5 Reasons Why You Must Train In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

February 6, 2017 Health News No Comments
5 Reasons Why You Must Train In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Workouts are very essential to keep one healthy. Gyms, yoga, taekwondo are various kinds of workouts that people do, but one of the most beneficial of the lot is undoubtedly Brazilian jiu jitsu, Mastering this form of martial art can be so much beneficial for you, that it is hard to even imagine. How? Here we will tell you.

5 Reasons Why You Must Train In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Below are 5 reasons why you should immediately start getting trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a good academy.

1. A Great Workout

Workouts are done mainly to keep the body healthy and in shape. Bjj is a vigorous exercise that fulfills this aim. Bjj training generally includes warm up sessions followed by heavy drills. This is great for the cardiovascular system and due to continuous muscle movement, it will help you reduce weight and get in shape.

So, to keep yourself healthy and in shape, Bjj is the best option.

2. Self Defense is a must know

With the increase in crime on the streets nowadays, it is very essential to learn self defense to protect yourself and your family. Emergencies can occur anytime, when you may have to fight with the bad guys and a person trained in jiu jitsu can easily do so. In this form of martial arts the fight is taken to the ground by using chokes and locks to vanquish the opponent.

3. Boosts Self Confidence

Brazilian jiu jitsu is aimed at making the weaker strong, so that they are not left behind in the race of survival of the fittest. Since Bjj training can make you challenge and defeat those stronger and bigger than you, your self confidence will automatically increase. Also, you will feel safe knowing you can fight back stronger opponents, if the situation arises. It is both beneficial for men and women as for a man protecting himself and his family is essential and for the women protecting her own honor is needed in the streets when indecent men attempt tawdry stances.

4. Provides Mental Benefits

Besides, providing you with health benefits, Brazilian jiu jitsu lets you reap mental benefits as well. It helps you eliminate stress. After a long day of tiring work, when you enter the academy to learn and practice Bjj, you give yourself the opportunity to relieve yourself from stress. Also, it increases your concentration  power as your instructor will teach you to focus on what is being taught.

5. Makes you More Social

If due to work pressure, you do not get the time to socialize much, then joining Bjj classes can provide you the opportunity to do so. Here, you will meet people from diverse regions and backgrounds, with whom you can learn, win, celebrate victory and erase your ego for the better. Here, everyone is treated the same and gradually you will gel up with your co-students and have fun learning the Brazilian jiu jitsu art.

These five reasons are what a person needs to lead a happy, stress free and healthy life. Bjj can provide you with this. All you need to do is get in touch with a good Brazilian jiu jitsu training academy and start learning!