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Options for the Online Entrepreneur

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It is a fairly easy decision to become an Internet Enterpreneur. Just name yourself one and start working right? No. It is not easy as that. It involves lots of work, risks, and losses in times where you miscalculate demand or the quality of your product. Having said that, it has a lot of positives such as being free to do what you want, having power over your workers, being able to get very good money for the products  that you sell and lots of other benefits i won’t mention.

But this articles topic, won’t be “Should i be an enterpreneur” (We wrote an article about that earlier ), but about what to do as an entrepreneur to put the foundating stone of your businness/es.

There are many online niches to start in from exciting to downright boring, and i will state a few of them today.

So here they go:

1 – Article Writing

Article Writing is one of the most popular niches on the Internet. Lots of websites need original content for their website in order to gain a good page rank and a good count of visitors. Businesses are desperate looking for content writers that have SEO knowledge. You can either write free flow or content based on keywords. Another thing is that you can take big article writing projects and have some other freelancer do them for cheaper, gaining you a profit from it.

This is called middle management around the internet, and i have a Romanian friend called Ilie who makes money from the age of 13. Very great mind indeed, and he doesn’t need money from his parents by that age thanks to online article writing. It is very easy to get in because there is lots of demand for cheap work by new freelancer ( with only requirement for them to be original).

2 – Data Entry

Data entry is the job of taking data from one place and entering another. There are millions of freelancing data entry specialists from under-developed or developing countries working for the developed countries, and for new online entrepreneurs like you.

You can hire lots of freelancers from countries like India, Kenya, Bengali, Philippines, and the like, and have your big team of workers at your command, and sail in the ship of projects to get your money. I have seen teams of 200 freelancers working on a single database (each of them in their number of items to work on). Simply amazing.

3 – Web Development

This is a little bit harder but manageable as you have to learn some of the web languages, plus some marketing to go with it, but if you read up enough to get an idea of what should be done, it’s all good. You can manage teams of 5-10 programmers ( my project manager Dane, does this pretty well ). The projects are very well paying but it requires good programmers and good management skills on your part.

A project goes from 300$ to 5000$ and beyond. You need to have some good reviews to get the bigger fish though. It is a very nice business to start in periods where there is demand for it.


Should you Become an Online Entrepreneur?

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Should you become an Online Enterpreneur?

Hundreds and thousands of people are starting succesful online entrepeneurships in their own homes this year, so why shouldn’t you? All you need to start your online business is your computer, some marketing and negotiating skills, and gathering a few websites where you can find demand for your product, right?

Well, not so easy cowboy. Not trying to scare you out of it, but there is a high margin of error and you are sure to have very high competition unless you are coming to the table with an original product. In this article, we will explain reasons to why you should and why should not start an online entrepreneurship.

1 – You have entrepreneurship in your blood, and you know it

Are you the guy to come up with a cool idea, and can’t wait to tell others? Do you know how to make something totally unprofitable into something explosively profitable? Do you have a knack for convincing people into joining your causes and accepting your ideas? Do you consider yourself a master of negotiation and persuasion? Then online entrepreurships will be the thing you will be looking for because you are able to reach hundreds of people at the same time with the same convincing message of yours.

2 – You are a very good marketer and project manager

On the Internet, you can start making money online just with the fact that you are capable of gathering and organizing people to complete a task. Hundreds of Web Development, Data Entry, Marketing and Web Research Project Managers are now getting good money for just managing people via Instant Messaging and Conference software to complete a task. And there are the middle managers that get money for finding people to do a task.

One big requirement for either doing middle management or project management online is to have good social skills ( being able to convince people, empathize with your workers, negotiate and give the unmotivated ones a push ). Which leads to…

3 – You are a people person

If you are the enthusiastic guy who always has a joke, has a routine to make people laugh, can make them feel loved and wanted, and entertain a group, then online entreprenurship is the thing for you because people on the internet are not so heavy on socializing and exchanging information with people.

You will be able to market your products, employ people at good rates, and generally put a smile in your clients faces with your skills acquired in the real world. Being the guy that closes the deal gets more respect and attention than the guy that gets the work done, for sure.

4 – You are an idea person and you are creative

90% of  all the products marketed on the Internet are abstract (are either software, e-books, or anything that doesn’t have a psyhical stance) and if you are an idea person you will be able to get a good deal of money by simply bringing your ideas to reality.