized opt-in sharing. As a brand, this should encourage you to think like your average customer.

Are you happy With Facebook New Algorithm to Boosts Informative Stories

To Put that in Plain English:

If I’m playing an online game, and it automatically posts to my Facebook feed  that “Richel is playing Farm Ville”, the post will rank lower than it would if I posted that myself,  with a note to my friends that says “He, I am playing Farm Ville” which isn’t a real game, but totally should be.

As one of the official from Facebook said:

“In general, we’ve found that people engage more with stories that are shared explicitly rather than implicitly and often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared implicitly or automatically. Over the past year, the number of implicitly shared stories in News Feed has naturally declined. This decline is correlated with how often people mark app posts as spam, which dropped by 75% over the same period. In the coming months, we will continue to prioritize explicitly shared stories from apps in News Feed and Ticker over implicitly shared stories”.  – Facebook’s Peter Yang

In the end it’s all about what the user wants: The Facebook new algorithm seems to be more effective and fulfilled user expectations to prioritize their loved ones in to the top of the newsfeed.

Author Bio:

Sheraz saleem ghouri is an upcoming article writer. He is an engineer and a business graduate. Presently, he is a senior O level teacher and a student counselor at a very renowned institution. He is interested in education, Technology, events and management writings.

You may contact him on the below address.

[email protected]

Getting Social Media Buzzing With Talk Of Your Brand

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Social networking sites are expanding rapidly all over the world and brands that don’t use them in some form could find that they fall behind their rivals. Social media not only provides a way for companies to engage with their customer base, companies can also use the medium to attract new customers and reach new audiences.

To put ‘social’ into context, in the UK alone there are over 33 million members of Facebook, over ten million on Twitter and one in every six internet page views in the UK is to a Facebook page. In total 60 per cent of all adult internet users have their own social networking profile and one in three of those visit their page more than once a day.

Getting Social Media Buzzing With Talk Of Your Brand

Don’t Just Focus on One or Two Sites

If you’re going to be joining the social media revolution then be sure that you don’t just spend time on one or two of the most popular sites. You might think you’re doing a good job by joining Facebook and Twitter, but in reality you are missing out on plenty of other options as well. Pinterest, for example, allows you to post and tag images for others to view. A retailer could, for example, ‘pin’ images of new products to the site.

Engage with People and Other Brands

Being on social media is one thing, using it in the correct way is something completely different. You can’t just have a presence on it and think you can use at as a way to talk to your friends. The moniker of social media isn’t something that you should take literally. At all times you need to be engaging with your followers, bearing in mind your aim is to raise brand awareness, reach new customers and ultimately generate more sales.

Choose who you follow wisely and try to be as helpful as possible to your followers. You could use social media to highlight new products and services. Many companies use social media to run competitions or promote sales incentives such as exclusive coupon codes or gifts with purchase. For example, you could offer promotional products such as t-shirts emblazoned with your brand to the first 100 people that ‘Like’ you on Facebook.

Show your Expertise

Social media is not just a place in which to engage with potential customers and other brands, it also gives you a chance to flex your muscles and show how much of an expert you are in your chosen field. Post comments on recent industry developments or changes in legislation. Invite technical questions from your followers that can be shared. As your reputation grows, other sites will link to your social media profiles, as well as your main website, which in turn should generate more visitors and help search engine optimisation.

The Advantages Of Infographic Content

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When building back links on your climb to the top of the search results list, it still holds true that content is king. Providing original, high quality content is the most natural and sure way of attracting an audience who will share your site and create their own links back to it.

One excellent way to present gripping content is through the creation of an infographic. Infographics are catchy visual representations of data or other information. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is probably a major factor behind the extensive popularity with information design has garnered in the past few years. For growing businesses utilizing the services of Megapath, an infographic campaign can go right along with everything else you need to take your start up to the next level.

 The Advantages Of Infographic Content

How and Why they Work

Infographics are simple, so they can catch and keep a reader’s attention for a few moments. Then, if the viewer wants to dig deeper, there is usually a text article accompanying the infographic.

Infographics work so well because they are pictures that can easily be shared on social media sites like Facebook. With cool designs, they are also more exciting ways of disseminating information and making data look hip.

