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Addition of a writing team strengthens internet marketing services for Cyberset

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Cyberset Corp. is a leading and highly valued internet marketing company that is renowned for helping numerous clients to meet their business objectives through an approach that is content driven to the art and science of search engine optimization. In a bid to keep up with the increasing demand for new search engine optimization content due to more clients seeking out the internet marketing services of the company, Cyberset has three new talented writers who are adding their expertise and style to the writing talent mix at the firm. The new writers, Harrison Leonard, Dan Banas and Meg Boberg have joined the firm’s veteran writers, Bob Westal and Blake Wilding. The new team is revitalizing the Cyberset’s unrelenting search engine optimization push through generation of public relations focused on the web, undertaking of efficient marketing services on the social media and streaming steady contents to the websites.

CybersetDan Banas was the 1st writer to join the company and he has proven to be an extremely skilled and creative addition to the SEO content writing team of Cyberset Corp. The Cyberset team has described him as an astute generalist who has a gift of discussing the important grainy business details of the company with style and intelligence. Before joining Cyberset, Banas was a distinguished writer who had written SEO content on various topics such as technology and higher education. During his free time, Banas is a blogger and journalist who covers the entertainment scene.

Meg Berg is a more recent addition to the SEO team of Cyberset but in the short time she has been there, she has created a reputation for herself with exceptional content that has pleased the clients and which has been featured in several website. Ms Boberg, an accomplished journalist, has written powerful content on various topics which range from equestrian sports to health care and many others. Ms Boberg is fluent in Spanish and Italian and during her free time, she takes pleasure in horse show jumping.

The 3rd addition to the SEO writing team of Cyberset, Harrison Leonard, has a diverse background that includes politics, music industry and law. He also brings a lively writing style which has generated interest on several websites. Prior to his graduation, Leonard won a columnist award from Daily Sundial of Northridge in 2010. He brings the same energy to his point of view on behalf of the highly assorted clientele from Cyberset. Leonard is also a talented guitarist and according to The Source, he performs with the Progressive rock band.

The search engine optimization writing team from Cyberset Corp. has, in many aspects, being the heart of efforts driven by content that is offered by the quickly growing internet company that has provided considerably successful internet marketing services to business in a wide range of fields. Cyberset Corp. which is based in San Fernando Valley, at the heart of Los Angeles, is a company that recognizes that quality SEO content is the key when it comes to the online landscape that is being experienced currently.

Ways to Promote and Not Promote Content on Social Websites

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You see, most of the new Internet Marketers out there are unable to think beyond pasting links on different parts of social media and shouting “PLEASE BUY OUR PRODUCT”, today we are going to concentrate our efforts in finding good ways to promote our products online.

The Internet Marketing business is the fastest growing one as the people use the Internet as their main source of information and their main place to communicate with the others. Seeing this, marketers saw the opportunity of promoting their products for much cheaper and reach more people.

But we already have thousands of freelance and hired marketers that are already occupying the most of the positions, so what are we gonna do? We are going to gain an advantage by not making the mistakes most do and doing things that they are not doing yet.

People in social media will accept your attempts of marketing plus will even trust you as their source for new and quality products as long as they see you contributing with something. Content is the authority here and you better become one by posting a lot of it. Good social media promotion will get you much more leads than a twitter post or spamming your link.

So the steps to promote your content in Social Media are:

  • Build yourself a good online social circle (refer to my last article about building an online social circle for steps on how to do it)
  • Start a facebook page, twitter fanpage, or the equivalent of a group of information and people on your preffered social network
  • If you afford it, make one of these Facebook games or apps about your product (for example, a Romanian newspaper made an app for their website, and they are reaching thousands of Facebook users right now thanks to it)
  • Do post infomercials, videos, cool graphics presenting your product in a good light (remember, users prefer to look at pictures rather than read for some reason )
  • Promote your stuff inbetween the good content (for example, if you are posting funny pictures in your page, post a link of the stuff you wish to promote between 5 or 10 funny pictures, in a way that will attract attention )

And now we should follow up with things to NOT to do when trying to get your product to get noticed in these social network websites. Let’s start with the most obvious ones right now:

  • DO NOT, i mean NEVER EVER, start spamming links on social networks or even trying to get a product noticed more than like 2-3 times in a row without first building yourself a social circle that accepts you first. Not only will your links not be clicked, but they will be associated in your possible client’s minds as to not be clicked and some may even consider it viruses
  • Do not send private messages to users with links except if they ask for them.

So this is my to do and not to do list while marketing on social media. Thanks for the read and see you later!










Building your Online Social Circle for Marketing Your Products

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All the good marketers out there know that, in order to be able to promote the stuff you need to promote without being considered spam or annoying, you need to build yourself an online social circle, that loves and respects you. Today we are going to get through the steps of building the perfect social circle in your preffered social network.

Firstly, you have the main options like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then you have the secondary group (funny picture websites, video sharing websites, and as the last in our list, Q & A Websites.

These websites got much more traffic going for them, and being a member then building yourself a big, rich social circle is a good way to increase your chances of getting some good leads. Do not present yourself as an online marketer though, because people on social networks associate it with spammers.

The reason we are building a social circle before starting your marketing campaign is that we want the users of that social network, that we want to promote our products in, to first trust us as a correct source of information, and accept us as a part of their group. You have to realize that you are meeting real life people and need to cather to their customs.

So the first step of getting yourself a good online social circle is:

1 – Contribute yourself first

Post some funny content of your own. You were browsing on the Internet and cracked up at something that you found amazingly funny? Well, share it so other people laugh at it too! Is the circle that you are trying to get in got a culture of their own? Well, the smart move here would be to show them that you accept their culture by posting something similar. The people will see that you are sailing on the same boat as them and will be more fond you. Statistics show that people like people that are similar to them more than the people who arent much so. What we are trying to achieve here is to fit in and have the people accept us as a part of them!

2 – Make your circle feel understood

Speaking of fitting in, humans have a natural need to be accepted by the others, so let people dump their troubles on you. You do not have to read what they say, just let them dump their funny stories, sad ones etc.

A good way of doing it is  to open a Facebook group, that relates to what they do. Romanian Facebook Page “Curva e curva pana moare” is able to promote lots of links daily by cathering to the emotional needs of mysoginistic men who feel a need to complain about women. They gather the attention of these man and promote products unrelated to the topic of the group and  they make a lot of money because they have companies wanting to promote their links and products on their page.

So these are the step to build your own online circle, thanks for the read and see you soon!