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For Actors: How Important It Is To Delve in the Character You Are Portraying?

For Actors: How Important It Is To Delve in the Character You Are Portraying?

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Lena Headey, who we all know for portraying the phenomenal character of Cersei Lannister in HBO TV series Game of Thrones. She once appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live and raised many eyebrows with one significant point in her conversation with the host. She told Jimmy how in real life, the public tends to hate her, she has been the victim of hate mail, anger and resentment of the general public who basically despise the character of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones and her antics.

The point here is that Lena’s acting is so close to original that it has influenced the audience on a whole different level that they are accorded to tracing the same feelings and emotions with the original actor. Lena has arguably done one of the best jobs in acting with her role in Game of Thrones, which brings us to the point that how important it is for an actor to adapt to the role they are portraying.

Daniel Craig is not Daniel Craig, he’s James Bond. Not many actors have the ability to spin and shuffle their skills to take up the whole character. It is one of the most complicated skills of acting and hard to acquire for professionals.

In relation to this, actor and producer Jeff Gum offers his insights on what exactly it is like to get completely into your character. He says: “I love characters that I can delve into the mindset of – it’s a given that no one wants to play a 2-dimensional character but some are still even more complicated than others. Villains are the most fun to play for me, they’re usually that way for a reason and I love the process of finding out why that is and their backstory of how they got there and became that way. One man’s villain is always another man’s hero and it’s a really interesting character type to prepare for – finding both who is and what are their weak spots, and when and why they finally show it. It’s often quite liberating to be able to break the barriers of the stereotypical villain.”

The psychological effect people have associated with certain people is a remarkable aspect that aspiring actors can use in their profession. Since people have the potential of getting influenced just by a character, it can be used in different ways to inspire a lot of great ideas to people. When directors and producers are aiming to sway the audience with a purpose, they choose actors who can actually become the human version of the idea they are trying to communicate.

This practice is certainly rewarding in the profession of acting and is now being taught by many acting schools. It is important to gauge how far the character can be traced in a normal portrayal and what are the key metrics which cannot be avoided on any cost. This is what makes a great actor!

4 Universal Truths About College Relationships

4 Universal Truths About College Relationships

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Regardless of your dating experiences in high school, dating in college can be significantly different. College dating has its unique set of unspoken rules as well as some exciting perks and risky pitfalls.

After you give yourself time to adjust to college life and get settled into your classes, you may be ready to jump right into the dating scene.

As amazing as dating in college can be, keep in mind that it can add drama to your life.

Very few college students will make it through to graduation day without dating casually or seriously, so keep these universal truths about college dating in mind.

You Might Be Too Busy to Go Steady

Casual dating and occasional hookups are great for students with busy schedules. When you have a casual thing going on, you do not have to find regular time in your busy schedule to spend time with someone. However, you do need to make it clear that you only want a casual relationship.

If you fail to clarify this, you could be in store for major drama.

Hookups have a generally negative connotation, but casual relationships can be great in many ways. For example, casual dating and fun sexual encounters allow you to blow off steam and relax.

College can be stressful, and this may be just what you need to unwind. However, casual dating can be risky, so you need to protect yourself against STDs.

Floorcest is a Thing for a Reason

One of the most important unspoken rules about dating in college is to stay away from hookups with people in your dorm. This type of dating is called “floorcest,” and it should be avoided because it can make your life awkward and stressful.

Be aware of the possibility that one of the guys/girls who you end up with may actually be someone who you fall for.

Even when you do not intend to have serious feelings for someone, there may be incredible chemistry or a huge spark that hits you unexpectedly.

Stay Away From a High Maintenance Person

You know the type – nothing you do seems good enough, and you go the extra mile just to make them happy, even though they often don’t deserve it.

Dating someone like this can thin your wallet because of the need to go on nice dates. College can be expensive, and your finances may be strapped until you graduate and land a great job.

One benefit of seeing someone casually is – they typically do not involve any type of expensive dates.

A person is hard to maintain if she demands constant attention. Ho or she may seem great at first, but once you are involved, you discover that they are pure drama. If your SO doesn’t let you study when you want, cut off ties immediately.