Although they have recently begun a take over of the Internet, infographics are nothing new. Graphs and charts have been combined with illustrations since the early 1600s. But the simplicity which with which an infographic can present complex knowledge proves at the core of information architecture’s success. It allows an audience to visualize facts that would before seem vague, abstract and perhaps even irrelevant.

How to make Infographics Work for You

If your site could use the benefits of infographic content, then here are some tips for creating and dispensing your own.

There are a variety of tools to help you build your own infographics, such as:

  • Infogr.am
  • InfoActive
  • Piktochart
  • Easel.ly
  • Many Eyes V2

These sites can walk you through the process of converting complicated data into an eye-catching pictorial representation. And if you feel super serious about creating the best infographic ever, then there are also a plethora of professional designers who would love to work for you.

But before you start searching for a tool or actual designer that works for you and your site, it is most important to sit down and collect the information you want to present. Just like any other post, quality content is built on reliable information sources which take time to unearth and organize. Research takes extra time and effort, but this will pay off in the end with a quality infographic that presents need-to-know facts people will want to share with their friends.

Once you have decided on what information to portray, it is time to set to work and keep a few design principles in mind. First, there is an important balance in the amount of data that you include. Too much clutter will drive away your audience. But you do not want to make things extremely sparse either. Also, make sure that the information is clearly identified, so that things are easy to understand. Vertical is often preferable. And, work with color. Bright is usually a good thing. Red and orange pictures were recorded getting twice the amount of repins on Pinterest. Although, you should be cautious not to intentionally blind your readers.

With these tips for creating visual content, your site is on its way to reaping all the advantages of posting an infographic.

Image from success.1and1.com

The Benefits Of A Dedicated Server: Dependable, Fast and Scalable

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Shared hosting may be fine for a fledgling business at its inception, but after some success has been achieved, the need for a more robust solution will become apparent. Although a larger shared hosting plan can work for a period of time, a growing company will soon need a better solution, and this will likely be in the form of a dedicated server.

Advantages & Points to Consider

The Benefits Of A Dedicated Server: Dependable, Fast & Amp; ScalableHere we’ll outline some of the benefits offered by dedicated servers and some things to keep in mind when choosing a provider:

  • A good dedicated server can handle far more than a shared hosting plan allows. With a shared plan, you’re literally sharing a server with several other businesses. Therefore, the machine’s resources are capped and divided. With a dedicated server, you get the entire thing to yourself.
  • Dedicated servers can provide faster response times. Since you can use all the server’s resources instead of having to share, it may be able to render your Web pages much faster than a shared host could. One caveat: Beware of “cheap” dedicated servers that are so stripped down they aren’t any more powerful than what you’d get with a shared plan. Cheap servers can be great for people who just want to play games, but they’re not enterprise-level solutions.
  • Dedicated servers don’t have as many limitations. Although most dedicated server providers impose some restrictions, this is mainly to ensure basic security and to prevent activities such as email spamming. You’ll be able to run pretty much any kind of software you want.
  • Consider server security when deciding between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Maintaining security involves technical activities such as installing update patches on server-side software such as Apache and PHP, setting access permissions, logging activity and more. If you don’t have the qualifications to handle these tasks and don’t want to make errors while figuring it out, go for a managed dedicated server. That way the server company can do all that for you.
  • The original provider doesn’t always offer the best deal. Sometimes it’s cheaper to go through a reseller because some resellers are so big they get volume discounts. Make sure to check all the options rather than making assumptions.
  • Don’t assume a single server will always do the job. A site like Amazon, for example, has enough servers to fill a data center of its own! Therefore, you should choose a solution that makes it easy for you to add capacity as needed.
  • Keep scalability in mind. The dedicated server provider should be able to upgrade and downgrade your machine to meet your changing needs without any hassle. It should also be easy to add or remove machines from your package. This is good for more than long-term business growth. Many ecommerce sites, for example, experience a traffic spike during the holiday season. You don’t want to have to permanently add capacity just to cover a two-month period of high demand.

Choosing the Best Provider

These are just some of the things you should consider when deciding on a dedicated server. Don’t forget about business basics such as the host’s reputation, the length of time it’s been in business, and the location of its data centers. Once you consider all these factors, it should be easy for you to find the dedicated server hosting solution that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Exclusive Social Media Management For Lawyers

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According to reliable source, a trustworthy and reputed organization is now offering “set-it-and-forget-it style blogging and social media management” for the lawyers, especially for them who are reported to approaching amoral conduct as well as do not prefer engaging people.

