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A Novel Outlook Towards The Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization – a process that accommodates a humongous data and information inside it. There are many websites and SEO experts who are following this data, which proportionately affects their working process. In fact the SEO professionals are having a tough time with the Google’s algorithm changes. In accordance to the Penguin 2.0 update in May, all of these professionals have been evaluating their link profiles to ensure a secure process.

A Novel Outlook Towards The Search Engine Optimization

As far as the first version of Penguin update is concerned, it did mention that the quality of the links matter more than the quantity. Hence no one should ever outsmart Google’s algorithm, since there always lays a chance of the web portal being penalized.

Link building has always been the major part of SEO, henceforth this becomes very important for every webmaster and search engine marketers to understand and define the term good link. Google will certainly never have come out with a definite description of a Good Link. Nevertheless one can figure out a handful of qualities, which together will form out a Good Link.

To list some of these qualities are:

Application/ Relevance:

Relevance or so to say appropriate application of a link to your website niche is what can be defined as a Good Link. A link from a trusted and legalized site is what that will help rank the website well in the various search engines. Instead of being happy with a high-quality link one must be assure that whether it is relevant to the portal or not and is exactly appropriate of being established in the website.

The major question has always been “Would this link drive me the kind of traffic I want for my portal?”. An answer to which will help in fetching relevant links.


Google has always been very particular about the fact of the content being decidedly original. It mostly prefers for content written from a real perspective rather than writing it from the standpoint of search engines. A site that is trusted is always the catch to opt for a good link. At times it also depends on the content which describes the portal completely. Hence a link from the a recognized blogger or content creator does also brings on the same effect, or should we say is also relevant.

However defining the overall trust is not always easy, a few things that can actually help are:

  • A well-recognized search engine, which determines the age of the domain.
  • Recognizing for the Page Rank of the website, which does implies to some amount of insight into the portal.
  • A browser tool bar which can actually help out recognize and assess the quality of the domain, such as SEO Moz. This evaluates the domain authority, page authority and moz rank of the portal.


Google has a tendency to prefer for websites that is full of great content as a result of which people link to it naturally. For instance the famous Wikipedia establishes the most quality content. While the content there inside Wikipedia is not always relevant but it provides its readers with further information and explanations, due to which it is always loaded with quality of back-links.

This is the major reason for Wikipedia getting ranked by Google on the first page. Owing to its natural content it receives the most success.


It is always best when the links to the site are received from a variety of domains and sites. Numerous of links from a single source will most likely be viewed as an unnatural condition by Google. Rather it would always be preferred to have different sites endorsing your website.

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Renovating 101

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Renovating a residence and re modelling it  is an occupation that asks you to devote awful lot of time re-creating your property. Clearly, you are taken away with the situation your previous residence, bathroom or kitchen seems to be in and you would kive a deep breath of fresh air in the present situation. It is also a lead to of concern how much funds you would like to invest in the re-modelling work.
When seeking for home renovation we can be certain that we strategy to devote a good sum of time in the present location. Since, we would like to remain in the residence for a lengthy time, it is only right to renovate it as per your selections. There surely are no limits on how considerably you can spend in making a stunning property. But ahead of you invest it is a great idea to prepare your remain in the mentioned residence. If your plan is to use the premises for a constrained time then a handful of cosmetic fixes would be ideal for you. But it is also suggested that when you are carrying out these quick cosmetic fixes you maintain the larger picture in mind.

For instance, when you prepare to substitute the kitchen sink, it would be a great concept to go for the one that has more holes presently coz if you want it accomplished later it is going to be a strenuous task. Also one thing that you need to be actually aware of before you enter a renovation occupation is that it is going to be fairly a chaos which would final for fairly some time.
You need to also make positive to retain the services of a contractor who has a good track record of finishing assignments on time.

A background check out into the contractor’s prior jobs would be a very good move. The subsequent point to take care of would be to ensure that the renovation is in sync with your existing house décor. It would be a weird choice if you are renovating parts of your property into contemporary style when the rest of it is traditional. It would be a good concept to remain real with the specifics. If you have ample time at hand and are passionate about DIY (do-it-your self) then you need to probably go for it. Since nothing at all is as satisfactory as performing the items yourself, if you want any much more advice on the renovation job that is in your hand you can refer to the different instruction movies online. These can be actually beneficial of you get pleasure from carrying out things by yourself. The most important factor about renovation is to get up smaller sized duties at initial so that the sense of accomplishment is higher and you are motivated to move on to the next assignment!

But whatever is the change you do, remember to always keep up with the trends.

Thanks for the read and keep it up!