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Top 6 Harmless Teeth Whitening Methods Every Dentist Recommends

Top 6 Harmless Teeth Whitening Methods Every Dentist Recommends

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Christmas has almost arrived, and soon there will be a grand new year quickly followed by a romantic season of Valentine’s Day. How would you face your favorite people, your loved ones and adorable friends without a sparkling bare-teeth smile? There is a lot you would like to do in order to impress and mingle with nears and dears in your life. Smile as we know can put a positive impression on people. Having shiny white teeth ensures you have the power to flaunt your cheerful charm and capture people’s attention with magnetic smile.

This is where your dentist will help you look your best with a fascinating smile that can win million hearts. Whether you want to earn that smile on immediate basis or are ready to spend a few days in the teeth whitening process, you will always have one good treatment that suits your dental needs without killing your budget. Here we have summed up top 7 safe teeth whiteners as recommended by experienced dentists.

Top 6 Harmless Teeth Whitening Methods Every Dentist Recommends

Teeth-whitening Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth gently with effective teeth-whitening Toothpaste is the easiest method to give your teeth white look. Since there is no hard techniques involved, anyone with average understanding can do it at home under dentist’s common instructions. Within a week, you can see a much improved, whiter and brighter smile on your face provided you practice it at least two times a day. This special toothpaste consists of hydrogen peroxide to 1% to 1.5% concentration. This solution will clean the surface level stains but not deeper stains received from drinking lack coffee or red wine.

Rinse it White

Those who do not prefer to brush often can resort to much easier method: Rinsing. It can take as little as 60 seconds to do the full mouthwash with rinse solution. Whitening rinses have also hydrogen peroxide as the main chemical that helps make your teeth look white. The only routine you need to maintain is to wash your mouth every morning and at night holding and moving the solution in your mouth for a few good seconds. Some rinses are far more effective than whitening pastes and they leave noticeable results within a week.

Teeth Whitening Strips

The use of whitening strips has also become popular especially when it comes to seeking at-home teeth whitening methods. Your dentist might tell you how it is done if you are going to apply it home. Usually, you can keep it in your mouth for about an hour each day. They also contain hydrogen peroxide in high concentration up to 10%. The more you keep plastic strip in touch with the surface of teeth, more effect you will get to experience.

Natural Teeth-whitening Remedies

Natural at-home teeth whitening treatments are also popular among people who do not like to opt for artificial chemical solutions for improving oral health. You will find a lot of scrubs and pastes that have mild bleaching properties and help remove ugly stains. You can experience lighter shade in your teeth. To achieve excellent results, you can blend it with lemon juice or strawberries along with natural abrasive scrubs like salt or baking soda. These ingredients together create an efficacious and harmless natural teeth-whitening solution that you can apply to scrub away stains without visiting any dentist.

Top 6 Harmless Teeth Whitening Methods Every Dentist Recommends

Professional Teeth Whitening Products

Dentists recommend whitening your teeth under their professional supervision and instructions to get maximum results and reduce risks. For enhanced, quick results professional teeth whitening products have HP that varies from 10% to 15% and they are applied using a mold that is tailored to fit your mouth.

Laser Whitening at Clinic

Laser bleaching technique is becoming quite popular for confident teeth whitening. However, the name laser does not mean there is involvement of lasers in the process. You can consult with your dentist to give it a go. Technically, in this method, halogen, LED or plasma arc light is used and certain concentration of HP gel is applied to your teeth. You will need to wait for 30-60 minutes while the light works on hydrogen peroxide gel to perform bleaching process.

The Diet Strategy For Dental Care

The Diet Strategy For Dental Care

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Often we do not realize the importance of dental care in our daily life. It is just not limited to your chewing but is considered a personality component too. Only if you can chew well, you digest well, and health remains good. The eating lifestyle very much influences the future dental care. This is reason the parents in older times had a good teeth health as compared to their kids nowadays.

Irregular gum and teeth care leads decaying, teeth loss and root issues. Sometimes the dental issues are the indications of some health disorder. For example, diabetes, sinus infection, and some similar body disorders directly impact your gums and teeth health. It simply signifies that a healthy body keep oral health balanced.

Cavities are considered to be the most common issues among children and adults. Most of us face this issue once in our childhood. The plaque build up creates the bacterial infection in the tooth which constitutes acidic reactions that lead to the cavity. The moment cavity gets up to the nerve area, it starts giving pain and may lead to gum infection. It is suggested to treat the cavities as soon as you figure them out.

The Diet Strategy For Dental Care

Gum inflammation is another common oral issue. You can easily revoke it in starting phase of occurrence. However, the negligence might lead to gingivitis. Bacterial infection takes places which lead to decay of gum tissues. This is non-reversible.  The common symptoms are bleeding gums, bad breath, and teeth pain.

Deficiency of nutrients also shows up in oral health as a symptom. The low vitamin and mineral levels in the blood may lead to bad teeth and gum health. Protein is responsible for teeth tissues and structure development. Calcium enhances the mineralization in teeth structure and similarly zinc, phosphorus, iron plays their own role. Deficiency of any of them might directly affect the oral health.

Foods to Consume for Good Oral Health

Vegetables and Proteins

It is suggested to consume fresh vegetables and proteins while eliminating processed foods. Vegetables are the rich source of vitamins and minerals while protein adds the strength to the teeth.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is readily available in the form of capsules. A doctor’s prescription is required to consume it. They are the rich source of proteins.

Green Tea

It contains the antioxidants which are helpful in eliminating bacteria from oral boundaries and provide the strength to the teeth.

Whole Grains

Whole grains have the good amount of minerals and elements which promotes the dental health.


Fruits are the source of natural sugar.  Eliminate foods with processed sugar and instead consume it in natural form for better dental care.

For a detailed diet structure and healthy practices, a dental care expert in Chatswood would be of great help. The expert. From simple to most complicated case of dental issues, a personalized sitting with the dentist is always suggested. It is quite beneficial to revoke the dental problems at earlier stages.

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