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A Brief – About Men’s Briefs

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According to opinions of Australian women on a local dating site, underwear style and colour surreptitiously reveal volumes about men. Strangely enough, the women had actually categorized each underwear style and coupled it with a man’s psyche, which they promised was predictable enough. Men’s briefs are one pair of undergarments that women definitely respond to, when compared to boxers and other undies. This might be attributed to the fact that Aussie men generally do prefer briefs or boxer briefs (also called trunks here) to boxers and other undergarments. As well most of the famous athletes, swimmers and even men at the beach are seen sauntering about in briefs rather than the boxers in contrast to most of the other side of the globe.

What are Men’s Briefs?

A Brief - About Men’s Briefs

Mens briefs or ‘jocks’ refer to bikini style, often stretchable cotton underwear that may or may not cover the navel. They have a firm hold on private parts and display a moulded view. Traditionally, men’s briefs use elastic fittings for the legs and navel.

Styles of Men Briefs

Men’s briefs are historically more famous in Australia than in other parts of the globe, where the trend is conversely boxers over briefs. Swim briefs called the Speedo were typically made in Australia but because of the rise in their popularity, all sorts of swim briefs began to be called Speedos around the world. Swim briefs are tight-fitting and very brief, and are made from nylon, spandex or polyester. Boxer briefs or trunks on the other hand, are a comfortable combination of boxers and briefs; they are longer at the leg than briefs and start from the waist, and have more room for a man’s privates, making it more comfortable for the movement of legs and midsection.

Coloured Men’s Briefs

White briefs are one of the most popular colours amongst Australian men, according to an underwear survey. The seamless white front pouch or y-front gives a very crisp clean and novel aura to the underwear. Also called as ‘tighty-whitey’, these briefs are very fitted and display the wearer’s endowment to the advantage. However, white briefs are hard to keep clean and stainless.

Black coloured briefs on the other hand display sophistication and sexiness to the extreme. Subtly alluring, they cleverly display the traces of the outline of the bulge only. Colours other than gray, navy blue and maroon dare you to be more adventurous. Red, yellow, and orange provide a surprise in the bedroom.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Men’s Briefs

Briefs are tight fitting as they are supposed to hold the genitals in a fixed position and mold around the buttocks in a comfortable manner. Also, they provide a more alluring shape for the lower body. Boxers on the contrary leave lots of space but do not provide the contouring briefs do. Men’s briefs are also ideal for those who have athletic jobs and need their body packed up tight. Also some men do not like the idea of wearing boxers as ‘they are not revealing’ or ‘too much like a diaper’.

Mens designer briefs have become very trendy in the fashion world and continue to wow audiences on design stages the world over. If you want to make a statement the best way to do so is in a designer brief.