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SEO Trends of 2013

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Everybody is desperately pleading for some internet attention as Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing were accepted as working fields.

Daily, i see thousands of people from India, Kenya, US, and every other country titling themselves “Search Engine Optimization Experts” and “Online Marketers”, or “Online Marketing Consultants”, but what is someone who titles themselves as much, if he is not in current with the latest techniques?

We are going to help the aspiring online marketers and cute little SEO guys with the newest tactics that you can do in order to offer much better services for your clients that desire Search Engine Optimization work from you.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

One way to boost the hell up of your visitor count and page rank is to have a mobile version of your website ready. And by having your mobile version of the website, i mean the following:

  • Having a responsive design ( menus etc. disappearing on small screens, content reducing in size etc.)
  • Having responsive CSS rules written (for example the media screen tag for CSS3)
  • Having an UX designer write the front-end in that mobile devices native widget look and feel for that device
  • Taking input from users about their experience of their website on their devices

If you take all these steps, you will notice that more users come to your website, since they can consume your content and do their tasks while doing their day to day activities, both being able to get their stuff done easily (thanks to your efforts for them ) and both making an impression of your company of a more reputable one than of the competitors (people do appreciate technology like that, even if they hate to admit it)

Social Media

I have wrotten about social media pretty much both on this blog and many other blogs that i am working on, and because search engines are much harder to trick (both because they are now generating result based only on an user’s preferences and both because they dropped meta keyword and description usage). Now that every aunt and uncle, every grandma and grandpa, every kid out there has a, say a  Facebook or Twitter profile, it is much easier to reach some good leads via social media ( please refer to my latest articles on how to build a good social media reputation and how to market products there first so you don’t meet any difficulties )

Longer content has become more important

See, i appreciate writing a good 1024 word article more than writing two 512 ones. Why do you think i do this? Because in a longer article, i can go in much more depth, and be much more informative than in a  512 word one.  SEO experts say that long articles get much more backlinks, more reads from the users (as people deem long text to be something important), and since the ending of 2012 most search engines deem long articles more important than short ones.

So write 10 long articles instead of 20 short ones, and get a good page rank and amount of visitors by writing more descriptive and helpful content.

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Starting a Blog that Makes Money

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By the time that I am writing this article, Hongkiat’s (the leading Web Development and Web Design Blog) net worth is calculated to $ 5,082,480.00, and Endadget’s is calculated to $2,357,500,000. This obviously creates a sentiment of envy and the question: “How did the blogs get so rich in such a short time of their launching? How are their links are appearing everywhere?”. Today we are going to get you to put the first stones towards starting up a website like that, and we will present the tricks they are using to keep themselves as popular and as powerful.

The first one out of all them is:

1 – Controversy creates Popularity

“My one piece of advice: write something that will get responses. Be controversial. Make content that some people will love and some people will hate. Be willing to ruffle some feathers, to piss some people off, and to make others cheer loudly.”

–       JD Rucker from

Being opinionated and willing to invoke powerful emotions in your readers is a very good way to get some attention. Erotic writing bloggers get attention by creating arousal in their readers, political movements create the anger of the opposition by writing their opposing opinions and claiming that these opinions are valid. Religious leaders make subtle comments about other religions to induce a spike of attention from the other religion. Competing companies write articles about why they are better than other company.

All of this creates a huge wave of commenters, critics and naysayers that want to make their counter-opinion heard. But nobody wakes up to the ruse and realizes that the initial desire of the article writer was to manipulate people into giving that response!

Suddenly the web pages Page Rank gets up to ungodly levels because the search engines see that the website attract crazy attention, and wanting to appear reliable and useful, put the websites that get most attention in the first parts of the search result lists.

2 – Content creates Popularity

Offering people detailed information about different topics, and if we improve the situation a little bit, Offering people information that does not exist yet but there is demand for it is a sure way to get yourself to be the official authority for that piece of information, and will get you a very good PR very fast. Write original and detailed content helping people to fix an issue not talked about the Internet yet and you are on a very good way to get to the top.

3 – Comedy Creates Popularity

People do want to read informative articles, but out of the times when they want information, they want to be entertained. Write humorous posts and you will set your name as a funny guy to have his articles read and have your users lighten up a little bit.