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Glimpse On The Future Of Web Development

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According to reliable source, recently Microsoft and Google are engaged in an argument over Microsoft’s Windows Phone YouTube app. One thing is certain that when the two most renowned companies are facing argument with each other, there would be quite a little common ground between them.

Google claimed that Microsoft generated its app in HTML 5, while Microsoft opined that it prefers to offer native code. However, both of the companies are insisting that their users experienced the best effective way by sing their way.

Microsoft and GoogleGoogle accused that Microsoft has not included the features to the mobile versions of IE that Google wishes to utilize as the core of the HTML5 YouTube application. Reliable sources informed that the allegation is true to some extent as it is evident that IE10 on Windows Phone is a considerable upgrading over earlier mobile browser of Microsoft, it still lags Google’s Android version of chrome and Apple’s Mobile Safari in the support oh HTML provided by them.

Analysts opined that while they were conducting a test to find out the effectiveness of the program. IE 10 scores 320 points, the Android version of Chrome receives 410 points, and iOS Mobile Safari gets 386 points. This reflects that there is quite a range of capabilities among the browsers.

Google also stated that they want to preserve the experience of the users in the properties. It is notable that this need consistency but Google utilize various platforms in various ways even though some of them have similar capabilities. Analysts have informed that the most striking element is perhaps that YouTube is consistent among all the three operating systems. On the other hand, Google News and Mail vary considerably.

Critics opined that Google is enriched with some exclusive features. However, Gmail on iPhone reveals the image of iOS 7’s minimalism whereas on Windows phone it appears like that of the earlier version of Web 2.0. They also stated that IE 10 is more capable browser that offers much support to the HTML 5.

Critics opined that by noticing the header bar on the iOS rendering of Maps minutely, they found that differences in style between the two views. This also allows the critics to discover the features Google is offering to Windows phone.

It certainly proves the fact that the useful free app for Window Phone also allows the users the option of appearing as an iPad or iPhone or a PC that running Firefox. Analysts found that most of the layout of the header needs particular CSS, which is not able to display on other browsers.

Google utilizes user agent sniffing in order to deliver distinct experiences to several browsers that is regarded by most of the critics as a poor approach especially in the modern web design. However, in order to fulfill the organizational goal that proves to organize information of the world together so that they can be easily accessible and fruitful, Google requires modifying their application and turning them into an advanced one so that users across the world can accept the change as universal.

Top Google Services that Will Make your Life Easier

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I bet most of you already know that Google has more functionalities than the search, but never really gave them a though except for mail. Well, here i am to make a huge claim that Google is all you need for starting to produce things.

Most of you don’t know the fact that you can use google for document creation (Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and all that jazz ), that you can use it as your default storage space, have your website promoted by it very well for a fee, get your profitable blog or website with it, and keep a list of the tasks that you need to complete via the Calendar! You can outrightly call Google a bundle for your productivity.

So let’s start listing them!

1 – Google Mail aka Gmail

Google Mail is one of the oldest web applications in the game, and is still the biggest competitor to the alternatives like Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. It supports file attachments, chat with other gmail users, you can set to receive and send mails on your desktop via it’s SMTP server, and combined with the new Google Drive, makes it easy to send huge files to your friends in very short times. It is used by most reputable businesses (for it’s reliableness and functionality). You have the option to use labels like from: and to: etc to sort through mails and do very fast searches.

2 – Google Drive

I use this as my main back up and to store the few files that i don’t want accesible to everyone. Our uncle Google gives us 10 Gigabytes of free space! Combined with Google Docs, you can create documents, spreadsheet, presentations for your work and have them stored right there for convenience.

3 – Google Docs

The Web’s equivalent of Microsoft Office, this one is simply a too awesome tool in times when you are too lazy or do not have time to install an office suite (albeit i recommend using Google Docs as your default tool). Makes my heart warm to see popular Desktop applications move to the web like this. Applauses for Google.

4 – Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a tool that helps you view your visitor count, get your rank up, verify your search engine status, and many things for you to be able to track and improve your website’s popularity.

5 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an application that will help you create memos, set up tasks for different dates, and have them reminded to you via a desktop notification or a sound. This application is pretty good when you don’t want to use software in order to be able to use a calendar, so here it is at your disposal.

6 – Google Translator

Can’t talk to your associate? Can’t say i love you and “Please don’t dump me, no real life woman ever accepted me, at least you accept me please” in your online girlfriend’s language? Well here is Google Translate to help you in your endeavours in talking to your associates, talking with friends, and your online gilfriend which is actually a man in real life.