Dramatic individuals and bad relationships can be detrimental because of the stress and anxiety they cause.

These types of relationships are toxic and could interfere with your collegiate success.

A girlfriend/boyfriend should be someone who you have a legitimate, strong connection with. This is someone who you trust completely and who you can depend on.

Your Roommate Can be Your Best Wingman

Living in a dorm and working on a cruise ship have one thing in common – they alter your view of privacy.

Just as you have a very real likelihood of walking in on other people in the middle of a heated session, there is also a good chance that you will be caught in the act on more than one occasion.

Try to get along with your roommates, they can help you in critical moments. Let’s say you have more than one casual thing going on at a time. When you have that “it’s complicated” relationship status, you need to fill your roommate in on the details.

This will help you avoid the unnecessary awkward moments later on.

If it happens that you and your roommate are worlds apart, you can always try to talk things through, maybe you can switch rooms to the mutual satisfaction.

Meeting college guys or girls it is not necessarily a solo activity. You will probably hit bars and parties with your friends. This gives you and your roommate a chance to hang out and have fun until you meet someone.

You don’t go to college to get a degree in love, but with the number of people you will meet, there is an increased chance that you’ll find someone you’ll like more than you want.

Before you jump into anything serious, give yourself time get used to college life and living on your own.

College is a time to enjoy yourself, but it also is a time to focus on your future. While a great steady relationship can benefit you tremendously in many ways, you should not feel pressured to go out and find a girlfriend.

Your college experience may be something entirely new to you in almost every way, so you understandably have some adjustments to make.

Why You Should Have A Pet Companion In Your Golden Years

Why You Should Have A Pet Companion In Your Golden Years

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No matter your age, having a pet is an amazing experience. However, if there is a group of people who can benefit from the company of a furry friend the most, it would certainly be seniors. Pets provide companionship, motivation and various health benefits.

Pets Lower the need for Pain Meds

There is a variety of different scientific studies that show positive impact pets have on human health and wellbeing. One of these studies found that as little as 15 minutes spent with an animal can reduce pain perception. Pets boost our body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, which help people suffering from chronic pain feel less pain and take less medication. Additionally, just taking care of another living being can offer ample distraction from the pain.

Pets Lower Blood Pressure

Why You Should Have A Pet Companion In Your Golden Years

In a recent scientific study, scientists actually proved that having a pet lowers blood pressure in their owners. Sitting and petting an animal has strong therapeutic effects. It lowers stress levels and blood pressure and provides a pleasant tactile feeling. It’s just like therapy, both for the owner and the pet!

Dogs can Notice Health Changes

Some pets have very sensitive noses and can smell many health changes even before the owner feels them. For instance, some dogs can sense irregular blood sugar levels from their owner’s breath and can alert the owner. Other dogs can sense when their owner is having a seizure or an anxiety attack. This ability is especially useful for seniors who live alone and have health issues.

Dogs Encourage Physical Activity

One of the biggest advantages of having a pet, especially a dog, is the exercise factor. Getting a dog that needs regular walks is a great way to help senior owners go out of the house and get some physical activity. Even taking a few steps when taking them outside for a potty break will make a difference in their physical and mental health. My grandma now takes her pooch outside every day, sometimes just to the yard, sometimes for a longer walk, but she never misses a day to get some exercise, sun and fresh air. There are even some seniors who started a small dog walking business that provides them with ample exercise, sense of usefulness and earns them some extra money.

They Help Create Routines

Why You Should Have A Pet Companion In Your Golden Years

A pet of any kind requires a lot of attention and it is the happiest and healthiest when it has a strict schedule. For instance, dogs have to have regular potty breaks and cats need at least two meals a day, and these routines should be tightly scheduled. Seniors will also benefit from having a routine like this, which is another reason for older people to have a pet.

Pets Encourage People to Take Better Care of themselves

Having a pet to take care of certainly affects the way we think and care about ourselves. Seniors with pets are known to take much better care of their own health as well as their pets’. For instance, when my grandma’s dog got diagnosed with having an extremely sensitive stomach, she started feeding him only holistic Black Hawk dog food. Eventually, It got her reconsidering her own eating habits. If their pets have to follow a certain health plan or eat certain healthy foods, seniors will more easily accept that they also have special needs and specific health requirements. Pets can also improve mental sharpness, so seniors with pets are actually less likely to forget preparing a meal, drinking enough water and taking their meds on time.

