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Gadgets – An integral part of modern life

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Life is changing rapidly and gadgets are becoming an integral part of life now a day. People are using them not only to do their various necessary daily works, but those have become the helpful things for the entertainment purpose also.

This year Christmas the young Americans proved it again. In the previous year’s crackling fireplaces used to take a crucial part in the Christmas. The days are changing. Most of the people now have mobiles or tablets with Android and they are using android applications to enjoy the Christmas. The blue, soft electric glow of the iOS or Android devices created a wonderful ambience on the evening of Christmas.

Many other people were at home but still enjoying their Christmas wonderfully. They were busy downloading the new apps from their devices. Now, having new apps in their device is quite entertaining for them. Now they share the quality time with the family on the holiday staying at home and getting enjoyment fully with the help of their tablets.

A data has been released by the analytical firm Flurr on CNET cites. According to that data the activation of devices has increased rapidly on an average on the Christmas day. Before it was 4 million and now it has become 17.4 million on the day of Christmas. The percentage of increase is just incredible. It is a 332% hike on a single day. 6.9 million Gadgets were activated on the Christmas last year. This year it has become doubled. It is quite clear from this statistic that people have become almost addicted to tablets and mobiles and their apps.

This year another very crucial thing has happened. It seems that day to day iPads and tablets are becoming more popular as gadgets. Samsung Galaxy tablets and iPads are being sold in huge numbers in recent years and it has surpassed the demands of mobile handsets. It has happened may be because these tablets are new gadgets and people like them more to have than the mobile handsets.

Now downloading the apps in their new gadgets have become a craze for the tablet users. 20 million apps are downloaded in an hour worldwide, to enjoy the experience of having a tablet. It is quite clear that, people like to download new apps and there is always the flow of new apps from the app making companies.

Well, it is quite strange that how the app companies come to know about which one is becoming more popular. According to Flurry there is software attached with 260000 apps or more to analysis the popularity of them in the market. It can easily detect the activation of 90% apps of Android and Apple iOS.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the app companies are very much able to know what applications are making you feel happy with your tablets. It also clears the fact that in recent years more apps will be developed which will make the gadgets like iPads and tablets more and more popular.

Exciting New Gadgets

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Here are some of the most exciting new gadgets.

Portable Speaker

$49.99 | Satechi

You’ll love the freedom that comes with playing music from your iPhone or other Bluetooth music player over the Satechi BT Portable Speaker. Whereas the typical speaker has a connector that plugs into your device, the BT (which stands for Bluetooth) Portable Speaker uses a Bluetooth connection. Stay in the same room as the speaker, and you’re all set. And if you leave the room? Simply grab the speaker and go—it will fit in your hand. I like that it can play for up to six hours on a single battery charge.

Premium Tablet Screen Care Kit

$11.99 | Dust-Off

There’s no easy way around it: When you touch your mobile device’s touchscreen, you’re going to leave fingerprints. Those smudges give your otherwise clean, stylish device a decidedly messy look, so it’s important to have a cleaning kit handy.

That kit is the Dust-Off Premium Tablet Screen Care Kit, which includes a can of Dust-Off’s special screen-cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Wipe down your device and you’ll have that beautiful touchscreen you saw when you first pulled the tablet from the box.

LabelWorks LW-300 Label Printer

$39.99 | Epson

If you’re unsure what that unmarked jar is in your kitchen pantry or if that stack of files on your desk has been collecting dust for weeks, what better way to get organized than with a portable label maker? With Epson’s LW-300, you can creatively organize your home or office with professional-looking labels. Choose from 14 font types, 75 frames, and more than 300 symbols. The LW-300 accepts tape cartridges in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and textures, and it includes built-in memory to save up to 30 of your label creations for easy reprinting. Epson says its LabelWorks printers provide small lead margins that help save on margin waste, meaning you use less tape.

Bloggie Duo

$129.99 | Sony

Sony’s Bloggie Duo camera ensures you’ll never get left out of the picture. It features two LCD screens (a front 2-inch screen and a back 2.7-inch screen) so you can see exactly what the camera sees when you are making a self-recording or getting in on a group shot. The Bloggie Duo records 1,920 x 1,080 MP4 HD video and can also snap 5MP (megapixel) pictures. Face detection technology recognizes faces and optimizes camera settings for both video and still images. The 4GB of built-in flash memory records and stores up to two hours of video, and the MP4 Web-friendly format means easy uploading to sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The Bloggie Duo comes in four colors and has a flip-out USB arm to quickly connect to a computer for uploading and charging.

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