All You Need To Know About Neurology Treatment In India

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All You Need To Know About Neurology Treatment In India

Knowing, neurology is a field of medical science that concerns disorders and diseases dealing with the nervous system. Basically, it’s origin comes from the combination of two words-“neuron” which means nerve and “logia” which means “the study of”. Neurology Treatment is done by Neurologists and Neurosurgeons.

Neurologists are the doctors who treat disorders of the brain and nervous system. They generally recommend surgical treatment but do not actually perform surgery. While neurosurgeons are the doctors who specialize in performing surgery on the brain and nervous system.

Now, not everyone knows there are many patients who travel to India especially for Neurosurgery from different countries like USA, UK, Canada and the list goes on. This gives an assurance that you will find the Best neurosurgeons in India from around the globe.

All You Need To Know About Neurology Treatment In India

You must be Wondering that Why India is the Most Preferred Country for Neurosurgery?

Well!!!! India in the recent past has built up its specialty in the areas of medicinal services rising at the best to be at the topmost position in medical tourism. Neurosurgeons in India promise to deliver best healthcare services with high-quality results. Let me bring a lesser known fact about India in the healthcare sector- It has more than 2000 hospitals which serve the basic kind of services but when talking about the confined top hospitals it runs down to near about 200. These hospitals are acquainted with highly skilled and experienced team of Neurosurgeons who perform surgeries at an affordable cost.

Let me brief you with few reasons for choosing India over other countries for your Neurology Treatment:

  • Affordable Cost.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • Expert Neurosurgeons.
  • Waiting period for consultation.
  • Amenities provided.
  • Services.

1. Affordable Cost: When compared to the western countries India provides you with the best Neurosurgeons at a very affordable cost.

2. Advanced Technology: India is no less when comes to technology it serves every patient with the best-advanced equipment’s for MRI scan, Ct scan etc.

3. Expert Neurosurgeons: High success rate in neurosurgery is only possible when you have the best bunch of doctors with you. Indian neurosurgeons hold years of experience and are highly qualified in various neurology fields.

4. Waiting Period for Consultation: Top notch Hospitals in India have ample operations theaters and many trained professionals which makes an ease for multiple surgeries to happen in the parallel process. This results in less/no waiting period for consultation.

5. Amenities Provided: In India, hospitals do provide accommodation and medical visa in case of any urgency.

6. Services: What else you need when your staffs in hospitals make you feel home. They also provide facilities like accommodation and waiting rooms for patient’s family, translations services and much more.

Success Rate of Neurosurgery in India

Benefits of Neurological Treatment in India:

Very few know the fact that the term neurosurgery essentially covers both the brain and spine surgeries. They manage an extensive variety of neurological and spinal issues, which also includes the Carotid Artery Disease treatment inIndia. Fortunately, one can easily find various Neurological treatment benefits in India, which thus turns out to be a major shelter for individuals who are searching for out for top-notchhealthcare servicesat reasonable cost, which is of the key Neurological treatment benefits in India. Time to dive in more about the number of advantages one can get with Carotid Artery Disease treatment in India alongside other neurological surgeries.

Some of the Common Neurosurgeries:

Here is the list of neurosurgery and neurological medicines like Carotid Artery Disease treatment in India. Some of these which are general incorporateskull base surgeries, paediatric neurosurgery etc. In any case, enrolling some normal systems would enthusiasm to investigate, what about checking them as under:

  • Surgery of the Skull Base
  • Mind Surgery for Epilepsy
  • Small-scale Vascular Surgery
  • Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Neurological Endoscopy
  • Craniotomy
  • Non-Invasive Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Surgery for DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation)
  • Spine Decompression with Fusion
  • Spine Decompression Surgery
  • Laminectomy
  • Scoliosis Surgery
  • Spine Disk Replacement
  • Spina Bifida
  • Endoscopic Discectomy

Here are some of the key benefits of neurological treatment in India:

Well!!! Now if I start mentioning about Neurological treatment benefits in India, there are many, and a portion of the key advantages includes:

High-tech operation theaters to do diverse surgeries including the Carotid Artery Disease treatment in India.

Receiving World class diagnostics from top organizations like Siemens and GE.

Best group of neurosurgeons and medicinal services specialists holding years of experience and exposure from India as well as abroad.

High achievement rate of the neurosurgery in India at standard universal gauges

Reasonable neurosurgery cost in India along with maintaining quality. When comparing the cost of any surgery including the cost of Carotid Artery Disease treatment in India, it turns out to be particularly reasonable one while comparing the same with countries like the US or the UK.