Social Benefits

Why You Should Have A Pet Companion In Your Golden Years

Pets also promote social interaction, which is something many seniors lack in their lives. Dogs are naturally friendly and social, and they can spark the interest of their owners to seek company as well. For instance, some people tend to have “coffee dates” with their pets and go out to town. Others regularly take their dogs to a local dog park and use to opportunity to chat and exchange pet experiences with their fellow dog owners. People who take their dogs to obedience classes have a weekly opportunity to meet new and interesting people and pets. This is a great way to go out, get some fresh air and meet people with similar interests. Pets are amazing conversation starters!

Pets make us Laugh

Dogs and cats can be very silly and joyful and their playful nature can affect human behaviour and mood. Their behaviour can be very contagious and brighten even the gloomiest of days, especially for seniors who experience depression and anxiety. Nothing can put a smile on my grammy’s face like her pup running around the house!

Pets Prevent Loneliness

Pets also provide company to their owners, especially those who live alone, are house-bound and have little social interaction. Every pet owner will tell you that they have a strong bond with their dog—almost all of them talk to their pet, confide in them and feel at ease knowing they are not alone. Some big dogs can also provide great protection and send any intruder on their way.

If you’re searching for a furry companion for yourself or a senior in your life, know that you’re making a great decision. Pets offer so many physical, emotional and social benefits that will make the golden years even more pleasant.

Interesting Facts To Know About The National Flower Of Germany

Interesting Facts To Know About The National Flower Of Germany

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Every country has various symbols that represent its unity, integrity and culture. National Flower is one of the symbols that have deep cultural or religious roots for any country and these symbols mean a lot to the people. When we are talking about the national flower of Germany, it should be noted that Corn Flower is the flower that symbolises the spirit of the country.

This national flower is known by the various names such as the bachelor’s button, bluebottle, boutonniere flower, hurtsickle or Cyani flower. It is also known by the scientific name of Centaurea Cyanus and belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Let us check out some of the other interesting facts about this one of the popular Germany flowers.

  • The wonderful flower is actually the native of Europe and United Kingdom and has the average height of sixteen to thirty-five inches.
  • This blue-violet colour flower resembles the blue colour another flower such as Iris Tectorum flower.
  • The people of Germany considers this extraordinary flower as the symbol of romance and inspiration. If you want to express your love emotions and feelings to your dear ones in Germany, you need to take the help of an efficient flower delivery Germany.
  • The Corn flower is made up of more than 50 petals and has a diameter which varies between 1.5 to 3 centimetres.
  • One of the blue species of the flower is also proclaimed as the national flower of Estonia since the year 1968.
  • This extraordinary flower is known to represent a lot of political parties such as the Estonian political party, Finnish political party, People’s Union, Liberal People’s Party, National Coalition Party, the Swedish Political Party and others.
  • The beautiful flower is also used as an important ingredient in the herbal tea such as the Lady Grey which is one of the variations of Earl Grey tea. It is further scented with bergamot oil.
  • If you are looking for medicinal flowers to Germany, you need to offer this distinct corn flower to your loved ones without any delay. The amazing fluid of the flower is said to be very effective in diseases like conjunctivitis besides offering freshness to the tired eyes.
  • The flower is also used for cooking decoration and adds beauty and taste to the salad.
  • Due to its distinct blue colour and impressive historical significance, it is also used as the prize for winners and participants in various events.
  • Since last centuries, the exceptional flower is known as the symbol of social liberalism.

So, choose this extraordinary flower for your dear ones and send it to various events through the help of our efficient flower delivery in Germany.

These 4 Products Show Just How Influential Cosplay & Anime Are In Japanese Pop Culture

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Anime (アニメ) has been a part of Japan since the early 20th century. Although the very first anime creations looked very different from the beautiful works created today, the illustrators who created them were pioneers in their field. When anime first began, the illustrators were inspired by Disney’s style of work and created characters and storylines for children than adults.