It is informed that numerous professionals consider that social media consume too much time. However, they are agreed to the fact that owning an efficient social media can offer handful outcome. Experts are of the opinion that most of the blogs begin with the best of intentions for this reason. Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that after the business rises up in most of the case, blogging becomes the least priority to the owners.

Social Media Management For LawyersAs being informed by the source, set-it-and-forget-it style blogging and social media management is offered by the brand new service, “Wired For PR.” It is informed by the service provider that they are offering exclusive service that ranges from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter in order to ensure the fact that they would be able to provide their clients the most cost effective, active and engaging social media presence that would in turn enable the clients to acquire the best position in the industry.

A licensed attorney Stephanie Dube Dwilson, who holds her bachelor as well as the master degree in journalism, offers the service. According to analysts of the industry, the website of the service provider resembles restaurant menu to a large extent. The website discloses that she offers media guru worth $1,799 per month and bloggers special that costs $1,499 a month. A dozen or more ala carte services are also offered by her.

However, some critics are of the opinion that some lawyers found that services provided by Dwilson is quite effective for them. While the other groups of critics opined that the entire thing is absolutely impractical. They believed that lawyers are appointed in most of the cases based on their reputation and relationships. The internet that includes social media and blogs are not such powerful that they would be able to change the scenario.

It is worth to mention over here that reputation building and relationship require personal involvement. Experts believed that “set-it and forget-it” professional would not represent the clients at any conference or meet the leaders of the business to enhance your reputation and building relationship.

Using various social media sites and blogging by the lawyers in an effective, authentic and real manner increases their reputation and building relationships. It is worth to mention over here that authentic and real engagement is the key factor here, which cannot be delegated. In case, this is not revealed properly, it could be considered as misleading and false and in turn proved to be unethical.

Most strikingly, the press release also revealed that it can be proved disastrous if delegating some matters as public as social media to the wrong person. This would indicate the fact that someone suggesting the lawyers to entrust their engaging others to create personal relationships and to enhance the reputation may be the wrong person.

Latest User Friendly Features in Facebook

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Social media networking sites have become a part of our daily lives and there is hardly a computer savvy that does not use some social media sites for connecting with people all over the world.

Particularly popular is Facebook, the darling of the young generation and today it boasts of millions of followers across the globe. People all over the world use it, connect with people from the remotest part of globe and use numerous interesting features offered by the site.

FacebookEvery Facebook user is given a timeline on their pages and this is used by them and others to post contents. However, until now posting promotional contents on it was not permissible. This prevented many aspirant entrepreneurs from using the Facebook features for promoting their business online.

As one of the trade journals describes, there is big news for aspirant entrepreneurs all over the world. Facebook now allows free promotional postings on timelines. “Huge news for businesses on Facebook! They’ve removed the requirement that all promotions on Facebook be run through an app.”

In the past use of promotions on the competitive as well as the promotions run on the timelines such as “like/comment/share this post for your chance to win” were against the approved guidelines of Facebook. Now that this constraint has been removed and such promotional postings is now permissible under the new regulations introduced by Facebook management.

An interesting fact about Facebook time line is that despite the restrictions imposed by it, companies often used to post promotional posts on the same. Basic reasons for such activities are as stated by one of the reviewers in the following words.

“Timeline competitions are easier to make, simpler to manage, and have more reach!”

While these facilities prompted some companies to use the Timeline for promoting their business there were also many that are law abiding and do not like to use black hat methods for business promotion of any type. Now these law abiding companies will now find it easier to make use of Timeline in Facebook for promotional posts. Many of them are looking forward to running such promotional ventures in near future.

However that is not all about the new features added by Facebook. Another important development is that Storify now supports posting to Facebook pages.

“Storify the service that lets people create stories by collating tweets and other online content, has added two useful features to allow users to add Google+ authorship to their Storify content, and post stories to a Facebook Page”, a report on the development narrates.

Recently a post appeared on the Storify blog that explains in some detail as to how the users of Facebook can calibrate their account. It also details the process of including Google+ authorship among others. In respect of the Facebook use, the blog offers a step-by-step guide for linking with Facebook page. The feature is open to all the Storify users.

Social media like Facebook has millions of followers and has huge potential for business promotion. The recent relaxations in its use could help business houses to make good use of the same and promote their business effectively.

