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Major Feature Considerations In App Development

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Mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, all of varying quality. Some of these apps stand head and shoulders above their competition, while others are poorly designed and barely functional. That’s to be expected in such a saturated market, but what does it really take for a company-oriented app to really stand out? What kinds of features should you include in your own apps if you want to get noticed?

There really aren’t any hard and fast rules to designing an application for a mobile device. You should be mostly okay as long as your app is functional and does what it’s supposed to do. However, there are still some features that a good app should have in order to be successful, especially since there are so many apps available today. Here are some things to consider when developing your app:

Consistent Performance

Consistent performance is the most important feature of any app. Simply put, an app needs to be able to function reliably and do what it is supposed to do every time it is used. This means going through a rigorous testing process during development and taking into account every aspect of its performance. A top-selling mobile app will work perfectly without consuming too much battery power or memory. This should be obvious to any developer, but a surprising number of apps do manage to slip into the market without proper testing, and they are almost always failures as a result.

Major Feature Considerations In App Development


A good app should naturally be compatible with the operating system it is being designed for. Once again, this sounds like a no-brainer, but many apps fail to make the jump from one platform to another because of compatibility issues. You should always make sure that your new app runs well on a particular platform, even if that means redesigning it from the ground up.

Short Loading Times

It’s probably safe to say that nobody likes loading times. Modern technology has evolved enough to minimize the issue, but larger apps often still need to load before they can be used. This is often unavoidable, and many users have come to expect it, but any loading time over five seconds is often too long for a mobile app. Users tend to get impatient if they have to wait any longer than that, and that can kill an app’s marketability.

If your app must have a loading time, do what you can to keep it short. As we said before, most users won’t mind waiting a few seconds, but some programs and apps have been known to load for as long as a minute.


A good app will be usable and able to solve some kind of problem, even if the “problem” is a boring couple of minutes that can be spent playing a game. The most successful apps can do things like report the weather, direct you to a nearby restaurant, or do all sorts of things that technically aren’t needed but are welcome nevertheless. They are also very intuitive; anybody should be able to download a good app and immediately start using it without any problems.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 For The Current Generation

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images (76)This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is one of the most popular handsets for this generation as it comes with several unique qualities that may seem to be pleasant to the users.

It comes in a dual SIM that most of the Samsung Galaxy fans have been looking for in the recent Smartphones as well as the battery insurance policy.

The key features of Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 include

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 will be well equipped with Quad-band GSM for two SIM cards and 3G for SIM 1 as well as a dual SIM stand-by.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 is also well equipped with an 8GB of inbuilt storage and the microSD slot also available.

• It is a very fast kind of Smartphone with 21.1 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA support for the SIM 1

• It is also well packed with the 5.0 inch screen for wonderful display with 16 M-Colour TFT capacity touch screen of WVGA with 480 x 800 pixel resolution. This is perfect for viewing your videos and images as well as your documents for work.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 also has an 8MP auto focus camera which has a LED flash, face and smile detection as well as the image stabilizer. This is very good if you want to store some historic moments of your life in the form of pictures and videos. There is also a 2MP secondary camera as well as the 1080p HD video recording at 30fps with the perfect stereo sound.

• It is also well equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and Broadcom Video core IV GPU.

• The Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 can connect easily with the perfect Wi-Fi connectivity as well as through the DLNA and Wi-Fi hotspot and the Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n support.

• This Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 also has a perfect accelerometer, gyroscope as well as the proximity sensor, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, a microUSB port with MHL, stereo Bluetooth and an FM radio with RDS.

Those are the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082 so if you are a fun of this particular device, you need to get yourself one. But you also have to know that the device has one disadvantage in that it has no dedicated key for the camera and may sometime experience poor low light video recording. Otherwise this is a perfect device for the current generation

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BlackBerry 10.1 Update To Hit Later This Month

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images (63)Have you gotten hold of the recently launched Blackberry 10.1? If not yet then you really need to hurry for the latest because its update is on the way and it will definitely make a great impact in the market.
It is clear that the very first blackberry 10 major update is almost ready and this update will be launched together with the blackberry’s second Smartphone which is running a new operating system. The company is currently very busy in the preparation of the new operating system for the blackberry Q10.
The update will apply on both devices which include the blackberry 10.1 Smartphone and the blackberry Q10

What will be the significance of the update?

• This particular update being made on the phones is expected to bring very significant changes that will update the camera to make it perfect and efficient for better videos and pictures. It should also improve the HDR picture mode for better low-light performance.

• The update is also expected to create faster performance of the devices in all aspects so that it will never waste any users’ minutes at all.

• There will also be an update to a blackberry link that will actually allow the users to easily access their personal computers and even the files.

• The update will change the Mnemonic phone dialling for better. It will as well upgrade the blackberry mobile voice system support, the keyboard shortcuts, blackberry balance, type N Go and word prediction.

• The corporate Liable Feature of the Blackberry 10.1 will be updated as well as the cross domain email warnings of the Smartphone.

• The other features of this Smartphone that may as well get to be updated also include the dark theme support, the Out-of-box experience and the smartcard Support.

Now that you already know what to expect from the updated blackberry 10.1, you will be well placed to make your decision on whether you need it or not depending on the features that most appeals to you.

I am one of those who are eagerly waiting for the launch of this already updated blackberry 10.1 since I became a good fun of blackberry Smartphones. Are you waiting to see the updates as well?

Sources has it that the Blackberry Q10 will definitely hit the shelves within the market in Canada from the 30th of this month so if you are waiting for the updates then you should expect them to go live during that time of the month this year.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Lesser Known Features

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images (16)The Known

By this time we all know about the chief new Samsung Galaxy S4 features that have been touted since the Radio City Music Hall introduction – Air Gesture, Smart Pause, Dual Camera, S Health and so on.

What Some Might Not Know

As with every phone that’s been in the office for a while, however, we are constantly discovering hidden nuggets or extra options that make life with the handset easier, and the S4 has plenty of those. As most people know, there are two types of features when it comes to mobile phones. The first type is the type of features that are easily noticeable and do not need a person to dig into the mobile phone whereas the second type of features are the set of features that are lesser known and need a lot of digging in to do in order to be found.

The Unveiling

Most people don’t like to rip off their phones piece to piece simply to find a set of features that are not too famous. This is the reason why most people like to read about them online which is the reason why this article lists and describes some of the lesser known features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is Samsung’s flagship device for the year 2013.

One can operate it with their gloves on

The first lesser known feature is that a person can operate a Samsung Galaxy S4 without even making skin contact. This can be said for people wearing gloves at least. That is simply because the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is extremely sensitive to sensations and even a person wearing a glove in their hands can efficiently operate it using their glove covered fingers. This is a real life saver for many people that are health and hygiene conscious and wear gloves most of the time.

It is the first cell phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 3

In the midst of the big announcements and all of the bangs most people have forgotten that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed the first cell phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is also an awesome feat. This proves and ensures the fact that the scratches that a person would make on the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 can now be avoided by the use of the Samsung galaxy S4 which has the Corning gorilla Glass  In addition, it is also the first cell phone that is successfully displaying and operating on the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

It is the first cell phone which works on the Exynos 5 octa

Apart from being the first cell phone to use the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the Samsung galaxy S4 is also the first cell phone ever to use the processor that is the Exynos 5 octa. This is the new Exynos chip from Samsung which has not two, not four but eight cores. This is by far the fastest processor of all time and that is not just because of the number of cores but because of its performance and superiority.

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