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Cloud Block Storage: How Can It Benefit Your Business?

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As a business’s data requirements become more extensive, its storage demands increase as well. Cloud block storage maximizes the efficiency of a server for maximum data storage and scalability. Although the concept may seem abstract, it has concrete implications for data management and file storage.


An Overview of Cloud Block Storage

Blocks are the lowest level of data storage, residing on a server beneath the level of file storage. Because they’re relatively simple, blocks offer an independent storage method that can be scaled as needed in a number of ways to keep costs low. Blocks accommodate a wide range of data types, including databases, files and virtual machine file system volumes. Compare this to a file-level storage system, which only accommodates files. Although you might be able to store spreadsheets, marketing PDFs and images on a file-based storage system, you can’t store other types of data.

As you fill the block with data, you can expand to an additional block without disturbing other data on the server. The data is stored independently from the hardware, so you can move the block storage from one server to another without disturbing the hardware. Think of it like a separate hard drive on a server: You can remove the hard drive from one server and take it to another without disturbing the files.

Block storage is more challenging to administer than file-level storage, since administrators need to manage storage per server, track device performance and set security and protection levels. With cloud block storage, the cloud vendor takes on all the maintenance and administration of the storage server, so you don’t have to worry. You can connect to the cloud storage through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Many common applications use block-level storage, including Microsoft Exchange and VMware, so you may already be taking advantage of block storage in your business life without even realizing it.

Block Storage’s Benefits

If all you need is a place to put files, TechRepublic recommends file-level storage, but if you’re looking for extensible storage options, cloud block storage can’t be beat. It offers faster speeds, greater reliability and faster performance than a file-based storage system. Block storage can also be formatted differently to accommodate a range of file systems that might be required by an application.

Consider these applications of block-level storage:

  • Move stored data to your block storage and then delete the contents of your server. Since everything is on the block storage, costs are kept down by paying only for the capacity you’re using.
  • Lend more storage to applications and databases that demand a high level of space, freeing up room on your solid state drive (SSD) for other applications.
  • Enhance the storage space of a cloud server without paying additional costs for cloud space.
  • Use the extra space to increase system speed and performance.
  • Keep computing costs low by paying only for the resources you need at any given time.
  • Use block storage for databases, applications, files or a combination.

A reputable cloud company can help you get started with block storage, monitor your block storage and perform all the necessary system maintenance and upgrades. See for yourself why businesses have taken to block storage to increase capacity and lower costs.

We’re with the Band: Choosing the Best Web Hosting Environment for Your Music

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By Sharon Florentine

Sharon Florentine is a freelance writer who covers everything from data center technology to holistic veterinary care and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.

Cloud_musicThe advent of the Internet, social media and digital music has completely revolutionized the traditional recording industry. Music communities – whether general “gatherings” for music appreciation or virtual spaces for fans of specific bands – are springing up all over cyberspace, and giving musicians a highly visible and affordable way to promote their music and expand their audiences.

When deciding on a web hosting provider for your music oriented website, make sure the one you choose offers an easy-to-use interface that enables you to update your music, graphics, images and news quickly and simply; you’re most likely a musician, not a tech support specialist!

Most web hosting providers have the ability to host email as well, a tool that can be invaluable for a band or musicians. Building and maintaining email lists can help you keep your fans informed of your upcoming shows and upcoming releases, in addition to the connection and exposure you’ll get through social media sites like Facebook and Google+. A few music-specific web sites also offer radio broadcasting access and the ability to stream music and videos digitally.

If you are going to take advantage of these capabilities, however, you should consider using a Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) to deliver your videos, music and images quickly and efficiently to viewers and fans.

Basically, a CDN is a number of highly optimized web servers located around the globe that cache static content. When users access your site, static content – like images, videos, digital music files and the like—will be delivered from the server that’s closest to their physical location. For musicians, bands and other music industry specific sites that are heavy on graphics and photos, or for media-heavy and streaming media sites, a CDN is especially valuable. Combined with a cloud storage service, you can store, manage and distribute your music to fans around the globe.

When music lovers visit your site, they don’t want to wait for long load times, choppy video streaming or interruptions to the song they’re trying to listen to. With a CDN and a web hosting provider optimized for music, you’ll more easily be able to distribute your music, video, images and other content to users and fans almost instantly, and delivering that kind of instant gratification they’ve come to expect. And the better their experience with your site, the more likely they are to share your music, generating an even larger audience for you.

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How To Promote My Business On Facebook

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Promotion is a big part of making your business known to a wider audience and gaining the trust of potential clients. You need to spread the word about all the good services you provide or the affordable prices of your high-quality products.