Glendale Schools Observes Students’ Activity On Social Sites

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On Tuesday official of school district of Glendale declared that in the present academic year, they are going to start and expand the new program of supervising the activity of the students especially on various social media sites. According to reliable source, Glendale public educators would supervise the program.

More than 13,000 students of high and middle schools in the Glendale Unified School District are actively connected with sites that include You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is reported that students publicly post their views and opinions on different matters. Sources informed that district officials believed that those students would be affected by the program.

Glendale SchoolsIn the words of Richard Sheehan, the Superintendent, the priority of the program is to provide proper safety to the students. He further informed that from several recent incidents revealed that social media posts often caused different problem to the problems. He informed that posts on social media related to potential harm to students whether for others, for themselves, or inappropriate sexting, or to bullying would be verified by the observer.

The superintendent explained that the school district has decided to utilize the service known as Geo Listing that is proved to be effective to protect against several problems related to cyber world that even include cyber bullying.

As being informed by the reliable source, earlier in this month the school board approved to take the service from the Hermosa Beach Company and has signed an agreement with them and agreed to pay $40,000 for the service.

It is worth to mention over here that Geo Listening is listed as a program on social media monitoring that would enable the schools to build up an attachment with the students.

It is reported that the company reveals in their own website that the students are eagerly seeking the help of the school authority. The company claims that they realized the problem of the students through their public postings on different social networking sites that discloses the clear and loud demand of the students in despair.

However, it is noted that numerous parents criticized the program harshly. They are of the opinion that it interferes on the lives of the students. On the other hand, some parents opined that the monitoring program would help to lessen the publicly made posts of the students.

Christina Ng-Watson, a parent, expressed that the matter is not so private like Big Brother. The posts are made public and anyone registered in the site are allowed to view the post that can create some serious issues.

It is informed by several reliable sources that the proposed program was already tested by various schools across Glendale in the academic year 2012-2013. Sheehan said that they were really grateful to Geo Listening that published the daily report that would encourage them to introduce the program.

Sheehan hoped that in order to protect the students they would be able to interfere in some specific incidents so that they can prevent harm to students.

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Top 2 PHP Frameworks for Web Development

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Oh my, i love web development. Creating a complete new world, with loads of functionalities, lots of categories, different information by different queries, and the complex problems that i enjoy solving, makes it the perfect job for me. I do not ever remember being frustrated (except for a problem that does not surrender to my superior thinking skills) while doing web development. Is just me when 5 stacking up complex lego structures, but with the text editor and the LAMP Server. I love creating e-commerce websites, web applications, personal blogs, tech blogs, Q & A websites, infomecials.

And i love having my job made easier for me so i can finish my task much faster. This is where the PHP frameworks come in to my rescue and take the daunting task of building the lowest things ( the session handler, the database abstraction, the URL resolver, the REST server, and all that jazz) from my hands so i can concentrate on doing something more important like building an attractive prototype, using my own MAVC design pattern for the view to send information to the controllers via AJAX, write the JavaScript, have the controllers send updates like in Facebook to the user’s view, and generally modifying the user interface / functionality for the better. Oh, and i also forgot, implementing nice features.

So, if the frameworks ease our job, the good ones will do the job of easing our job much better. This makes me reach the conclusion that we must locate the best out of the best.

So let’s start with my favorite one:

1 – Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework with a very elegant syntax design, out of the box ORM for handling the database in a human-readable fashion, and a very beautiful templating engine called blade that replaces the PHP’s ugly alternative syntax.

Having said that, Laravel also is capable of:

  • Loose coupling and dynamic instantiation via the IoC Container
  • Awesome Routing feature to build REST Controllers
  • A default SMTP server configuration that works pretty good for sending messages out of the box

Enough of Laravel, let’s talk about the second favorite of mine:

2 – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is the first PHP Framework that i started working with, and is one of the easiest frameworks to set-up, learn, and start working. I remember being able to use it fairly well without having to practice it’s usage (The syntax and the function set is very organized).

The only that annoys me in this framework, is that, i have to write all the models myself (save the function that i made for  doing SELECT WHERE’s with the string from the $column_name argument for my convenience ). It is a pretty tedious process to me (as i tend to deal with an amount of tables in my applications and have to write a separate model for each table in the damn database).

The main features are:

  • Full MVC like the majority of the PHP frameworks out there
  • Very good session library that i use for authentication with no issues
  • Very light and fast if you know how to use it correctly.