The early 1990s saw the first anime conventions take place around Japan and then in Europe and the United States as well. These expos encouraged Cosplay (コスプレ), which is a combination of costume and play. The conventions encouraged fans to dress up as their favorite character, even if doing so meant they had to make their own costumes.

Thanks to the popularity of anime, merchandise related to this genre is immensely prevalent in Japan. Certain parts of the country such as Nipponbashi Den Den Town (日本橋でんでんタウン) in Osaka and Akihabara (秋葉原) in Tokyo are famous for their anime-inspired products, restaurants and electronics shops.

The popularity of anime and manga (漫画) characters was clear for everyone to see when Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe (安倍 晋三) appeared on stage, dressed as popular gaming character Super Mario during the teaser for the Tokyo Olympics in 2016.

Below are a few products that have been inspired by the popularity of Cosplay and Anime:

1. Hello Kitty

Since her introduction in 1975, iconic Japanese character, Hello Kitty today stands at the helm of a multi-million-dollar empire. 40 years after appearing on a coin purse in Japan, Hello Kitty can now be found on an endless variety of merchandise including paper towels, sneakers, cakes, stationary, and makeup, and there’s also a Hello Kitty theme restaurant.

According to anthropology professor Christine Yano, Hello Kitty is a character that appeals to any age group, from 5 years to 50 years. Ironically, Sanrio, brand owner of the character, recently announced that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat.

2. Body Pillows

Popular with Japanese youth, a body pillow is a human-sized or larger-than-average pillow, which features anime characters in various poses on the front and back. A Dakimakura (抱き枕) is the Japanese term for body pillow, which can also be translated to hug pillow (daki [抱き] means to embrace and makura [枕] is a pillow).

Before anime experienced a rise in popularity around the 1990s, body pillows were only available with plain pillow covers and no illustrations. Today, however, you can choose from a myriad of beautifully illustrated body pillows such as emilia dakimakura featuring your favorite anime characters.

3. Sailor Moon Cosplay

This is a popular anime character based on the television series, Sailor Moon, which aired from 1992 until 1997 in Japan. The protagonist of this coming-of-age show is Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ), a middle-school student who is given powers to transform into a Sailor Soldier.  When Usagi meets Luna, a cat that can talk, she is granted the ability to transform into her alter ego, Sailor Moon. Her mission is to locate the moon princess, while fighting an array of evil forces.

Initially, the anime series was meant to air for only 6 months, but its popularity brought it a 5-year run along with global recognition. It was even adapted into several movies and screened in various countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Philippines.

Sailor Moon is also credited with pioneering the ‘magical girl’ genre in anime. The heroines of these sagas combine their fight against evil and saving the planet with the theme of balancing their love lives. This genre is called Mahou Shoujo (魔法少女 – Magical Girl) in Japanese and is the opposite of what most 90s Disney princesses represented. These heroines are never waiting to be rescued, they are the ones fighting their own battles. It also helps that artist Naoko Takeuchi’s (武内 直子) illustrations are visually stunning.

4. Astro Boy Merchandise

Created by Osamu Tezuka (手塚 治虫), an illustrator considered as the Japanese equivalent of Walt Disney, Astro Boy was the first anime to be brought to the United States in the 1960s. Half human and half robot, the character is based on a manga series created by Tezuka, and continues to be iconic even today. Osamu Tezuka is known as the godfather of the anime genre due to his masterful illustrations, which range from sci-fi to horror. You can easily find merchandise with the Astro Boy’s face on it. T-shirts and mugs are just a few examples. First broadcasted in 1963 in Japan, the character is called Tetsuwan Atomu (鉄腕アトム – Mighty Atom) in Japanese.


The popularity of anime merchandise is proof of the popularity of this genre. Anime is popular not only with younger viewers, but adults around the world enjoy it too. With new fans constantly discovering anime, the popularity of this type of illustration shows no signs of slowing down.


