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Internet Marketing: Best way to promote your business

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Internet marketing is concerned with promoting the products online, which is totally different from normal marketing. In online marketing or internet marketing the website is made and for which there is  a need for good internet marketing company to create online presence amongst top rankers in results of search engine.  To determine the popularity and success of the website, business owners look for  the ranking of the website. A good ranking website can only be made if it has prominent keywords, faster loading  time for website, frequent updation of website and unique contents. Internet marketing is a game of numbers

SEO technique was introduced to assist the business owners  in getting high ranking for their website.Firstly, the layout and proper designing of the website is done, after that Internet Marketing company works with a SEO team via on page & off page optimization of a website. These both on-page and off page optimization require regular working  so as to extract large number of visitors through online search engine results.

Visitors or the users enter their keywords in search engines like Google , yahoo, Ask etc and look for required search engine results. It is important that the website must be amongst the top ten results of search engine so as to gain the maximum business opportunities. Because if it is among the top ten  results of the search engine, then it would have better chances to be clicked and visited. There are many SEO companies which helps in development of websites and provide other services which results in high ranking of the website.

Besides SEO services there are SMO activities,which is also an important part of internet marketing. SMO stands for Social Media Optimization which includes the activities to make the online presence of website through various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc.

In the internet  marketing world, SEO helps you to get your desired success. Though business owners  often try to handle their websites by their own, but sometimes it becomes a difficult task for them as they are not well aware about all the details. So SEO companies, India assist  you in a professional way to optimize your website position in search engine. Once the website gets the professional looks by  SEO team , it seems like as if a zing is added to your website.

It is important to promote your product on internet, but at the same time, it is also important to improve your website in all directions by handing over this job to SEO company India which ensures the success of your business.

Negative Keyword- A Necessity for Online Advertising Campaign

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Every online marketer knows and understands the importance of keywords when it comes to running a PPC campaign. Keyword is the corner stone of an advertising campaign, if the selected keyword is a right one, then it would take the campaign to new heights, and if the keyword selected, is inappropriate, then the whole campaign would be a loss of both time and money.

The main difference between an amateur online marketing company and an experienced internet marketing company is that the experience company would put due emphasis on negative keywords, whereas, an amateur would only focus on target keywords.

Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords are those keywords, which when searched by the user, show the results of your target keywords, although they don’t have any meaningful relevance with your target keyword.

For instance, the keyword ‘honey moon’ can be your target keyword, but it can also be a name of some movie, therefore, when your ad appears for ‘honeymoon’ keyword when user wants to find the movie, then this keyword will be a negative keyword for your campaign.

Implications of Not Having Negative Keyword:

Not having negative keywords in your campaign can seriously affect the outcomes you might receive from your efforts. The two major setbacks not having negative keywords can cause in your campaign are:

  • There is a great majority of people who click on anything they see in response to their search. Therefore, if you don’t have negative keywords in your campaign, then you might end up paying for users making useless clicks on your ad.
  • Then there would be other types of users, who do not click at every ad they, and can differentiate between the ad of desire and the wrong displayed ad. This audience wont cost anything to the advertiser, but this process would lead to a lower quality score for the campaign. Google would lower your quality score due to lack of clicks, which would ultimately mean a higher cost per click.

Coping Up:

Adding negative keywords is an important part of pay per click management. The two main ways in which you can add relevant negative keywords in your campaign are discussed below.

A) Search Query Report- This report is a great source to find the negative keywords. From the report bring about all those keywords that triggered your ad, but had no relevance with it, and then add those words as negative keywords in your campaign.

B) Other Sources- The more engaged and vigilant you are the more you will find keywords from other sources that can be your negative keywords. For this purpose, you can take help from different online databases, encyclopedias, and other general information providing platforms.


In short, not adding negative keywords would be a serious underutilization of the resource, ultimately leading to a lower ROI.