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What Does Anki Mean To The World Of Gaming?

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Is it possible that your iPhone or iPad could replace your Xbox One or PS4? Despite all the predictions about Apple’s 2013 WWDC announcements, industry insiders didn’t foresee Apple’s clever entry into the gaming market. When Apple CEO, Tim Cook, ceded the stage to Anki’s founders, he did so for a reason. Some people feel that it was Apple’s way of saying, “Guess what, we’re going to make your i-devices a whole lot more fun than our competitors’ devices.” Those “some people” may not be wrong about that.


Video Games Brought to Life

Anki Drive offers a physical element that other video games have not matched yet. Sure, it’s cool to play Reckless Racing 2 on your iPhone, but how much cooler would it be if the car you’re controlling existed in the real world instead of on screen? Add in the fact that the car is an artificially intelligent miniature robot that can sense its surroundings and now you’re really talking cool. That is exactly what Anki Drive offers consumers; video games that exist in the real world. And, if you don’t want to take control, Anki’s cars race around the track on their own. Read More