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Why Corporate Data Verification Services Gaining New Heights Of Popularity

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Employees are considered to be the strong foundation that helps in building a great organization. That’s the reason why it is quite imperative that businesses must undertake effective recruitment practices, including pre-screening of job applicant. It is undoubtedly an investment for prosperous organizations as it helps in inhibiting forth coming problems.

Albeit, the staffing scams are on the rise, searching genuine and proficient talent in quick time has become bit challenging for businesses of all sizes across different industry verticals. It involves huge volume of expenditure and one need to stay in compliant while lessening the possibility of hiring a wrong candidate. This is something that organisations, regardless of size, must always focus on during the recruitment process.

Well, the jeo pardies of on-boarding candidates with counterfeited resume, falsified education certificates and criminal pasts can badly impact successful operation of your organization and may even create bad reputation.

Comprehensive data verification services for background checks have become essential for businesses to get hands on unbiased info or opinion from at third party verification professional agency, before offering any formal appointment letter to an unknown entity.

Data verification service

Is something that is suggested for all personnel. As per the estimates, it has been revealed that near about 35% of the applications and resumes submitted by the job applications contains forged or false information. Job responsibility, educational qualification or designation is exaggerated. However, there are numerous economical solutions guaranteeing exhaustive employment inquiries by third party verification mavens.

Through this post, we shall learn about why corporate data verification services have gained new heights of popularity amid businesses across the globe over past few years.

It goes without saying that there have been rising instances of resume frauds even at senior levels positions, which has indeed been the driving force for the businesses to seek assistance from data verification services providing firms.

These firms assist you from providing basic background verification reports mainly comprising of candidate’s name, job title, tenure of employment, reason behind leaving, eligibility for rehire and salary history to criminal history record check and permanent/temporary address details thorough check.

Here are some of the featured services that you can leverage by outsourcing data verification services to third party inquiry agency:

Comprehensive employment history check

This provision of the data verification services can help you fetch complete information about applicant’s previous employment history. The verification specialists exhaustively look for information such as job responsibility, designation, salary, award and other related achievements. Apart from this, they even provide you report contains applicant’s performance parameters. This majorly includes in depth roles and responsibilities, communication skills, professional strengths and weaknesses, inter-personal skills, time-management skills and much more. This way you can be assured with the fact that the information furnished by the candidate you planning to take on board is genuine or not.

Criminal background check

Verification specialists put in efforts to probe on identity check. This way they are able to find out whether the candidate who has applied for job opening has ever been involved in any heinous crime or not. An in-depth investigation is carried out to ensure that the candidate has presented you with correct information or not. It has become quite imperative to do so. Growing number of crimes as well as terrorism across the globe has made it really significant to get the complete verification done and only then hire any person in your company.

Temporary or permanent address check

In this provision of data verification services, data verifiers goes for field visit and enquires about the applicant from their neighbors to get a clear idea about candidate’s background.

Education verification

This type of third party verification is recommended most of the times when you are filling up any senior position in your company. For instance, if you are planning to hire a marketing manager then you needs to get the information related to the institution from where he or she had completed their education are right or not. In order to check this, the data verifiers connect with institutes, colleges and schools to confirm whether the certificates furnished by the candidate are correct or not.

Drug and abuse check

This is one of the most critical aspect of the data verification services. Do you think about having drug and abuse free work environment in your company? If yes, then you must consider outsourcing verification services to a reliable agency. This way you will be able to reduce workplace violence, reduction in theft cases and even lower rate of absenteeism.

In a nutshell, the only solution to these rising problems is to get comprehensive background check through robust data verification services, rather than turning blind eye to this critical aspect of the recruitment process. If you tend to do so, possibilities are high that you may end up hiring wrong candidate and have to bear the consequences of the same in near future.