This is all about CodeIgniter for now.

Thanks for the read and see you soon!



























Facebook has to Remove Pages to Avoid Controversy

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The involvement of the social Networking sites in the human life is now quite common. A lot of social issues are discussed in this social media and a lot of new opinions, thoughts get its birth from here.

Union flag was flying over Belfast city hall and it created a lot of controversy there. This dispute is taking place for the last seven weeks there. How can Facebook remain out of it? There were two pages in which the information about this incident was getting updated time to time. Street Protest at the Northern Ireland was well discussed in these two pages by common people.

 Now, this incident has already taken a violent turn because of the riots and hundreds of police officers have been wounded because of it. The role of social networking sites in various such issues is again under the scrutiny because of the decision taken by Belfast High Court.

Facebook has to Remove Pages to Avoid Controversy

Belfast High Court has ordered Facebook for taking down those two pages which were providing information about the protest. They had to take this decision after threats were given to a catholic man through this social networking website.

Judge has also ordered not to publish any kind of details or picture of that person in any page on Facebook because it can increase the danger for that catholic man more.

It is true that often this social networking sites like Facebook help to create a mass opinion or appeal in any controversial social issue. However because of some violent comment given by its users, sometimes, this website can create problems.

However, the pages which have been ordered to be removed are still there in the Facebook. According to the Facebook authority, they have not yet received the court order regarding the judgment which was made on Friday night. This incident has been disputed by the solicitor of that catholic man.

Now this thing has quite cleared that the social networking sites are taking very essential part to create public opinions about various social issues. Now it can take adverse turns also like it has taken in this case. The person now is facing safety problems because of the comments made on Facebook.

This protest is going on for the last seven weeks and with time the protest has become more and more violent and all the necessary updates and information have come in those pages of Facebook and people have given their opinion quite openly.

Flying of the Union Flag in the Belfast City Hall has created huge controversy already. Now, Belfast high court has taken this strict decision because of a personal threat published in the page. According to the court if they allow the social networking site to have those two pages, it can create more violence.

Now how quickly will Facebook take down these two pages are still remains a question? Social networking sites are now always in the news because of their involvement in various social issues all over the world. However, they need to be little more cautious to allow this sort of commend in a case which has already created controversy.

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How To Promote My Business On Facebook

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Promotion is a big part of making your business known to a wider audience and gaining the trust of potential clients. You need to spread the word about all the good services you provide or the affordable prices of your high-quality products.

Brand recognition is what you are gunning for, so you want to make your company visible to the modern shopper. Online businesses in particular are in a dire need of internet promotion and good marketing strategies. A good place to start your marketing campaign is one of the popular social media networks. Facebook is a very easy platform to use, and is therefore very popular with a lot of people. It is a good place to promote your business since the users come from all walks of life, so you are targeting as large of an audience as you can.

Facebook is notorious for its constant evolution, so you might need to revisit your approach as the site changes its layout and the various options it offers its users. You can’t have a personal page where you try to shoehorn in some articles and pictures that relate to your business. Your business won’t make it too far if all you do is spam your friends with information on your business. There is a right way to go about this, and Facebook is quite accommodating when it comes to creating business related pages. Here is a quick breakdown of the necessary steps you need to take.

Create a dedicated page for your business

Once upon a time people where very fond of creating general purpose pages known as groups on Facebook, but nowadays you have a multitude of options that relate to your specific needs. You can select between a local business, a company or even products you wish to create a profile for. You will need to add a picture of your company logo and some basic information for a start. Once you get started there are many options you can work with. Customizable settings include:

1) Your settings
2) Permissions
3) Information
4) Resources

You will be able to choose whether you want to use Facebook logged in as your standard personal account or as the company account. It is easy enough to switch between the two, so you don’t have to mix your work with your personal life.

Some companies will deal with products and materials that might be age restricted (i.e. guns or alcohol) so they can use the age restriction options to make sure they only get the audience they are legally allowed to promote their services to.

Other useful options the profanity blocklist, which will help to further exclude undesirable customers from your business page, and the ability to regulate who can and can’t add posts, pictures and videos to your wall. Under basic information you will be able to provide a link to your official website, your phone and address, a short description and additional notable facts like the date when the company was founded, any awards that the company has won and listing your main products. To check how this works on real business example, visit volkswagen parts official Facebook page here.

