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Guest Post: Appliances in Need is an Appliance Indeed

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Here’s the thing about your house; you can never have enough household items around. There’s a never ending list of always needing one thing or the other for every different purpose. Your requirement may have things from several different areas of your house. Whether it’s from kitchen appliances, cleaning equipment to storage and security purposes, it would serve you the best if you are able to procure these items at a reasonable price from a reliable dealer. Check out these flyers from the home hardware offering amazing discounts on serious household essentials.

Cleaning, Clearing & Storage Ideas

There is all sort of cleaning that needs to be done around the house and it saves just so much when you are equipped with the best all-purpose cleaner. The flyer allows you to get your hands on this great all-purpose cleaner that you can use to clear any sort of dirt and grime from car surfaces, kitchen counters, windows, doors, etc. The best part about this cleaner is the price. What’s better than being able to save 33% on the actual price on a multi-purpose article!

Let’s not leave behind the mops and of course since its winter season, snow pushers when cleaning is mentioned. One can’t stress enough on the need to own a durable snow pusher during cruel winters, better to have one stored at your place before you find yourself stuck in the house with snow surrounding your doors and the car park.

Moreover, storage boxes are the best option to have, to organize everything around the house. Storage boxes come in many designs, materials and colors. One can chose from the simplest transparent tote box to the conventional baskets. There are just so many ways one could stock and organize things, skubb boxes for drawers that would accommodate most of your things in the most organized manner. Then there are wooden storage boxes, which are mostly used for laundry but can be used in your garage or even in the kitchen too. For a more presentable storage box, there are glass containers too, usually used for the kitchen counter.

Home Security

With the growing security system concerns with homes, although there are many security companies who take up the responsibility to provide all the necessary equipment, but, it’s smart to have more in spare. Apart from the extra kitchen and electronic appliances that one usually has around the house, having a smoke alarm would serve you immensely. It would definitely complete your set of security system as this does not come in the home security package. Keep yourself and your family safe from any unprecedented fire related incident. Buy the smoke alarm at 40% off from its actual price before they run out. Seize this opportunity and list down all the household essentials you need to grab using the voucher.

Storage and Packing Tips for You

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Today, we are going to cut the introduction and go directly to the tips.

Storage Tips

  • Take a deep breath and relax. You know you have a lot of items that need to be moved and your first instinct will be to just start packing…but don’t. Before you begin, you will need to plan ahead.
  • Your first step should be to take an inventory of everything you need to store. It doesn’t need to be written down but you’ll need to think through all the items that you plan on putting into your self storage unit for easy access later.
  • Group all your frequently-used items together. You will want to pack these items last and keep them together in the front of your storage unit.
  • All right, it’s time to start packing. Remember, you’ll want to maximize the use of your space while at the same time protecting your delicate items. Don’t forget, your  storage unit is eight feet (8′) high. Use that vertical space.
  • Protect your valuables by using bubble wrap, newsprint and other covers designed for your specific items. Mattress covers work well, as well as old blankets.
  • Utilize the empty spaces in dresser drawers and appliances. Don’t forget to clean the appliances out first. This is a great place to store things like linens, bedding, clothing or even books and CD’s. Remember to leave that drawer or appliance door open a little so that air can circulate.
  • Put all your garden tools together in empty trash cans.
  • Break down furniture with removable legs and stack chairs. Don’t forget to put a blanket or sheet between surfaces so they do not get scratched or damaged. If a table can’t be broken down, don’t forget to store items underneath or on top.
  • While you are stacking items in your self storage unit, make sure to put the heavier items underneath the lighter items.
  • It is also a good idea to write down where you are storing your items in your unit. A map works really well when your loved one asks you to go to ezStorage to get that item he/she needs!
  • Lastly, try to organize your unit so that you have an aisle down the middle from the roll-up door to the back. This will allow you to navigate your space much more efficiently. Don’t forget to keep your frequently-used items at the front of your storage unit.

Packing Tips

  • Planning is paramount when packing your things. Make sure you have all the right packing supplies: boxes, packing materials (bubble wrap, newsprint, peanuts, etc.), tape, markers and furniture covers. If you don’t know how much you’ll need, call your local ezStorage and talk to one of our storage experts. Remember, ezStorage offers a wide array of packaging supplies on site.
  • Correct box size is important. Large boxes should be used for light items (e.g., bedding, linens, lamps) and small boxes used for your heavier items like books and documents.