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Habits For Long-Lasting Health

Habits For Long-Lasting Health

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Are you wondering how to live a fuller, happier, healthier life? Although it might seem impossible to completely transform your life, learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices can make you look and feel brand new again. Here are four habits for long lasting health, so that you can get more out of your day-to-day routine.

Habits For Long-Lasting Health

1. Try New Things

The longer you live, the more life experience you have, which causes some people to have pretty strong opinions about what they like and don’t like–even before they try it. This “black or white” mentality regarding new adventures, foods, and even friends can cause people to get stuck in a mental rut, never trying new things.

However, research has shown that people who consciously try new things are more likely to accept new challenges, find new hobbies, and gain self-confidence. When people try new things, they have to accept the possibility that they might fail, which makes them think harder and approach challenges with a different mindset. This act helps people to stay mentally sharp and emotionally stable.

Openness to new experiences can also help you to function better in social situations, since you might have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills with others around you. Over time, being willing to continue to grow and learn can help you to develop a strong self-esteem, as you gather skills and learn how to overcome new issues.

2. Spend Time With Your Friends

How long has it been since you hit the town with your friends? Sometimes as people get married and have families, they tend to focus on things like housework and raising kids and forget all about socializing with peers. However, spending time with friends is incredibly powerful.

One 2010 study that examined over 300,000 participants found that the effects of close social interaction and friendships with others were as effective at extending your lifespan as other life-changing actions such as quitting smoking. Surprisingly, the research showed that having friends was twice as effective at extending lifespans as exercising, because friends tend to discourage friends from self-destructive behaviors, such as participating in dangerous activities or using illegal drugs.

If it’s been a while since you hung out with your friends, or you find that you need to make some new friends, start small. Focus on quality over quantity, and try to establish close, meaningful relationships. To improve your chances of making and keeping friends, learn to accept yourself and others. Be positive, be willing to listen, and respect other people’s boundaries. Learning to make friends and to keep them can take a lot of practice, but your efforts are well worth the time and energy you will spend.

3. Meet With Your Periodontist

Everyone knows that you should dedicate a part of your day to exercise, but few people realize how much impact other factors such as tooth decay can have on your overall health. Gum disease starts when plaque and tartar accumulates on the teeth, harboring bacteria that inflames and damages the gums. Over time, this inflammation becomes so severe that the gum tissue starts to pull away from the gums, paving the way for bacteria and infection to infiltrate the jaw and enter the bloodstream.

If periodontitis is left unchecked, infections can worsen and cause life-threatening problems such as organ failure. As bacteria enters the bloodstream through the mouth, it can also cause inflammation throughout the entire body, which is one of the reasons periodontal disease has been tied to other systemic problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory failure. Periodontal disease has even been found to increase your chances of certain cancers, including kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancers like leukemia.

To ward off these serious systemic problems, the American Academy of Periodontology recommends meeting with your periodontist at least once annually to have a comprehensive periodontal exam, or CPE. Periodontists receive an extra three years of specialized training regarding the anatomy of the mouth, facial nerves, gum tissue, and teeth, as well as learning specialized treatments for gum disease and the placement of dental implants. During a CPE, periodontists will carefully evaluate your bite, your teeth, the condition of your gums, and your medical history. Using the information they collect during your exam, they will talk with you about your risks for periodontal disease or create a treatment plan to address your current condition.

A trained periodontist, such as Sergio A. Guzman DMD MSD of Dental Partners of Boston, will help you to approach your oral health proactively so that you can keep your entire body healthy and happy.

4. Take Time To Relax

Stress can be hard on your body, causing problems such as a decreased immune response, higher blood pressure, muscle tension, low fertility, skin issues, and even an abnormal heartbeat. To ward off stress and to improve your lifelong health, take the time to relax.

Set aside a period of time every single day to dedicate to rest, meditation, or prayer. Relax with your friends, enjoy some time outside, or hit that yoga class. Taking a time out can help you to regain control of your body.

For more information about ways to improve your health, make an appointment with your family doctor and Boston dentists. By taking the time to have your overall health, gums, and teeth carefully examined, you might be able to uncover hidden dangers that could disrupt your health. Dental practices, such as the Dental Partners of Boston, have a wide range of appointment times to cater to even the busiest patients.