Spend some time fine tuning your page

There are other useful options you can use to set up your page just the way you like it. Options like social plugins, where you can add various functions. You can have people like your page, but there is also the option to let them send the content of your page to their friends and spread the word, recommendations of pages on your site the user might like and a grouping of pictures of the people that have like your page. These options help give people a more interactive experience and the social component that is the main reason they are on Facebook in the first place. You also have the “Advertise on Facebook” option which helps you with getting more likes or promoting your page posts. Feel free to look around and tweak all the little settings available to you so that your fans can get the most of your page.

Some last minute advice

Once your page is set up and you have done everything you can to make it accessible to the wider Facebook community, you will want to keep the people updated on any new developments in your company or on your official website. Provide useful information and visit the comments section for some user feedback, but don’t forget to answer people’s questions and report the trolls. If people like what they see, information on your company will spread by word of mouth very quickly, making it easier than ever to get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook launches new messenger application

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Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites. It has a huge number of users all over the world, approximately 50 million. It is said Facebook has reached places where there are no roads!

Now Facebook has made another move to extend the number of users. It has developed a new application for phones using the Android operating system. The messenger application will now let everyone, even those without a Facebook account, to connect via messages with everyone who has a phone number.

This kind of an application cannot be initiated by Facebook alone. It has thus collaborated with all the essential network tycoons and electronic device manufacturers to bring this idea to life.

This application is revolutionary in the sense that although it has been initiated by Facebook, a user does not require a Facebook account to avail it. An independent account can be created using only the phone number and name, and they are all set to use the service.

The launch will take place in some countries like Australia, South Africa etc with other countries to be added to the list very shortly. This launch will help connect the developing countries with the developed countries, and also the under developing countries.

The only requirement of this application is to have the person you want to connect to in your phone’s contact list. All the people on your phone’s contact can be messaged through this application.

Following their goal of connecting the people all over the world, Facebook has launched this new application. The new application aims at connecting those who do not have a Facebook account or chose to not have one.

With some issues in the security of the site, and some controversies regarding some other issues on the site, some people have opted to close their accounts in the site. Thus this application is created to help those people also to stay connected and increase the credibility of the site.

The application is very easily available and is completely free. It does not require any other supportive software or files to run and is independent in that sense. It does not need any specific network package also and thus is very user friendly.

The application is very well received in the parts of the world where it is already launched. There also a building anticipation for the application in the parts of the world where it is supposed to be launched shortly.

It is a very user friendly application, following the trend that Facebook has carried on all this time, this application is also very useful.

The application will not only connect people who are not connected via Facebook, but also benefit the users already availing the services of the social networking site. People who constantly want to stay in touch with their contacts can do so using this messenger application. And if you miss some of the messages you can check them out through your Facebook account by logging in. It is truly a one of a kind application.

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Share your Joy with Exclusive Social Video Apps

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Social video apps are introduced every day with newer versions that benefits people using the internet resources for various reasons. These video applications are designed exclusively to sync and allow the user to connect his or her social account such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With the updated new versions you can easily convert your Twitter profile or the Facebook page into a YouTube channel directly. This is a technological innovations that has captured millions of hearts around the world. You will be given an opportunity to add various channels directly from the YouTube to your social profile.

After the grandeur of the previous versions such as photo sharing and instagram there has been a great revolution created by this amazing social video apps method of sharing solutions in the virtual world. The technological market is flooded with wide range of application tools such as in the http://www.keek.com/BeauB that has gained immence popularity and gathered momentum with its significance. In case you are a small business owner and want to introduce your product or service amongst the crowd then this is a fresh opening to deal with potential clients, brand advocates and other social media users exclusively.

However the new version of the Social video apps are awesome in performance they still originate from the instagram and Twitter tailored in a way to benefit the customers to the most. They are easy to be installed and used even by a normal internet user. There are ways to transit files and other important documents from your Smartphone or the web. Thus sharing is now made a simple easy procedure with just a click of the mouse button.

Small brand holders usually finds it difficult to add any video content to their social page because these grips are placed at high price rates. Therefore you can easily hire an equipment and members who transform your content in the form of videos and engulf the entire market within your budget as well. There are incredible updates provided by the servers especially for the clients to expand their horizon by personalizing their social web page with the popular and mostly recommended videos.

