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WSU’s Alumni Center Revamped By The Home Interior Design Students

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Three-decade-old John and Telitha E. Lindquist Alumni Center at Weber State University is famous for a number of reasons. It hosts events and gatherings for the campus groups, alumni meetings and community events. The interior design students are responsible to revamp it. The executive director of Alumni Center, Nancy Collinwood is happy with the work of the students. She adds that they have shown a professional quality in their work.

WSU’s Alumni Center Revamped By The Home Interior Design Students

The renovation is to be held in three phases continuing for a period of three years. The first phase is almost complete. The second phase consists of designing the kitchen bathroom and boardroom. She wants the presence of the Weber State University students in the second phase too. She adds that they have been present right from the beginning. They have decorated the interior and a part of the campus. She is proud of the fact that the interior design students are their experts. The students got an opportunity to connect themselves with the exclusive activity of the university. Three different groups of students submitted their designs and received feedback. The designs were then combined together.

The interior design was meant to give everybody a feel of pride of being a part of Weber State University. The modernized up gradation highlights the architecture of the building. The focus is also on the Signature color scheme of the Weber state University. History is perfectly blended with the modern art to suit a place where everybody feels welcome. A faculty member of the interior design department, Jacie Johnson said that the occasion gave a platform to the students. They got a chance to view the professional side of their course, at the same time they learnt to handle the problems and work within budget. Last but not least, they had an experience.

A senior at Weber State University, Arrakis Rasmussen is selected as the chief interior designer for the project. She was in charge of supervision and guiding the team. The successful completion of the project is a part of her wholehearted effort. After her work, she is glad that she was a part of the project as it has helped her to gather experience. The project was extremely beneficial to her, she exclaims. She foresees the future when she will enter the hall and the boardroom as alumni and feel proud to be a part of the masterpiece.

Nancy Collinwood is impressed with the way the things have worked out. The elegance is in perfect blend with heritage of the building. Nancy elaborates that this amalgamation of the two signifies the picture the institution stands for.

After being founded in the year 1983, The Lindquist Alumni Center was a meeting place for the Wildcats both the past and the present. This week the university hosted its first event after the renovation and redecorating of the center. They want to invite everyone in the grand center and make them feel a part of the place. The designs would act as a catalyst to enhance the glory of the place.

2 Of the Best Web Design Prototyping Tools

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So you are at your home, thinking of a cool design idea, and a great one comes in your mind. But you still have that piece of doubt in your little heart. Will it turn out to be as good as i think it is gonna be? Is the color scheme at the lowest div right? Did i make a mistake when deciding the font for the menu and menu items? And bla bla bla bla bla….

Do not worry your pretty little head about it, because i got the perfect tools for you to solve exactly that problem.

I am sure that prototyping is not a new concept for you ( it is pretty old for users of Adobe Indesign and similar prototyping software) but doing it with twitter bootstrap and foundation, using only your mouse? HTML5 Prototyping is a damn awesome concept that should not be passed off simply because you can create the most realistic mock-up (and with realistic, i mean most close to reality when you are going to be testing your website’s design).

I will give you as an example my favorite one out of the tools similar to this:

1 – Easel.IO

Easel.IO is simply a gift from God in times where you need to pull a fast and beautiful mock-up. It has many fonts that you can choose, you can build a bootstrap or foundation template, you have the option to put widgets from those two UI frameworks, and change their themes.

I especially liked that it had the Proxima Nova font out of the box in it, and i was able to pull a very fast and beautiful HTML5 responsive mock-up (kept myself on using the HTML5 convertor that gives me my mock-up in it’s HTML and CSS state though, because of ugly syntax and class names). It’s an awesome tool.

2 – Moqups

I guess their creators will be able to explain much better than i could explain my own words, here they are:

Moqups is a nifty HTML5 App used to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts, prototypes
depending on how you like to call them.

Moqups is a google docs looking like HTML5 application, that has a toolbar like in Visual Studio with a list of widgets you can use, widgets for iPhone like the on and off slider if you are building iPhone apps, and thousands of other features like icons that you can add to your mock-up.


So these are the top 2 HTML5 and Graphic prototyping tools that i use. I would suggest the Easel.IO one for trying the web designs that you are doing, and the Moqup one for doing other kinds of design such as UML, database design, and mock-ups for your marketing tactics and stuff unrelated to web design.

But whatever tool you are using, always remember to not have your mockups lack in important details and features!

Prototyping is not enough as you need to be a good designer too, so do not forget to learn good principles too.

Thanks for the read and keep it up!