Brand recognition is what you are gunning for, so you want to make your company visible to the modern shopper. Online businesses in particular are in a dire need of internet promotion and good marketing strategies. A good place to start your marketing campaign is one of the popular social media networks. Facebook is a very easy platform to use, and is therefore very popular with a lot of people. It is a good place to promote your business since the users come from all walks of life, so you are targeting as large of an audience as you can.

Facebook is notorious for its constant evolution, so you might need to revisit your approach as the site changes its layout and the various options it offers its users. You can’t have a personal page where you try to shoehorn in some articles and pictures that relate to your business. Your business won’t make it too far if all you do is spam your friends with information on your business. There is a right way to go about this, and Facebook is quite accommodating when it comes to creating business related pages. Here is a quick breakdown of the necessary steps you need to take.

Create a dedicated page for your business

Once upon a time people where very fond of creating general purpose pages known as groups on Facebook, but nowadays you have a multitude of options that relate to your specific needs. You can select between a local business, a company or even products you wish to create a profile for. You will need to add a picture of your company logo and some basic information for a start. Once you get started there are many options you can work with. Customizable settings include:

1) Your settings
2) Permissions
3) Information
4) Resources

You will be able to choose whether you want to use Facebook logged in as your standard personal account or as the company account. It is easy enough to switch between the two, so you don’t have to mix your work with your personal life.

Some companies will deal with products and materials that might be age restricted (i.e. guns or alcohol) so they can use the age restriction options to make sure they only get the audience they are legally allowed to promote their services to.

Other useful options the profanity blocklist, which will help to further exclude undesirable customers from your business page, and the ability to regulate who can and can’t add posts, pictures and videos to your wall. Under basic information you will be able to provide a link to your official website, your phone and address, a short description and additional notable facts like the date when the company was founded, any awards that the company has won and listing your main products. To check how this works on real business example, visit volkswagen parts official Facebook page here.

Spend some time fine tuning your page

There are other useful options you can use to set up your page just the way you like it. Options like social plugins, where you can add various functions. You can have people like your page, but there is also the option to let them send the content of your page to their friends and spread the word, recommendations of pages on your site the user might like and a grouping of pictures of the people that have like your page. These options help give people a more interactive experience and the social component that is the main reason they are on Facebook in the first place. You also have the “Advertise on Facebook” option which helps you with getting more likes or promoting your page posts. Feel free to look around and tweak all the little settings available to you so that your fans can get the most of your page.

Some last minute advice

Once your page is set up and you have done everything you can to make it accessible to the wider Facebook community, you will want to keep the people updated on any new developments in your company or on your official website. Provide useful information and visit the comments section for some user feedback, but don’t forget to answer people’s questions and report the trolls. If people like what they see, information on your company will spread by word of mouth very quickly, making it easier than ever to get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer.

The benefits and advantages of professional web design and SEO

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In the recent past it has been proven that more than sensible to publish ads and commercial advertisements all over the real world, even on television. Suddenly with the gradual rise of advertising in the internet it has all of sudden become evident that advertising through the Internet are the best way to go beyond all other forms of marketing and advertising whether it is for a specific service or business or if anyone just want to achieve more notice through his/her own personal website-SEO company. It is one of the best ways to go earlier than anywhere else.


Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that can provide extremely beneficial outcomes. The positive results of SEO have seen a gradual increase in the several companies, from numerous industries, which are now focused on investing a large amount of the company budget in owning the highest positions in respect of the search engines. Search Engine optimization can also be considered as a sequence of practices which can influence the website’s rank in the search results.

The main aim behind the implementation of an SEO campaign is the improvement in the SEO rankings. The benefits of gaining higher rankings on SEO results pages are that it increases recognition, syndicating the websites to other external web sites.

The standards of the SEO Company dictate that the individual website and its customer come first while choosing SEO Bendigo. Residing in the Bendigo region can be a huge plus side when talking about SEO Bendigo with the aim of advertising a particular website or attracting an audience. But, the problem with it is that one need to exactly know how to attract the majority of the audience. The concept of SEO in the field of marketing is no doubt a very confusing matter that cannot be dealt without the suggestion of an expert SEO company, like Bendigo or something other.

Web design Melbourne associates or SEO Bendigo can help in all sorts of SEO Bendigo needs. It is also very helpful in teaching the fundamentals of website designing, in order to attract the majority portion of the desired audience for whom the website was designed. Websites are a very important part of any business organization. Search engine marketing is arguably considered to be a very cost efficient in comparison to other methods of marketing.

In the world of Internet marketing and online advertising things often becomes a bit hectic and for this reason need to be an independent and strong SEO business behind each and every step to ensure that the business is run in a top quality manner.