Searching for a particular friend or brand or a business is made easy and simple through the social video apps. Then you can allow the visitors to subscribe for a company or person’s Twitter or Facebook profile account. In this method when a person is searching for a specific person or company it easily tracks the videos that they had shared in their social web page. Thus these applications just not display the exact matching profiles but also related contents such as in the http://www.keek.com/BeauB.

The social video apps also helps in focusing in providing their exclusive customers a great platform that can be used privately and share their intimate moments through their amazing video tools within their social circle of friends or relatives or colleagues exclusively. It is an easy procedure that involves simple steps by initially you point your mobile device or smartphone then shoot any happenings in your everyday life such as in the http://www.keek.com/Beau.Then edit the content according to your desires and then copy the secured URL or the particular video. Upload the video automatically to the social web page or YouTube and enjoy the results and followers.

Share Your Favorite Videos Easily with Video Instagram

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Now, you can share all your favorite videos on all your social networking accounts with one click. The video instagram tool will facilitate this. The social video networking sites have emerged newly, but obtained a lovable place in the hearts of all social networkers. You can upload your favorite videos and download those posted by others. Now, sometimes it might seem odd to confine your videos within one profile and even uploading the same video in all your accounts on different sites, is quite a time consuming task. You can simply use the video sharing applications offered by video social networking sites and share your uploaded videos instantly.

Funny usage of video instagram
The video instagram is a multimedia sharing feature, through which you will be able to share your uploaded videos on all major social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, etc. You will not have to upload the same video on all your accounts; instead, a single click will do the needful. The video social networking sites offer a wide range of video sharing applications, through which you will be able to promote and edit your favorite videos.

If you want to showcase your talent, then the social networking sites are the ideal platforms for the purpose. In these sites, all your uploaded data will go viral. Moreover, the sharing applications will let this happen. You simply need to upload video showcasing your talent on a video social networking site, in which you hold an account and which facilitates the instagram application. Then, you can share your uploaded video instantly on Facebook or Twitter and all other major social networking sites in a few simple clicks.

The video social networking sites are fun modes of social networking; the joy of communication is enhanced here using advanced multimedia. You can express your feelings through videos. There are video editing applications available; using which you will be able to edit your videos in a user-appealing manner. You can also remain updated about the latest theater releases, trailers, music albums, while your browse through the uploaded videos of social video networking sits. Millions of users reside in these sites and among their uploaded videos, you will certainly sort out your preferred ones. All other features of social networking such as chatting, posting messages are offered by these sites.

The social networking sites have merged as innovative modes of communication; you can stay connected with your old friends and enjoy making new friends. However, the concept of video social networking site is comparatively newer, but it has been well accepted by the users. Majorities of these sites are free to use and you simply need to provide your demographics in order to create your account. If you like shooting videos, then these are the ideal platforms for you to share your talent with your buddies. Decorate your profile and upload interesting, funny video to grab the attention of your fellow users and mark your profile as one of the high visited ones.

You can visit http://www.keek.com/James_Yammouni, which is a popular social video network, equipped with funny applications.

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Uses of Different Social Video Apps

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Social video apps assist the process of uploading video clips in individual platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. taking from individual destinations. These apps are used equally in mobiles and in desktops to upload videos smoothly. When you try to upload a video clip without using the applications, it will not be time consuming only but also tedious. After sometime, you will give up and look for other options. Today we will discuss about some of the social video applications available for mobile phones and for desktops as well.

Desktube is one of the most popular social video apps that has been introduced very recently. It is quite clear from the name that this application is good for desktop only. Actually, the application is being used to upload only YouTube videos in desktop. The application developers, to help it adjust with all major operating systems, have used different technologies. Thus, it will work with equal efficiency for older and latest windows version. Users can upload a certain number on videos at a time, using the application. However, unlike other social media applications, though it works for YouTube only but here in this platform it works quite faster and flawlessly.

Now we will discuss about the most popular social video apps that are used in mobile phones.

Viddy, this social media application is used in iPhones only. It can share certain number of videos that continues for 15 seconds and can store it automatically in your preferred iPhone location. There are several other benefits of using the application in iPhone. When you download the app for the first time, you don’t need to open an individual account for it. You can easily sign in through any of your existing email address or social media profiles like Twitter or Facebook profiles to download the application and to use it comfortably. In addition, you can set the application in a hidden place, as private setting option is available with it. Iphone users like the application because it not only shows videos uploaded by your friends, but also represent one that has been used by the celebrities.

