No-Pill Treatments For Back Pain

October 5, 2017 Health News No Comments
No-Pill Treatments For Back Pain

Back pain – a scare every third person on this earth has faced. Back pain is a problem that is highly common among all age groups of humans. Adding to this, comes the modern lifestyles of people around the globe. People are hunched over computers for the most part of the day. If this happens in a wrong posture, back pain is a bound to happen problem. Most of the back pain problems are just a result of being in a wrong posture for prolonged periods of time. When I say wrong posture, it means the types of postures that increase the stress on the back and that is a reason of back pain. Back pain, causing a high level of discomfort, most people resort to painkillers to gain some relief from the pain. But here, I list down some simple and no-pill back pain treatments that can ease your discomfort and even solve your back pain problem permanently.

No-Pill Treatments For Back Pain

All the below listed back pain treatments are tested and have been scientifically as well as medically proven to be effective:

  • Yoga: This treatment originated from India but has made its way in every medical study that has been conducted to look for back pain treatments. Yoga is a way to ooze out all the stress from the muscles and freshen the mind along with that. A yoga class every week has proven to be highly effective on back pain.
  • Stretching: If you have a full time job that involves working on a desktop all day long, you tend to face issues of back pain on regular basis. In such cases, regular stretching for 15 to 10 minutes has proven to be helpful. This back pain treatment involves the stretching of all the major muscle groups, but most of those are emphasized around the trunk and the legs. Apart from this, it would really help if you worked on improving your posture.
  • Acupuncture: This is again a developed version of an ancient Indian style of medication. This involves inserting needles at critical points around the area of the pain. A medical practitioner needs to have a proper qualification to perform the acupuncture treatment. This treatment has found to be highly effective for people with chronic back pain problems as this method heals the nerves and muscles from within.
  • Strength training: When you are looking for back pain treatments, the best method is to look for a good physio and get strength training sessions. Regular strength training sessions keep your spinal cord and the surrounding muscles flexible and correct your posture along with that, giving you a permanent solution for your back pain problem.
  • Osteopathic therapy: Also known as osteopathic manual therapy, it involves a chiropractor to manipulate your back muscles release the stress using hand techniques, stretching, massage, light pressure and resistance. It has been reported by most of the patients who undergo osteopathic manual therapy that they got a lot of relief from the chronic back pain after just one single sitting. Patients have seen a reduction of over 40-50% of the pain after 8 weeks.
  • Meditation: Sometimes, back pain is due to high stress levels. In such cases, the best back pain treatment is meditation. Meditation is a way to soothe the mind and release the stress that a person suffers in day-to-day life. It has been scientifically proved that regular meditation is effective in reducing the back pain intensity by 40%.

The above listed back pain treatments are the most effective methods. In case you do not suffer from back pain chronically, I would recommend you to perform regular Pilates or just do regular warm up exercises.