Web designing is extremely significant. Once it is done efficiently, it can attract maximum people and can increase the traffic of the website. This can increase the earning of the company. This is the main reason why the companies give great emphasis on hiring efficient expertise web designers. It is the tendency of the society to look at the attractive things and fall in love with them

How Website Designers Can Head Better With Website Headers?

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Website is your introduction to the virtual being of an entity alive online, and header of the website is your introduction to the being (website) itself. In fact, it is the header of a website that really captures attention of web audiences initially and the matter of scrolling down to contents of a web page comes later. This should serve more than enough to help readers realize the significance of an appropriate header (or header section, to be more generic) in convincing online audiences to stay engaged or leave a particular web page.

Conventional rectangular header images (almost in all cases) seem to have been there ever since infinity (in perspective of lifespan of internet!), and for the right purposes. However, today we see some genuine website designers redefining the approach (make sure to differentiate between approach and “purpose”) of employing headers in their design solutions, helping web design industry leap further towards innovation and creativity.

This article describes few aspects of website headers, knowing which will greatly help contemporary website designers in catching positive response from their targeted audience, making it convenient for businesses to seek better business opportunities.

Old is Gold!!! Is it Really?

It is not about defying this age old truth; but in case of website headers, one needs to redefine the authenticity of this particular statement. Experts suggest that things in web designing have gone much farther from times when conventional rectangular website headers could suffice for survival of a website in this ever evolving and ever competitive virtual world. Only exception in this case could be a scenario where a few years old website with huge fan following might not have to worry about immediately changing their conventional header. For businesses pursuing online presence in recent times, something newer, unique, and different is needed to be able to satisfy increasing demands of web audience. The problem concerns knowing some effective ways of actually doing so, and the points listed below are meant to address this issue:

I. Submerging

There is definitely no need to take it in literal sense. You might be surprised to know how sometimes simple things can work out great in challenging situations; submerging in this case, for example. Experts suggest that simply merging header image with rest of the site can be different, attractive, and yet effective to satisfy aesthetic qualms of present day web audience.

II. Inducing Dynamism in a Different Manner

Dynamism has a lot to say about current trends of website designs. Every website is looking to add dynamism, particularly in their headers, and almost all of them are going for typical jQuery codes for doing so. To many people’s surprise, dynamism can still be infused by being a bit different and (though still using jQuery if that pleases you) going for sleeker looking unconventional header images.

III. Ditching Rectangles

This can be yet another simple yet effective manner of differentiating your header images. Conventional rectangular headers have more than served their purpose and it is about time that web designers ditch them with due honor and respect, while moving towards exploring better alternatives. Instead of following a particular approach, it is much better to achieve the same objective with some versatility and effectiveness.


Being different is not some easy ball game; one has to face a lot of resistance and criticism doing so. However, if people stop thinking different, the world could be much less colorful, vibrant, and lively place to be. Make sure to be among website designers who herald the change by heeding to the information stated above.


Social Page Builder: Facebook Fan Page Builder

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Facebook is a fun and interesting way to reach the online masses, whether it’s for your blog, website, or ecommerce site. With over 750 million account holders, all over the world, you are more than likely to attract the audience you are looking for through a well designed Facebook fan page. But the only problem is most of the generic tools provided by Facebook are not appealing enough to maintain the attention of your audience. To fill this gap Social Page Builder is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and templates to develop a truly unique and appealing Facebook fan page.


When it comes to online marketing, there are various methods that have been available to website owners, such as pay per click programs, newsletters, banners, etc. Over time these methods of marketing have become saturated and unappealing, hence ineffective. With the current rise of Facebook, a social networking site, you can be able to tap into this steadily rising online audience and gain a greater exposure for products/services. Through social page builder, you can create a fan page that is appealing, and is able to convey your message more effectively.


Social page builder comes packed with a variety of multi layered templates that you can easily edit, to make your own design. You can develop up to 15 different fan pages, with their own individual tabs to gain some feedback from users.  You can set up “like” tabs, and links to your website, for easy access to your products/services. To make the design process clear and easy to do, social page builder come equipped with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) feature. You can also input HTML code into the interface, for more personalized themes, such as contact forms. It is designed to be user friendly, though the better your understanding of Photoshop and other visual design methods, the better you chances at developing a really good Facebook fan page.


In our test, we found it a bit tricky to use on Mozilla Firefox, but worked just fine while using internet explorer.  Make sure to subscribe to the company’s newsletters, after subscription. They offer various guides and handy tips that will keep you updated on the latest trends currently being used in the market. Social page builder is a really good option, for someone looking to tap into the Facebook social audience. The set up costs will vary, depending on the type of subscription you want.