If you are looking for a free social video application that is good for both android and iPhone as well, using socialcam is the best option. Here also you don’t need to use an individual email address or profile to use the application. Sign in through either your facebook or Twitter id and download it easily. This particular application has become popular in a short span because even after being a free app it gives faster and adequate services to download many videos. You can upload videos taking from different destinations, with the help of the application.

You can use the application both to upload high-resolution photos and videos. The application works well in iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The D10 feature is the best attraction of the application that can upload videos at a time. If you want to know more about social video applications, you can visit http://www.keek.com/BeauB.

How Social Networks Shares Social Video to Facebook

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The reason behind the arrival of new comers among the social video sharing sites and the competitions running between them is to create an impact on social network users and to provide the best service to attract them towards their corresponding websites. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube offer their video sharing service in the most effective way. Among the social media users it has become a trend wave to use the video sharing as it is been used as an important tool to drive their followers towards them. Accordingly here is a discussion to know more about how the social networks shares social video to facebook.

It is interesting to know that people love to share even a little happiest thing happened in their life through video sharing and this service is rendered by the social media through effective tools. The purpose of this article is to educate how these social media indulge in carrying out such video sharing process and attracts the users towards their service.

Various Social Medias that shares social video to facebook

Researchers say people spend more and more time on Social Medias since the inception of such social sites and it resulted in social media providers’ competition in providing the best service in order to make their users to stick on to their site for longer years. Even though there may exist several social media providers who provides video sharing option, the one who understands the exact needs of its users in such sharing and fulfills it in the right way will succeed being the top provider.

Tips to share your videos on FaceBook

Facebook being the top social network site shares its users’ videos with the help of video sharing tools through third party providers and as such there are various social video sharing providers competing with each other. It is your rights and awareness capability to identify the best social media in order to get your videos uploaded in a more perfect way. Here are some useful tips on sharing your videos on facebook

  • Make sure your identity is being given high priority while sharing your videos as it will keep yourself safe against miss use of the videos.
  • Sharing should not be treated in the sense the videos are being published for anyone’s use and as such take special care of your videos of not being used by any social network hackers.
  • See to that your videos are being published and broadcasted under the right user name either it is going to be commercial or personal videos.

Beyond these tips it is every user’s responsibility to share your videos it in the safest way with proper analyzing about the various social media.  It should be easy to use method in video uploads as confusing and critical methods of video upload will result in losing its valuable users.

Social networks follow up and read the mind of its users to provide them with the perfect software or tool in providing the video sharing service and accordingly there are few good providers who shares social video to facebook. To know more about the working and features of one such provider visit http://www.keek.com/KylieJenner

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Get Free Facebook Likes And Advertise On Different Things

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that you would find today. This is also one of the biggest platforms for you to advertise on different things. Accordingly, you can expect to get larger numbers of people participating into your site, and become your fan. At the same time, you can also expect to find larger numbers of free facebook likes following your page. Therefore, nothing can be better than creating large numbers of fans for your page from different corners of the world. If you are regular into facebook, engaging in large numbers of interesting activities for attracting large numbers of people, you would definitely be successful in creating fans, and accordingly get access to more likes.

When you create fan page for getting free facebook likes, you should ensure that you design your page well. This is one of the best means through which you can attract the attention of people. Apart from adding colorful photos and videos, you must also ensure that you offer specific and useful information through which you can not only carry out effective promotional activity, but at the same time, can also attracts the attention of others into your site.

Once you have been successful in publishing your fan page, and getting free facebook likes, it is time that you should concentrate on putting efforts for more fans and more likes. Therefore, it is time to extend your network from just your friends to their friends, as well. Thus, you can make your friends share your page with their friends. At the same time, you can also click on suggest friends, and you would find that facebook would suggest you list of friends that you can add. Thus, you can join them in your friend list, and accordingly, make them like your page.

Do not intend to buy any follower, because this would not help. Instead, if you apply these steps to gain more friends and extend your network, you would definitely make them like your page. These free facebook likes would best help in the promotional activity for which you are here in the site. Moreover, you would also get access to large numbers of people who might possess similar thoughts and interests like you. At the same time, you should also ensure that you click on the like button of other’s pages, so that it can be immensely beneficial for you.