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What is NTR and How Can It Help?

What is NTR and How Can It Help?

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Neurotransmitter Restoration or NTR is a new holistic natural detox approach for people who are suffering from addiction. The process shortens the brain’s recovery to just a few days, instead of weeks, months, or even years. NTR works in conjunction with NAD or Naturally Assisted Detox and helps establish health through the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms that occurs down the line with the recovery process.

What is NTR and How Can It Help?

The withdrawal phase is often the most difficult stage of recovery. And although this can make a person hesitant or unwilling to participate in the treatment process, NTR helps cut down and simplify the process. NTR has been seen to effectively take people away from their alcohol addiction because it directly targets the symptoms associated with the physical cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

What is NTR?

Neurotransmitter Restoration is a comprehensive and integrative approach that re-establishes the mind, body, and spirit to a new level. It substantially reduces the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol treatment, decreases cravings, restores mental clarity, and can be an essential tool to stay clean and sober.

NTR is a natural alcohol detox that expedites the psychological recovery process using naturally occurring elements such as amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals as an intermediary intravenous to infuse the body with the nutrients it needs. This, in turn, revitalizes your body and sets it to a condition to repair which then speeds up the process of alcohol treatment. Neurotransmitter Restoration is not only effective with alcoholics but can also be used as a natural way to detox from:

  • Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Other addictive substances

Being administered by a clinical staff, a patient will undergo a series of personalized IV amino acid recovery protocol. During the treatment process, the neurotransmitter receptors in your body will allow you to heal by producing the right amount of natural neurotransmitters. The process of restoring your depreciated amino acids provides a balance of neurotransmitter levels which also establishes the right mood and mental clarity. The person receiving NTR will then be receptive to changes that will help enforce positive adjustments in his habits, behavior, and way of living. Although NTR is not a cure for addiction, it can be considered as a natural detox maintenance which allows you to live a more desirable life.

How NTR Helps

Neurotransmitter Restoration not only focuses on providing your body with the needed substances, but it also enfolds the mind and spirit connection. As your alcohol addiction is a disease of the mind, and the reason that your mind rules over your body, the connection encompasses every aspect to affect your spirit. With NTR intravenous therapy, your brain functions are increased forcing you to adapt to positive changes and in such a way develop effective strategies to combat addiction.

And although it is not a substitute for the treatment protocol, it can be a way to start the healing process. NTR is effective because it targets your body’s chemical components which have been disrupted because of your addiction. It effectively detoxifies your body from the effects of alcohol and other substances. Neurotransmitter Restoration also reduces the withdrawal symptoms that are often associated with the treatment process along with reducing or eliminating the feelings of constant cravings.

Once your NTR detox has been completed, you can set your goals towards maintaining a stable and sober lifestyle. Additional treatment can also be utilized to make your rehabilitation more effective and powerful. With rapid detox such as NTR, you can have fast and effective way of detoxifying your body from the harmful effects of alcohol and other substances along with offering you substantial results that can last for a long time.