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How to make a gif online: gif creator

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At this present moment, the importance of GIF is increasing at a fast pace. Be it a youngster group or any adult, this GIF making business is now becoming a major way to light up any mood, no matter how gloomy it is. The best part is that making such videos, with some collaborative pieces of images is not at all tough, as it seems to be. People are requested to get acquainted with the best online GIF making tools, as availed from reliable sources. These tools are free of cost and with few simple steps, for attending the final result.

Ways to make GIF

There are some easy and simple steps, which you need to follow, while making GIF videos from images. For the first and most important step, you need to get all your pictures handy, so that you can use it whenever the right time comes. For the best step, you need to find the right online generating tools, which can help in your favor. Make sure to log onto first and start looking for the right options, accordingly. You just need to put the photos in right group and let the software do its course.

Follow the steps proficiently

As a primary step, you are asked to upload pictures. Just make sure to click on upload button and select the number of images, you want in your video. Always remember that the length of these videos is quite small, therefore; do not overcrowd it with too many pictures. For the next step, you are asked to arrange the images in right and proportionate manner. You have to drag and drop the images here is so that you can get the right placement like never before. Adjust the specified options and also make sure to adjust the delay so that the speed of your made GIF is quite normal.

Last generating steps

After you have adjusted the pictures and everything else, you can click on generate button and let the software do its own course. After you are done making your GIF, you have the liberty to download the video and even try and share the links with your friends. Once you are logged in, you GIF will be stored within the image page, saved against your name. All the pictures are unlimited in nature and you can avail the final result, absolutely free of cost. There is no such limit for number, as related to images.


iOnRoad Augmented Reality: Rave Reviews Pour In

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There has been a great deal of chatter in recent months about leaps forward in technology that will allow vehicles to drive themselves. Imagine a world in which your morning and evening commute were done for you with the touch of a button? Life would certainly be less stressful without the perils of traffic and the dangers of reckless drivers. While self-driving cars may be a few years away still, there are apps available for smartphones that can help us navigate to and from destinations with a little more ease.

iOnRoad Augmented Reality: Rave Reviews Pour In

What it is and How it Works

Recently an app was released for Android devices entitled iOnRoad. The app is what’s known as an augmented reality app and is designed to assist drivers during any commute. It is not designed to help the driver control the vehicle, but it is designed to help heighten a driver’s awareness of their surroundings and provide added safety to any commute.

The device works using GPS chips installed inside all modern smartphones to track the position of the vehicle at all times. This feature works in concert with the device’s camera, tracking the position of the driver’s vehicle as well as other vehicles on the road. In order to operate the driver’s smartphone must be mounted to the windshield of the vehicle.

Specific Features

The primary feature and function of iOnRoad is to provide driver’s with information about their vehicle’s movements and those of the vehicles around them in traffic. Two primary features of the app include collision detection and headway distance monitoring.

Collision detection is exactly what it sounds like. The app uses information it collects through the camera and GPS to determine the speed and distance between the driver’s vehicle and those around them on the road. The app can then alert the driver to possible collisions when vehicles are too close, begin to stray from their lane, or if the driver begins to stray from their lane.

The Headway Distance Monitoring is similar to the collision detection and alert feature, but it seeks to point out possible accidents. This feature measures the distance between the nearest vehicle in front of drivers and, calculating speed of both vehicles and safe stopping distances, alerts drivers of possible accidents.

Additional Features

The app has more features than simple collision detection and headway monitoring. There is a one-button photo capture feature that saves photos from a drive of landmarks or cars that the driver might want to keep, automatically storing them in a gallery.

A parking reminder feature will mark a GPS location on a map when a vehicle is parked somewhere and even store a photo snapshot of the parking space, allowing drivers to easily find their vehicle in a big city or unfamiliar place. The app also has a feature that reads aloud incoming text messages to prevent the urge for drivers to pick up and visibly read text messages while driving.

Reviews are In

Numerous tech critics have taken iOnRoad for a test drive and the reviews are largely positive. The collision detection, headway monitoring, and other alerts performed well in most tests and earned the app high marks. Other features mentioned above were viewed as added benefits, but not really seen as game changers. Given the app is a free download, anyone lacking a luxury car with these features built-in standard could gain a lot of assistance from iOnRoad to make their daily commute a little safer.

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Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud Computing Era?

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Technology has, once again, ushered in a new era when it comes to data sharing and storage. It’s called cloud computing, and it is projected to be the norm for businesses everywhere within a matter of just a few years. However, the best time for you to get in the know and start using this technology to your advantage is now.

What is cloud computing? This is a relatively new term for a technological advancement that has been in the making for a long time. Basically, cloud computing refers to data storage space and computing power that is delivered through the Internet–or the “cloud”–and is bought and sold like a commodity.

What can cloud computing do for your business? While it is true that this revolution is still taking shape, it is also true that cloud computing currently offers some very immediate and obvious advantages that could benefit any business. When you store and share your data through cloud computing, you don’t have to purchase and maintain physical storage and processing units. This can equate to thousands of dollars saved on hardware, software, and licensing costs. Additionally, when you choose a service provider that offers the utmost in web security (see below), you are placing all of your data in a storage “unit” that is easily accessible, and possibly safer than more traditional, on-site methods.

Finding a service provider. The fastest and easiest way to get your business started with cloud computing is to choose a service provider. A quick search of the Internet will reveal a wide array of cloud computing service providers; however, they are not all created equal. Additionally, not all of them specialize in the particular needs of a business. Therefore, you should do careful research before you sign any contract with a cloud computing service provider. For business, you need to be especially conscientious when it comes to verifying the provider’s security measures; data encryption is key.

Time is of the essence. As you well know, the market for any business right now is extremely competitive and that means you must make constant efforts to keep up. Fortunately for you, those getting in on cloud computing right now are essentially starting at the ground floor, and there is still plenty of space for you to make your way in. You can try out new software development teams, storage devices, or anything else you can imagine.

Cloud computing can bring your business operations to a new level. It’s just a matter of getting the right information and making the conversion from more traditional data computing and storage methods. Fortunately, that conversion is relatively straightforward to accomplish. The time to begin cloud computing is now.