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Guidelines and processes to iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 Jail Break

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images (26)What is jailbreak?

The subject of jailbreak is a very important and highly sought out one and it is the basis of our discussion in this article. Jailbreak is a form of privilege escalation; it simply means to break the code or patch the kernel of an iOS device. Jailbreak allows you to bypass the privilege limit given by Apple and therefore you can download and install third party applications to your device. The concept and term was gotten from the act of breaking away from a jail. It should be understood that many other Smartphone devices can also be jailbreak to allow the installation of third party applications.

Requirements to jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1

IPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 is a version of iOS devices released on September 2012. This version of iOS device received a matched jailbreak tool on Monday, 4th of February 2013. However, in order to jailbreak this device you need to understand the rudiments.
– Of course, you will connect your iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 to your computer system. The connection should therefore be made with quality USB cable to ensure appropriate connection.

– In order to effectively jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 through your computer system, your operating system should be at least Windows XP or higher (for Windows users), Macintosh users can use Mac 10.5 or higher version, Linux x86 / x86_64

– You need to download the software to be used for jailbreak to your computer system. Different iPhone versions have different software for jailbreak. IPhone 5 & 4s which functions on iOS 6.1 can be jailbreak with Evasion software.

IOS 6.X jailbreak steps

Before jail breaking iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X, it is recommended that you first of all backupfiles in your device. This can be effectively done with the aid of iTune or iCloud. After backing up the files, follow the procedures outlined below.

– Download the jailbreak software for iOS 6.X and that is Evasion jailbreak.

– You are to download iOS 6.1 and update your device to it with the help of iTunes. iTunes is recommended in order not to have any difficulty in course of the iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X jailbreak.

– If there is any passcode set on your device, remove it. This can be done by going through General – Pass Lock – Off in your device.

– Ensure that Xcode and iTunes are not running during the jailbreak process.

– Open and start the Evasion jailbreak application tool with your software.

– Have your iOS device properly connected to your computer system.

– Choose the jailbreak option of your choice and then the computer runs the jail breaking process in the background. Make sure you do not touch the device when it undergoes this process.

– After this background installation, an icon appears in your iOS device. Click the icon to activate the jailbreak.

The installed Cydia jailbreak tool may not function with intended speed during the first few weeks of its installation but soon returns to optimum.

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