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Investing In Precious Metals 101

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Precious metals have always been recognized as valuable, as their name clearly portraits it. Their value is especially significant in times of crises, such as war, political or economic. Unfortunately, we are all aware that all of them are constantly present throughout the world, which makes investment in precious metals always a current topic. However, it is not as simple as preparing a sum of money and buying some precious metal for safety. Investing in precious metals is a complex process; let us cover everything you need to know about it.  

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Gold’s unique durability has made it a sought after material since the dawn of time. Although it has industrial applications, dentistry and electronics in particular, it is best known and mostly used in jewelry production, as well as a currency. The price of gold is determined on a daily basis. In turmoil times it is increasingly sought after as a means of safety. For example, if there are any local or global financial concerns of such proportions that banks and money are deemed as unstable, the price of gold rises since the demand for it increases. In times of inflation, it is desired as an asset whose value is constant and even increased. Lastly, in war time conditions, it is always more convenient to have all your savings or property turned into the form of 100 oz gold bars that can be conveniently carried and traded or sold whenever and wherever needed.

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Compared to gold, price fluctuations of silver are more volatile.  The main reason for this is the fact that the silver is perceived as both a store of value and an industrial metal, particularly in battery industry and superconductor and microcircuit applications. What this means in practice is that the price of silver may fluctuate significantly, especially if compared to gold. Therefore, investing in silver can be both very beneficial and utterly devastating, all depending on the purchase and sale timing.

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Platinum is the third on the list of precious metals worth investing in. It is regularly traded throughout the world and is usually of higher value than gold in times of political and financial stability. Just like silver, its price is determined by industrial use as well. Platinum is used in auto and computer industry, jewelry production and petroleum and chemistry refineries. All of the above makes platinum the most volatile of all precious metals, which means that a special care is required when investment timing is concerned.

Investing In Precious Metals 101

Investment Options

There are several investment options and which should be chosen depends solely on your level of expertise, future plans and current conditions. For example, golden certificates are of equal benefit as physical gold ownership without having to think about storage. However, in times of real physical danger, such as war, they will be rough to trade for practical goods. On the other hand, Exchange traded funds are a convenient worldwide accepted manner of buying and selling precious metals. Investing in stock and mutual funds that have shares in mining companies is another option, particularly when it comes to silver and platinum. Lastly, buying antique coins and newly minted ones is also an established and practical investment option, especially when storage options are limited.

Do not overinvest

Due to precious metals volatile nature, investment in them should be seen as leverage for other investments and savings and way of securing your future for possible dire situations. What this also means is that your precious metal investments need to be counterbalanced with other type of investment in case something drastic happens at the precious metals market. In other words, do not overinvest in them in order not to endanger your present and future financial stability.

To sum up, investing in precious metals is all about proper judgment, timing and leaves no room for hazardousness. If you feel you fit the profile or trust a professional that does, give it a serious thought and by all means start small.  

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Adventure Guide – Where To Find Lost Treasures Around The World

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Did you know that there are still many lost treasures hidden around the world? There are actually hundreds of valuable stashes of gold, jewels, and other treasures that have never been found. Pirate treasure, sunken ships, and treasures lost along the way of these historic voyages are scattered across the globe. If you fancy yourself a treasure hunter, you will enjoy visiting the following locations to hunt for hidden gems.

Adventure Guide - Where To Find Lost Treasures Around The World

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Lost Treasure of King John

The lost treasure of King John is currently lost somewhere in the United Kingdom. This treasure has been lost since 1216. It has an estimated value of $70,000,000. The treasure consists of silver, gold cups, crown jewels, gold coins, and much more. The treasure was lost when King John separated from his soldiers on a trip to NewarkCastle. His soldiers traveled through the marshes and were trapped by the tide. The carts were lost and never recovered. To this day, treasure hunters scour the marshes of the UK for signs of the treasure.

The City of Paititi

Paititi is the true city of cold. When the Spanish fought the Incans in 1572, they escaped to the rainforests of Brazil with all their gold. The estimated value of this collection of treasure is over $10 billion dollars. It contains all the treasures of Incan gold and artifacts of that time. If you fancy yourself a treasure hunter, you can travel to the Brazilian rainforests to hunt for the treasure in the ancient settlements located there.

Kruger Millions

During the Second Anglo-Boer War, Dutch settlers in South Africa hid their gold to keep it away from the invading British. Boer President, Paul Kruger is believed to have made off with most of the treasures. However, some of the gold was left behind, and is hidden somewhere in the North Eastern Transvaal of Africa. The current value of this treasure is estimated at $250 million, and contains mostly gold coins and ingots.

Flor de le Mar

The Flower of the Sea was a large Portuguese frigate built in 1502. The ship was loaded with a large treasure and set sail onto the sea. However, the boat was lost in a storm in the Straits of Malacca. The ship wrecked on the reefs of Sumatra and the gold sank to the bottom of the sea. To this day, the treasure has yet to be uncovered. The estimated value of this treasure is set at $2.6 billion dollars, and mostly consists of gold and silver bullion and coins.

The San Miguel Treasure Fleet

Spain needed funds in 1712, and the country sent a fleet of treasure ships from Cuba to help give the country much-needed cash. The fleet set out just before hurricane season to deter pirates, but the plan backfired. The fleet was lost in a hurricane seven days after leaving the harbor. Half of the treasure was recovered, but the other half remains lost to this day. On the islands around Cuba, some treasure still washes up from the fleet every now and then. Seven of the ships have now been located, but much of the treasure and some of the ships are still lost. It has an estimated value of $2 billion dollars.

If you happen to find any of the hidden treasure on your adventures, you probably won’t be able to keep most of it, but you might get to keep a piece or two of what you find. You may even turn up some other treasure that has been lost along the way. If you do recover ancient jewelry or gold, take it to a jewelry repair store like The Gold Cobbler to clean and repair the antique piece.